Amy Schumer’s “Comeback?” Was She Gone? – Plus a cringe Joe Rogan Experience segment

Kudos to whoever handles publicity for Amy Schumer because The Hollywood Reporter gave you a gift. A look at Amy’s “comeback” (was she gone?)

Pete Davidson will not appear on this new Hulu Kardashian’s show.

A segment on Joe Rogan’s podcast devolved into 5th grade level humor

Does The Always Sunny Podcast need a producer? Yep. Here’s why.

Taylor Tomlinson’s AMA

Must Love Dogs (and Comedy)

Johnny mag with your daily company. And he was in the category of funny, not funny, funny, not funny. Michael Ian black tweeted. Well, at least now there can be a sequel to the HBO Chernobyl mini series. Trevor Noah talked about gas prices and said, luckily, America produces a lot of its own oil. There’s Texas, there’s Alaska, and there’s Rudy Giuliani, but it’s still not enough.

Like, if this keeps up the next fast and furious movie will take place on public transportation, I would watch the hell out of that fail and gas prices are so high. Parents are like, all right, kids, we’re Amish. Now let’s get in the buggy. We’re taking the horse to school. Gas prices are so high.

Americans are just filling their cars with red bull and hoping for the best James Gordon on the bright side, this is the perfect excuse to pretend you’re getting back on the bike. You bought mid band and rode twice.

I wanted to buy a new bike during the pandemic. I couldn’t find one.

Plus they were expensive, but nevermind that I couldn’t find one. The daily beast dove deep on Stephen Colbert, his monologue. Stephen said, now, some of you may not have noticed, but I’m a comedian, he said he has many comedy idols, including Steve Martin, John CLIs and Elmo, but I’ve got a new company.

And my new company idol is Volodymyr Zelensky. He was discussing the photo. Whereas the Lensky revealed that he was in the presidential offices and basically defined Putin. Javier said that is so brave. I’m personally inspired by his example. go, Baird then said about himself, me Putin.

I am not afraid of you either. If you’re looking for this comedian, I’m at the ed Sullivan theater on Broadway in Manhattan, five hours ago. We pre-taped the show. And my name, sir, write this down. Is James cordon.

Amy Schumer, Regina hall and Wanda Sykes are hosting the Oscars. For some reason, they’ve released their first promo in it. Wanda Sykes says we just have to do better than last year’s host. Amy Schumer chimes. And that’s the thing. Totally. It’s a competition in that way. The group then struggles to come up with the name of the parent host Schumer says, God, they must’ve sucked.

However hall comes to the rescue and she remembers that last year, there was no. Wanda Sykes says, boom, we’re already winning now. They performed it much funnier than I read it, but it wasn’t funny at all. I don’t know, man. All right. Let’s deep dive on this. Amy Schumer PRP is disguised as an article in the Hollywood reporter.

I want to directly address Amy Schumer’s publicist. You have earned your money. This article is like, wow.

So let me preamble on this first paragraph here. It is so serious that I want to mock it, but because of the topic at the core, I don’t want to mock the topic at the core. So.

I’m mocking the writing style, not the topic. Okay. I’m not a jerky face on the topic, but I am a jerky face on how serious this article is from the Hollard. Hey, crazy time. Right? Lock going on. Her post began in June of 2020. The pandemic was raging as was the black lives matter movement, but Amy Schumer hit pause on parenting and protesting to praise them.

Many women would come forward with stories of misconduct at the hand of comedians. In particular earlier that week, . Christa Lee had become the lays to trend on social media with several women alleging sexual impropriety, which the comic denied.

There are great men out there. She wrote two 11 million on Instagram and a few million more on Twitter. And there are men who humiliate and abuse women and girls because of a power dynamic, because when they were that age, girls wouldn’t talk to them again. I am not mocking the underlying topic.

Just the writing of this article, like is like, whoa, okay. Amy’s hosting the Oscars and you’re putting life in Beth. I get it.

They fast forward to Amy Schumer’s hotel room in early. The article says she’s sprawled out on a couch. Amy Schumer says it’s all been really sad and disappointing, and I don’t think the coercion and the taking advantage and the masturbating in front of people is cool. I don’t think those guys should be allowed to come back.

In recent years, Schumer has watched her venues shrink from 15,000 person arenas to 5,000 seat theaters and has been pillared from all corners of the. Amy says, and the male comics are mad at you and mean you and it doesn’t feel good when those were your friends, but also F them, I’m no expert in selling comedy shows, but might take as a definite watcher of this industry. And I’ve been programming comedy on radio and the internet since 2004. Amy was red, hot, white hot had her moment had inside Amy Schumer then got that ridiculous Spotify podcast deal for a podcast nobody cared about.

And she was overexposed for a couple minutes there and the material was okay.

It’s like a band with a hit single. She had her it moment and yeah, it cooled off a little. That’s why you shrank from 15,000 to 5,000.

Continuing with the hollered Porter Schuman, didn’t break her way into a boy’s club to let it continue on unchanged. And as the first and only female comics to ever headline Madison square garden, which for the record she sold out she feels she’s earned the right to speak her mind.

And now after a prolonged period of hibernation, at least by her standards, she’s re-emerging with a deeply personal Hulu series life and Beth blah, blah, blah. now this article, the publicist good job. You earned your money. They got Chris rock and Jerry Seinfeld to sing their praises about Amy.

Chris rock said she’s really, really ridiculously honest, and she’s fearless. She’s also as funny as any person walking the earth.

The reporter continues early on when Schumer was just a young comedian, trying to get noticed in a man’s business, talking graphically about sex, often in heels and tight clothing became as much a tactic as it was a crutch. It was her way of sneaking in. It was successful, particularly in those open mic days when the crowds were packed with male comics who in her estimation were so ready for the girl not to be.

Schumer shutters now at the lengths, she wants to fit in with the guys, but says she needed to surprise them in the laughing. And she knew how still labeling her as a sex comic. It didn’t give her nearly enough credit.

Let me jump in. Amy Schumer’s first album was released in 2011 is called cutting here’s some tracks on that album track two masturbating track, three cock block.

Her second album live at the Apollo track. Eight happy. Track 13 men only want one thing and track 14 sex acts

still labeling her sex comic. Didn’t give her nearly enough credit. It was also arguably sexist. Amy said, I feel like a guy could get up here and literally pull his penis out and everybody would be like, he’s. By the time she rolled out her comedy central sketch show inside Amy Schumer, 2013, those feminist messages had become so explicit that the series and his viral setups, including a pitch perfect parody of 12 angry men, featuring a panel of famous jurors, trying to determine a Schumer was hot enough for TV earned, both an Emmy and a Peabody that is eager aide sketch.

Great sketch had Trump not been elected president leaving increasingly in demand, Schumer, totally depressed. And without anything to say, With her sketch show. She insists she would have continued with its already ordered fifth season instead, comedy Central’s then had Ken Alterman offered his prize talent, the kind of arrangement Larry David had on curb.

We told her anytime you want to come back, we’re here.

I believe I met Amy Schumer once. And like, I know I met her once. I’m trying to think if I’ve met her more than once, uh, she hosted, we did a broadcast at Sirius XM, honoring Carol Burnett, and Amy was the host for that one and she was perfectly professional. I have no issue with Amy. I enjoy her comedy. Am I take here today is just, wow.

I see what the publicist’s trying to do. We’re trying to reposition Amy Schumer. We’re promoting. Life and Beth, we’re getting ready for her to go next level with the Oscars. We’re leaking to page six every now and then that she’s out with Selena Gomez. All I’m saying is I see what we’re doing here.

I feel like what I do here, you can buy me a slash daily comedy news. Kenny did just that. Now, Kenny, a direct shout out to you. Kenny had suggested I go to the national coffee chain, the one with the green logo and try one of their products.

Haven’t forgotten anybody. Haven’t had a chance to do it. I’m planning on going there with a portable recorder and capturing the moment on. I haven’t had a chance yet, but buy me a comedy news. One of the reasons is I’ve been trying to process all the episodes of my casual travel podcast, which is called travel is back new episode out today.

This one is the last of the basement episodes as I call them where I’m doing recollections of my time in places that I’ve been in. What I like to do when I’m there. Today’s episode is six hours and be a Ritz Franz beer. It’s France is down near the Spain border. It is a resort town. It has my personally ranked a third best beach in the world.

I had an awesome time there, but I was only there for six hours. Now, starting next week, I’m excited because the true vision of the show would be me taking the portable recorder places. And I did just that when I was recently out west in Nevada.

So there’d be a run of six or seven episodes where I’m on the Las Vegas strip and I’m at the various national parks and Hoover dam and death valley and Zion national park. So I’m really excited about those upcoming episodes, but that’s what I’ve been doing when I’m not doing the comedy podcast.

I’ve been putting those together and you know, it takes a little bit of time. So travel is back wherever you get your shows, a variety did a fluff piece with the Kardashians, just like the Amy Schumer. Fluffy’s disguised as article, same thing, variety bag the Kardashians. They’re promoting their new show on.

Hulu’s PR people are getting a raise this week. I’ll tell you that

the Kardashians have a new show who cares is Pete Davidson going to be on it? Kim says, I have not filmed with him. I’m not opposed to it. It’s just not what he does. But if there was an event happening and he was there, he wouldn’t tell the cameras to get away. I think I might film something really exciting coming, but it wouldn’t be for this season.

Cool. Now I don’t have to watch. Giant freaking robot is a website and they recount a recent episode of Joe Rogan. What caught my eye was the headline about them goofing on the rock, giant freaking robot rights. Rogan recently took to his podcast to joke about Dwayne Johnson.

Being able to make $60 million as a sperm donor. There was a video embedded. I watched it.

The gist of the joke was that somebody like the rock or a hypothetically divorced Barack Obama could get a lot of money as sperm donors. Basic premise was okay, but Rogan and the guys in the room, just devolved, it’s a low brow lame humor. Like your friends in fifth grade would do like, yeah, man, a better Palmer could get a lot for his.

It was just, it was bad. Joe Rogan was bad. It was bad. Taylor Thompson did an AMA. One of the questions. Hey, tailored, solid. Listen. Was it your show in Atlantic city in February? It was amazing. My face hurt afterward for laughing so much. I was warning while you just walk off the stage and don’t let the crowd give you applause.

After the show, Taylor said, ha ha. I think it would be kind of weird. It’s just like stand there waiting for applause. No, they applaud as I leave, which I appreciate. I don’t need to make everybody feel as if they owe me more applause. I have shared that AMA on the daily comedy news, sub Reddit, which is called daily comedy news.

While I’m hating on things today. I was catching up on the it’s always sunny podcast. They need a producer. That thing is all over the place. It’s guys talking over each other. Again, I have expertise in podcast producing. You might think this podcast, which I host myself sucks, but my body work is solid.

And yeah, they’re just talking over each other and unfocused, the podcast is sensibly is recapping the episodes and the guys’ memories of it has nothing to do with that. The episode that I’m hating on in particular was they took open phone calls and it was just all over the place.

I also feel like Glen doesn’t want to do the podcast. Charlie day seems to enjoy it. Rob might enjoy it. Glen doesn’t want to be there at all. And from timeout New York,

I want to bring your dogs. So comedy night hit Boris and Horton. Four must love dogs and come. dogs of all sizes and colors or prancing around tails wagging as their owners. Chit-chat happily to the other canine comrades. Meanwhile, you’re trying to do your comedy at anyone is welcome to bring their dog to the show as long as they get along with others.

Now, does the dog have to get along with others or do the humans have to get along with others? Shouldn’t have used a pronoun there. Time out New York might sound disruptive, but the ensuing performances are enhanced and even made better with furry friends around. They may not be the subject of the show, but comedians offer and incorporate them into their jokes.

Again, you’re using too many pronouns. He needs to use the word dogs here and play off their barks and whines. Sometimes they meaning the dogs sigh at the perfect time or demand pets for the performer.

Why? And it picking the pronounced for clarity you ever noticed? When I read an article, instead of saying, say Amy, for the third time, I will say the full Amy Schumer every time. There’s a reason I do that.

One of the insiders says when you think of traditional standup, you think of a crowded space, that’s dark and you’re sitting and watching comedians perform. And every sense of the way this show is different. It’s bright in there. So the performers are shocked to see the audience. When you come into the space, it’s so joyous and happy at tell performers.

It’s hard to bomb because everybody’s just smiling at.

each show raises funds for local animal shelters, like muddy paws rescue. And that is your comedy news 14 day. Or if you want to comment on any of this was a too hard on Amy Schumer. Facebook group is daily comedy news podcast group. The subreddit is daily comedy news. There’s also an Instagram at daily comedy news.

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