Amy Schumer named comedy person of the year by Just For Laughs

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JFL named Any Schumer Comedy Person of the Year! Jerrod Carmichael gets best special. Hasan Minhaj gets comedian of the year. Taylor Tomlinson is your breakout comedy star.

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Cristela Alonzo’s show gets a meh review.

Johnny Mack with your poolside edition of daily comedy news. It’s 80 sunny, low humidity. Yeah, I’m outside. Did you see this thing with Cassidy Hutchinson?

She testified as part of the Donald Trump, January 6th stuff.

we learned that president Trump was constantly throwing food tantrums this from Trevor Noah, but what’s interesting is Cassidy Hutchson. Didn’t say that Trump was flipping the table. She said he was flipping the table cloth. So either Trump was an amateur magician or he wasn’t strong enough to flip a table.

So he did just the tablecloth. Trevor added it too, was shocked to hear that Trump threw any of his food away, but let’s be honest. This guy’s taken more selfies with food than with some of his kids.

There was also the part where Trump tried to take control of the car. Trevor said, a Trump fighting to take control of the president’s car is like an action movie only. He’s the president. And this is real. Jimmy Fallon added. It’s always good. When you need another secret service to protect the secret service. You know what I’m saying? Chelsea handler, and for Jimmy Kimel said, that’s no way to treat the secret service. That’s how you treat a contestant in the dressing room with a MIS universe badge when grabbing the steering wheel didn’t work, Trump grabbed the car by the, you know,

Colbert. When you get into the secret service, you know, you have to take one for the president, but you’re never expected to take one from the president.

Trevor thought the plot was genius. He’s hitting the one person who can’t hit back. Yeah. They can punch back, but then they’ve gotta jump in front of their own punch, not to victim blame, but this is on the secret service, right? You had four years to Trump proof. The vehicle you knew you were dealing with.

There should have been a toy steering wheel in the passenger seat the whole time. Just let him think. He’s driving. Go back to the west wing. Anyway, Stephen Colbert for the win. That is insane, but it’s gonna make a great season. Premier of kleptocrats and cars, season power.

Just for laughs. The Montreal comedy festival have put out a press release the recipients of the prestigious just for laughs award show have been announced. Comedy person of the year. I’ll give you a second to guess, unless you read the headline to the episode comedy person of the year, who is it? Amy Schumer will be the comedy person of the year.

Hassan Minhaj will accept standup comedian of the year. And Taylor Tomlinson is the breakout comedy store of the year, the

comedy special of the year, Gerard Carmichael interest.

So let’s break this down. Amy Schumer comedy person of the year. Let’s see what they wrote on the press release. Amy Schumer is an Amy wing and golden globe nominated standup comedian actress writer, producer. Schumer is the creator star writer and executive producer of the widely popular inside Amy Schumer.

The multi award-winning TV series that ran for four seasons on comedy central Schumer’s successful film career was propelled with universal pictures, film, train wreck, which dominated the worldwide box office as the hit summer comedy.

Did her agent write this? This is as press releasee as it gets. She went on to Whitney critic’s choice, award her best actress in a comedy and was nominated for a writer’s Guild award in the category of original screenplay. That same year, the Baptist honored Schumer , with the Charlie chaplain Britannia award for excellence in comedy.

Schumer’s one hour Netflix special titled of the leather special earned her a nomination for outstanding. Directorial achievement and a variety, special others, more her one hour comedy special Amy Schumer live at the Apollo directed by Chris rock premiered on October 17th, 2015 and was HBO’s most watched Saturday night comedy special since December, 2009.

Okay. That’s a random. Schumer’s first book, the New York times bestseller the girl with the lower back tattoo, earned her a 2017 Grammy award nomination for best spoken word album and was released in paperback in August, 2017. Cuz we needed that detail in July, 2020 Schumer’s reboard documentary series expecting Amy premiered on HBO max.

Most recently Schumer co did the 94th academy awards alongside Wanda Sykes in Regina hall. She also wrote executive produced direct and start. In her critically acclaimed 10 episode comedy series life and Beth now streaming on Hulu and Disney plus often touring, theaters and arenas all over the world.

Schumer returns to Montreal this summer, Amy Schumer comedy person of the year.

Let’s compare that to the other paragraphs Hassan Minhaj. She is receiving the standup comedian of the year. Minhaj who started his career in 2014 as it just for laughs new face. See, I keep telling you about the new faces was the host and creator of the weekly comedy show Patriot act with Hassan Minhaj.

The premier on Netflix in October, 2018. The show received a 2019 Peabody award, a 2019 at primetime Emmy award for outstanding motion design and was recognized for a 2020 television academy honor. Our first generation American Minhaj joined the daily shell at John Stewart as a correspondent in November, 2014, where he was John’s last hire his recent tour, the King’s gesture tours coming to Montreal this summer and having just broken the record in Toronto for being the first comedian ever play for sold out shows at the Coca Cola Coliseum.

Taylor Thomason gets an even shorter paragraph. Taylor Toon is receiving the breakout comedy star of the year. Award Toon was named one of Forbes, 30 under 30 in 2020. And exploded onto the international stage when her one hour special quarterlife crisis debuted on Netflix, her latest special look at you dropped earlier this year to international critical praise.

Taylor returns to the festival this year to receive the coveted award after having her big break as part of the 2017 new faces cohort.

All right, the keynote addresses. Neil Brennan will deliver one of this year’s renowned keynote speeches.

Amanda seals will also be delivering a keynote address at this year’s festival. Seals is a comedian actress, writer and producer, who was a former MTV VJ, and starting HBO’s insecure,

Sophie, but will deliver the Canadian keynote address this year. But is a standup comedian TV writer and And podcaster dominating the north American comedy scene. Right now. Dominating is a little strong there guys dominating north America, little strong, little strong

she’s been seen on CTVs comedy roast battle Canada. CBC’s. This hour is 22 minutes. JFL is all access and her widely popular podcast, obsessed with Sophie, but

some more stuff announced, cast panels get up and close and personal with some of the mastermind creators behind today’s newest and most popular comedy, TV, Sears, et cetera. One of them. Universal pictures presents Easter Sunday.

This is Joe coy, starring as a man returning home for an Easter celebration with his boisterous bickering, eating, drinking, laughing, loving family, CBC

original hit comedy series. Son of a Critch will be engaging in a cast panel. B E T plus presents the journey to miss pat the series.

Varieties 10 comics to watch, right? This is important. Let’s pay attention. Rosebud baker. Um, great choice. I would think Rosebud is ahead of this list, but okay. Jr. De Guzman, Vanessa Gonzalez, J Jordan, um, also feel like Jay is ahead of this list. Mateo lane, same comment, Claudia. Oard. Atsuko OK. Asuka Blair soci Moses storm and Shang Wang.

Hmm. Usually that list is a little more unknown to me. Maybe it’s just OSA in the podcast and doing the homework every day. That I’m a little sharper than in the past, but okay. That looks like a really good list.

Holmes. That’s really.

New show added Amy Schumer’s court tour, Saturday, July 30th,

Dred Carmichael Thursday, the 28th. Amanda seals, Thursday 28th beat homes a Friday, July 29th, Krista Stepo July 29th, Friday.

Tickets are available to the public starting now. Go get ’em. You’ll find all that It’s a great festival. You should go. I’m planning on going up. Uh, I think I’ll be there Wednesday, the 27th. I’ll see how long I stay, et cetera.

Well, that was a nice big chunk of news for an otherwise slow Newsweek. Let me do some housekeeping while that’s top of mind this weekend, I’m planning on doing a normal episode Saturday, and then Sunday and Monday, I have had the Robin Williams stories episodes in the can.

That was a listener request. I had asked the Facebook group back in January. Hey, any ideas for weekend filler? And that was a great suggestion. So Sunday Robin Williams stories part one, and then on the fourth on Monday, Robin Williams stories part two. So part of that, Hey, I want to go to the beach.

And this week and next week are notoriously slow Newsweek. That’s why I’m really happy for the JFL news dump that really helped with today’s podcast. So let me do the two Robin Williams rather than hand in two episodes where I’m just really pulling stuff out and Googling Pete Davidson, trying to fill an episode from Amazon.

Who’s the boss coming back reboot or SQL series to be more. This will start Alyssa Milano and Tony Danza. They’ll over prize their original roles. The news, the boss focuses on Alyssa. Milano’s Samantha. Who’s now a single mother living in the same house where she grew up, her retired dad, Tony Danza lives with her.

There’s no There’s no word yet on any other cast, reprising their roles. Katherine Hellman, who also started the original died in 2019.

Vulture wrote about Nick Nemeroff. I mentioned yesterday, Nick passed away at age 32 I’m undereducated on Nick’s comedy, but vulture wrote that he spoke at a deliberate pace and his voice crackled strategically to perform hesitation , making his delivery more distinct, his commitment to absurdity and zigzagging, Joe pointed to a singular comedic ethos The other comics didn’t possess. The writer says, I remember quoting one of his jokes about getting brain surgery for cosmetic reasons. They punch line. I. feel pretty self-conscious about the wrinkles.

In form, If not in content, his jokes were like Anthony Selex. It was clear. He was trying to throw you off his scent at the outset, make it all more impressive that he always managed to do so successfully. A great example of this is on the album track vaping slash electric toothbrush, where he says, my friend told me, you gotta try the mango flavored vape.

It’s the best flavor I tried it and honestly, to me, all the vape flavors taste very similar to me. They all taste like burning smelly plastic, but I don’t know, maybe it’s my lighter.

And here is a tweet by Nick Nemeroff post at [9:54] PM. December 13th, 2017. Nick tweeted. If I die, please remember me as a cool guy. He was nice and helped out and actually changed a lot of our lives for the better, but also had a certain unique quality. You just couldn’t put your finger on with an infectious laugh and unmistakable style.

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Speaking of coffee from the laugh button.

Jerry Seinfeld said when he began the comedians in cars show, he was looking for sponsors and he was turned down by the CEO of Starbucks.

According to Seinfeld CEO, Howard Schultz was not impressed and said, I don’t really see the connection. Jerry said, are there other people coming in your office pitching other shows with coffee in the title?

Imagine Jerry Seinfeld walks in, I mean, your Starbucks you’ve got money. Why would you turn down cherry Seinfeld? Wouldn’t you just want the association,

according to Seinfeld, part of the weariness was that some tech companies were expressing concerns at that time that shows longer than a few minutes would have no success online.

Oops. Hey, I’ve got some recommendations for you. One of them is my, uh, travel podcast. It’s called travel is back. That is my casual travel podcast where I tell you about places that I’ve gone and what I’d like to do when I’m there this week. I’m in Los Angeles. Candidly. I like last week’s Los Angeles episode, better than this week’s Los Angeles episodes.

Maybe back up one and check out travel is back where you get your shows. I was listening to anti Donna. That’s an Australian sketch group. They had a show on Netflix during the pandemic that I liked a lot. They recently dropped an episode. It’s got Gotham city in the title. Basically it’s a debate over who should be the next mayor.

And some people think Bruce Wayne would be a good candidate because Batman is running a muck in the city. It’s a very funny bit, and I liked it a lot.

Ready? Steady, cut. Watched Christella Alonzo’s new special. Oh, I tried to watch the Cape bland thing that I’ve been talking about all week. It’s on peacock plus I don’t know if peacock plus couldn’t watch it. I hear it’s awesome though, but I’m. Maybe I’ll have to do like a, buy me a peacock for a month promotion.

ah, Christella Alonzo, according to ready, steady cut. Focuses on observational stats, higher discussing a wide variety of subjects from COVID to her upbringing, health issues and newfound wealth.

Most of these topics are obvious talking points that cover well, trodden ground. That’s not good. Adding nothing new or groundbreaking to the genre. That’s not good. She does. However, bring her own insight to these predictable topics with some humorous takes on racism and stereotypes, as well as a story about visiting the gynecologist first time, which may be the highlight of the hour long, special.

Ready set. Cut says, overall, this comedy special is timely. If a little tame and its simplicity, the humor can be forgettable and lackluster from time to time. But when Christella Alonzo gets intimate and opens up with her own personal stories, the comedian actually shines. Listen to that backhanded comment.

The comedian actually shines when she finally does. She actually shines. Oops, this isn’t a laugh out loud. R. But a thought provoking and enjoyable hour, exploring a slice of the comedian’s unique life. And that is your comedy news for today. From poolside. Follow the show for free on apple podcasts or Spotify, where your shows become a premium subscriber on apple podcast.

If you want five bucks a month or you can buy me comedy news. See you tomorrow.