Amy Schumer gets ready to host the Oscars (for some reason)

Amy Schumer hosts the Oscars tonight for some reason.

A look at the demographic breakdown of Joe Rogan’s audience

How Ms. Pat got her Netflix special.

A Father Ted musical? Yes!! Wait, it was canceled? No!!!! Well Yes it was canceled.

Piff the Magic Dragon.

Hillary Clinton reveals that she has COVID-19. Yeah, that happens to people. Apparently. Jimmy Kimmel said, while Hillary had a positive test, her husband bill remains negative. Kimmel joked. That’s how deep we are into the upside down world. Hilary caught a virus and bill didn’t Joe Biden traveled to Brussels this week.

Chemo pointed out and Biden was a kid air force. One was a balloon.

Hey, you guys know what today is, right? Amy Schumer is hosting the Oscars for some reason. Yeah. I’m planning on staying up late and, adding a recap of sorts, at least a recap of the early part of the Oscars to tomorrow’s episode. Curious to see how Amy does.

USA today, caught up with Amy who is quotes already happily proclaiming success. Schumer says I don’t see how we can lose. Honestly, we’ll know we’ll left it all out on the Oscar stage and that we did it. We’re going to show what three women and two women of color can do

Schumer still hoping to get your cranium president Volodymyr Zelensky on the show. I haven’t given up. But I think it would be a good move. I want to go to sleep that night, knowing that I did my part and raising awareness to some of the horrible things going on, including what’s happening in Florida and sexist.

Wanda Sykes is not so sure this is going to happen saying Selenski is pretty busy. I don’t know if he has time for a little movie show.

Amy has joked that she’s preparing for the Oscars by drinking, although she’s not planning on imbibing during the show, but I’m known to start celebrating too early. She says the host are planning. That’s host to a hopefully successful show directly after just the three house and a fancy bottle. Even Opus one.

If someone else is paying, someone wants to sponsor us. We’re up for that.

Amy was on Ellen during the week and asked Alan because Ellen has hosted the awards twice previously. Do you have any advice?

Amy said I’m not nervous. Cause I think that’s what Stanhope does to you. Ellen’s advice have fun. Gee. Thanks Ellie. your home for comedy news did an analysis of the Joe Rogan audience. They said . Fox news is the most watched cable news channel in America. However, the channel would lose its top spot. If the Joe Rogan experience was included on the. Um, yeah, I mean, yes.

If we included a Joe Rogan podcast as a news channel, it would beat it. Also, if we include the NFL as a news channel, the NFL would be the number one news channel in America. I don’t know what the point is here,

but on points out Rogan has an audience of estimated around 11 million. The research shows that that audience is heavily male, no shocker. There are 72% of the avid fans are men compared to just 42% of non-fans being men. What does that stat isn’t the population like slightly more women than men, like 50 point something to 49 point something now?

Yes, the audience is also young. 46% of the avid fans are aged between 18 and 34 and a further 23% between 35 and 40.

Though Joe Rogan rejects right and left labels for himself. His audience leans right with 46% of his avid fans identifying as Republicans and just 23% as Democrats.

William at weekly has done a series about Portland’s funniest five. We’ll pick it this over the next few days, they say funniest five, an annual poll in which members of Portland’s comedy community vote for the funniest among them.

One of them, Noah Watson. And they write in case you’re wondering no Noah wants his parents have not seen the bed. He does about them having sex. He’d rather, you not mentioned it to him. Watson’s first time on stage doing comedy was in high school for a final project for an English class. It went well, but he wouldn’t perform again for years.

Not because he didn’t want to, he didn’t know how to go about it. He said, I didn’t know what open mics were. I thought if you were funny, somebody made you famous. And then he talked for an hour.

I used to watch bill Cosby tapes back to back and rewind them and start them over. I grew up conservative and Christian. So I think the stuff I wasn’t supposed to be listening to was the funniest stuff that.

The first bit I did was seven minutes long and I’d written the whole thing out, like a script I was talking about beastiality I made the board center uncovered.

The whole first year of doing comedy is humiliating yourself. Got to break down your ego and any idea that you have anything important to say, because he find out really quite that nobody cares about what you have to say. Your job has to be funny. It’s the hardest thing ever

I had to learn about laughs per minute. I used to have really long pauses and dragging my feet a lot. I think anything that happens that makes you have to work harder to feel like you’re doing a good job is good for creativity inside hook caught up with miss pat. There is a fan of the show who is on Instagram.

You know who you are. Yes. You who is in my ear that I watch miss pat special on Netflix. Supposedly is awesome. Haven’t had a chance yet.

Inside hooks as on the phone, Ms. Pat is not unlike who she is on stage brash, honest, relaxed, and being able to turn her own personal history and a punchline.

She was one of the most relatable women comedians out there today. Something like an uncensored mom version of Richard Pryor for generation X. I like that description. beside her is her husband, who was one of the first people to believe in her when she was 19.

Her husband encouraged her to get in a standup comedy. Ms. Pan has an interesting history at the age of 15. She was already the mother of two selling drugs on the street before getting arrested multiple times. At one point she was homeless. At another point, she survived two gunshot wounds. She credits her caseworker for encouraging her to get into.

After seeing that Ms. Pat could make a joke out of anything. At 19, she met an army vet who inspired her to leave the street life and showed a way out. Ms. Pat said, oh, that’s my husband. I was on the streets when I met him. He said, you never know what you can do until you try. That was my black national Anthem.

I played that same tune over and over with so many people would turn their back on me. I was on the street with two kids. People could not understand what the hell he wanted with me.

She talked about how she got her Netflix special. I was at Montreal to just for last festival when Netflix is director of standard programming, walked up to me and said, I’m going to give you a Netflix comedy special. I don’t think it registered as I left Montreal. And before the deal was closed, I started working on it.

I tried to put together the best album I could, and I was able to pull in Wanda Sykes, who’s hosting the Oscars tonight.

I met Wanda through the comedy world. I knew she produced a lot of specials. So I went to her when I got the special, I wanted somebody black to produce the special and definitely a woman., then we went and got Robert’s house Townsend, a directed, one thing I love about Wanda is that when we talked about the project, we stayed up late at her apartment trying to tweak it.

Then Robert said, go over. I met him once a week and I had a practice four hours a day while on. The time. I thought this stuff is the stupidest crap ever, but once the cameras started rolling, I finally understood what Robert wanted to pull out of me.

It was an album I already had, but I tweaked it. I usually run a standup set for a year. Then I write a new album and I was in the middle of writing a whole new album. This thing came along and kept working, made it better. Just got real personal about how has raised Atlanta and how was able to introduce myself to the world.

This is me. This is where I come from. That’s why I say in this. Open your eyes.

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So good news, but bad news, they were going to make a father Ted musical, but now it’s been canceled. If you don’t know what father Ted.

And he described father dead internet helped me out.

Set on the fictional craggy island, a remote location off Ireland’s west coast. Father Ted is a story of three priests that live together with their housekeeper. The show subverts parodies of lowbrow humor, as it portrays a nuanced themes of loneliness, agnosticism, existentialism, and purgatory.

I love the show. It is hilarious. There is the young guy priest who I don’t even think really wants to be a priest. There’s the older priest. That’s always there. We’re trying to run some sort of scam of sorts. Anyway, father Ted is wonderful and apparently they were going to make a musical, but now they’re not why not?

Johnny? Total rights because of co-creator Gran linens, repeated clashes with transsexual rights. Campaigners

Graham said, my original bet was that the Ted musical was too big to fail. I simply thought if they come after it, that’d be good because then people see how crazy this is, how absurd and how Centris, how anti female, how homophobic that this movement.

But he claims producers have rolled over to lobbyist demands and pulled the plug. even though the show had gone into rehearsal, Lenahan said we have songs for every character. We have a great story. It was ready to go. And just because a group of people decided that anybody who speaks up against this ideology is evil.

That just kind of rolled over for these people. No one is standing up for me.

Lenahan also acknowledged that his strident views have cost him his marriage.

The one thing about this that keeps me going is that I know I’m right. Sometimes something is so wrong that you have to say something. And if I didn’t say something, I’d go mad.

I’ll tell you why other comedians stand up for me, even if they agree with me, every comedian at the moment is living under a kind of state of permanent blackmail. Every comedian knows that if they step on the wrong side of a particular line, it could be this, or it could be any number of things. There’s a few hot button issues.

We have to follow a certain line. If you don’t, you’ll be destroyed.

I’ve been thoroughly canceled. I’ll tell you how canceled I am. There were two programs called canceled and I wasn’t on either one. That’s how canceled I am.

total explained a little further at Lenahan has been criticized for his views, including objecting to gender self-identification and for likening, the medical transition of children to Nazi eugenics in 2018, he’s warned by police about harassment of a transgender activist,

and has been suspended by Twitter for repeated violations of rules against hateful conduct.

Heavy topic there I’m personally disappointed. We will not get a father Ted musical. So let’s shake all that heavy stuff off and let’s catch up with PF the magic dragon.

Who’s that? Well, the VC report explains Piff. Isn’t your ordinary dragon rather than guarding princesses hoarding, underground treasure or fighting white walkers from beyond the wall. Piffs been holding court at the Flamingo Las Vegas hotel and casino, where he does the slang with his clever mix of comedy and amazing magic assisted by his faithful Chihuahua sidekick.

Mr. Piffles. VC reporter had some questions. One, how does one train to become a magician pith? I learned to cheat at cars for I learned magic. Thankfully, the skills are transferable saving me from a life of crime. I started performing when I was 15, doing magic at bars and restaurants. Once I asked a couple, if they wanted to see a magic trick, the guy stood up and told me his wife had just asked him for a divorce.

That was pretty awkward. I don’t know if that story is real, but that story is.

When did you adopt the Piff persona? What made you select a dragon? Well, in 2008, I went to a costume party as a dragon and no one was in costume apart for me, a friend said, you should do this in your act. You could be puff the magic dragon. And I said, wait, I could be Piff. The magic dragon. You might’ve heard of my older brother, Steve.

And finally what makes a Piff? The magic dragon show different from other magic and comedy acts the answer. There’s a dragon, a dog, a showgirl, and an attitude. Joy. The Oscars tonight. That’s your comedy news for today. Follow the show on apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows. If you’d like to show ad-free and early premium podcasts on apple podcasts for 99 a month.

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