Did Aziz Ansari’s attempt to be authentic backfire? Plus – The Office’s John Krasinski and Steve Carrell to reunite!

In Aziz Ansari’s new special he’s just a comedian with a flip-phone dropping in on the Comedy Cellar like you regular folks. The reactions are not good.

John Krasinski and Steve Carrell are getting back together…but it has nothing to do with The Office.

David Letterman will return to Late Night (with Seth Meyers) to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Letterman’s version of the show. Don’t miss the tribute episodes to Late Night with David Letterman that I did – scroll through January 2022 in this feed.

Comedy Central has some new half hours.

Ryan Hamilton was hit by a bus!

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Neil Young says It’s Joe Rogan or Me!

Neil asked Spotify to chose between having Neil Young’s music or Joe Rogan’s podcast. Good luck with that Neil.

Laura Ingraham didn’t think Kate McKinnon’s impression was good.

Jim Breuer uncovers some truths.

Adam Sandler is making a sequel to Murder Mystery.

Chris Evans and The Rock, neither of whom are Chris Rock, are making a movie which Chris Rock is not in.

Second City announces some new shows.

CBS renews a bunch of sitcoms.

Uncorrected transcript below

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news to some random topics. Conan O’Brien tweets. It’s a slippery slope from woke m&ms to same Skittle marriage. He added imagine my anger when I found 2000 of my old monologues on the common app.

did you see that rally over the weekend?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Argued that. And Frank was better off hiding in an addict during the Holocaust than being alive today. Late-night reacted to that. Trevor Noah said, yeah, the man is right. Who could argue no one ever talks about how good and Frank had it free room and board all the time in the world of right.

Pretty sweet deal. If he asked me, I will say though, crazy. ’cause RFK may be saying wild stuff about the Holocaust, but half the people he’s talking to don’t even believe the Holocaust happened. They’re just standing there like, and Frank didn’t realize this guy was such a liberal Jimmy Kimmel tagged in Robert obviously never finished the book

and then he segwayed it. Must’ve been so disappointing. Some of these whack jobs, They’ve been expecting to see JFK Jr. Come back to life. Instead they got RFK junior.

It’s like going to see the Jackson five and only Tito shows up.

Late night also talked about the great slate of NFL games over the weekend. Jimmy Fallon said some people are calling it the greatest playoff weekend of all time. Well, everyone from Buffalo, green bay, Tennessee and Tampa bay are like, eh, not so much Tom Brady and the defending champion at Tampa bay Buccaneers were knocked out of the playoffs.

Brady’s not used to losing. He normally commutes home via parade. It was a weekend of upsets on Saturday, Aaron Rogers and the green bay Packers hosted the 49ers and lost in green bay. In other words, Aaron Rogers failed his at-home test. That’s a new spin NZ.

And that one, Campbell’s crazy to see Tom Brady it’s like the coyote finally caught the Roadrunner and ate him right there on TV. Aaron Rogers, you may recall was caught in a series of lies about his vaccination status earlier in the season, before the game he lashed out at president Biden said we have a fake white house and a bunch of other stuff, but fitting a man who has been hit in the head a bunch of times.

And Trevor Noah for the win. Great to hear somebody say he caught it and it not be about Omicron Neil young, one Spotify to remove his music in response to Joe Rogan, Neil young, a fire off an open letter.

He demanded his classic collection of songs be pulled from Spotify. He singled out Joe Rogan saying, I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines, potentially causing death to those who believed the disinformation being spread by them. Please act on this immediately today and keep me informed of the times.

They can have Joe Rogan or Neil young, not both. We’ll see how that shakes out The daily show, Twitter account said, Neil, Young’s going to regret it when his monthly Spotify checks for a dollar 37. Stop roll again.

Laura Ingram, it was watching Saturday night live apparently, or at least. She didn’t enjoy Kate McKinnon’s impression.

So on Monday night, Laura Ingram broke out her own impression of Kate McKinnon doing Laura Ingram

critics were not kind to Lori Ingram telling her to stick to propaganda. One person said this is more like Paul Gosar doing Kate McKinnon doing Laura Ingram Ingram said, I like Kate McKinnon doing me. Cause she’s kind of fun.

she noted the low hanging fruit provided by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and McKinnon’s routine ingram has offered to go on SNL and impersonate, Nancy Pelosi for free.

So we’ll keep an eye on this next one. I saw a video from Jim.

And found a good recap of it. But I watched the video. Jim is telling a story, saw I took my daughter Las Vegas, right. And it had this thing of a lady guy. So he starts talking about some sort of thing. He saw lady Gaga, he shared pictures of it and he goes on to describe somehing along the lines of

look at these boots they’re made out of human skin. Now, I don’t know if they’re made out of human skin, perhaps they are, but Jim brewer was bringing this up. And then he started to explain how lady Gaga was dressed from a certain light, looks like a meat dress.

Jim goes on to share something, something devil worshipers in control of the entertainment industry. Something. I’m sure if you’d Google Jim brewer, it will come up. We’ll see if there’s more to that later in the week, longtime listeners know I love Adam Sandler movies. Oh, great news. Netflix is making a SQL to murder mystery.

This one will film in Paris and the Caribbean DAV clubs, speculates Adam Sandler likes going on vacation. Sure. He’ll film a movie and let Netflix pay for his vacation.

I believe in that conspiracy theory.

Right. GymbaROO impression you think Adam, Sandler’s go to the Caribbean to film movie. What do you think’s behind that? The devil I’m sure the Adam Sandler movie will be wonderful as all his films are.

The rock says he’s in a new movie with Chris Evans now, right there. Don’t you want to see. Like you tell me Adam Sandler movie, and I’m like, don’t want to see it.

You tell me Chris, rock I’m leaving that in. No, Chris, Rock’s not this movie, Chris Evans and the rock to different people, but if you combine them, they would be Chris rock wouldn’t they? Yeah. Chris Evans and the rock are making a movie without Chris rock. It’s a holiday action comedy from Amazon studios.

The description read one, which is the title of the film is a globe trotting, four quadrant action, adventure comedy. I’ll come back to that. Imagining a whole new universe to explore within the holidays genre. That’s all we know. So far, the Ivy club speculates. Will we see the rock playing an ultra buff Santa Claus?

Hm. It is called red one or maybe it’s called red one, like air force one. Hmm. I’m worried about four quadrant action. Adventure comedy.

In the film, a four-quadrant movie is one which appeals to all four major demographic quadrants of the movie going audience. They are males under 25 females under 25 males over 25 females over 25. So we’re trying to make a movie for everybody.

Wikipedia shares, two examples of the four-quadrant movies. They are Titanic and meet the parents. Anyway, four quadrant has me a little worried.

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I saw a fun thread on Twitter. It’s from Collin Quinn. Now it’s hard to find Colin Quinn on Twitter, the colloquy, and you’re looking for probably if you’re listening to a comedy podcast is at, I am Colin Quinn, Colin Quinn suites hate to do this, but Todd Barry doesn’t write his own jokes.

Josh gone him and tagged in huge if true Todd Barry tagged in and ain’t true. Josh, quit throwing shade.

Kendrick Fulton chimed in said, Todd Berry is a poet. Meaning he writes still poetry, not jokes. That’s funny. Jason wrote not since Hannibal took down Cosmi has there been anything like.

Sean steel rumor has it. Todd Barry buys all of his jokes from Carlos mitzia,

And that got sagged with who bought his jokes from teen cook. variety has ordered survival of the thickest. What’s that? It’s an eight episode scripted comedy starring Michelle, but.

Michelle star as Mavis. Beaumont’s a black plus size woman navigating life. After she finds herself newly single

CBS has renewed a bunch of cities. The neighborhood, Bob Hart’s EPOS Shola we’ll get a fourth season four seasons. That’s been on that long already. They already renewed young Sheldon for three more years on the bubble of our be positive.

And the United States of owl. Now, you know, who watches these things? My mom, if CBS airs it, my mom will stare at it as I’m recording. She’s watching the prices. Right, right. Drew Carey has been hosting that a long time. By the way,

second city announced a bunch of new shows. That’ll take place at the comedy club. Sing out. Second city is a brand new show, celebrates all things musical featuring the company’s finest and funniest melodies throughout the decades. Song centric, sketch comedy, original new works and musical improv.

There’s also the second city’s late night date.

So I can sit. He says, bring your partner, lover, his significant other spouse friend with benefits, platonic BFF, or even just your hot self. Is it raunchy? Yes. Will there be lots of saucy innuendo? Yes. And don’t forget these second cities improv, Brian.

You know what that is. It’s brunch with improv. You could have figured that out without listening to a podcast. And that’s your daily comedy news. Follow the show on Spotify, apple podcast, Google podcast. Or if you get your shows, see tomorrow.

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Taylor Tomlinson’s inspiration for Sad In The City, John Mulaney walks the baby with Sarah Silverman?

John Mulaney took the baby for a walk and was accompanied by Sarah Silverman. No I didn’t misspeak.

Dave Chappelle is playing shows in Paris.

Aaron Rodgers jokes are pretty funny.

Taylor Tomlinson about her new podcast Sad In The City

Charlie Day and Glen Howerton discuss when It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia might end.

Uncorrected transcript.

Aaron. Roger has caught a lot of guff for losing to the 49ers. Keith Olbermann tweets. Once again, we all mistakenly believed Aaron Rogers had a shot grant. Brisby tweets, everybody stopped making fun of Aaron Rogers. He hates being needed. At Bobby big wheel, Aaron Rogers likes his football the way he likes medical advisers with zero degrees.

Yeah, it was cold out. Kyle nubuck tweeted Aaron Rogers playoff run warded by snowflakes canceled culture strikes again.

At stampede SPN dam, Aaron Rogers really did get canceled by some limbs from California at Richard staff. Congratulations to Jimmy. Garappolo a hundred placing Dr. Fowchee as Aaron Rogers, at least favorite Italian

And Robbie Callen tweets, Aaron Rogers. Should’ve done more of his own research on the 49ers defense.

Ben Pfeiffer shared some top Aaron Rogers nicknames. The one I loved rush Lambo. Pretty good. Also Klan Marino throw Rogan. Really good Breitbart star QB Giuliani. Suck rule Carlson and a Q a Aaron Rogers. And I sat there. Hey, is, will forte not funny? Cause I watched Saturday night live. And I’m pretty sure will. Forte is not funny. I’m sorry, but did you watch it?

What was that episode, man? Three MacGruber sketches. I’ve been into SNL. Like the last three years have been pretty strong. Those are the first episode where I remember grabbing the remote and hitting fast forward through a lot of sketches. They were bad. Three MacGruber is Lauren Michaels. Yeah, three. I know we got the show on peacock, but if you’re trying to sell peacock subscriptions, because he thought I want to see more MacGruber you didn’t help the cause at all.

The a V club usually ranks the best slash worst sketch of the night. For best they wrote, I cannot in good conscience make this call. So it’s not just me. We’re a sketch. They wrote, I suppose, the Gaslight edition of cinema classical was the most forgettable.

That was one of the sketches. I fast forwarded through the opening with Fox news, Kate McKinnon, crushing it as always. James Austin Johnson has Trump. Very funny. I enjoyed the heck out of that. I even told my wife about the joke of the fake Fox news

sponsor. COVID negs. That was a COVID test. That always comes out negative because you’re going to that wedding. That was the punchline. Very funny. Michael Che seemed off his game.

Sarah Sherman did update and did her shtick where she comes on. Colin Jo says something and then she twists it into tabloid. Ready, canceled juiced headlines. I agree with the club. It’s. But it’s already getting a little tired, probably the best thing in the night, Bowen yang, he returned with his character

chin bow. That’s like the guy that represents the nation of China. But when yang has chin bow came on and talked about the Olympics and how they don’t care, that NBC is not sending any correspondence. That was a fun.

You know who I haven’t mentioned a couple minutes here, will forte not a good episode. SNL being Sarah bang was at that Patrice O’Neal benefit. They have a long recap there. If you want to read it. Not too much in the recap interested me, we already know the Pete Davidson stuff. They did it right about David’s hill who appeared in full winter.

At tell described himself as a guy who looks like he owns his own escape room. Like he put the high and Hamas, like he runs a game stop and Syria.

So it sounds like it’s hell crushed as always page six rewards. Dave Chappelle has been performing in Paris. With the co-host of his hit podcast, the midnight miracle

Chappelle did a run of a sold-out gigs at Paris, Apollo theater, different from the one in Harlem, New York city.

Dave is going to play a bigger venue over the weekend. The source as it’s possible that the trio we’re recording new material for the pond.

Dave is scheduled to do a run of gigs in April at the Hollywood bowl. Billed as Netflix is a joke presents Dave and friends. Hmm.

The daily mail keeping tabs on John Malaney. Apparently John Malaney gave mom Olivia Munn. Malaney took son Malcolm out for a walk daily mail has plenty of pictures of John Malaney and a little baby out for a walk. But who was with John Malaney? Sarah Silverman. Hm. Sarah Silverman was out walking. Her dog millennia was dressed down a Navy blue track pants, long sleeve shirt and a baseball cap for history.

I thought it looked quite handsome.

Sarah. I looked relaxed and slushy black pants, a sleeveless, Heather Gray, t-shirt sunglasses, and a baseball cap. I thought she looked nice on the eyes as well. Taylor Tomlinson was talking about her new podcast. She says the Genesis of the podcast really is that at a week. Well, I was extremely sad, like rock bottom depressed.

It’s not the first time I felt that way in New York. I had gotten to the point where I was so lonely here, that if people recognize me on the street, I would make them talk to me for longer than I think they were even comfortable. If you’re an insecure person who is afraid of being judged, do not come to New York because people are always judging.


Once I achieved everything I wanted to and had the career I wanted to have and had to face the fact that I wasn’t the type of person I wanted to be forever. It was mostly just realizing that I wasn’t where I wanted to be. And wasn’t this great person I thought I was it’s tough. And you’re young adulthood is just constantly punctuated by those moments.

That podcast is called a sad in the city. Charlie Dane, Glenn Howard, in from it’s always sunny. They were on the good one podcast. And they talked about when it’s always sunny, might wrap. Charlie day said we’re going one at a time at this point, meaning one season when we get into the writer’s room and I don’t know when that’s going to be, but the next time we get in the writers room, we’ll have all those big conversations where we’ll say.

What are we doing? Is this it? Are we going to try and leave it? Open-ended or we wrapping it up this year? Who knows? I think we kind of approach every year like that Glenn Howard and said, it’s just constantly reexamining. Are we still getting something from this personally that is artistically fulfilling?

Are we just doing it for the money? And the answer to that question thus far has been now. I’m still getting something out of it, even if it means a little bit more time between seasons, this is a show that can keep going. Cause there’s always something going on on the world.

That would be interesting to see through the lens of these characters.

Let’s see if my voice can make it to the end. I know from experience, I can only record about three of these in a row. And then my voice is shot for the day. I just recorded two episodes before this. I am looking ahead to some travel I have planned later in the year and I’m working on what I lovingly call weekend filler.

I did an episode about Ralphie may and a different episode about Robert Schimmel. And in doing the research on those two guys, boy, I found some great stuff, some great stuff. If you go to the Facebook group,

which is daily comedy news podcast group on Facebook.

I shared one article each about Ralphie and Robert Schimmel that has some great stuff in there. So you may want to check them out. Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by all pro lines. My friends, because stocky com Apolis and Aaron. Do a weekly show, the combines football and jokes, or read a bunch of football jokes at the top.

Here’s one from at All-Pro lines, they were talking about how the Tennessee Titans lost and said silver lining.

Alicia know a lot of people in Nashville can write a sad song about the game, hashtag Titans, all pro lines, wherever you get your podcast. If you’d like to be part of this show, Hey, leave me a voicemail, pod inbox.com/daily comedy news. He can do it right off your phone. If you want to comment on something or you just want to say hi, or I love the show or hate the show, I’ll probably use your message.

You go to pod inbox.com/daily comedy.

Jason Zimmerman does an awesome job covering comedy for the New York times. He had a piece about Louie Anderson over the weekend and in it, there’s a story about Rodney Dangerfield funeral back in 2004, Bob Saget officiated the service and said he was a heckled by Jaylin.

And Louie Anderson stuck up for second Anderson sold Saget. I know that must have hurt you. What he did. I wasn’t gonna let you hang there. Jay probably just did it out of nervousness. Maybe he needed to do that and not to burst out crying.

Sagun responded. I don’t think he does that.

Meaning crying Anderson said, I bet he does

Sagat then immediately changed his mind almost as if he recognized that the humanity of this thought outpaced the front of his jibe. He said to Louie Anderson. All I ever want to do is hug you.

speaking of Saget AFV is that what we’re calling it now? Is it like officially a F V and not America’s funniest home videos, a V. They are paying tribute to Bob Saget for the rest of the season. There will be a regular segment showcasing moments from SAC it’s time on the ABC.

One of the producers said the decision was influenced by the extraordinary outpouring of testimonials to sag it over the past two weeks. Again, if you skipped it the weekend episodes Saturday was a full-on tribute to Louie Anderson, Sunday, a lot of Louie and some good Saget stuff in there as well.

So you might want to go back and check those out if you did miss them. Mo Gilligan has a new, special to be out on Netflix, February 17th. That is called there is. It was recorded at the Hammersmith Apollo magilligan says this show is his favorite body of work. My London, I caught up with Jimmy Carr. Jimmy Carr has been in a relationship with Carolyn copping who works at channel five in the youth.

Carolyn’s first impression of Jimmy Carr was that he was a one note comedian with the eyes of a sex offender. Jimmy core said he immediately knew she was the one despite her own lukewarm first. I knew it felt perfect.

And staying on that side of the pond, which is not a phrase I think anyone ever uses except me from chortle GB news, which as I understand is like Fox news for the UK. It seems kind of conservatively. Anyway, they have signed up a regular roster of 13 comedians to appear on its late night newspaper preview show headliners.

So Shortle embedded a clip from a headliners. I’m still waiting for the joke. And I watched the clip five days ago. turtle rights. The antiwar channel has green-lipped the show for seven days a week.

The rotating panel of comedians offering comments on the next day. His headlines are Steve and Allen Rona, Cameron and Nick Dick.

Andrew Doyle, Josh Howie. Leo curse is Agila Kirsha. Eric McElroy, Diane Spencer, and Ian stone.

The executive producer says, even though the show’s populated by comedians, it’s not designed to make fun of important news events. The difference with comedians is we tend to look at the world through a different lens. We don’t see everything as a joke or gag, but we do look at things sideways.

So we often spot the irony, the paradoxes, and even the absurdity of serious.

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Why did Pete Davidson and Colin Jost buy a ferry boat?

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost bought a Staten Island Ferry so they could make it into a comedy club for some reason.

Jon Stewartt will win the

W Kamau Bell’s Bill Cosby documentary sounds like it’s good. Were the Cosby clues in Bill’s comedy all along?

Tom Segura has a new book.

Christina P and David Cross announce new specials.

Uncorrected transcript below

If you blew off the weekend episodes because you thought I was going to talk about David Letterman all weekend. No, no, no, no. Saturday wound up being a tribute to Louie Anderson and yesterday was a mix of some Louie stuff, some Sackett stuff, and some really, really random, funny stories I saw. Good episodes all weekend to hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news.

Jimmy Kimmel lamented. The low vaccination rate in the us

it’s almost like people here are getting bad information from somewhere else. You know, the only country below us is Russia, which is kinda nice. Our countries haven’t been on the same page since like Rocky fought drug. Oh, the survey found that 6% of Americans say they’re planning to get the vaccine came, uh, last.

Okay. When the vaccine has been out for more than a year, how busy could you be with.

Quick story about Louie Anderson from Thrillist. A woman walks over to the Louie. This is at the Costco. I read the Costco story on Saturdays up. So go back and listen to that. So they’re there at the Costco.

A woman walks over and taps Louie Anderson on the shoulder and says, excuse me, are you the actor? Family feud. Louie tells her indeed. He is the guy from family feud and agrees to take a picture. The woman could Joel’s her teenage daughter and a taking a picture with Louie Anderson. The girl sits down next to him on a couch, looking mortified.

Louie puts an arm around her. Yeah. I don’t even know who I am, but it’s better to get it over with. Isn’t it? I had a mom too. She seems like a nice mom. Is she? That’s good. Moms are important.

Pete Davidson bought a ferry boat. Yeah. From vulture Colin Joest. Now Colin is married to Scarlett Johannson. The man’s got game. He’s teamed up with Pete Davidson. They just bought the Staten island ferry. No, not the whole thing. A Staten island ferry, the near post reported on January 19th that an anonymous bidder had spent $280,000 on a defunct Staten island ferry at an online auction vulture ass, who would do such a thing, a historical society, some kind of sea Barron.

Good writing there. Nope. Pete Davidson and Collin Joest.

They teamed up with comedy club owner, Paul Italia, who owns the stand, the three plants or rehab, the former 5,200 person capacity ferry into a live entertainment space and event venue with comedy arts and food, they will have to find the boat, which is named the John F. Kennedy a waterfront home, or it will be docked permit.

vulture rights, Joest and Davidson both have ties to this ferry when it was still operational. Joseph wrote it into the city as a high schooler. All right. And Pete Davidson wrote it to duke gigs.

Although the boat was listed in being in poor condition. Won’t be a problem. Cause there’ll be a doctor comedy club. I totally forgot on Friday to tell you this one. If you listen back to Friday’s episode, you’ll hear me say, oh wow, we’re running long here. Let me bump a couple things.

I meant to do the story in the second half of Friday’s episode. And then Louie Anderson died and here we are on Monday, but you’ll be happy to hear. John Stewart will receive the mark Twain prize at the Kennedy center in April., I know you needed this information on Friday afternoon. I left up your weekend. Not telling you until now. I know. I’m sorry.

Jon Stewart will be the 23rd recipient of the mark Twain prize for American. Stuart said I’m truly honored to receive this award. I have long admired and been influenced by the work of mark Twain or as he was known by his given name, Samuel Leibowitz.

The last recipients was Dave Chappelle. He was celebrated in a show that featured tributes from Bradley Cooper, Tiffany Haddish, John Stewart, and many of the. John Stewart also participated in the 2008 ceremony honoring George Carlin

they gave Stewart’s resume here. Let me read it to you. I know you’re just like Jon Stewart daily show. Stuart 59 spent 16 years as host and executive producer of comedy. Central’s the daily show where his political sets, iron commentary attracted young audiences in one 20 Amies and two Peabody awards,

maybe stop there. Cause then they tack on the comedian. Now hosts the apple TV plus series. The problem with John Stewart, you forgot that existed. Didn’t you? You did. You don’t watch the problem with John Stewart. You forgot. John Stewart also wrote direct to the movies, irresistible and rosewater. And as the author of America, the book, a citizen’s guide to democracy inaction one word, and is an executive producer of the late show with Stephen Colbert.

I wonder how he, how did he get that

it Kobe? Or just hook them up as a thank you. Why would CBS say yes to that? That’s interesting to me. I got to dive in.

the Kennedy center president said in his statement for more than three decades, John Stewart has brightened our lives and challenged our minds as he delivers current events and social sets higher with his trademark wit and wisdom. For me, turning into his television programs over the years. You don’t stop over the years has been equal parts, entertainment truth in these often divisive and challenging times.

Someone like John through his undaunted advocacy for first responders and veterans also demonstrates that we can all make a difference in this world through humor, humanity, and patriotism.

If you want to go. April 24th is the date of the event. Tickets go on sale. February 11th, Tom Segora announced. He wrote a book it’s called. I’d like to play alone, please. In the book coming out, June 14th, SAMHSA Gora combines his signature curmudgeonly. With a revealing look at some of the ridiculous situations that shaped him and the ludicrous characters who always seem to seek him out.

I haven’t read a head here yet. Do you think we’ll see the copyrighting rule of three? I bet we do. Let’s continue.

The stories feature hilarious anecdotes about Tom’s time on the road, including some surreal encounters with celebrities in airports. His unfiltered south American family to the trials and tribulations of parenting, young children with bizarrely morbid interests three and oh, not copywriting real three.

There are four things here and perhaps most. Experiences with his dad who like any good baby boomer father loves to talk about his bowel movements and share graphic Vietnam stories and inappropriate moments. All of this is enough to make anyone want some peace and quiet. You can. Pre-order the book that also be an audio book read by Tom.

You knew it sounds score is married to don’t you Christina P and she’s returning to Netflix with their third comedy special. They were planning on recording Saturday night in New York city at the Gramercy. I am assuming that taping actually happened.

If so It will be a Netflix special later this year, David Krause announced he has his own special. This one is called. I am from the future. This was recorded November of 2021.

It’ll be out February 12th, an official David cross.com.

If you’d like to be part of the show, you can leave me a voicemail and I’ll probably use your voicemail on the podcast. Go to pod inbox.com/daily comedy news, pod inbox.com/daily comedy news. If you want to talk about something or tell me I’m stupid or talk about Louie Anderson or Bob Saget, or just say hi, pawn in.com/daily comedy.

I saw the Hollywood reporter listed at the top a streaming series for December 20th to the 26th. I know that’s a month ago, but caught my eye

original series, the Witcher Emily and Paris Hawkeye wheel of time. Lawson space baking show Jurassic world Daredevil, Jim Gaffigan comedy monster, 186 million minutes viewed that compares to the Witcher, which had 2.7, 3 billion minutes viewed,

but more people watch Gaffigan and money heist

Over the weekend. They screened. We need to talk about Cosby at Sundance. I’m looking forward to see what people are saying about. Yahoo writes directed by w Kamau bell. Cosby serves up a compellingly and nuanced. Look at the actor and stand up comedian, formerly lauded as America’s dad, but now an accused serial sex abuser.

Bel found himself drained by his Cosby quest.

But he persisted saying who I am and what I’ve done helps this project shows I’m able to navigate difficult conversations. I’m a black kid who learned from Cosby and in some ways learn the lessons that helped me make this film still. This is hard. There were times when I wanted to quit while making this Marc Lamont hill as a professor at Philadelphia’s temple university.

He pointed out early signs of cosmetic behavior. If only we had not all mutually agreed to never connect the dots, he points it out. Cosby’s old Spanish flies, standup routine in which bill Cosby, enthusiastically endorsed an alleged aphrodisiac that would render women help.

He’ll said from day one, he was talking about putting things in women’s drinks and getting them to do what he wanted them to do. So when we fast forward, it’s not a huge leap to think that what he was talking about in the sixties, he was doing

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Why Pete Davidson got a spray tan PLUS more Louie Anderson stories

Pete Davidson got a spray tan.

Some more Louie Anderson stories.

A comedian pranks the city council.

The KC Jazz Museum and the National Comedy Center make a lame bet.

Gilbert Gottfried and Patton Oswalt on Bob Saget

Uncorrected Transcript Below

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news and normal edition today, I’ve got some Louie Anderson stuff, some Bob Saget stuff as well, but as I usually do, I’ll start with late nights. Seth Meyers said president Biden said that his first year in office has been a year of challenges, but I’d rather focus on the positives like your COVID test.

That’s a great joke, Jimmy Fallon, when Biden was asked, what he’s learned. He said being vice-president was a hell of a lot more fun. Cole bear said it seemed like just yesterday, our democracy was being held hostage by a cabal of obstruction. Who didn’t want every vote counted? Oh, wait. That was yesterday felon a year ago.

Biden pledged to address COVID the economy, climate change and racial injustice and good news. After 12 months of tireless effort, we’re all getting three free masks, seven Myers Biden held a one hour 51 a minute press conference. It was the first thing Americans actually wished Joe mansion had stopped.

Michael Ian black pointed out. The good thing is there aren’t that many more people left to do. Louie Anderson talking about president Trump in 2017 and said just recently, I’ve been discovering bits I didn’t have in me. So people say, they’re worried about Trump and they’ll say, aren’t you worried about Trump?

And I say, no. , because my dad wants, kept us up from midnight till [6:00] AM. Because somebody left the butter out. They always laugh because they understand how absurd it is. But my dad was like that and he got stuck on things. It’s been wonderful fodder.

This part of my life is about celebrating the people I love and my family, especially, even dear old mean dad. I never admitted. I left the butter out by the way he wanted me to, but I wouldn’t do it the way he talked to the daily press about fact jokes. He said, they’re not mean to be self-deprecating.

They’re just circumstantial. I’m big. I don’t do them to excuse myself and make fun of. I’m just talking about me. People say you don’t do those fat jokes. You should embrace yourself. And I tell them I would embrace myself, but I can’t get my arms around me.

That’s a new one. It just comes from opening my heart up. I wanted to be a politician. I was going to be president. I thought it’d be good at it. I wouldn’t get a lot done because I’m lazy, but it’d be good at getting elected

Arizona central ass Louis in 2019. Why does stand-ups always come back to standup? Like they go off and do other things. And then I do stand up again. Louise said, it’s true. I think it’s what you know, and you don’t need anyone to do it.

Nobody can interfere and it’s just that close relationship between you and the audience. And usually when you’re doing it, you’re working stuff out. So it’s kind of like, I don’t want to say therapy, but I don’t want to say it’s not therapy.

It’s the first love for most of us,

Louie, when you were coming along in the eighties, it seemed like there was an arc to a comics career, get known, get on Johnny Carson and then become an actor or their shared skills or something. Louise said commanding on stage is a pure performance. What I think I get out of it is a connection.

You know, your fans really love you when fans really love you, man. That’s a great feeling. It’s like having a really great family that you’re not related.

You got really close to these people for an hour and a half or two hours and you get as close as you can. And then you say goodbye and no one really wants to leave you or the audience. Well, some of the audience might want to leave, but you’re saying goodbye. And hopefully they’re taking something with them that night.

I’m definitely taking something with me from the.

from 2017 and the Las Vegas sun Louis talking about Las Vegas is a big circus, but I say whatever helps bring people to town and go for it. We’ve got Brittany saline, rod Stewart. Everybody’s here. Now boys demand back street.

It’s good. Cause everybody can’t go to all those shows. 25% of people that come to Vegas, 5, 6, 10 times a year in each time they make a show. That’s the ritual. I know these people, they have a list. When I had a show on the strip, I was one of the picks. I heard it many times. They, Louie, we came to see you instead of saline.

And next time we’re coming for her. Vegas is bigger than a circus that has a mystique of its own. And everybody wants to know what show is new with the most risky or what restaurant can I go to order something off the menu? There’s such a rich. Who else has a mob museum?

and I was trying to find articles about Louise time hosting family feud. I couldn’t really find any, as you imagine right now, if you Google Louie Anderson, you get 10,000 obits, but I did find this from entertainment weekly. He said he watched family feud as a kid. I’d be on the arm of the couch. My dad would be in his chair.

My mom would be in the kitchen. Would all be playing feud. My dad would go look at Richard Dawson slobbering all over the women. My mom would go. I think he’s nice. You wouldn’t think he’s nice. You know, that kind of thing

he told he w he would overhear arguments during the commercial breaks. I hope he got a ride home. Carl chicken. What? A dumb answer. Coral. All right.

Pizza. If you thought Pete Davidson looked a little extra airbrush, should I bust out half-ass Jeff Foxworthy. Think so. If you thought Pete Davidson looked a little airbrushed on new year’s Eve, you were not wrong.

As it turns out. Pete Davidson got a spray tan before taking the stage. This from us magazine. Pete revealed this the other night at the Patrice O’Neal comedy benefit concert that got very little pickup in the. He said he was told to get a tanning treatment. Cause he’s really white and a little extra color would help him look not so bad on camera.

He admitted he didn’t actually like the whole hosting thing. He found the ordeal to be pretty embarrassing. Some thought he was . Others felt that his bleached blonde hair and pale complexion made him look like beetle juice. One fan tweeted, still lobbying for beat Davidson to play young beetle juice.

Pete Davidson looks like a millennial Beetlejuice SNL shot down that rumor. Remember earlier in the week, there was a rumor that Pete Davidson was missing rehearsals because he was a total diva and hanging out with Kim Kardashians and NBC spokesperson released a statement. Saying no rehearsals have been missed adding.

It’s not true now. I can’t tell you if Pete Davidson was on SNL last night. Cause I recorded this at [12:11] PM on Saturday.

If you’d like to participate in the show, I set up a voicemail account. You go to pod inbox.com/daily comedy news, and you can leave a voicemail. You can do that right from your phone. I’ll use your voicemail on the show. Pod inbox.com/daily comedy news. The national comedy center and American jazz museum have a wager on tonight’s bills.

Chief’s. Alright, before I read you the story it’s Buffalo and Kansas city. We should probably bet Buffalo wings versus some sort of Kansas city barbecue. Isn’t that what you would do, right? Yes. Well, the national comedy center and American jazz museum, those entertainers have decided. If the chiefs, when Kansas city residents can enjoy the national comedy center for free.

And if the bills, when Western New York residents can enjoy the American jazz museum for free, okay, let’s pull that apart. So if the chiefs win and I am a Kansas city resident, I can go to Jamestown New York, which is in the middle of nowhere and go to the comedy museum for free. Gee, thanks guys. Or if you’re from Buffalo, you can make your way to Kansas city and go to the American jazz museum.

Yeah, you don’t want to just do wings, us barbecue food,

but wait, there’s more. Gary Hahn is the director of communications at the national comedy center. And he said, in addition to admission, we’re going to have a little bit of fun on social. Oh, okay. All right. Some fun. If the males, when the executive director of the American jazz museum is going to sing the Bill’s fight song, a kind of jazzy version of that.

And they’re going to post it online. Oh, I can’t wait if Kansas city were to win. We at the national comedy center, we’ll post some standup comedy about Buffalo. What ah, staff or the winning museum will be treated to the other regions. Most beloved dining delicacy. Finally, the jazz guys will get Buffalo.

And the comedy guys would get barbecue. Just do that.

Right. I got a fun story at the end. I know today’s a lot about death. Kelly Rizzo, the wife of Bob Saget share that their final communications were filled with love. Kelly said, I think I said, I love you dearly. And he said, I love you. And Leslie, and then I said, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

When she last spoke to Bob on the phone, he was just on his way home or back to his hotel. And he was telling me what a wonderful show we had and how it was so amazing. He was happy and just loving what he did. It made him so happy to bring laughter to people. Kelly Rizzo talked about how her husband would rush back after shows.

He’d go to sleep at [2:00] AM. Wake up at [4:00] AM, just so he could be on a [6:00] AM flight to come home. He valued every single second we had together.

That’s why this is so heartbreaking. The one silver lining from this as the incredible outpouring of love and support. Not only from everybody that loved Bob, but also his friends and family. I don’t know how else I’d be getting through this right now.

Gilbert Godfrey shade with vulture. I remember when the aristocrats came out and people would say, can you believe Bob Saget is talking that way? Nobody who knew him was in any way surprised. That’s the way our conversations always were out.

Now. Filthy.

On our podcast would start like a typical interview and he would immediately veer off into something totally perverted. There was nothing that was too far. That was a friendly competition in our conversations. We’d always try to outdo each other for a while. We were sending each other emails and they were getting more and more crazy.

And we thought this would make a great book. We were looking forward to that told his manager and his manager read the emails and said in no uncertain words, no, you are not sharing this with the public. Gilbert added. Since I heard he died in my head, I still kind of think I should call Bob and talk to him about this.

I’m pretty certain. If there was a way to talk to him now he’d be making some really poor taste jokes about his own death. Patton Oswalt said, everybody said Bob was so dark. He was so raunchy, but it was never from a mean-spirited place. It was from a giggly. I can’t believe we got to do this stuff kind of place.

I know people came to see him because they thought, oh, he’s that wonderful, man. We watch on TV. And I’m sure they were initially shocked, but it was hard to be offended by him because he was so clearly having a goofy time up there. It was not coming from a place of personal acts, but from a place of just having fun,

when you’d meet him personally, he was still that same friendly, goofy, upbeat energy. He wasn’t telling dirty jokes, although he could, especially if he is with other comedians,

he was just a very nice guy. And from Vancouver is awesome. You’re home for comedy news. Fans of local politics might have noticed an awkward moment during a recent public hearing for the city of Vancouver. Okay. Council person, Pete Frye asked for the first speaker to start the name of the first speaker, jackin daddy off council person, Pete fry called on the speaker speaker, number one, Jack and daddy.

The person who responded, isn’t legally named Jack and daddy off. He is Brandon Washburn, a local comedian. Who’s taken a prank like this one because a lot of the comedy clubs are closed. Washburn as daddy off, went on a three minute rant saying, I can’t have this rezoning, go ahead. There’ll be traffic and noise.

It’ll disrupt my vibe. I have a bear inside me and I need the discipline of martial arts to keep him at bay. I got to keep the bear teamed. Otherwise he’s going to go searching for honey. He’s going to go searching and he’s going to face.

Councilperson Melissa diGenova then went on to ask him several questions about the project that its impact on him. Washburn thought. I thought it was funny that somebody who was unvaccinated could tell jokes at council, but not at a bar. And that’s your comedy news for today. Follow this show on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever you get your shows.

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Louie Anderson: comedian reactions and some fun Louie stories

Jim Gaffigan, Gilbert Gottfried, Marc Maron and other comedians remember Louie Anderson.

We hear from Louie himself in a clip lent to us by the Art of Bombing Podcast (thanks Dan Bublitz!).

What was it like to walk around a Costco with Louie? What did he pack in his suitcase? All will be revealed in this tribute episode.

Note the originally scheduled Letterman episode will now run next Saturday January 29th.

Uncorrected transcript below

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. If you were expecting to hear me talk about David Letterman today, I have postponed that episode two a week from today. Today we will celebrate the life of Louie Anderson who passed away yesterday.

First of all, he’s tried to get a laugh first when you’re writing something.

And then if he can make a point, that’s always great. And I think that’s kind of a Minnesota thing, , well, what does it mean? Trying to do with it. Does it matter to you? I always ask comics, does your material matter to you? Because if it doesn’t matter to you, why w why should it matter to me as an audience prepper

on Twitter Patton Oswalt God, this year, this month, what is happening?

Gilbert Godfried shared a photo of a Gilbert, Louie Anderson, and Bob said, Gilbert caption at this photo is very sad. Now, both good friends that we missed. Jeff Ross, the roastmaster joked about Louie Anderson dying shortly after meatloaf. When meatloaf died, Louie Anderson was like, what’s the point of living?

I love them. Both. Kathleen Madigan said grateful. I got to say goodbye. Loved him. Like a brother. My Midwest king, george Wallace tweeted heaven as a hell of an open mic going on right now,

mark Marin, our IP, Louie Anderson, a true comedy craftsman. A funny, authentic sweet man.

Adam Sandler damn, such a funny, great guy made us all laugh so much loved him, condolences to his whole family.

The Sklar brothers are AP Louie Anderson. One of the sweetest open-hearted brilliantly funny people in the business. His was the first show we ever did stand up on in 1998. And despite his much deserved success in baskets, both critically and popularly, he would always shift the focus onto others.

Jim Gaffigan. I feel so lucky that I knew you, Louie Anderson. So funny, so gentle. You were always encouraging a Midwestern big brother from another big Midwestern family in this crazy business, you conquered standup writing, and most recently we fell in love with your acting in basket.

Michael McKeon, praise Louise, Roland baskets, calling it a phenomenal second act. I wish he had gotten a third and Henry Winkler said that Louise generosity of spirit will cover the world from above.

The national comedy center tweeted, few comedians have found success in so many of comedies arenas from stand-ups had comes in animation to game shows, reality shows and feature film. Louie Anderson made his mark on the art form in wide ranging ways and gifted us all with comedy. That definitely ranged from hilarious to poignant.

Anderson will be revered for years to come as someone who regularly and publicly challenged ideas about what comedy is and for the empathy and grace, he showed his peers and audiences alike. The San Diego union Tribune interviewed Louis in 2019. They asked how his family influenced his comedy. Louie said, my brother, Roger was the funniest outwardly.

He was always known to tell 2, 3, 4 jokes. Every time you saw him, he was much funnier than I was. He influenced me quite a bit. So, when did you decide to become a comedian? I never was going to be a comedian. I did this on a dare. We were at a comedy club. I said, these guys aren’t funny. And my friend said, if you think you’re so funny, why don’t you sign up for next week?

So I went to the guy and I said, when do you do this again? Next Friday. So I went down there that was October 10th, 1978, Mickey fins in north Minneapolis. Here I am.

Louie. What did you learn from your early mentor? Henny, Youngman Henny. His work ethic had the biggest influence on me. He said, just do your jokes, but I was more of a person that wanted to tell stories. . I didn’t want to just present jokes, but I did have a bunch of one-liners when I started my act.

Each time I got that from him and his work ethic. The funniest guy I ever saw was Jack Benny. I loved that. He underplayed everything much. Like my mom, Bob hope was a huge influence on me when I’m loud on my act. I’m definitely doing Bob hope.

I just loved his timing. Rodney Dangerfield just had so many jokes and they were so good. I’m always trying to write the best Louie Anderson, Rodney joke. I can, once I saw Richard Pryor perform, I wanted to do more stuff from my heart, really opened up and tried to do just stuff that bordered on sad, really funny, but tragic.

At the same time,

Louie made his debut on Johnny Carson’s tonight show on November 20th, 1984.

He told the San Diego union Tribune I’d been practicing. When I got to LA I had nine hats and I chose prepared already. I really wanted to be on the tonight show. I knew that I was tonight show material. I just felt that I walked out and killed it. I was very prepared. I even did an ad lib off Johnny’s monologue.

It’s Johnny talked about how McDonald’s had just changed its sign to say a billion people served. I walked out and I said, I was just at McDonald’s and that sign changed again. I know Johnny really appreciated that I was done. I took a bow, went behind a curtain. I’m walking to my dressing room and they start yelling at me.

Johnny wants you back out there and get out there. So I ran back and went out there. He called me over, shook my hand, made me take another bow. That’s when I knew I’d done a good job,

they asked Lou if he can describe the feeling of being completely in the groove, went on. It’s a powerful feeling. You have to be careful not to milk it. You have to move on re-establish yourself and build up to that crescendo again. And can you tell when you’re losing an audience, you don’t have much more than 60 seconds before you can lose the audience.

I don’t care how famous you are. The audience is your true Geiger counter for laughter. If there’s something radioactive there, they’re going to go after it. I always think there’s an electricity between you and the audience when you’re out there and you can look.

here’s a great story on the New York post in the late 1980s, Louie Anderson is at the Beverly Hills celebrity magnet restaurants, the Ivy, Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy’s entourage happened to be dining there. Louie Anderson pays their entire bill and tells the waiter. Don’t tell Eddie who it was until Louie Anderson.

Don’t tell him until after I leave, I’m not doing it to big, big shot. I’m doing it cause I’m from the Midwest and that’s how we would do it. The next morning. Eddie Murphy calls Louie Anderson. He not only offered. Thanks for the gesture. Eddie said nobody ever bought me anything, but he also invited Louie to be on a movie called coming to America.

Let me set. It was the best $660 I’ve ever spent. That’s a big movie in my life. First big.

He used to give Eddie some advice too, about standup. He’d say Eddie you’re too dirty on stage. Be clean. You could be funnier being clean. You’ll do twice the business and it just look at me.

In 2018 at Louis told the New York post, I love the anatomy of a choke it’s like archeology. If you dig too deep, you miss it. And if you don’t dig deep enough, you won’t find it. It’s kind of a crazy thing.

In March of 2021, Louie opened up about losing 40 pounds. He did that via intermittent fasting.

He said, I started the pandemic at about 370 to 380 pounds, depending on what I was leaning on.

His plan was to retire his fat jokes, but said, I think I’ll always be. He played Vegas in the summer of 2021 saying I’ve got a lot of new stuff. I want to perform some dunking, my fresh comedy doughnut into a cup of coffee, a little milk, no sugar. He was caught off guard by how much he missed the stage during the pandemic.

He said, when I had this taken away from me for a year, I realized this is a big part of my life. You don’t realize it when you’re going through it, but I’m feeling it now. I’ve never been more excited about a new set than I am a right now.

In 2017 at Louie told the post that after baskets, he’d like to return to TV again, but in a male role this time – he played the mother on baskets. He said, I’d like to do a drama show and I’d like to play a man again, I don’t know if this role will translate to people. Seeing me as an actor. I do have a lot of people who want to meet with me a lot of times because they love the character. I’m grateful. I think people think, oh, he’s such a good actor, which makes me believe I was worse than I thought I must’ve been quite shallow before, but I don’t hold that against anybody.

Louie once told vulture I’m a descendant of people, pleasers, caregivers, and comforters. I use my mom’s adage. Be nice to people, Louie. You never know what kind of day they’ve had before. They’ve seen you.

Louie revealed that when his own father was around 10 years old

his father and his father’s sister were taken out of their home and place for adoption. They were split up and never saw each other for 50 years. Louis said, because put up for adoption meant that you were put up in front of a church, congregation and families picked you and took you imagine being with your sister and having her go one place and you go another.

So I go, oh my God, I’m sorry, dad. Forgiveness was easy for me when I found that out and I miss him. I love him. I miss the grumpy coffee, sipping person that he was one time. My dad did. I hate that guy. And I go, you don’t even know him. And he says, I don’t need to know someone to hate him, Louie. Thank God for my dad.

I’m still doing the humor. And in 2016, when Louis won the critic’s choice awards, he said to my mom who raised 11 children. And my dad was mean to her.

In the past, you’ve heard me mentioned the podcast, the art of bombing, Dan bulblets hosts that show. I reached out to Dan. He had had Louie on as a guest and I asked Dan, would it be kind enough to share a clip from the art of bombing podcast with this audience here? Dan hooked me up with that clip. You heard earlier in the show and this clip here from Louis that will play into the break.

And then on the other side, I’ve got some fun stories from Lumina. Uh, in an interview, I heard you say you started the first open mic you did was October 10th, 1978. Is that correct? Wow. So this is just interesting fact. You, you started comedy one day before I was born, so you’ve literally, yeah, that’s amazing, huh?

Yes. You’ve literally been doing comedy as long as I’ve been alive. So are you in your forties? Oh, you don’t look 40, so that’s good for you. Thank you. I think comics mostly look younger than they are, but at least that’s what I want to believe. Yes, I’ll go with it. That works for me. It’s been working for us.

You were born on October 11th? Yup. Yup. I was crazy. Well, I think I Tober 11th. I was thinking. Should I keep doing that. I mean, I knew I liked that a lot, but I did sign up right away and went back, I think the next week. Where did you grow up then? Right in here on, yep. Grew up right in here on South Dakota. I lived there until about a year or two after I graduated high school and then I moved to other parts of the state. So I actually, I started comedy way late.

I didn’t start comedy until I was 32. I think. I always tell people you can’t wait long enough. It doesn’t really hurt. You just get smarter as you get older.

Again, thank you to Dan Boomlets for hooking us up with Louie Anderson clips. Dan’s podcast is called the art of bombing. There’s a full episode with Louie Anderson. Get that wherever you get your shows from Thrillist. The author of this article was walking around a Costco in Las Vegas with Louie Anderson.

Louis says, can you believe how busy this place? The author writes, the place is buzzing with more people than you’d expect for Tuesday afternoon. Although to be fair, Las Vegas tends to have as regular sleep schedule as a vampire with a Coke habit, . Louie grabs a shopping cart. I waived my wife’s membership card and the big direction of the security guard, Louie says kind of a loose operation. Isn’t it?

Louise card seizes up. Oh God, what a cliche that I got the cart with the bad wheel. I think we should keep it. It’s got character. They start walking around the Las Vegas. Costco Lewis says

I’m a TV junkie. Are you a TV junkie? They’re standing in front of a display of a 75 inch Samsung TV. Louie says I want to get a new TV, but I just told you that I go, do I need a new TV? Instead he picks up a four-pack of reading glasses from. What do you do? Throw them out after each book, you know, who would have loved this place?

My mom, 11 kids, the newest stuff, the most stuff it’s clean and nice here. This is a Midwesterners dream

Thrillist rights. We finally crossed paths with some of Costco’s famed free samples. We’ll give the apple kale mango juice, a pass. I grab a caramel, which proves inadvisable for instance. Well down in cups of dried peas snacks, great job author. We enter an aisle that looks like a meth chemist candy store.

Every medicine imaginable sealed in huge clamshell packaging and stacked on the shelves. Louie reaches down grabs three jumbo packs of Fryleigh. Second sauce with them in the cart says these are $22. Just one of these in the drug store.

On baskets that week Louis’ character, Christine also buys Prilosec medication of Costco. Louie said, I like to make it real. I told them that for that show, I wanted to get real stuff. Louis then observes. If I didn’t have my hat on, people would be talking to me. It’s funny when I handled.

He decided to do an experiment. He takes the hat off five seconds later, a man waiting in line, recognizes Louie and asked him how he’s doing. I’m good. Having fun. The man says I was until I got in line. And from the New York times back in 2018, what Louie Anderson can’t travel without the times writes Mr.

Anderson travels for work around a hundred days a year. Louis says I love going to the Midwest anywhere in the Midwest because that’s really my home base as a person I grew up in St. Paul’s. I love all that. The times writes Louis is not a light packer, at least partly because of the extraordinary number of odds and ends. He brings with him, his suitcases. Are filled with spare buttons. Q-tips from our hotel room, a pic from the Dave Matthews band coins from different places he’s been and a pair of mittens that we said I love when people give me stuff.

When I cherish it, I have a whole area in my house where he put fan art and fan appreciation stuff.

these are things I’ve probably carried in my bag. Maybe some of them for 10 years, I always go to clean it out, but I can never throw those things away. I think they really do give me luck.

Some of the things, a daily devotional, laundry detergent, the reason for that is I have sensitive skin. So I always carry fragrance-free laundry to dry. Because occasionally I’m out long enough where I have to wash clothes. I’m a Starwood’s member. So I usually stay at them. But if I have to wash clothes, I’ll stay at a holiday Inn express because I know they have a laundry room,

I’ll throw a load in and do it myself. Cause I don’t want people having to look at how big my underwear.

He would carry charms. His brother used to make those a pocket. Watch. My brothers and sisters gave it to me and all their names are on the outside. My name is on the front, means a lot to me, a nose hair, clipper, the older you get, the faster they grow. It’s one of those where you put it in your nose and it just sounds like a forest being cut down.

I keep a thermometer just to get my temperature. Cause I’m a hypochondriac. A blood pressure cuff. I checked my blood pressure at least twice a day and a USB stick, but I don’t know what’s on it. Louie Anderson

Passed away at age 68. I have more about Louis tomorrow and during the week, Hey, I set up a page on pod inbox.com where you can leave voicemails. If you leave a voicemail, I’ll most likely use it on the show. I want to build community around the show. So it’s pod inbox.com/daily comedy news. You can do it on your phone.

Pretty straightforward. You do have to make an account, but it takes to say. You know, your basic email and password use this one you use on all your junk sites, but you can leave me a message there. I’ll start incorporating them into this show. If you want to talk about Louie. Awesome. If you wanna bring up something else differently.

Awesome. Please feel highly encouraged to connect with me at pod inboxes.com/daily comedy news. If you are just discovering this podcast, I do this seven days a week. Tomorrow will be a little bit about Louie and more of a normal episode. And then Monday. You’ll get a feel for what the show is like. I usually start with late night jokes and then a recap what’s happening with your favorite standup comedians.

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Louie Anderson has passed away at age 68

Stand-up comedian, star of Baskets, and former host of Family Feud has passed away this morning in Las Vegas.

Uncorrected transcript below

Wow. Let me walk you through this. It’s about 10 45 or so on Friday morning, I was in the middle of prepping the show for Monday, and I saw an item from the daily mail that caught my attention that said Pauly shore reveals. He said his goodbyes to comedy legend, Louie Andrew. Now, the last report I had seen on Louis was that he was in the hospital doing okay, but Pauly shore was on Twitter Thursday afternoon, revealing.

He had just left the hospital in Las Vegas where Anderson was surrounded by his family, Pauly tweeted attention comedians. And comedy store alumni, I say this with a heavy heart, just left the hospital in Las Vegas, where Louie Anderson, his sisters and close friend were kind enough to let me say my goodbyes.

He’s still with us, but keep him in your prayers. So I shared that on the Facebook group, daily company news podcast. And then like a minute later I saw Louie Anderson has passed away the obituary from the Hollywood reporter, Louie Anderson, iconic stand up comic and baskets star dies at 68.

The Emmy-winning actor and author also created life with Louie and appeared in both coming to America films.

Also hosted family feud.

Louie Anderson died Friday morning of complications from cancer, according to his long-time publicist Glenn Schwartz,

anderson was being treated in a Las Vegas hospital after being diagnosed with a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Mentored by legendary standup Henny Youngman. I did not know that comedy central had named Louie Anderson. One of the 100 greatest stand-ups of all time. He also created life with Louie a Saturday morning animated series in which he played a version of his eight year old self. He hosted a family feud.

Baskets was created by Louis CK, Zach Galifianakis, and some others started Galifianakis as Chippendale baskets one, a struggling circus clown. The other is obnoxious. Identical twin Anderson played their mother.

Louie immediately related to the character. He said it was just like his own mother. He totally LA times in 2017. I’m pretty sure my mom orchestrated it from the great beyond. I mean, how would that come up? Otherwise she could have been a star herself. So she’s finally getting a chance to act.

Louie Barry Anderson was born on March 24th, 1953 in St. Paul Munis. The second youngest of 11 children at six boys, five sisters, he grew up in a housing project and blamed his father, also named Louis

for the family’s woes and praised his mother for filling the household with love and hope.

When attending a comedy show at Mickey Finn’s in Minneapolis in 1978, Louis noted the lack of laughs thought, he’d take a shot at it. He said, I signed up next week. My mom and dad came down. My family came down, my coworkers and I did three minutes and I felt like it had good two early jokes. One, let me move the microphone so you can see me too.

I was the first kid on the block voted most likely to become a. In 1981, he took first place in the Midwest comedy competition. that competition hosted by Henny Youngman who hired him as a writer, helped him as a performer. Louie told the San Diego union Tribune in 2019. Henny young men’s work ethic had the biggest influence on me. He said, just do your jokes, but I was more of a person that wanted to tell stories. I didn’t want to just present jokes, but I did have a bunch of one-liners when I started my act.

Each time I got that from him and his work.

In 1996, he had a CBS sitcom called the Lewis show. I don’t remember that one. He played a Minnesota psychotherapist alongside Brian Cranston and Paul Feig. You want a second chance that that’s it. Come with that cast a wow.

But it only lasted six episodes.

As for his own comedy. He said, I like to laugh with my audience. I try to say, Hey, aren’t we all pathetic? I just put myself out there as the main pathetic person. I can’t stop eating, but I have to cause I’ve already eaten everything. I’m laying it out there. That’s the Richard Pryor effect. If you’re honest enough about it, it’s really rewarding. It is healing. I feel very good out there on stage.

So this news is just in, I think what I will do is I will bump tomorrow’s schedule David Letterman episode and see what the other comedians are saying about Louie Anderson and make that the Saturday episode. So Sunday, I don’t know what I’m going to do. And Monday will be normal. I’ll figure all that out.

If you want to know what I wind up doing. Follow this podcast on apple podcast, Spotify, Google, wherever you get your shows. See you tomorrow.

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Is Pete Davidson being a diva and missing SNL rehearsal?

Moontower Just For Laughs Austin – April 13th through the 24th – with a boatload of comediansIs Pete Davidson being a diva at SNL?

Howard Stern on why you should get vaccinated.

Thanks to Scott Beckett for supporting the show!

Uncorrected transcript below.

After a pretty slow week today is really full I’m. Jenny Mack, with your daily comedy news. Trump jokes are back. Jimmy Kimmel says, according to documents filed by the attorney general in New York. They’ve uncovered evidence that indicates the Trump organization repeatedly engaged in fraudulent or misleading practices.

Kimball said the walls appear to be closing in on Trump, big beautiful walls. Mexico’s like, let us know if you need us to chip in with that. Muchachos

Kimball continued, but it’s a fairly straightforward case to find fraud and a business. You have to look for the signs, particularly the signs at the top of the building that say Trump on them. And you’ll find it there.

Now let’s pair up these next two jokes to see who did it better. The answer is Trevor Noah, Steven Colby, or you go first.

The attorney General’s office has uncovered significant evidence that the former president fraudulently valued multiple assets, including his own private residence. He claimed the triplex apartment was 30,000 square feet in size, but the actual size was just under 11,000 square feet. Yeah, that’s no surprise.

He’s known for falsely tripling the size of his assets. All right. But Trevor did what comedians call parallel thinking and it better here’s Trevor’s version. Donald Trump does not give a bleep. Let’s be honest. This dude will brag about himself. Even if it gets him in trouble. I bet when a cop asked him, if he knows how fast he’s going, he’s like, yeah, I do 400 billion miles a second. The fastest anyone has ever gone. I was so fast. So fast. Trevor continued. I can’t get mad at him for this cause deep down he is just a landlord.

And this is what every landlord in New York does. They’ll say an apartment has three bedrooms, then you get there. And two of the bedrooms are somehow in the kitchen, but it’s still the best deal for your budgets. He asleep in your dishwasher. It is what it is.

Seth Myers, you know how, when people are shocked, they spit out their water. When I heard Donald Trump exaggerated the value of his assets for the purposes of lying, the banks and the IRS, it was so the reverse of shocking. I sucked the water back into my mouth, but I think James Corden did the best job here saying this is nice.

They’re interviewing Donald Jr Ivanka, and I’ve already talked to Eric and making this the first time. Tiffany was happy to be excited.

. Switching topics. Jimmy Kimmel points out. President Biden gave his first press conference in a long time. And it went on for a long time. May still be going. I don’t know, cordon said it comes one day before his presidency hits the one year mark and he is the opportunity to highlight his administration’s key successes, such as vaccinating millions of Americans, low unemployment and casually hooking up with Pete Davidson fallon said this was smart to make Biden look good. They had the CDC director go at first and open for him. The press conference kicked off at [4:00] PM. You could tell it was really important for Biden because that’s right in the middle of dinner. It was his first formal press conference at the white house since March of last year in Biden’s defense.

That one just wrapped up a few days ago.

Moontower just for last Austin has released the lineup of comics for the inaugural merged. Between, just for laughs, just for laughs or the guys that put on the Montreal comedy festival and some other festivals. They’ve tried to make this a go in the states in the past, there was a Aspen comedy festival that moved to Las Vegas that moved to Chicago.

The Chicago one lasted a few years, but boy, look at this lineup. I just don’t know if people are going to go to Austin, but boy, what a lineup ready? Do you want me to read every name? I can read every name, but let’s check the clock here. Okay. Let’s see how long this takes me. You’re ready. Abby rubbers.

Adrian. Allie. Makovsky Andrew Murphy. Andy Haynes, Andy Kindler, Angela Martin, Anthony DeVito, Ashley Sharma Avery. Those are just comedians. Who first name begins with a big Jay Oakerson Brandy Davis, Brett Brian Gar Carlton, a Wilcoxon Carmen Lynch, cat co, and Chris Cubas. Chris red. Gristina P Dan Soder, Daniel van Kirk, Danny Goodwin, Deb JIA, Giovanni Deon Cole, Donnell Rawlings, Dylan Sullivan, Elizabeth Spears, Emma woman, Emmy Blotnick Erica Rhodes, the goddamn comedy.

Grace cooling Schmidt, guy, random Hannah Benner, Holly hearts, hunter Dunkin’s in Edwards, Irene to Ivan. Zecker Jackie cation, James Austin Johnson, Janell James James White cotton, Jeremiah Watkins, Jessica Curson Jesus, Trey, ho Joe, Mandy, Josh, Adam Meyers, Joelle Nicole Johnson. You’ve gotten a feel for how big this thing is.

Kelsey cook, Kurt Braunohler Langston Kerman, Laurie Kilmartin medicine. Mark Marin, Mark Norman, Matt Sadler, Michelle butcell Mike McCray, Moshe Kasher Natasha shero. Nathan McIntosh is the first name I stumbled on and had to make an edit Nick’s ever, you know, Nicole Byer, Nikki Glaser, not another Dungeons and dragons podcast.

Orlando labor, pat Reagan, pat search Roy, please don’t destroy Rachel Feinstein or Rosebud baker. So she has a motto Sawyer, still Scotty Landis, Shawn Donnelly, Chappelle Lacey Solomon Georgio, Sophie buddle Taylor Dowdy, the Sklar brothers, trevor Wallace. I stumbled again. Damn. I almost made it.

Tyler Gross. Zach Brooks and Zach Zucker. Okay. I stumbled twice and that took me one minute, 50 seconds to read. That is how big the Moontower just for laughs. Austin comedy festival is going to be April 13th through the 24th. Now I just read two minutes worth of names and it’s Austin, Texas. No, Joe Rogan.


There will be podcasts. I am not one of the podcasts, some of the podcasts. I’m not reading another two minutes. Andy Kindler, Kurt Braunohler. His podcast is pretty cool. Let’s see Sean Donnelly’s Jessica Kirsten’s will be there. The Sklarz will do theirs. Natasha and Mosha will do theirs. Rosebud baker will do hers.

My dad, isn’t Danny DeVito with Anthony DeVito. Langston Kerman is doing his

huge, I guess, all of them I’m talking about in April, also just for laughs. New faces, which is attrition every year in. Austin. Isn’t quite getting their own version of new faces, , but they are getting an audition showcase with the people auditioning, hoping to get a spot on the Montreal list.

This sounds pretty cool. So if you’re curious, how does this work? A satellite badge will cost you $125. Just for laughs website says with 100 plus shows in more than 10 walkable satellite venues, the satellite badge provides a 10 day comedy binge filled with star-studded lineup, surprise guests, blah, blah, blah.

You get it. However paramount and state side headliner tickets are sold. Separate.

Satellite badge holders received pre-sale access to headliners before the general public. So you’re basically getting one of these passes that will let you bounce in and out of different shows. That is a great way to do a festival. I’ve mentioned on this podcast in the past. If you do a comedy festival, I recommend going to a lot of smaller shows.

Yeah. I know you want to see these big headliners. Maybe you pick your favorite and you go to one big show. But the action is on the smaller shows. You get a better feel for the next generation of comics. A lot of the headliners, you can just watch their Netflix special.

Anyway, the action is in the bars and the clubs I highly recommend you do. If you do want to see headliners star badges go from a $399 to $1,250. Oh my the JFL website writes, won a hundred plus clubs shows over 10 days. Plus your pick a festival headliners, add some of the biggest names of comedy to enhance your Fest experience.

All you have to decide is how many shows and your premium set preference, concierge Fest, service, and drink tickets. Pick from five star badges at the 2022 festival. So that sounds awesome.

You know, I was hoping to hit the Montreal comedy festival this year, but as I’m thinking out loud,

my daughter’s got a big time soccer tournament. That’s going to have me on the road. I don’t know if I could make Montreal. Hm. So tough.

Speaking of just for laughs from variety, just for laughs is collaborating with AEG presents today. BW just for laughs in London in 2023. How awesome is that? March 2nd to fifth, if you want to block out the dates and not book a soccer. Just for laughs. London will feature solo shows, live podcast recordings in conversation events and cast panels from UK based artists and international stars.

That sounds awesome. I would love to go to that Bruce Hills, how you been pal? Bruce Hills is the CEO of just for laughs. I know Bruce from the Sirius XM days where he used to have us up at the Montreal comedy festival and would VIP as much appreciated Bruce.

I’m sure if I asked to be credentialed to either of these festivals, I would absolutely get a yes.

I don’t know if I can go to Austin for 10 days though, but London and 2023, get Anita sponsor though. Let’s head on over to gossip corner. Cause it’s very gossipy today from the mercury news diva, Pete Davidson, Mrs. SNL rehearsals to be with Kim Kardashians. What it is said that SNL cast members are starting to turn on Pete Davidson after he broke a few rules on the.

To spend time with Kim Pete made an appearance on the show last week, despite missing a few days of rehearsals, which is reportedly not allowed what’s up Lauren Michaels. So you’ve been in the rules for Pete Davidson of all performers. A source told the sun, which is one of those British tabloids. Pete Davidson has become a total Ziva at SNL.

He missed the first few days of rehearsal last week and was still allowed to be on Saturday show. Normally, if you miss any rehearsals, you’re out of the show on Saturday. And the cast is starting to turn on him,

An insider added. It’s not just pizza onset actions that have not gone down well with his fellow comedians, but his outside behavior as well. The source says he has security now for when he’s outside the building, colon, Joseph married an actual movie star, Scarlett Johannson, and yet Pete is getting more attention.


Pete performed the other night at the ninth annual Patrice O’Neal comedy benefit concert in New York city. That happened on Tuesday and boy, there was zero coverage of that. I know I told you like a month ago it was coming, but I forgot it was happening because there was nothing. Now believe me, I do prep for this show.

I spend at least an hour every day, looking up comedy comedians, going to various websites, there was zero leading up to this and zero recap. This is the first mention I heard of the ninth annual Patrice O’Neal comedy benefit concert. Not sure why there’s no buzz anyway. Us weekly apparently had someone there at the show.

Pete Davidson said there seems to be a curiosity about. That’s what my friends tell me. I’m trying to figure out how to explain it myself to someone. Cause I was doing an interview. . He decided to compare himself to the $5 bin at best buy where you might find a hidden gym like predator or tropics.

Man, so much news. I had three things I was going to do in the first half, but they can wait until Monday, honestly, behind the scenes here. Normally I have stuff like foreword in the editorial calendar. Like today I’ve already got stuff in Monday’s editorial folder, but a lot of days this week, I only had what I read to you and nothing else.

And even yesterday I had to dip into my Evergreen’s folder that Paul Scheer story, I’m a sitting on that for a while for a rainy day. And it rained to yes. But that’s good. Right? I also don’t want to make this podcast 25 minutes long. I woke up to the nicest thing this morning.

I got an email saying Scott Beckett has bought you two iced coffees. That means Scott likes the show. And once you buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. So I logged into my account and Scott wrote me a note, Scott Beckett road, impressed on your daily enthusiasm and diligence to doing a great authentic show.

You’re one of the two pods I listened to you each day. The consistency is a nice gift each day, and then a little emoji of a smiley face wearing a cowboy. Thank you, Scott Beckett that really made my morning. I Appreciate you supporting the show@buymeacoffee.com slash daily comedy news.

And knowing that people are out there, actually listening and engaging with me on social media. Everyone is encouraged to be part of the Facebook group, which is daily comedy news podcast group on Facebook. And if you’d like to support the show, you can throw a few bucks and suggested amount five.

I’ll take your five bucks. I’ll go to the national donut. Shane I’ll buy a large iced coffee with caramel and milk every now and then I vary from that order. And then I’m like, eh, go with what, you know, buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. Thank you, Scott Beckett now, you know, my buddy Glenn, who’s a real person in real life and I use another guy named Glenn in the bed.

Glen’s been looking to hang out. I’ve been laying low. I’m like Glenn. I am not sitting in the brewery with you for three hours getting COVID. I’m not doing it. I told Glen I will go back on February 2nd. I were turned to trivia that night, although that’s the finale of Boba Fett. I might have to blow going off.

We’ll see how that goes.

But Glen thinking he was on the Instagram for the brewery we hang out with . It’s called Glenbrook brewery in Morton.

in the unlikely event, you’re in the area on a Wednesday. I’m the guy in the Mets sweatshirt. Most likely. Anyway, Glenn discovered they’re doing comedy night at the brewery and Glen pointed out, Hey, you can hang out with. Incorporate into the show and then right off the night as a business expense, how brilliant is that?

Huh? Hey honey, I got to go to the brewery. It’s comedy night, they’re doing open makers. I had to do research for my podcast. You know, the one where I mumbled to myself in the basement. And then you come down and do the laundry and mess up my flow. That one. Great idea, Glen. Hey Glenn, can you figure out how I can write off a London?

I guess it’s the same concept, right? Hmm. Any tax experts out there,

the bill Cosby based documentary called, we need to talk about Cosby. You know, we need to talk about bill Cosby, not exactly the hero of our dreams. It turns out that new doc screens at Sundance tomorrow, I’ll be looking forward to seeing, well what’s up with.

Howard stern. Remember him?

Variety says that Howard stern said on his January 19th episode of his radio show than hospitals across the U S should not admit patients who were unvaccinated against COVID. The quote, people have been told you will die. If you get the vaccine, some of you will live, but most of you will die. These people don’t trust our government.

They think there’s some conspiracy to turn them into a magnet or something like that. They think they’re going to become magnetized. If they take the vaccine, I’ve taken this vaccine three times and the worst side effect is for a day. I had a little bit of a headache. No one’s sitting there conspiring against you.

Americans don’t want to create a vaccine. That’s going to turn you on a robot or magnetize. You there’s enough Americans now that have taken. Look at us as the sampling where nothing has happened to us. It’s time for you to get it. Now, if you don’t get it in my America, all hospitals would be close to you. You’re going to go home and die. That’s what you should get. Absolutely.

Speaking of Howard stern, if you like the classic Howard stern, I eighties, nineties, Howard stern. Love it. Serious era Howard stern, not bad, but this last period here where he’s the serious interview where it acts like he never did things like lesbian, dial a date. That guy, not really a fan of the late period Howard stern work, but.

I was messing around on the podcast app. Now let me get quiet here. Cause the second Howard stern finds out this exists. It’s going to disappear. There’s a podcast called Howard stern history that has full radio shows from back in the day. There’s one from 1981. There’s a couple from 19 85, 19 86 range bunch from the nineties.

It’s called Howard stern. I’m assuming it’s a perfectly legitimate podcast feed. Otherwise, why would apple podcasts improve it? Right. Right. But I’m just saying you might want to download those because I have a feeling they ain’t going to be there too long. Howard stern history, wherever you find your podcasts

Thank you. Buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. See you either tomorrow or Sunday or Monday or all three.

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Those doctors that protested Joe Rogan? Not all doctors. Pete Davidson laughs off Kanye West.

Pete Davidson laughed off Kanye West’s diss track.

Remember the 270 doctors who signed the Joe Rogan protest letter? Not all are medical doctors and some aren’t doctors of any kind.

Louie Anderson has cancer.

Rosebud Baker saw Joan Rivers on the street once.

How I Met Your Father didn’t upset Johnny Mac too much.

Uncorrected transcript below:

Jennie Mack with your daily company. And he was Trevor Noah. Doesn’t trust these at home COVID tests. He says, we’re just going to test our sales for antigens. Is that before or after we mess up the directions on easy. It’s great that the tests are finally going to be available to everyone, but seven to 12 days, you know, think that’s a little too long in a pandemic.

I mean, every day is precious. Every single day is precious and a pandemic. If anyone should know that it’s Joe Biden, camel, you know, Biden’s original plan was he sent it a bunch of cereal box tops, but that didn’t work. You get four tests per household, which is great news for people who live alone. And literally no one else, because.

What, if you have a family of five, do you start ranking your children?

B Davidson is amused by Kanye west. Distract. The lyric from Kanye. God saved me from that crash just so I can beat Pete.

Davidson’s. A friend of Pete Davidson says, Pete thinks it’s totally hilarious. Not just that. He thinks the whole tabloid drama with him and Kanye and Kim is hilarious. He loves it. It’s funny to him that the press wants to know his every move. All of a sudden, I’ll tell you what beat. It’s been a slow week for comedy news.

Believe me. I’m hoping Dave Chappelle ticked somebody off. I’m hoping George Lopez opened some more taco stands. Believe.

Hey, remember the 270 doctors that wrote the letter about Joe Rogan and Joe Rogan’s advice that story from over the weekend, the daily mail dug in on it. Only 87 of the signatories are medical doctors.

Some of the other medical professions represented include Dr. Garvey, a veterinarian, Dr. Frost dentist, Dr. Evaristo, a gynecology.

A social worker, a laboratory supervisor, psychologists, teachers, engineers, and multiple podcast hosts. I did not sign the letter. Just want to be clear.

One of the signatories Allie ward host of the ologies podcast, which describes itself as comedic science. Allie ward has no medical degree, but as a co-founder of the science communication, collective nearer to brigade.

Some of the other signatories physician’s assistants, a biochemist, nearly 100 PhDs and PhD candidates over a dozen nurses, medical students, and public health advisors.

The daily mail wants you to know that the nearly 100 PhDs and PhD candidates largely do not practice medicine and many are professors. Margaret show released a podcast, her guest, Bob Saget. . This was recorded six days before Sagan’s death

on the podcast. Bob says I changed my comedy every seven or eight years. COVID has delayed the change a little bit, but it’s also rebooted me in some ways.

He repeatedly expressed his love up for standup comedy explaining. I love doing the stamp thing. I have no reason to ever stop doing this. Why would I?

The daily beast caught up with Moses storm who has a new special on HBO max called a trash white. Moses storm grew up well below the poverty line, traveling the country in a repurposed Greyhound bus with his parents and five siblings. Proselytizing. Did I say that word right? Leave it in on street corners.

About the end of the world. They were essentially a doomsday. Although Moses storm is hesitant to use that word because cult is something that’s successful. People are duped into. We had a lot of trouble getting people to sign up. There were times when he even felt legitimately jealous of the media attention, paid to the Westboro Baptist church.

Whoa. He only later came to understand they are a, full-on a hate.

In his special, he acknowledges he doesn’t look like someone who grew up poor. He says, I look like I was conceived at an Ivy league, acapella concert

growing up. He always made a siblings laugh, but he never considered comedy as a career because he was convinced the world was going to end a 46 minutes from now. I was like, wow, God’s going to wipe out the earth. So it doesn’t matter.

Vulture. It talks to Paul Scheer about Paul Scheer’s worst gig ever.

The one he regrets. Paul Scheer says I was performing at UCB theater in New York when it first opened. One of the things that UCB was really good at doing was teaching us to push limits. We were going to be for lack of a better term, a punk rock version of a comedy theater.

There were shows that were set up there. There were almost alienating to the audience. One of the shows was called the sick and twisted sketch show. Basically, everyone came up with their own pieces and you perform the kind of material that you normally wouldn’t do. That was a little bit dirty. After six or seven months, it became a competition between performers to see who could out dirty each other.

For context, this was a show. I remember someone wearing a Darth Vader mask and had a plastic sex toy and started doing something with plastic sex toy, to someone else’s booty. I cleaned that up a little. I saw another person drinking, a jug of milk, and one person would punch him in the stomach and he would puke on the stage.

It was next level, bad choices. He couldn’t even classify it as sketch comedy.

Paul Scheer says, one of the shows was scheduled for the one year anniversary of nine 11. I was in New York during nine 11, incredibly effected by that the show came and it was almost like, what can we do that will almost give the finger to nine 11. That was the energy I wanted to. But what I ended up doing was something terrible taste.

I played a man who was trapped under the rubble and just gotten out and it came out that I wasn’t in the world trade center, but when I saw it on TV, I ran down there because I was an aspiring stand-up comic looking for TV or sign. Let me be clear here. That is the sketch character, not the actual Paul.

I was in a seat that was incredibly tattered. Then I was doing material, not even nine 11 material, just really terrible material while my suit was still kind of smoking. Every time I’d get nervous, I would pat myself down and Ash and sit would come off me because I was covered in baby powder.

With these taboo subjects. I used to revel and go in the distance. When you starting off as a comic, that’s the instinct. If I say something so shocking, then it’s like FDM for not liking it. It’s a cheap way to rest the blame on the audience you see in a ton of younger comics, then you get to watch their evolution into an adult.

It’s something everyone goes through in different parts of their life. We’re all going to say stupid crap. We’re all going to do stupid crap, and you should make those mistakes, but you need to be able to own up to them on a.

I’m very happy to have made these mistakes in a black box theater at midnight on a Saturday, instead of on Instagram or Facebook, because I don’t want it cemented. I’m glad I was able to fail in the dark

here’s one from Conan O’Brien. Since prince Andrew was stripped of his military titles, Britain has never been more vulnerable to attack. Yeah, prince Andrew stripped of his titles. If you want to keep up on the Royal family. Harry’s asking for the governments pay for security.

Everyone’s mad at Harry. Again. I love the gossip. And if you love the gossip about the Royal family, boy, you should check out palace intrigue. It is a five minute daily podcast about the Royal family. I’m the writer on it. And that one’s actually five minutes in and out.

Make fun of Harry, make fun of Megan. Make fun of. We don’t make fun of the queen. Everyone likes the queen Dallas entry, Griffin, get your shows. I watched how I met your father. Now let me share my experience. I hit. And the credits came on, the credits just annoyed me. They’re using the theme from how he met your mother, but it’s a different version of theme.

And I was like, eh, F you how I met your father. Then Kim Cottrell comes on. She is in the Bob Saget narrator role, except this time, instead of staring at the kids on the couch, we’re seeing Kim control on her couch. And I hated that part. I hit pause. I was wondering. 59 seconds of the show. And I’m like, I hate this show.

I can’t wait to podcast about it. And the Kim Cottrell stuff is not funny. She’s in the future. And she’s got features cows in her house. Those warnings just F-you with that whole part. Then they got into the show proper. Why did I keep watching? I don’t know I was playing on my phone. It was kind of curious.

Let it. It’s okay. I told the wife, I watched two episodes. I told the wife it’s watchable it’s by no means great, but I also didn’t want to murder anybody after watching it.

I can’t tell you any of the characters names. There’s the fake Ted. Who’s like the main male character. He seems pretty cool. Like out, hanging out with that guy. He’s got a friend and I think the friend owns the bar. That guy seems pretty cool. There’s a British guy on it. And the Barney role British guy.

Doesn’t seem like an actual person that would exist in real life. That character does not work. They’re going to have to write it differently. It just, this person doesn’t exist in the real world. And then they would cut to Kim Cottrell and I would be like, do I want to murder somebody? No, I don’t want to murder somebody, but I really wish this Kim Cottrell segment would end and then it would end and I would go back to being a peaceful human being.

So that’s my review of how I met your father. I’ll sum it up by. Yeah. I mean, if you had the watch, it it’s not torture, is that a good review,

They did add – In Memory of Bob Saget – to the credits – of the first show. Best


to Louie Anderson, who is battling cancer louis is getting treatment at a Las Vegas hospital. The type of cancer Louis has been diagnosed with is the most common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. While it’s aggressive, it’s considered potentially curable. Louise rep says, Louie is resting comfortably in his hospital.

From deadline need TV adaptation of Chelsea handler’s memoir. Life will be the death of me. What a hilarious title that is has landed in developments at peacock. Chelsea handler sets a star and executive produced the single camera.

Rolling stone caught up with Rosebud baker on rosebuds way to her first open mic in New York.

She tried to calm her nerves by walking all the way downtown from her upper east side nanny job to Chelsea. And she took it as a good omen that she crossed paths with Joan Rivers and exchange hellos with Joan Rivers, as the comedy icon was getting into a cab. I could picture that, Hey Joe, don’t Joe, just going ahead and getting in her car and then probably emailing me about something Rosebud said, I had no idea how to write a joke even after about six months of doing open mics.

So I thought I got to learn how to write a joke. So I watched people’s specials. David tell Amy Schumer Davidson. And I transcribed the jokes by pressing the pause button after the setup, writing it down and then pressing play and writing down the punchline. I was literally showing myself the anatomy of a joke, and that is your comedy news for today.

Follow the show on apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcasts, overcast, wherever you get your shoes. See you tomorrow.

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Daniel Radcliffe to star as Weird Al Yankovic in biopic

A Weird Al Yankovic biopic will star Danielle Radcliffe

Bill Burr has no patience for you idiots saying the vaccine killed Bob Saget.

Penn Jilette on his kids’ reaction to Bob Saget’s comedy

Did Pete Davidson take the photos of Kim Kardashian in a bikini?

Uncorrected transcript below.

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. Seth Meyer says for president Trump has reportedly been complaining a confidence about Florida, governor Ron DeSantis, and said that he has quote, dull personality.

Seth said, I’m sorry. Is that suddenly a concern of yours? Your vice-president was like, if a rice cake went to Bible school, jimmy found sad. I feel like Trump is slipping a few years ago. He would have had like 10 nicknames for this guy. Now he’s like Ron Santas. I think this is actually a nice change because usually once you Florida guys get in a fight, they’re drunk and shirtless, but to Santos doesn’t seem phased.

He said that he’s going to handle the insult, just like COVID and completely ignore it.

Boy. I was so happy to see this story and I feel like it’s something straight out of the onion, but no, it is from variety. Daniel Radcliffe is set to star as weird Al Yankovic in a biopic weird Al Yankovic story. Me film is Roku’s first original biopic and will be available to stream exclusively on the Roku.

In weird Al Yankovic story, the BioPack calls, nothing back exploring every facet of Yankee Vic’s life from his meteoric rise to fame with early hits, like eat it and like a surgeon to his toured celebrity love affairs and famously deprave lifestyle. Weird Al Yankovic story takes audiences on a truly unbelievable journey through Yanka Vick’s life and career from gifted child prodigy to the greatest musical legend of all time.

There was actually a YouTube video about this a few years ago.

. It was a fake trailer for a movie called weird. That took a very serious look at weird Al it sounds like they flush that out. Yeah, Yankovic can fix in a statement. When my last movie UHF came out in 1989, I made a solemn vow to my fans that I would release a major motion picture every 33 years, like clockwork.

Very happy to say we’re on a schedule.

I’m absolutely thrilled that Daniel Radcliffe will be portraying me in the film. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the role of future generations will remember him.

A suit at Roku said there clearly aren’t enough biopic movies about famous musicians, and we’re excited to shine a light in the incredibly true and exaggerated story of weird Al. This is sincerely the ultimate combination of talent, creativity, and friends coming together to make something genuinely funny.

And we can not be prouder to call this film a Roku original.

That sounds like a good time. I’m looking forward to that. Production begins in LA in early February, and I saw this next story in the daily mail. The headline that caught my intention, british terrorist nod to Eddie Murphy comedy coming to America. Yeah. All right.

So the story reads the British terrorist who held up a synagogue posting as a homeless man. Also conned us border forces by claiming he was staying at a down at heel hotel, British ism, I guess, on the New York street made famous by Eddie Murphy’s movie classic coming to America.

The terrorists told us immigration officers, he was checking in at an address on Queens Boulevard, but never turned up according to FBI sources. Now I’m rusty on that movie. Is there a specific motel in there? Nothing in the story says that the guy went to a specific place in the movie. It just says Queens Boulevard.

I’m from Queens. Queens Boulevard is quite lengthy.

You might as well have said he went to New York city home of king Kong. It has nothing to do with anything unless I’m missing something from the movie. Tell me Instagram at daily comedy news, Facebook group, daily comedy news podcasts. Maybe I’m missing something here, but daily mail. I feel like you’re stretching a little bit

from page six, Tracy Morgan was cracking jokes about his divorce. Tracy said my wife took this whole social distance thing thing a little too far. I called her up and asked if she was quarantining and she responded call what you want a left the ain’t coming back. Tracy also gave a shout out to the new New York city mayor.

Eric Adams. You are familiar with Eric Adams from the Chris red portrayal on Saturday night. Tracy said last time I voted was for David Dinkins and we all know how that turned out. If you’re not from the New York city area, that was 1990 to 1993, arguably one of the low points of New York city.

Steve Bennett is someone who saw Dimitri Martin at the Wilbur in Boston writing for chortle Steve Bennett set of Dimitri Martin show that gig suffers issues of momentum with many noticeable lulls. His lowest energy approach is perfect when it comes to giving the audience space to digest one of his ornate morsels of logical absurd.

But proves a hindrance, a lot of big words here when he’s just noodling around with ideas, we’re indulging in some unremarkable. Crowdwork about some guy’s wedding, such moments. Give the show some texture, , providing an in the moment.

Looseness has taught late written nuggets. Never can, but they pale in comparison. Thank you, Steve Bennett in Shortle boy, they’d talk about English being two different languages. I speak the American version. I stumbled over like 19 words in that. Anyway, Steve Bennett, I feel, yeah. I saw Stephen Wright.

One time loves Stephen Wright love Stephen Wright, one liners, but when it’s one liner after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner for an hour and a half, my brain got numb. I totally hear you on that. Some stuff doesn’t work for a full show,

bill Burr on his podcast, that it was a sad week dealing with the effing brutal shock of losing Bob Saget.

He’s annoyed at people who claim that the vaccine killed Bob Saget.

Burr said the amount of dumb crap that people are saying. Effing morons, you know, and this is coming from someone who went to summer school almost every year. Somebody gets mad about something, comes up with this angle of effing horse crap, and there’s people. They just run with it.

Bird joked, then anti-vaxxers have modern medicine to thank for their existence as it kept their parents alive. So they could bang and then make them so they could go on the internet and express their ideas. Fox newsroom for comedy news pendulum. Let’s explain that he showed his 15 and 16 year old kids.

Bob Saget his work because he was sad about his death and the kids interact so well.

They saw clips of sagging on the internet, making a hardcore jokes about pedophilia and incest. The kids were offended. Pendula said they thought my friend must have been a bad person. It was hard for them to understand how I could have loved him. I don’t know if I could blame them. How could they understand that doing transgressive comedy was in Bob’s hands and not about hate and pain, but rather a Daredevil act of mutual trust.

Gillette went onto lament and today’s culture. People consume media in small chunks, often devoid of its full context. When my children watch little snippets of Bob and read some quotes, they couldn’t know that Bob Saget didn’t do transgressive comedy to be mean he didn’t even do it to shock.

He did it to make people laugh, to test himself, to let the audience test him and form a connection with.

No, it’s Wednesday. Normally I’d be grabbing second Glenn from the bits and we’d be heading off to trivia nights, but I’m afraid of the whole Macron man. I’m not leaving the house and laying low. I’m not sitting there with Glen and a brewery for three hours answering trivia questions and then getting sick, you know, Glen.

So if you want to support the show, you can go to buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news, but I’m not going to lie to you normally on a Wednesday, I would take your money and I would buy Glen 5, 7, 7. But I’m not doing that today. So if you want to support the show, buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news.

You can donate any amount you want suggested amount, $5. I will take your $5. Glenn gets nothing. I’m getting a nice coffee at the national donut chain, a large caramel and.

From cinema blend, Bert Kreischer asked his 800,000 plus Twitter followers. What their preferred McDonald’s order was. Can I play mine is the two cheeseburgers meal, which some McDonald’s will tell you doesn’t exist anymore. It does.

Now they have moved off being the number two, which they never should have done. My wife gets so annoyed. . So flustered. It she’ll be like, what do you want? I’m like two cheeseburger meal. They don’t have that anymore. Yes they do. They moved it from two to nine.

Now they don’t have a McDonald’s. Why can you leave that alone? But crusher mentioned his own favorite, which is apparently a super-sized big Mac meal with four single cheeseburgers and a Dyke. But then he offered his own hack to save calories. Bert Kreischer tweets. I take off the bottom bun unless all the ketchup, pickles and cheese are up top and taco them out.

Save the calories for another bottomless burger. So we’re just eating a burger with only one button. Okay. I’m not sure. That’s really helping and thank goodness for Pete Davidson because some days there’s just not a lot of comedy news. They need to pad the podcast a little bit. Kim Kardashians took some bikini photos and people are wondering who took the bikini photos in one of the photos.

You can see the shadow of a man’s head. We think it’s a man holding up a phone, obviously taking the picture and the sun and creating a shadow. You understand how shadows. People are zooming in and brightening up the image, trying to figure out if the mystery head is indeed Pete Davidson, Jimmy Kimmel, Hudson jokes about Pete Ariana.

Grande’s wrote a song about Pete Davidson. Now Connie has got a song he’s just one Taylor swift away from the heartbreak trifle. You know, this reminds me of when Tupac wrote a distract about Andy Sandberg. Do you remember that? That’s a great joke. And that’s your company news for today? Follow this show on apple podcasts, Spotify

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