Is George Lopez Tacos the Bob’s Burgers of Restaurants?

Second Glen and I are heading to the JFL Cancun comedy festival. Jim Jeffries, Tom Segura, Nikki Glaser, Steve-O, Nicole Byer, Donnell Rawlings, Jay Pharoah, and Ron Funches are among the performers.

John Legend and a Bernie Mac biopic?

Have you seen Ted? They are making a prequel for some reason.

Yes that was Kenan Thompson on the dinosaur ride.

Is George Lopez Tacos the Bob’s Burgers of Restaurants? Now that I type that I realize Bob’s Burgers is a restaurant. Anyway. a listener asks two questions. Have you ever had George Lopez Tacos? No. Have you ever met someone who has had George Lopez Tacos? The answer is also no. So let’s deep dive into what may be going on here.
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Amy Schumer was spotted at a truck stop – or was she?

Chelsea Handler’s tour has a stupid name. Stupid and not funny.

Garry Shandling’s Ashes: You won’t believe what happened

Dave Attell, Leanne Morgan, Bob The Drag Queen, Jacqueline Novak, Maria Bamford, Brad Williams, Dan Soder, Magaret Cho, Andy Kindler, Doug Benson, Erin Foley, Jessica Kirson, Matt Bearden, Sam Morril, Moshe Kasher, Natasha Leggero, the Sklar Brothers, Vanessa Gonzalez, Hannah Einbinder, James Adomian and Tom Segura are all performing at the Moontower Comedy Festival!

Nikki Glazer will host a dating show.

Johnny Mac wants to cancel Stephen Colbert. Second City has added Colbert to the Board. Colbert is back with a live audience and guest Jon Stewart.

Kevin Nealon’s house was robbed and they stole Garry Shandling’s ashes.

Is George Lopez starting a cannibas line?

Pete Holmes on life as a dad.

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Reboots: Munsters, Party Down and maybe Scrubs?

Bill Lawrence explains the scenario in which Scrubs could come back!

Rob Zombie is rebooting The Munsters.

Tiffany Haddish will play Flo-Jo in a movie.

Ted Lasso rules.

Trevor Moore’s show is back for season 2.

Party Down gets ready to reboot it. I highly suggest you watch this show, you will find it on Hulu.

Tig Notaro loved Sanford and Son which is not coming back.

Is Trevor Noah dating Mika Kelly again?

It’s a gossip edition recorded poolside – is Trevor Noah back with Mika Kelly? Did Vic Henley want his girlfriend to keep his apartment?

Michael Che on Richard Pryor.

Leanne Morgan on getting into comedy and why she didn’t quit – it’s because the Eagles look old.

George Lopez expands his Taco Empire to more cities but seems to think he invented Beef or Chicken?

Those are cicadas, please stop calling 911.

The real reason Adam Sandler walked out of the IHOP

Ricky Gervais said he wishes his super power could be the ability to be able to break people’s legs by just thinking it.

The Rock says John Krasinski, Kevin Hart, Natasha Lyonne, Vanessa Bayer and others will join him in The League of Super Pets

Joe Biden fights off cicadas

The Windsors will become a stage play.

Peacock is making MacGruber for some reason – and now it stays Mickey Rourke, Lauence Fishburne and Sam Elliot, joining Will Forte and Kristin Wiig. Peacock must have some budget!

Pete Lee’s special will ai on Showtime.

Then the podcast gets way too serious with Louie Anderson and Howie Mandel stories before an Adam Sandler story lets us leave with a smile on our faces!

Is Dave Chappelle gaming the Grammy Nomination system by releasing vinyl?

One of my pet peeves are the “albums” that get nominated for Grammys. Dave Chappelle is releasing 846 copies of [8:46] on vinyl which I guess technically makes it an “album” but I know an album when I see one and this is a video special.

Conan O’Brien announces the final two weeks of guests with one mystery guest – is it Barack Obama?

Mike Myers has a new Netflix show that stars Ken Jeong (you know COMMUNITY’s Chang) and Mac-Packer Keegan Michael Key.

Johnny Mac’s booty is wet, find out why,

Bo Burnham has released songs from HIS Netflix special as an album today.

Kevin Hart has yet ANOTHER gig.

Katt Williams on cancel culture…and it’s not what you think he might say.

One of the nice things about being your own boss is you can do your podcast poolside without some suit telling you it’s a bad idea and doesn’t sound good.

Christina P had to cancel 6 weeks worth of tour dates.

Dave Chappelle’s special guest? David Letterman

No, former President Trump did not wear his pants backward, but Johnny Mac IS poolside today.

Dave Chappelle will headline Summerfest, and has David Letterman on his podcast.

The booker for Just For Laughs’ New Faces showcase gets in hot water and resigns.

Netflix announces they will try again in 2022 to launch their comedy festival.

Kevin Hart thinks I want Lyft drivers telling me jokes. Please shut up and drive.

And a statement from the desk of Dongcopter505.

Why Pete Davidson doesn’t turn down sketches on Saturday Night Live

Dave Chappelle crashed Michael Che’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

George Lopez expands his Taco Empire

Pete Davidson does not turn down sketches on SNL

Nate Bargatze on parking lot comedy shows.

Seth Rogan on cancel culture

Lord of the Rings, but comedy.

David Spade to host Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise has a new host and he’s David Spade.

Pete Davidson and Chris Redd on Kenan Thompson’s 18 years on Saturday Night live.

John Oliver and Cheerios made up and donated money to charity.

Vir Das on incorporating religion into comedy.

Hellen Mirren narrating funny animals? Sounds terrible.

And Superman (the comedian) gets hit by a bus!

A listener explained Chuck Schumer’s joke to Johnny Mac

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Who to blame for Adam Sandler’s terrible songs!

Robert Smigel talks about writing songs for Adam Sandler. So that’s who to blame!

Cinemablend suggests some shows for fans of Bob’s Burgers…but have you ever seen Bob’s Burgers? No. Have you ever met anyone who has seen Bob’s Burgers? No.

Nish Kumar on getting caught up in the Culture Wars