1991 Review: Gilbert Gottfried is an acquired taste. Sort of like school paste. Or lead paint chips.

A review from 1991 called Gilbert Gottfried “1991 Review: Gilbert Gottfried is an acquired taste. Sort of like school paste. Or lead paint chips.”

Some more comedian reactions and Gilbert articles.


Another one of Louis C.K.’s accusers speaks out.

Bill Burr on cancel culture.

Will Ferrell joins the Barbie movie.

Amy Schumer’s Life and Beth gets a second season

Ali Wong is getting divorced – were there clues in her comedy?

Chris Rock’s brother would like to fight Will Smith

Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher are at the Moontower Comedy Festival tonight.

Your daily comedy news. If you missed it, I dropped a second episode yesterday. It was a tribute to Gilbert Gottfried. I will talk about Gilbert in the second half of today’s podcast. First half will be normal stuff.

Trevor Noah back hosting the daily show is jealous that will Smith got banned from the Oscars for 10 years.

When I first read the headline, I thought this was the worst punishment ever. I was like 10 years, the Oscars, this is ridiculous, but I got into the details and I realized he gets to keep his Oscar and he can still win Oscars even though he’s banned. So in many ways, this isn’t a punishment. This is a.

Willsmith doesn’t have to go the ceremony. He doesn’t have to dress up. He doesn’t have to sit through a bunch of boring awards that he doesn’t care about. He doesn’t even have to pretend to be happy when he loses. I wish I could get banned from the Emmy’s every year I have to go and act like I might be John Oliver.

It’s a nightmare.

I also think they should have at least consulted Chris rock before choosing the punishment, you know, because if we’ll, we’re still going to the Oscars, that’s at least four hours where Chris rock knows where he is now. He could be anywhere. That’s really funny. Speaking of 10 years, he said, you realized by then I am legend.

It’s just going to be real.

I don’t think they should have been willsmith at all. I think they should have hired willsmith to replace the, wrap it up music and award shows. The now quickly winners will finish their speeches when they see will Smith watching them from the side of the stage. Great stuff all around

from Eve club. Uh, one of the women who accused Louis CK of sexual harassment in 2017 has spoken out following his Grammy win.

Julia Wolfe spoke to variety and said, there’s been zero change in the way comedy is run. Nobody cares. That’s the message. This sends it really does. That’s the truth. It’s such BS. What’s wrong with people. Would it be nice if people would not be rewarded for bad behavior? What are you supposed to do? The people voted for him, I guess.

That’s what happens when comedy and music comes together.

Al.com said, Hey, bill Burr, you’ve said you hope cancel culture just goes away. Do you get the sense that it has a. Or is it worse than ever burst said now, I just think it’s not sort of real what it is is there’s so many places for people to look at things, get information.

These news outlets, I have to get you to want to stop and watch two things. Make people stop and watch is something’s funny, or somebody fails at something. Or if somebody gets in trouble,

you do a show in front of 1200, 1500. 1,499 people have a good time. One person doesn’t and that becomes a story. That’s not an accurate depiction of what’s happening. I haven’t shows I’ve gotten a partial standing ovation and someone in the crowd will sit there writing. He offended everyone just literally lying.

I just continue to do standup the way I’ve always done it.

The Hollywood reporter says will Ferrell will join Margot Robbie, Andy Barbie movie.

No news yet on who will will play Hassan min harsh we’ll host king of the court, discussing the ins and outs of the NBA playoffs with special guests. That’ll be on Spotify,

Amy Schumer’s life and Beth renewed by Hulu. They’ll get a second 10 episodes.

Going to head on over to gossip corner, but not for the usual reasons. Now, the headline I’m not being catty here. I’m going somewhere with this. The headline is Allie Wong and her husband are divorcing after eight years of marriage. Okay. I’m not here to pile on that, but people dug in on it and analyzed her comedy.

In her special Don Wong, which came out this year,

Wong joked, that she thinks about cheating on her husband, every five minutes. She added that she hasn’t done it yet because no worthy opportunity has presented it.

She talked about how now that she’s married and has two kids. She questions when she pressured her then boyfriend and merrier, she went on a joke that she only got married because her comedic career was uncertain. So she trapped the guy. She then quit that she’s now made it on her own. So she just wants to be on my own funny jokes.

During her routine. She said she would love to cheat on her husband, but she can’t afford to get a divorce. I need my husband way more than he needs me

she also joked that her husband doesn’t give an ass about what she says during her standup routines, because he’s too busy living the life that I wanted for myself, including living in the house. She paid. And telling time on the Rolex watch she bought for him. I’m sure those are all jokes. Just thought it was fun.

Also on gossip corner, Chris Rock’s younger brother, Kenny has signed a deal with celebrity boxing. He’s going to fight this summer. He would like to fight will Smith. No opponent has been named yet. He’s calling out will Smith. If will Smith fights Chris Rock’s brother in celebrity boxing. I will be sure to mention it.

Don’t worry about.

Speaking of Chris rock. People says Christmas spotted walking around New York city, which is not crazy, cause I’m pretty sure that’s where he lives. Chris rock was dressed in cargo pants, a black t-shirt, a blue puffer jacket and white sneakers. He finished the look and a pair of sunglasses, black headphones, and a black beanie.

Take the break, come back and talk about Gilbert.

So I have a couple of Gilbert’s stories coming up on Saturday. I’m going to do an episode all about Gilbert Godfried stories. It’s not what I usually call weekend filler, although it’s the same concept as we can filler, but I had plenty for the weekend, but I’m going to throw that out and do all Gilbert on Saturday.

So in my many lives, I do. Uh, I’m a producer of swords talk, radio producer, podcast producer. I’m a professor. And over the years I have always said to my staff and my students news has a habit of not breaking. When you’re sitting in the studio fully staffed. If you really pay attention, the amount of news that breaks on a summer Friday at like [4:00] PM news breaks on weekends, happens all the time.

What has now happened to me twice?

On Tuesday, my son was like, Hey, can you pick me up at college? And let’s hit the baseball game. And that was my plan. So I recorded Wednesday’s podcast super early in the morning, much earlier than I usually do. And I headed out to meet my son as I’m on the drive. I’m two and a half hours from the house.

And I start getting ticks. Did you hear about Gilbert? And I know what that means. So as soon as you get that text, I know what it means. So I got a bunch of times. But I’m hours from home. And I had spent good money on good tickets for the baseball game. So I’m like, all right, I can’t blow off the baseball game.

That would just be throwing a lot of money out. I’m like, I dunno, not going to be a dude episode here, but the crazy part of it was the night Bob Saget died. I was also driving down to my son’s college and I got the texts both for Saget and Gilbert on like the same stretch of highway. So that is now like comedian death, interstate it’s really.

Always bring your laptop everywhere. If you host a podcast, I actually had the laptop with me. I just didn’t have enough time to knock something out from a parking lot. Wanted to spend some time with my son. You know what I’m saying?

Jeff Ross posted on Instagram. I got to say goodbye to Gil last night, he went quietly. Surprisingly I know in his sleep from a rare muscle disease, that’s been bugging him for a while. He handled it all like a champ performing until the end. Nobody made me laugh so hard. It was a wonderful panel and a great dad to young max and Lilly.

My heart goes out to Zara who took such great care of him. Although today’s a sad day, please keep laughing as loud as possible. So, and Bob and norm can hear. Bill bird tweeted a rest in peace, Gilbert Godfried. First time I saw him live, he did his Jackie Kennedy bit. I mentioned that in the bonus episode yesterday, Jackie, you remember where you were and he did it in front of drunk Bruins fans at Nick’s.

Colin Quinn. The first comedian I saw who would go on and all the other comics would go in the room to watch. He talked about some of the bids, Boris Karloff being sarcastic Humphrey Bogart at the post office, et cetera.

Ben Stiller said, I don’t think I ever laughed as hard as it is sitting on a flight to LA across from Gilbert. Once in the early nineties, he would do something funny and not stop till you stop laughing. God, he was funny. So. Joe Rogan said Gilbert was a brilliant comedian and a pleasure to be around.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend time with them. Universally loved and respected by fellow stand-ups. He was a rare and exceptional individual. He’ll be greatly missed Howie Mendell. I lost a friend today, the sweetest and most hysterically funny person. I can honestly. say no one else made me laugh harder.

A great friend, husband and father, and my heart goes out to Darren. The kids weird Al said absolutely gutted to hear about my friend Gilbert, one of the funniest guys, ever an enormous loss to the world of comedy, much love to his friends and family.

So as I mentioned, I will do Gilbert Godfried stories on Saturday, but I saw this one in the Washington post from 1991 and I’m like, I don’t even want to wait the two days for this.

From 1991, the headline Gilbert Godfried is an acquired taste, sort of like school paste or led paint chips. More than 10 years, he’s been doing the same inscrutable shtick, a grading fidgety absurd of stream of consciousness. And it keeps getting more and more famous. Although so many people will tell you, he’s not funny, just annoying.

Maybe seeing Godfried sticking person is different from seeing it on TV or in the movies he imagined. Maybe there’s a depth to something, a reason to not want to whack him in the face with a shovel. And occasionally there is. At the comedy cafe Friday night, these small stooped comedian walked on stage his face, fixed in the squint, bearing his top teeth, rubbing his head, rubbing his forehead and did a long off-putting bit built upon the crowds.

Welcome his passionate gratitude. Metamorphosizing into dispassionate, resentment out, out. Get out. I want you out. You don’t have to come here and stare at me when I’m trying to work.

And this next paragraph uses a word that has fallen out of fashion. I’m going to replace it with the phrase little person there. He was talking about beating the hell out of a Herve Vilchez because he’s a little person and swinging Molly Ringwald his head around and around in a paper bag while she’s screaming with glee and what to do with the hard black wax, from a wedge of party cheese, He’d sold a few old fashioned Polish jokes. He made a squid out of a paper napkin. He did a long riff on squid jokes, how the great old comics used to have lots and lots of squid jokes and go on until it was over. A few audience members spent most of the set just staring at Godfried. Others laughed a lot.

Succumbing to a comedic approach that seems to transcend the conscious mind altogether going way beyond silliness, even for an average person Gottfried’s act inspires and roughly equivalent portions, frustration, boredom, and hard unexplainable laughter that’s from 1991 in the Washington post.

Wow. Robert ebert.com took another road and they were talking about Gilbert’s wonderful impressions and then wax poetically about Gilbert’s podcast of which I was a big fan

about the impressions, the Eberts rate. Oh, he would go high concept. Jackie Gleason, movie reviews and film summaries as Rick and castle. I know that you know, that I know that you’re getting on that plane. That’s funny. Even me doing it, the interchangeable voices of Tony Curtis and Gavin of clouds talking to each other over donuts and coffee and a favorite and also a favorite of mine.

A soft-spoken old Groucho. I won’t even attempt it. Look it up. It’s worth it. Gilbert Gottfried, old Groucho.

But Roger ebert.com really loved the podcast. Soda die, arguably Godfrey’s greatest and most lasting contribution to popular culture or the 400 plus episodes,

which you started in 2014 legends and old school entertainers with nothing to plug and left behind by the current crop of late night. TV shows that once frequented. Sit for more than an hour to share irresistible stories. Here’s just a sampling. Now, if you’re of a certain age and I am, you’ll be like, I know who these people are.

And if you’re younger, you’re going to be like, who are these people? The people, Barbara Feldon, Larry storage, Catwoman Lee Merryweather, and Julie Newmar,

Dick van Dyke, Janet and Gallo from the ghost of Frankenstein, ventriloquist, Willie, Tyler, and Lester.

Frank Ferrante who did a one-man stage show as Groucho Marx

Lee grants and Mario Kansas. Gilbert’s co-host Frank Santopadre said we call it our bounce on a show business. These people gave me so much pleasure as a kid throughout my life. Really that it gives me pleasure to give them a new form to chance to say thanks and help introduce new generations to their body of work.

I hope Frank continues the podcast. I I know it won’t be the same. It’d be a little funky, but please keep going.

The Moontower comedy festival continues tonight at nine 30. If you’re in Austin, Natasha Leggero and Moshe, Kasher there’s even an official description. Do you want to hear it? Sure. Two incredible comedic forces came together. When this pair met and married was known for her acting and screen writing.

I know her as a comedian while Kasher is a standup and podcasting powerhouse. That’s.

If you’d like someone a little less famous. Leah Samson is at the valve comedy lounge at seven in Austin. Tonight. One of the funniest fashion east is in Austin. Samson is endlessly entertaining, full of energy, incredibly creative. And the Austin Chronicle says I’ve never seen her do the same set twice.

Six 30 Parker, jazz lounge. It’s still in Sullivan Sullivan’s claim to fame as an incredible form. Us on lights out with David spade, no offense, but like seven people saw that show using his boyish looks and infectious giggles to disarm you, Dylan. Sullivan’s not afraid to talk about

And at the Parker jazz lounge in Austin, six 30 tonight, Brandy Davis Davis you in with her self-depreciating Whitten silliness before letting you know that she has a mad crush on your mom. That’s pretty funny. I didn’t see that coming. Pre-read the sentence.

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