Amy Schumer nails her Oscars monologue – plus news about Rogan, Gaffigan and Pete Davidson

I will address the Chris Rock segment in a bonus episode later today.

Amy Schumer nailed her monologue.

So that Bob Saget memorial….was filmed….and will air on Netflix….which is cool, but did they all go into it knowing that?

Jim Gaffigan on if he’s kids think he is funny.

Joe Rogan has some questions about the tech companies.

Will Ferrell will do live versions of the Ron Burgundy podcast.

The UCB Theater was sold and will re-open at least one location.

Jenny mag with can daily comedy news and recording this opening segment here at about nine 20 last. Watching the Oscars, Amy Schumer. Let’s talk about her. I thought the monologue was pretty good. So if you didn’t watch the Oscars, it opened with the three hosts doing an opening segment that did not get great reviews.

I thought Wanda Sykes carried that first segment. Amy sounded like she was reading other people’s lines and it just seemed a little funky. And I was like, oh, this is going to be rough ride. But then they throw it to Amy Schumer and gave her. Solo monologue. And for all the grief for all the time that I’ve said over the last month, Amy Schumer who’s hosting the Oscars for some reason.

And I still don’t understand why she did a great job on the monologue. Some of her jokes this year, the academy hired three women to host because it’s cheaper than hiring one man. After Regina hall and Wanda Sykes described how proud they were to be representing black women. Amy said, and I’m representing unbearable white women who call the cops. When you get a little too loud, then for her monologue, a solo monologue, which I think is redundant, Johnny Mac, but the other two left the stages. Just Amy. That’s what I’m trying to say here.

I’m Amy Schumer, or as I’m known in Hollywood, Melissa, McCarthy’s not interested. Good joke. We’re at the Oscars. This is a dream come true. The only place I could think that could be better than this is home.

After years of Hollywood ignoring women’s stories. We finally got a story about the Williams sisters, dad. That was good, and a good solid shot at Leonardo DiCaprio. What can I even say about him? He’s done so much to fight climate change and leave behind a cleaner greener planet for his girlfriends.

Now, some people on Twitter say that joke was stolen. I shared a screen grab on the Facebook group, daily comedy news podcast group of somebody with that same joke from last December. So on no parallel thinking another coincidence. You’d sell me one more from Amy. Don’t look up as nominated. I guess the academy winners don’t look up reviews.

So as the record, this Amy hasn’t actually been on camera in an hour. Wanda Sykes disappeared from about 8 0 5 to 9 0 5. And she did a long prerecorded segment where she was at the academy museum or whatever the heck it is. And I was like, I’m getting sleepy, I’m coming downstairs. So if Amy does more, we’ll talk about that on Tuesdays pod.

Also shortly before the Oscars, a trailer for season two of only murders in the building aired and Amy Schumer is going to be a guest star in that season.

from the New York post. Joe Rogan apparently took aim at quilt, woke activist, employees of large Silicon valley tech firms that sent it sounds like me doing national donuts chain or the. When podcast host joke, Joe Rogan said game, it woke activist employees of large Silicon valley tech firms calling them mentally ill and quotes lunatics who were running the asylum to a certain extent.

All right, Joe Rogan, Joe was interviewing Antonio Garcia Martinez. Who’s an ex engineer at apple and Facebook.

Rogan asked from someone from the outside. We look at it and say, how are those effing places run? Rogan said he had a conversation with a quote, good friend who was in a management position at Google before leaving that firm for quotes another large tech company. The way she described it to me was it’s utter madness. The lunatics are running the asylum to a certain extent because there’s a lot of people working inside the company now that are legitimately mentally ill and they consider themselves activists.

Rogan added the tech bosses of the companies have to placate the workers because there are certain percentage of the population that works for the company and they’re the loudest. And they oftentimes don’t get work done. When the workers are confronted over, not getting work done, quote, they talk about their activism.

He said his friend was forced to reprimand tech workers, telling them you here for X amount of hours per day. This is your effing job. You’re not an activist.

Martinez told Rogan companies are partly to blame because workers are encouraged by HR departments to bring their real self to work.

Martina said Facebook was a cult and I joined it and I was a happy member of it. It was very powerful. Everyone sacrificed themselves for the sake of the empire and its emperor. Switching gears, Ron burgundy is going to be live next season on will. Ferrell’s Ron burgundy podcast.

We’ll set. It’s fun to be in front of a live audience with the interaction it’s been fantastic. You can really feel that people are wanting to see things in a community experience, see live theater and we’re having the best time we script some of it. We just try to follow the audience. It’s a little bit of a high wire act, but I love.

Ferrel announced two new podcast will come from his team. The first, the big sexy interview show with Michael Bolton or eights

Pharaoh says it will just be Michael Bolton’s hogging. The second is called the feed, which is an inside baseball type of series that will feature a group of 10 fellow comedians. Each will get their own mini shows. Some of which will be scripted.

Pharaoh said the goal is to make it a fun kind of sandbox server to play in. Hey note to will. Ferrell wants to see how many podcasts have the title, the feed. There are.

His advice to comedians, be true to yourself and follow your gut. And at the end of the day, you’re going to find out what your sweet spot is. They’ll come along and create something that’s unique and strong with a singular kind of vision

greater should stick to their guns and be willing to go beyond the confines of audio. You’re sort of just chopping. It’ll pay off either right away or down the road.

I know you’re thinking, Hey Johnny Mack, what’s new with Pete Davidson. Well,

Kim Kardashian was on Instagram, shared a photo of Pete Davidson’s collarbone tattoo. That’s it? Who says my girl is a loyal. Yahoo ads. Although Kim is not an attorney yet she has passed the court’s baby bar exam, which has nothing to do with babies. Despite some rumors out there I’m not spreading those rumors, which allowed Kim to forgo the traditional law school route under California rule.

She has helped several incarcerated individuals be granted clemency, and is now eligible to sit for the bar exam in order to obtain her license in practice. The UCB theater is coming back from the dead of sorts. It has been acquired by the former CEO of the onion.

Deadline, says they will reopen the black box theater at 59 19 Franklin avenue

sounds like Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Robertson, Matt Walsh. The founders are out in a statement. They said we’re pleased to be handing over the reins to Jimmy. In hopes that theater in school be continuing to be a thriving environment for all want to learn and perform comedy. We look forward to the ways they will commit to increasing diversity and ensure the continued existence of an organization.

We have loved and dedicated ourselves to for over 20 years.

Hey, remember that tribute to Bob sank at the one with Chris rock and Michael Keaton and Jon Lovitz and Seth green powered Regus, Byron Allen, bunch of other people. Good news. It’s going to air on Netflix.

Mike Bender was on the John Poveromo podcast and said, we filmed it and I showed it to Netflix. And I said, look at this, they had a comedy said, this is remarkable. And they bought it as a special, it’s going to air the first week of June. So ears my question. Sorry to ask difficult questions. Did they film everything at the comedy store with presumably multiple cameras and professional sound equipment?

Maybe they do. I haven’t been to the comedy store in quite some time. Or did we do a tribute to Bob Saget filming it, hoping that we could turn this into a special. Knowing a little bit about the business. If this is a special, did everybody sign a release that night, maybe at the comedy store, you always sign a release cause they always film everything.

I dunno. So there was this attribute or Hey, Bob’s dead. Let’s make a comedy special and sell to Netflix. Is there money involved? Where’s the money going? I, a lot of questions. Sorry to ask questions. I look forward to watching it, but sorry to ask questions. I have some.

Jim Gaffigan talked to Buckeye country, 94.3, Do Jim’s kids think that Jim Gaffigan is funny? His 12 year old does not think he’s funny at all is 10 and nine year old kids just see them as their dad. The 17 year old thinks Jim is funny, but her favorite comedian is John Malaney.

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There. we met week was doing Portland’s funniest five. It had one of those guys yesterday.

Another one of the five is Brian Bixby. He joked that he hates people who are in shape so much. They understands why Jockers get murdered. I’m a jogger. I just want new sneakers. I don’t use the term jogger. I consider myself a runner. I don’t want to be murdered.

Oh wait, come down. Johnny Mac. It’s a joke. He understands why joggers get murdered , afterwards he confronted by an angry audience member. The guy saw me outside. He was like, that was really messed up. My friend was murdered on Thursday, Bixby recalls. And this was a Saturday show.

That exchange might’ve left some comedians feeling contrite, not Bixby. He said, I don’t be gross or awful or anything like that. The point is to make bad things a little bit better.

I think everybody has a lot of the same insecurities and fears. It just being confident is not giving into that moment, which is how I can go on stage and come off as a pretty confident presence, even though I’m not really that.

Bixby is a master of soliciting multiple reactions simultaneously in mere moments. He can make you go from you to all like when he does a bit about watching incest porn, the joke, not for the sex. I just like to fantasize being in a different family. It’s a good joke.

Oh, both parents are there. What a lovely Christmas.

Bixby did his first standup set at 15 at his high school. I had to submit a full script of all the jokes I wanted to do to the principal to get her approval on it. And I think all but like three or four jokes were rejected. I was thinking how far back it goes. That’s sort of crossing the line.

One time he was appearing at comic strip an event that invited comedians perform, wearing his few articles of clothing. As they pleased. It makes me said I wore two pairs of boxers and the bottom pair had a giant hole on the. After removing the first pair, he sat on a stool and let his stuff hang out the hole.

And he did a joke about manspreading that’s. As far as I went,

it was really cathartic and felt really freeing and good. You have nightmares of showing up in class and realizing you’re naked once you to that point, it’s like what could go wrong from here?

That’s Brian Bixby sounds like he’s pretty funny and a good choice for Portland’s funniest five. And that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show on apple podcast, Spotify, Google, or wherever you get your shows. If you would like to show ad free become a paid subscriber on apple podcasts for $4 and 99 cents a month.

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