Amy Schumer: I’m proud of myself and my co-hosts, Pete Davidson demands Sex Non-Stop?, Joe Rogan agrees to help Elon Musk fight Putin

Amy Schumer took to Instagram and said. ““Still triggered and traumatized. I love my friend [Chris Rock] and believe he handled it like a pro. Stayed up there and gave an Oscar to his friend [Questlove] and the whole thing was so disturbing.”

Donnell Rawlings called the slap, ““one of the most gangsta moments to watch and it turned out to one of the worst moments in Oscar history.”

Elon Musk wants to fight Putin, Joe Rogan agrees to help Elon

Pete Davidson reportedly wants non-stop sex from Kim

Bill Maher has a new special April 15

Michael Rapaport on controversial comedians Dice Clay, Louis CK and Dave Chappelle

A look at some shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news late night made fun of the seven hour gap and Donald Trump’s phone records from January 6th. Jimmy found said seven hours. I don’t know if anybody else is a fan of the show Dateline, but if your phone records are missing even 10 minutes, you’re guilty coordin.

I’m sure he was just busy volunteering somewhere. I mean, maybe working on his watercolors could be anything. Felon, even the ghost of Richard Nixon is like, I don’t think he could do that. Fallon. The only time there should be a seven hour gap is when you’re trying to remember what happened on St.

Patrick’s day co beer. Instead for all those hours, all the white house phone records just say scam likely.

Gord. And this is the thing with Trump. You never know. You never know if he’s more evil or lazy could have been plotting the over there or the government, or it could have been watching Fox news in the bath. You just don’t know Fallon. Now after making the discovery, the house committee is investigating whether Trump used burner phones, it’s always reassuring what a precedent acts like a character in the wire Gordon.

Trump denied. I’ve never had a burner phone. I’ve had a couple of burner wives, but no burner phones Kimmel. So now the big question is which white house toilet did he flush them down? Cole bear. I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, he already has a burner son. It looks like Amy Schumer and her publicists have checked the wind.

Which way is the wind blowing? Are we safe here? Amy has finally weighed in on the shocking incident between willsmith and Chris rock. Did you hear about this? Will Smith, some actor, Chris rock at the Oscars. Don’t know if.

Amy one on Instagram

and wrote, still triggered and traumatized. I love my friend Chris rock and believe he handled it like a bro stayed up there and gave an Oscar to his friend quest love. And the whole thing was so disturbing, so much pain and will Smith.

Anyway, I’m still in shock and stuff. And sad. I’m proud of myself and my co-hosts, but yeah, waiting for the sickening feeling to go away from what we all witnessed. Talk more about will and rock in the second half from Dick Certeau on March 14th, Elon Musk challenged Vladimir. Butanol a fight saying I hear by challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat the stakes are Ukraine.

Do you agree to this? Putin has not yet agreed to the fights, but Joe Rogan is willing to make it happen

On Rogan’s podcast. He said, Elon Musk wants to fight Putin. I offered my services, I texted him and I said, dude, I’ll arrange all of your training. If you really do fight Putin, I’ll arrange all your training. Putin has not responded. However, Chechen leader did Mr. Kadir offset, Elon Musk, a word of advice. Don’t measure your strength against that of Putin’s you’re in two completely different leagues. I kind of hope they fight. I would watch that maybe it could be a double bill who would go first. I guess Kanye versus Pete Davidson would be the undercard of Elon Musk versus Bladimir Bruton.

You’ll watch speaking of Pete Davidson from the Toronto sun, you ready for this headline? You are not. Pete Davidson is demanding six nonstop from Kim Kardashians. Whoa, dial it back. Pete Davidson, a source told the Toronto sun, Pete and Kim are having the time of their lives. Physical. But like many of his past conquests, Pete is demanding sex nonstop, and there’s not nearly as much connection when they’re outside the bedroom.

The insider went on to explain that Kim is now quotes in love with Pete because she and Kanye were out of sync for a long time before calling it quit.

But is Pete just simply enjoying the perks of being associated with the Kardashians. A source close to the couple told heat world. Kim went into this claiming that she was going to keep it very casual, but now she’s convinced she’s in love when it’s probably just lost. You can’t blame her. She and Kanye stopped being intimate long before they split up.

They were totally out of sync on every level. So she feels she’s been starved of affection suddenly. Pete’s whoops. In it starts giving her more than she can handle. It’s very intoxicated.

There’s no doubt. He finds her very attractive, but he’s also bragging a lot about the exposure he’s gotten since he started dating her. He’s addicted to the fame and the perks that come from being part of the clan. I’m sure this relationship is going to end well, aren’t you bill Maher as a new special, it is called bill Maher adulting, hashtag adulting, actually.

So debut Friday, April 15th, on your HBO, max, the official description Bilmore, his latest stand-up special sees the acclaimed comedian host and satirist. Take the stage for a hilarious and skating our signature company, blah, blah, blah. Mara brings his no-holds-barred perspective to cancel culture quarantine, Q Anon, and everything in between.

It’s his 12th, HBO special since 1989.

The standard caught up with Michael Rappaport and they said, Hey, Michael Rappaport, you’ve worked with a number of controversial comics, such as Louis CK, Andrew dice, clay, and Dave Chappelle

Rappaport, as far as dice goes, is controversy only goes as far as his content.

Louis did some weird crap, but he’s acknowledged what he did and apologize. People go to jail for violent crimes and we say, we need to give them a second chance when somebody famous does something, we cast them away. When you look at what Louis did, he served his time in the court of public opinion, he’s back.

And he’s going to continue to make art. I’m a fan of his and will continue to be a fan of his

well, Michael rapper board, everything is politically correct these days. Do you think the pendulum will swing back at rep report said? I sure. Hope it swings back. The politically correct stuff is ridiculous. The backlash against Dave Chappelle’s pathetic of somebody telling a joke, a blatantly dark joke.

Well, if you don’t like the joke, wait for the next joke. If you don’t like Chappelle cancel your Netflix subscription, but don’t ban the guy. It’s ridiculous. I have to be deliberate regarding every word I say to you. Cause it could come back to haunt me

millennials, love euphoria, which has shell. It’s all about sex, but the same people who love that show or offended by a Dave Chappelle joking. That’s ridiculous.

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I’m not misspeaking here. You’re going to think he misspoke. I did not misspeak. The billboard said burger king two and a half. Hours ahead, not two and a half miles ahead. Burger king, two and a half hours ahead. That’s how middle of nowhere? This was that they were advertising. Oh, if we just drive two and a half more hours, this is a burger king.

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Don’t worry. All right, let’s talk. Will and Chris,

the New York post writes in September of 2021 will Smith told GQ that his relationship with his wife had evolved beyond monogamy. We’ve given each other trust and freedom with the belief that everybody has to find their own way and marriage for us, can’t be a prison.

But the post says it’s different for the Smith’s when they’re not the ones controlling the message. We’ll miss the BAFTAs earlier this month to stay in LA for the critics choice awards, but at the BAFTAs host rebel Wilson joked will Smith’s best performance in the past year was being okay with all his wife’s boyfriends.

at the sag awards last month, EAs red corporate hosts, Laverne Cox until the couple we can’t wait for more dot, dot, dot more entanglements. Jadah said no more of those Smith beside her forced a smile. One Oscar insider said

we’ll was laughing at the GI. Jane joked and JD gave him a look that practically ripped him a new a-hole. He realized she was hurt

using the words of Richard Williams to justify his own violence. Then you go out to the vanity fair party celebrate and to your own songs with no hint of regret about the assault. That’s a man who has problems. A sociopath says the insider Donnelle Rawlings is a friend of Chris rock. He said, we’ll probably has a beef with rock that stretches back for years.

It’s like, okay, we did it in 2016. Yes. We could have handled it off the mic, but you choose the biggest moment entertainment to come at me again.

Darnell believes Wilson. This reaction is based on his marriage in that moment when will was laughing and Jayda was rolling her eyes, you have to realize people hit will Smith. So hard about his relationship with Jada. You always got to understand the camera’s always on you.

So smile and probably on the inside, something saying something different, but it wasn’t until she reacted that he was triggered.

Chris was sharp enough to get the S smacked out of him and everybody thought it was. Butt when will said, keep my wife’s name out of your effing mouth. Every black person knows that’s fighting words. It was a buildup. It was like, don’t push me. Cause I’m close to the edge. I’m trying not to lose my head.

it was one of the most gangster moments to watch and it turned out to be one of the worst moments in Oscar history.

Switching gears down to the Melbourne international comedy festival. I know a lot of us won’t be able to make it down to Melbourne for this one, but I like talking about different things here on the bod. the age is a website, and they’d told us about some of the shows that they thought are cool.

One of them hot department after party, this delightfully dirty duo mix sex surrealism, and some more sexiness into their lust fueled cylin Sri. Right? That sounds. train actors who met while studying theater on our Wolf and Patrick Durnin Silva turned their considerable talents to making sketch comedy.

They’re at the Victoria hotel, Thursdays through Sundays for the. Another show Annie and Lena different. Now it’s likely these two abundantly titled multihyphenate, we’ll have a hit show on an international streaming service and a few years. All right. We’ll have to remember their names.

Annie and Lena

in 2019 there show our pilot. Was about farts, feminism and feeling good about yourself.

Their new show is called a different now Wednesdays through Saturdays during the festival, Anna Piper, Scott, her show is called such an inspiration.

The trans comedian has been praised for being uplifting, powerful, authentic, and of course funny. So she’s taking her laser-focused observation skills to the new show, such an inspiration.

Patrick Elanco is at the comedy zone. He was a crowd favorite at the raw comedy national final last year with his inventive bit about the beeps of a hospital cardiac monitor combining one-liners about his Chinese culture dating and life as a software engineer.

This is Sydney siders, introverted, awkward shtick is both endearing and entertaining. That sounds like a good time. and the editor’s pick is Gabby bolts. Ask around the comedy traps for who has plenty of buzz.

And one name keeps cropping up Gabby bolts. All right. We’ll have to remember Gabby bolt’s name. The musical comedian from Bathurst has generated an online following with her popular and politically inspired songs on Tik TOK. Ah, I fell into that Johnny Mac, you got preread, these paragraphs. He walked right in.

All right. I was all excited about somebody. And then I heard about six hours. We’ll include a duet with former prime minister, Kevin Rudd. She’s also regular on the chaser report podcast.

Gabby bolt tick-tock star. Gabby will be at the butterfly club, April 11th through the 24th.

ShoreTel tells us about a two day takeover of the London arts festival. The Oso art center in Southwest London is launching a two day April fools, cult comedy festival,

John Robertson, elf lions and jazz email, or among the comics taking part at the festivals curated by physical comedian, Luke Rollison, who said I’m thrilled to be bringing together this electric eccentric insane festival of noble experiments. When so many spaces for unconventional work are under threat.

I hate programming though. It turns out it’s really hard and I want to be a performer. Again, it’s a comedy festival with dinosaur hunters, silent bank robberies, tiny big tops, bursting Boda seas, and a slapstick battle Royale, not to mention a fates of surreal stalls and stupid sports outdoors and in a theater foil.

That sounds like a good time. you’re in Southwest London, head on over to the Oso arts center. Ha if you’re in the states, you’ll just have to watch CBS, Pete Holmes, how we roll makes its premiere tonight. And that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show on apple podcast, Spotify, Google overcast, wherever you get your shows.

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