Which Seinfeld episode is Jerry Seinfeld most proud of?

Ari Shaffir believes a lot of comedians are going to quit doing live shows and will focus on podcasts or videos or other things that don’t require a live audience.

Which episode of Seinfeld is Jerry Seinfeld most proud of?

A look at the creators of Aunty Donna leads to a sidebar where Johny Mac looks at Den of Geek’s top comedies of 2020 – then after the sidebar it is back to Aunty Donna and we’re almost ten minutes into the episode.

Then the episode wraps with Johnny Mac taking part 2 of Buzzfeed’s Do You Like This Comedian list? George Lopez, Wanda Sykes and Sarah Silverman are among those JMac rates.

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A new Bill Burr podcast

The Office released a previously unseen cold open in which Dwight considers entering The Matrix.

Bill Burr announced he will be doing yet another podcast, this one with Paul Virzi.

Buzzfeed did a “do you like this comedian or not” article and Johnny Mac decides to play along and give his opinions on Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and others.

An Irish sketch comedy gets in trouble with the church.

Robin’s Wish, a documentary about Robin Williams is out now.

Esquire’s Top 40 Sitcoms has Bob’s Burgers but no Honeymooners nor Office

Esquire put out “The 40 Best Comedy Series of All Time
These are the TV shows that shaped (and are shaping) the way we laugh today.”

The list has room for Bob’s Burgers and Los Espookys and Nathan For You but not The Honeymooners, The Office, Happy Days, Barney Miller, Scrubs, Brooklyn 99 or M*A*S*H

Like don’t get me wrong, I love What We Do In The Shadows, but it’s just “The Office: Vampires” How do you not have The Office?

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A look at Vulture’s list of Best Adam Sandler Movies – Part 2

Vulture made a list of the Best Adam Sandler movies (https://www.vulture.com/article/best-adam-sandler-movies-ranked.html) and Johnny Mac cannot resist. Johnny Mac’s rule – the movie had better have Drew Barrymore in it or be Uncut Gems. So of the top 20, there are three John actually thinks aren’t bad. Then there are the 17 others.

Even More Top Comedy Podcasts of 2020

Adam Sandler on working with his kids.

David Letterman talks about the Mary Tyler Moore show.

Jerry Seinfeld on being raised by orphans.

A look at the top comedy podcasts, starting with Vulture’s list and then several of my own including Tim Dillon, Whatever Happened To Pizza at McDonald’s and of course Daily Comedy News.

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Happy New Year!

Frankie Boyle vs. Ricky Gervais: what’s the beef, and what was the backlash for Frankie?

Comedian Frankie Boyle is giving Ricky Gervais some guff over a joke, and is getting some backlash of his own over hypocrisy.

Brett Goldstein’s Films to Be Buried With is a good podcast you should be listening to.

Johnny Mac reads a Sarah Cooper article and halfway through discovers her website.

George Lopez has joined the cast Afterward, which does not seem like a comedy at all.

What comedy to watch on Netflix this week? The IT Crowd

Rickey Gervais says that After Life will end, but Netflix has already agreed to pay for his next series. Ricky is choosing between three ideas he has.

J-L Cauvin had a great 2020 with his popular Trump videos but looks forward to leaving the character behind.

Johnny Mac reviews Andrew Schulz’ new special – well at least the first 70 seconds (that’s a hint), Netflix’ Death to 2020 (skip) and recommends that instead you check out the Britcom The IT Crowd.

The Interrobang lists their top 11 comedy albums of 2020: Adrienne Iapalucci, Andy Kindler, Vic Henley, Mike Cannon, Bonnie Mcfarlane, Dan Perlman, Dwayne Kennedy, Sarah Tollamache, Myq Kaplan, Carmen Lynch and Nore Davis.

Sir Billy Connolly wraps up his career with a goodbye special.

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Adam Sandler debuts a new song and of course it’s cringe

Adam Sandler sings to Steve Buscemi as lovingly recreated by Johnny Mac.

An article claims: Comedy Clubs Running During the Pandemic Is an Industry-Wide Failure

The UCB Theater closed its Sunset theater location.

The Melbourne Comedy festival returns 24 March – 18 April 2021 and I wish I could go. Best city in the world!

Julio Torres talks about his unmade sketches

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