Why Jerry Seinfeld should NOT win a Grammy for Best Comedy Album

Look, Jerry Seinfeld is great and all but is 23 Hours To Kill actually a comedy album? Shouldn’t the Grammys go to things that are albums and not really Netflix Specials?

Hannibal Buress on being sober.

Bert Kreischer about how Louis CK and Bill Burr led comedians away from doing old bits – and maybe why that should change.

Why a guy spent $3000 on a billboard to meet Kevin Hart

Pete Davidson in It’s A Wonderful Life? Um, sure, why not?

When Rizwan “Sunny” Rabbani heard that Kevin Hart was in Brampton filming a movie,
he decided to shell out $3,000 for a billboard that reads, “Yo Kevin, I heard you’re in Toronto. I’m a big fan. Can I take a selfie?”

Jeff Dunham talks about his new special.

Dan Smith is the “The Can’t Stand Up Comedian,” a Sacramento comic born with spina bifida, a condition that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form completely. Dan and John discuss comedy (duh), Mitch Hedberg, Zoom shows, and Dan’s upcoming fundraiser for the Spina Bifida Association.

Tickets to the benefit show are at http://sbevents.org/event/givingtuesday2020. Although the show is on Saturday, December 5, tickets for the show are only available until Tuesday, December 1st so scoop yours up right now!

How to learn about up and coming comedians

A mailbag episode – Susan asked about Zoom shows, which led to a discussion of the best ways to learn about up and coming comics.

What are you seeing out there that is cool in the Zoomiverse.

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Matthew McConaghey wants to try an HOUR of stand-up comedy

A fluff story about Tig Notaro namechecks Sarah Cooper and then all of a sudden Johnny Mac goes off on a 6 minute tangent about Sarah’s Things She Can’t Live Without article in Vulture.

But before all that, Jerry Seinfeld on what makes Comedians In Cars work, and Matthew McConaghey’s plans to try an HOUR of Stand-up comedy.

Why James Acaster is not a fan of Simon Cowell

With American’s stuffing their faces with turkey today, Johnny Mac does some international comedy items.

James Acaster talks about the worst gig he ever did….and his dislike of Simon Cowell.

Rickey Gervais has a tennis court. He says “I’m not a ‘get a mansion and put a bowling alley in it and never use it’ type. I get my money’s worth.”

Paul Hogan says his old shows were not sexist.

Rowan Atkinson answers some questions about Mr. Bean

The softer side of Ted Lasso’s Roy Kent

Jim Gaffigan will have a new special on TV next Friday!

Dave Chappelle was spotted eating seafood in Houston.

Trevor Noah will host the Grammys.

Jim Gaffigan announces his new special will be on Comedy Central on December 5th.

Tina Fey will host a Broadway fundraiser.

And that time Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney got pulled over by three different sets of cops during the same drive.

Alison Brie says don’t hold your breath for a GLOW reunion movie

Larry Wilmore and Seth Meyers discuss comedy after Trump.

Alison Brie says don’t hold your breath waiting for a GLOW reunion movie. She’s 6 years into waiting for Community. Six years? Wow. #sixseasonsandamovie (The finale was June 2015…but hey that’s still five years!)

Whitney Cummings on Louis CK, Shane Gillis and whether or not comedians get canceled.

Monty Python’s John Cleese is being accused of transphobia.

Christina Catherine Martinez on what she’s best known for.

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Dave Chappelle visited Joe Rogan’s podcast

Dave Chappelle did Joe Rogan’s podcast, and it was kind of really disappointing. After a long slog with Donnell Rawlings, Dave shows up two-plus hours into the episode and the magic never really comes.

Artie Lange came back from wherever Artie Lang has been, and he dropped the first episode of his podcast in months and months….and it’s just kinda weird.

Johnny Mac discovered Aunty Donna has a podcast and everyone in Australia is like YEAH WE KNOW.

Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything is teaming up with the Obamas for a Netflix comedy series and I can’t believe that’s an actual sentence.

Whitney Cummings on Trump and Alec Baldwin’s bad Trump impersonation. #TeamAnthonyAtamnuik.

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Trevor Noah on how 2020 freed him emotionally

A deeper look at the awesomeness that is Trevor Noah. “For me, this has been one of the most liberating years mentally and emotionally, because it freed me from a lot of the paradigms and anchors that I had created for myself”

Whitney Cummings on Cancel Culture. “As comedians, it’s our job to advertise our flaws. We are scumbags. We admit it….and then when it’s revealed that we did all those things people get mad at us.”