Andrew Schulz will self-release rather then be censored, Louis CK gets another terrible review

Andrew Schulz will self release his new special on YouTube

Jimmy O Yang enjoys cooking

the Louis CK mafia won’t like this review

Larry Wilmore suggest Jon Stewart got too much credit – but not in a jerky way

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. It is seven seven. How about that? Late nights off this week, but vulture did some joke jokes. One from Philippe Esparza. Did you hear what happened when the guy who wrote the song, the hokey pokey died, they couldn’t close this coffin. Every time they put a right foot in, he put his left foot out.

Greg Robinson with why the man get fired from the orange juice factory. He couldn’t concentrate. Wayne Federman, a guy catches his wife in bed with his best friend and goes Sal. I have to, but you and Sam, Jay with had, did the gum across the road. It was stuck to the chicken’s foot.

Asan Minna Panda walks into a bar. He order some food bartender gives him the bill. He gets up, he walks away from the food and the drinks goes to the door. The bartender goes, Hey, man, what are you doing? And the Panda goes, I’m leaving. And the bartender goes, you can’t leave. You have to pay me right now.

The Panda pulls out a gun and fires two shots in the air. He’s about to walk out the door.

Bartender’s like, are you crazy? I’m gonna call the cops right now. The Panda goes, it’s what I do. Look it up. Check in encyclopedia. The bartender opens the book. It says , Panda, bear eats, shoots, and leaves. .

It’s also a very dirty version of that joke with the same punchline eats, shoots, and leaves that I heard in the schoolyard many, many years ago, Andrew Schultz will be self releasing his upcoming comedy special infamous. He refused to deal with an unnamed streamer’s demands to edit or cut out entire jokes, which he claims the platform deemed too wild and worried executives about online backlash.

I’ve seen some websites speculates that this was Netflix, but we don’t know who the unnamed streamer is.

. Schultz did release a four part special on Netflix in 2020, that was called Schult saves America in a recent video posted to Instagram and Twitter. Andrew says, some of you probably know this about me. I’m a very stubborn guy. It’s a long story short. I took my effing life savings and I bought my special back.

He issued a plea to his fans, to spread the word saying was up to them to see that the gamble pays off pre-order now and spread the word. So my wife doesn’t divorce me.

I think people like real authentic comedy, and I think they would prefer that then some water down corporate boardroom, a bull pucky.

He says that people who attend his show seem to really enjoy these jokes that are too offensive or could cause too much backlash. He has released two clips from the special, which will now debut, July 17th in the first he jokes about the sex life of a couple from the audience and the second, which you preface with the message.

This is well aligns. They were worried about for the special he outlines the effing carnival. That is an abortion clinic.

From a S a M news, say it with me. You’re home for comedy news. Jimmy O yang has his own cooking YouTube channel called Jimmy’s kitchen, who knew? Well, now you do, by the way, I’m loving a, a M news. They have Jimmy O yang. So it’s like Jimmy yang, middle initial O this article has his last name.

O like he’s from Ireland. So every time I’m looking at this O apostrophe yang, Jimmy O yang . He started sharing his love for cooking during the pandemic, by making videos, it was a fun way to connect with others and have people over his house to hang out. He felt was important to keep his creative juices flowing in a recent episode, O yang partnered with Panda express.

I think they think his last name is O yang.

This is hilarious. Oh, yang partnered with Panda express, where he learned how to make their newest American Chinese dish walk fried shrimp.

Oh, yang in a statement said Pan’s executive director of culinary innovation. Jimmy Wang taught me the intricacies of walk cooking and how to achieve walk hay or breath of the walk, which describes the sea smokiness in the dish. From traditional walk, cooking that Panda express is known for.

Mr. O yang talked about getting into comedy and said I was bored. I tried different things to find a community for life after college, because I couldn’t imagine sitting behind a desk and working nine to five my whole life. Amen. One of the things I tried was stand up the most exciting thing wasn’t going on stage, but it was the camaraderie after the shows, comedians hanging out, talking about jokes, talking about how they bombed.

I loved that. I felt like I found a community. So I started going to open mics every night. The Louis CK mafia. They’re not happy with me at all. They don’t like that. I’m calling them the Louis CK mafia. Well, Louis CK mafia, you’re gonna be very upset about this review from the globe and male who writes stop me.

If you heard this one before comedian goes to a doctor, says he is depressed. Life seems harsh and cruel is famous friends, no longer return his calls. He’s lost his magazine covers and TV specials. Everyone says he is a pervert, a predator, a toxic personality. He’s been canceled. The doctor says the treatment is simple.

The great comic Louis CKS in town tonight premiering his new movie. 4th of July. It’s supposed to be hilarious, honest, cathartic, come back, go and see the film that should pick you up. The man verse his tears. But doctor, I am Louis CK. The the globe mail rights. If you found that joke week, I have unfortunate news.

It’s better than almost 90% of the material found in 4th of July CKS attempt to inches way back into the culture after being made persona on grata.

Oh, there’s more. It’s not as if 4th of July is bad because it’s a movie directed co-written and co-starring CK, a man who you might despise, tolerate be completely unaware of, or even a door. The film is a du all on its own. A watered down Woody Allen F simile that is long enough bombs and short on wit.

As much as we can direct much of the blame to CK as we can. His co-writer Joe list, a younger comedian who’s open for CK. A number of times and stars here is Jeff. The trouble starts with the casting of list who both lacks screen presence and sheer believability that this meek sensitive guy could come from such a brain pack of Jack alls as his family presents themselves as.

The type of folk who in loud, new England accents crack wise about jazz sounding more like a synonym for ejaculate and whose idea of physical affection involves impromptu headlocks.

Here’s a fun one. NBC universal is trying to get the trademark D Mifflin, you know, D Mifflin. They sell paper in Scranton.

Well, a different company. JNet media group actually owns the trademark to thunder. Mifflin deadline says NBC universal is appealing. The rejection it received from the us patent and trademark office. And they’re suing JNet media group for allegedly being a trademark squatter.

Speaking of the office. Larry Wilmore caught up with vulture. Larry said I started writing and producing back in the day to create a space for myself. The office led me back to performing when we did the table read for the diversity day episode, I got a lot of laughs

the director said, Larry, you have to do this, but people don’t remember the American version of the office was not highly regarded. I went to England to do a seminar. Once one of the producers of the English office was there. He said, do me a favor, make sure they never take this to America and ruin it. I go, I’ll tell you what if it does.

I’ll never work on something like that. Smash cut to me. Not only working on it, I’m in this MFR

then vulture switch topics. They were talking about the daily show

and the influence of John Stewart.

Larry. One more said of John, they gave him too much credit. People wanted it to be actual activism. When people say phone John Stewart, as if he had said something, maybe Trump would not have been elected.

I’m like, no, that’s not how it works. Why are you looking at comedians for the most important decisions about the world? I have no problem with what John does in his show. It’s great, but it need not be our north star.

And from the Hollywood reporter, Doug Herzog, once ran comedy central MTV and spike, he’s got a new podcast that’s called basic. I was checking it out. It’s ostensibly the unofficial history of basic cable TV. And I’m like, oh, that could be really interesting. And some of the guests, Jimmy Kimmel, Amy Schumer, Brian Cranson Ben Stiller.

And I started listening to the Jimmy Kimmel episode and it’s not good. It’s not good. It’s not good. I bailed and Kimmel was trying hard to carry it, but a lot of carrying. It’s this morning. Cause I’d like to hear about the history of basic cable from an insider, but as a podcast, that’s just not good.

First of all, get good audio guys.

One guest Doug Herzog is hoping to get is Dave Chappelle. He doesn’t think he will get him, but said we did talk to Neil Brennan, the Cori of Chappelle show.

The Hollywood reporter asked Doug Herzog. What stands out as the high and low points. One thing that he brought up, I’m just focusing on the comedy central stuff here. Well, the one I think about the most is Chappelle. If you’re a little younger Chappelle’s show was red hot, and Dave walked away after season two and it was stunning.

And Dave reportedly walked away from a lot of money. Doug Herzog says, was there a way to thread the needle on that differently? Somehow I think I probably could have done some things differently. I think comedy central could have probably done some things differently. Certainly Dave could have, but I can’t control.

I just always wonder, was there a different way out? And I’ve seen Dave a lot recently. We didn’t speak for many years and we didn’t see each other for years. I don’t even know if we weren’t speaking, but then I ran into him six or seven years ago. Actually I’ve seen him two or three times this year.

Believe it or not. And he’s super gracious and warm. When I see him now, it certainly seems like he’s moved on with me. If not, he’s a great actor, but I often wonder like, was there a different way? And maybe there wasn’t it was a crazy time.

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