A look at Louis CK”s current live show

Louis CK played Boston and it sounds like he has some good material.

The Golden Globes nominees, comedy related.

Jim Breuer was trending for a video that conservatives liked.

Lewis Black wants his material pulled from Spotify

Don’t Look Up seems like it’s pretty good.

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Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. There’s a lot of news for this late in the year. It has not slowed up yet, which is great if you were me, but let’s start with late night. The late night hosts were talking about I’m a Cron. I’ve learned how to say it. I’m going to mess up and say, oh, Macron, but who cares?

Jimmy Fallon, following the news on the AMI crown variant, the CDC is now saying all adults should get a booster shot right now. Instagram is like incoming booster selfies in 3, 2, 1 Kobe are now for the. I’m a Cron does appear to be evading vaccines. It’s a scientific phenomenon known as Aaron Rogers.

Love it. Felon. Well guys, Pfizer and Medina both say they’re already working on vaccines for the macro environment while Johnson and Johnson is cheering them on Johnson. Johnson is like, guys, I thought we promised we’re not doing vaccines this year. Why would you embarrass me felony? How they start working on the vaccine so fast it’s like when a team wins the super bowl and the first commercial is by your Buccaneers championship hat right now, Trevor Noah.

Also, if we do need a new vaccine for the new variants, not a big deal. All right. People, I see people online being like, we’re going to get a new shot every year. Yeah. You know what? Maybe to not die, you need to take 15 minutes out of your year. What in your life is so busy that you don’t have time for that?

I guarantee at some point in the next year, you’ll walk by a seat. Unless you live in the desert, then it’s going to be like a five minute walk to a CVS. Love it.

So I had recorded a few days in advance on Friday, and as soon as I put Tuesday show to bed, I saw this and I’m like, oh man, but I, this can wait. And here it’s Wednesday and it did wait.

Jim brewer was trending and there was a video on right-wing watch. It had over 600,000 views on Friday afternoon. Right wing, watch tweeted. Say that three times fast. You didn’t hear the edits. The right is starting to get better at comedy and it’s making lefties nervous.

I clicked on the bit Jim brewer, who is a friend of mine, was doing Jim Breuer things, not as strongest material, but the old people in the audience seemed to really enjoy.

the gist of the joke was kind of the opposite of Trevor Noah’s last joke in the monologue there. I don’t want to get into vaccine debates other than guys. Goodbye.

, but I saw a different Twitter account that said at stomp the GOP, which had a really funny joke, which I will share with you. They tweeted Jim Breuer, Kevin Sorbo, and Scott bale walked into a bar. Sorbo says, we’re here for the celebrity discount. The bartender says, cool.

Do you know any.

Vicious. Okay. I’m here to talk about Saturday night live. It was not a good episode. And the hesitation to hear in my voice is there were a few articles that I’m reading and I’m like, am I a crazy person here? And I just, I have to discuss them. But let me just preface with saying Billie Eilish is a 19 year old woman.

and I’m really hesitant to come in and just pile on a 19 year old woman who is a wonderfully talented musician,

Get me some ice cream while you’re out and pick up Mag E.

but some of the articles making me wonder if I’m crazy from the blast. Billie Eilish, dubbed natural comedian in opening SNL monologue timeout. Did you see the monologue? Billie Eilish has wonderful, talented musician, 19 year old woman. But that monologue was terrible. Come on. We can both be positive about somebody’s career and also realistic that the SNL monologue was terrible.

She was bad in sketches. She was bad at reading a teleprompter. They tried to prop her up and put her in at least one. I think it was two prerecorded things. She wasn’t a good host. Come on, everybody from the blast, Billie Eilish, dubbed natural comedian and opening SNL monologue.

They found some Billie Eilish fans on Twitter. She’s got a great sense of herself and humor got a lover. Yeah, you do got to love her. It doesn’t mean she’s good at hosting us and L wow. She is amazing. You can’t help, but smile. When you see her and listen to her. And the third person said she’s a natural comedian.

So proud. She did incredible from monologue to sketches to performances. Amazing. All caps. No, no, no, no, but okay. Maybe the blast is crazy, but variety varieties should know better. Their headline, Billie Eilish, mostly nails her Saturday night, live hosting.

Friday writes as an artist who trained for fame, like an Olympic athlete from the age of 14, it was followed around by camera crews for upwards of two years. Eilish is no stranger to cameras and it showed a sheet sailed through her opening monologue. Yeah, it was appropriately, but not overtly self-referential.

She came out in a puffy white number. She called her Mrs. Claus dress, making light of the bag of clothing. She famously rocked earlier in her career.

They’re out the rest of the show. Eilish is best appearances played to her strengths. She was best in the prerecorded skits. Yes, I agree. And Lauren apparently agrees, right? He did that on purpose. Lauren knows what he’s doing. Everybody.

One of the sketches, a hilarious holiday theme number where she exchanged written messages through the window of an apparently shut-in elderly neighbor. Yeah. So she held up son. The writers wrote funny things on signs and Billie Eilish held them up. And Kate McKinnon held up funnier signs and okay.

Pretty sure you could go somewhere in your house right now. Grab one of your kids and tell them, Hey, you’re going to be in this SNL sketch five minutes from now. Need you to hold up these signs while we film you. Pretty sure your kid can execute that sketch. So let’s calm down with Billie. Eilish has comedic chops, everybody.

And again, she’s 19. I feel like a total. A-hole saying this, but I’m reading these articles and my head is exploding.

Luckily variety came back to reality and wrote while she wasn’t as strong in the live comedy segments. You know, the ones on Saturday night live. The live comedy show while she wasn’t as strong in the live comedy segments, the ones that fell flat, varieties, words, not mine, primarily a pair of a largely incomprehensible holiday theme skits.

And she did get the giggles on a pair of occasions, particularly a skate with MacKinnon in which they portrayed employees at the most boring hotel in history. There was good writing in that, but yeah, she lost it in the middle of the sketch

variety tags out within the broader SNL context. It’s fair to say that Eilish ended up pretty high in the non-actors. Not high enough to encourage quitting her day job, but definitely a few steps above the, Hey they did. Okay. Like Kim Kardashian and a few above, they survived like Elon Musk. I think both Kim and were better.

I’m sorry. I know I’m a jerk.

the Hollywood reporter broke down the rest of the show. I’m cribbing here off the notes, the opening seven minutes. Oh yeah. Kate McKinnon was back. She has now appeared in more SNL episodes this season. Then I have one that’s Kate’s total Ave appeared in any. The seven minute kickoff feature. The return of Kate McKinnon’s Dr.

Anthony Fowchee, always fun. 80 Brian’s, Ted Cruz, always fun. Pete Davidson’s Andrew Cuomo, which I could watch all day and Sesame Strong’s Marjorie Taylor, green, Sesame, strong having a great season by the way.

Then the monologues was terrible. The Christmas card sketch, which was terrible, the Tik TOK, funny commercial, which I watched. And I’m like, isn’t this just what tick-tock is. And I shared it with my youngest daughter who was like, I don’t get it. That’s just what tick-tock is exactly. Hip hop nativity. That sketch was so bad.

I was on the exercise bike while watching it and had a dive for the remote. I’m like, I can’t even sit through this to kill time while working out that sketch was terrible. Lonely Christmas ad. That was the prerecord with Billy Alisha the window that was. Weekend update, not good. Punky Johnson came on and did a character.

Again. I dove for their moat. Couldn’t make it through it. Andrew Dismukes, amazing animals that may, may have been the highlight of the night. It seemed like it was going to be lame. And then it’s like a wonderfully weird twist. Look that one up online, a lot of fun. Kyle Mooney’s holiday sketch.

I shared that on the Facebook group daily comedy news podcast group on Facebook. That was a lot of fun. And he hotel ad closed out the night. That was pretty well written, but like I said, Billie Eilish comedic, natural. Lost it during the show. All right, I’ve beat up enough on a 19 year old woman enough, you can call me names on the Facebook group, daily company news, Facebook group.

From time magazine Lewis, black wants all his comedy pulled off Spotify. He said, I, in no way represent all of the comedians on Spotify, but I do believe that all of them should be paid for the writing they have done. And not just for the performance of what they.

It has taken a long time for comedy to be recognized as an art form. And therefore Spotify should recognize that a joke is as powerful as a lyric of a song, which they do pay for

many comics have recently been taken off Spotify for no reason at all. And it truly hurts their exposure and income. Since I haven’t been taken off, I would like to be as it is wrong that I am on the platform and so many AREDS I need neither the money nor the exposure, but please put all the comedians back on your platform and let’s sit down and find a way to pay us what we are owed for the words that make you laugh.

Yes. A joke is intellectual property.

From the Boston globe, they attended Louis C K his shows at the Orpheum. He joked about having spent most of the last two years in self-imposed exile and another year and a half in lockdown, Louie said, have you all been enjoying living the way I was the last couple of years. Good. Glo brides.

There was no mention of Louie’s personal disgrace. The first segment of the set seemed like a defined exercise and moral relativism during an extended, deliberately uncomfortable sequence on the age old problem of child sex abuse. He mentioned a certain deceased pop star asking what’s worse, a pedophile who makes beautiful music or one that doesn’t.

A tangent about how our society treats overweight. People led to an old news story about a woman who was too big for an MRI. So the doctor referred to the Bronx zoo, this inspired a brief portrayal of a skinny elephant undergoing chemotherapy.

He mused on the protests of recent years saying simply holding up a sign that reads abolished billionaires, probably isn’t going to get it done.

He admires the younger generations, embrace of fluid, gender roles and sexuality saying they’ve created expansion teams

and said the unexpected benefit of the pandemic is it makes us all look nice by emphasizing the eyes and covering our mouths, which are the worst hole on the body.

Oh, I got a Pete Davidson thing, but we’re getting along here. We’ll save Pete Davidson’s underwear for tomorrow has that for a teaser, but I got to tell you about the golden Globes and nominations. I’ll only focus on the comedy ones here. Now the golden Globes have fallen out of favor. There’s some controversy last year.

Don’t want to get into it here, but here are the nominees best TV series, musical or comedy, your nominees, the greats hacks only murders in the building reservation. Or Ted lasso. I love Ted lasso, but I might have to give it to hack season one, over Ted lasso, season two, best actress in a TV series, musical or comedy Hannah iron binder for hacks, Ellie fanning, ISA Ray Tracee, Ellis Ross, or Jean smart for hacks.

So you got to pick between Jean and Hannah. I kind of liked what Hannah did in that series. Best supporting actor TV, Billy Crudup Kieran Culkin. He’s a really good mark. Duplas bread Goldstein for Ted lasso. That’s your comedy and oh young Sue for squid game.

So it’s a mixture of comedy and drama. Larry kind of got to give it to Kieran Culkin. Don’t share. I know this is a comedy podcast, but I got to be real best TV actor, musical slash comedy series. Anthony Anderson for Blackish, Nicholas Hoult for the great Steve Martin and Martin short, both for Olney murders in the building.

Jason Sudeikis for Ted lasso. Thank you. again, NBC has canceled the telecast. They will not be a broadcast of it. They’ll announce it in January. And I saw that some sites refuse to cover this thing at all.

Hey, you can submit right now for the 20, 21 worldwide comedy awards, but I’m telling you like right now, submissions closed December 17th. Check your calendar. Yeah, get.

They’ve added several new categories this year with awards, covering film, TV, audio, web series in live comedy. I hear there’s also a podcast award, but don’t submit for that one because I did. And I want to win Dan bulblets Jr. Don’t go submitting your stuff.

Film TV, audio web series, live comedy at podcast Patel summit for podcasts, submission fees are waived for 2021, but you do have to pay the $2 online processing fee. The guys at the worldwide comedy awards say you or someone you love could win a comedy award for two lousy stinking bucks.

Again, submissions closed December 17 to go to worldwide comedy awards.com, submit your stuff, but leave the funkiest category alone tonight. See new episodes of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia episode, five of the gang goes to Ireland. The gangs in Dublin, , where Dennis ends up helping Frank with some of his businesses, dirty work, Mack, and surely learned about their Irish heritage D rushes of the set of an Irish soap opera.

While she will play obnoxious American.

Episode six, the gangs still in Ireland, Dennis and Dee explore their new accommodations in the countryside. Frank had companies, Charlie, to find the truth about Charlie’s Irish childhood pen, pal Mack has an identity crisis and decides to join the seminary.

Those sound like they could be good. I’m not sure how I felt about them going to Ireland, but reading those, those sound good on Saturdays in December, I been recapping it seasoned 15 of it’s always sunny last Saturday and data episodes, three and four. And this Saturday I will do episodes five and six.

There’s pretty good. Buzz on Adam. McKay’s don’t look. I’m itchy to see this one. Is it in theaters now? I think to qualify for awards, it’ll be on Netflix, December 24th. I mentioned to see it, but I’m not that itchy to see it. Maybe Christmas Eve I’ll put the no, there’s no way I’m watching that Christmas Eve.

Cause the wife’s going to be like, we got to put president on the train and she’ll give me chores. Eh, maybe Christmas day. We’ll see Adam McKay’s don’t look up. Adam told the New York times he tried five different ideas that will allow him to make a movie about the climate crisis, but nothing worked. He said, how do you tell the story?

The biggest story in 66 million years without exaggeration biggest story, since the chicks club common bigger than the black plague, bigger than crack at SOA. How could we be looking at the greatest story in human history? Meaning climate change, but most nights I’m not hearing it talked about, or when it’s talked about it’s in the fourth block or the ninth story down.

Amen. Time’s rights. One of the charms of don’t look up is that none of its characters are immune to the vanities in the media age. At one point a high-minded NASA officials trying to save the planet is pictured rejoicing that a pop star played by Ariana Grande’s has reunited with her boyfriend.

Macaisa that’s me calling myself out. I’m in no way above this. I really want Ben Affleck and J-Lo to find happiness together. And I’m really excited about what the next thing taco bell is going to make. Is it a burrito full of little burrito? Don’t look up in theaters now, Netflix 1224.

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You’ll be back.

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