An Office reboot is possible, what might it look like?

Given where all the characters landed at the end of The Office, would a reboot even be a good idea? NBC would like to bring the show back.

Jermaine Clement on a possible Flight of the Conchords reunion

Sam Tallent’s new special is out.

Jack Whitehall’s Travels with Father is coming to an end

The Sno Jam Comedy Festival sounds fun

Sam Morril’s documentary will feature Ray Romano, Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, Sal Vulcano, Robert Kelly, Chris Redd, Sam Jay, Joe List, Mark Normand, Rachel Feinstein, Taylor Tomlinson, Ronnie Chieng, Rosebud Baker, and Ari Shaffir!

Seinfeld is coming to Netflix

John Cena likes doing comedies with some action…like Jackie Chan

Check out All Pro Lines so Aaron isn’t sad.

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