Ali Saddiq on Joe Rogan’s podcast – why he won’t tell his son about gay people

Jim Norton’s advice on handling hecklers.

Jerry Seinfeld gets a rejection in court.

Ali Saddiq’s thoughts on gay couples with children, as explained to Joe Rogan.

Weird Al says he wrote songs for Star Wars: Detours

Pete Holmes on his bowling ability.

Lonzo boat and tweets jam guests. I’m going to have to be ready if I’m on stage and Tucker Carlson is in the crowd.

Andy Richter. I sat in silence for almost 30 years while people made fun of my partner’s hair. So it’s not how I would have handled it, but I understand

chris DiStefano , just asked Dave Chappelle what he thought of the whole Chris Rockwell Smith fight thing. And he goes, Chris rock is trans.

And Donnie Zaldana who owns a standup New York said if the incident, the Oscars happened in a comedy. Cops would have been called and a guest’s taken away in handcuffs. The club would also banned them for life hashtag Hollywood. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack. This is the normal episode for Tuesday, March 29th. This episode, other than that will be largely Oscars free as stuff develops.

I may do a bonus episode. We’ll see what the day brings. If you missed it yesterday around noon Eastern time, I dropped a bonus episode in the feed that covered all the wills Smith, Chris rock stuff, including eight son of comedian reactions for bonus episode. It was as long as a normal episode. So if you miss that, make sure you catch that one and somewhere, and I don’t want it to get lost.

There was a normal episode, Monday morning, where I talked about Amy Schumer. She did a really good job while the monologue, but I think we’ve all forgotten that that even happened so much to unpack, but let’s see what else is going on today in the world of comedy

from TMZ. Jim Norton has some simple advice for a basketball player, Russell Westbrook in his war against heckling.

Norton says Russell Westbrook needs to start going back and fans and a war of words, encouraging the baller to attack these losers who are yelling at him. Jim says there are plenty of nights in his industry where he doesn’t bring it. So he never gets mad at fans for heckling him. If he deserves.

There are plenty of nights when I suck. I kind of know when I suck. So if I’m having a really bad sentence, someone else, you suck, then I’ll address it and I’ll be mean to the person, but I can’t really be mad at them for telling the truth.

From Reuters. And let’s take a distraction here under a picture of Jerry with the caption comedian Seinfeld arrives at a state dinner honoring Italian prime minister Renzi at the white house. What, why, why is Sherry at a white house dinner honoring the Italian prime minister, but that’s not the point of the story from Reuters.

They say.

Jerry and his lawyers are entitled to about $29,000 out of the nearly a million dollars in fees they requested for fighting off a copyright lawsuit over Seinfeld’s hit Netflix show comedians in cars, getting coffee.

The judge said, uh, Jerry’s attorneys had cited unreasonably high hourly rates and called the number of hours. They build excessive by any measure. For example, the judge set a request for $300,000 for drafting. Just the moving briefs was quotes plainly unreasonably. Excessive billing for relatively straightforward matters is repeated across this case from the daily mail.

Joe Rogan had comedian Allie Siddique on his show. Uh, I’m going to tell you the story doesn’t make me feel good. Reading it. Garner the daily mail Siddique was on Thursdays Joe Rogan experience and said that he would have difficulty explaining to his eight year old son. How and why same-sex couples have children of their own?

I have not heard this myself, the daily mail quotes. Siddiqa saying

you want to send my son home to me and he want me to effing lied him about cause my son don’t understand if we have two dogs outside that are both boy dogs, there’s no puppy out there. What do you want me to say to my son? Do you want me to make sense of your ass or you want me to tell them the truth?

The male says Rogan and suggested some ways that the subject might be. Rogan explained if you have two guys and they have a kid, you can say they adopted the kid, they’re married and they adopted a kid. You could say they hired a lady to have the kids. Siddique said, my son wants to know why the F does two men live in a house together with a kid.

You cannot explain to this boy.

, the mail, says Rogan looked at taken aback and wondered why the topic was such a difficult one asking you can’t explain gay people to him. Siddique said no. Now I got to explain to him that this is not how S goes.

If I decide that women aren’t in the cards for me, but that’s not what I want. Then I should forfeit the right to try to having effing kids too. Cause you’re not doing the steps to make kid Rogan. So you think if someone is gay, if they have a gay relationship, no kids Siddique said no kids

Rogan, kept going and brought up topics like adoption, Siddique, apparently Doug. And according to this recap, they shouldn’t have kids. You’re not in the space for children. And you want to put someone in a position to be amped up. It’s like getting a dog and having no effing place for the dog to be

Rogan than said a kid who gets adopted by gay parents. You feel like automatically, they’re going to get. Sidiki yelled. They’re going to be EFT up automatically

Rogan then talked about a personal experience of his own , in which some neighbors in California paid for a surrogate’s carry the baby over a period of eight years, Rogan’s children would play with the neighbor’s kids.

Joe said he seemed okay to me.

Siddique stayed silent Rogan said you don’t think that’s possible. You have a look on your face. Like there’s no effing way. Look at the look on your face. Okay. Now let’s talk. Pete Davidson from a machine gun Kelly. His new album is full of surprises. That’s right. He’s got a new album. Are you excited? I enjoy his music.


Pete Davidson appears on the song wall of fame. Pete Davidson says on the track,

what’s this wall, MGK, his daughter, Casey yells. We love the wall. Pete then says so while a famous people. Wow. LA sucks.

By the way Kim and Pete made their red carpet debut at vanity Fair’s Oscar’s party on Sunday night. Did you hear that? Will Smith’s left Chris rock and nobody ever was talking about that from a Nerdist weird Al wrote a bunch of songs for the unaired star wars horse show. Wait, what? So was, I was actually at the star wars celebration.

That is a fan convention. When they showed clips from star wars detours.

That was an animated series. There are 39 episodes produced of this thing. Lucas film made it with robot chickens, Seth green and Matthew senreich. It has never seen the light of day after it was produced. Disney bought Lucas film and decided to make prequels and they made this thing go away.

It is just sitting there collecting just someday. I’m sure it’ll come in.

But we’ve now learned that weird Al had written tons of original new songs for a star wars, detours. They would have aired during the shows. Third season

Yankovic was on Connor Ratliff at the George Lucas talk show, which is a great YouTube bid. If you’ve never seen that one. Weird Al said we were working on a star wars musical. This was a third season show. We were writing songs and all of a sudden it was like, yeah, that’s not going to happen. I don’t know that I’m allowed to talk about it.

There were, gosh, at least half a dozen or more songs as part of the musical and the various characters in the show. We actually recorded them, singing their songs. And that was about a week before we found out the show was not happening.

Some of the cast of that show. Felicia day, Donald Faison, Zachary Levi, Joel McHale, Seth McFarland as the emperor.

Boy, I hope that makes the light of day. The New York time is, is it a lengthy piece with Pete Holmes? He’s got his new at CBS sitcom. How we roll later in the. The time says it feels antagonistic. It’s a classic multi-camera sitcoms shot before studio audience. This is the sit-com based on the life of bowler at Tom Smallwood.

The times ask Pete Holmes. What’s your high score in bowling, Pete? I have no idea. Let’s start strong. And then as I had more pizza and grape soda get worse and worse. For the show, a professional bowler gave me lessons and I got pretty good. I once rolled four strikes in a row but it’s easier because it was practice.

I just get rolling. If you get an, a. Pete homes? How does a broadcast sitcom fit into your spiritual seeking? Pete said, we had this monastic period in quarantine where we asked, what should I change? This is something I hadn’t done before. And while I love the kitchenettes and astonish of a multicam set was also spiritual.

It’s a way to be together with other people. I would argue that that’s one of the meanings of life doing the show says, hello. I see you. You’re not alone. Yeah. It’s a bowling said, come on CBS.

Then the times asked Pete Holmes about using mushrooms, which I’m sure is exactly what the CBS publicist wants.

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That alone is worth five bucks. I agree. So that’s the premium option on apple podcasts. Couple of recommendations for you. I listened to bill Mara’s new podcast because the guest is William Shatner and I’m a big, tricky Shannon. Fun. I find it quite surprising that bill Shatner claims he never went to Hollywood parties.

Now, maybe when he was TJ hooker, he was kind of middle-aged but young William Shatner. Good looking sexy, man. I have a feeling young, sexy William Shatner was that some Hollywood parties, but take a listen to that yourself. Mark Marin had Jeff Foxworthy on. I highly recommend that to you so you can get a feel of how I feel about Jeff Foxworthy.

Hopefully it comes across any time I talk about Jeff, how fond I am of him and what a nice guy he is. So it’s nice hearing Jeff and mark deep dive into comedy. Take a listen to that. And the a good one podcast had Jason Zimmerman. He is the comedy writer for the New York times and somebody I follow on social media and Jason writes a lot of smart stuff and knows a lot.

So that’s on the good one podcast. I also happen to notice on Jason’s Twitter feed. He said he had COVID. So he wasn’t writing about the will Smith. So I feel bad for that guy. Yeah. People get COVID sometimes I hear my voice is back. Did you notice I’m very happy. My voice is back. It would have been really tough to go through that will Smith stuff.

Don’t forget. I’m the writer on the palace intrigue podcast. That’s where we talk about the Royal family and a story that crosses over to both palace intrigue and this podcast, comedian Jack Whitehall said he was blacklisted after he joked about his old friend, prince Harry.

Well,. at least prince Harry didn’t rush the stage and slap him in the face. That’d be awful. Can you mentor someone doing that? The mirror says that Jack let fans into the secret as part of his, how to survive the summer holidays tour. This parents, Hillary and Michael Michael said, Jack, I read a book recently and it changed my life.

I put this book down and I thought I must become a writer. Myself. This book is called the bench and it’s written by Megan. That’s your friend, Harry, except you’re not allowed to see him anymore. You’ve been banned. You’ve been ostracized from the subsistent, from the Sussex, from the Sussex is I can’t say sex is

I’m leaving it in. I can’t say that. The Sussex family, I can’t say it with an extra S on there you say it. Go ahead. So you can’t say it either. Jack replied. I think I’ve been banned because I called him ginger nuts at the Royal. Jack hosted the show before Harry started dating Megan and joked, it could have been the Royals wing, man.

It may not be true because he did not get invites a Harry’s wedding in 2018. I feel like this next one. I feel like I told you about it, but everybody was printing it. Like it was new on Monday. David spade is taking his comedy to Netflix with his first standup special. This will air on April 26th and it’s called nothing.

David spade will share his disdain for crabs, and his unique approach to turning down drugs spade proves that no topic is off limits. According to Netflix specialists filmed in at Minneapolis, that is your comedy news for today, plus, or minus whatever comes out with Chris rock will Smith gate.

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