Gilbert Gottfried on his absence from recent Comedy Central roasts

Gilbert Gottfried spoke to Vulture about not being invited to recent Comedy Central roasts.  Hari Kondabolu discusses his rules for talking about particular communities.  Seth Meyers’ dad had a big influence on his career.  Marc Maron wonders if he’s doing enough with his career.  Yep, it’s an all generic safety episode of DCN!  Either I’m sick, hungover, or there was just no new news.

Ari Shaffir’s troubles go mainstream

Well, the Ari Shaffir / Kobe Bryant snowball keeps rolling, now it’s reached article level in the New York Times.  Brian Posehn’s new album sounds cool.  A Ryan Seacrest sitcom?  And can we just talk about how awesome Henry Winkler is?  Thanks for supporting the pod at