Andrew Yang’s plan for a Dave Chappelle concert! #YANGGANG

If Andre Yang (#YANGGANG) becomes mayor of New York City, he’d like to have a big giant Dave Chappelle concert live-streamed to the world!

Wow Late Night went to town on Ted Cruz, we hear from Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien and the gang.

Dr. Hibbert gets a new voice actor on The Simpsons.

Superstore In Spanish? Sure, why not.

Mum-Z tours Russia.

They were out of red velvet so if you want to I will get caramel.

I released a bonus episode for Members Only. $5 gets you in at

Why didn’t the Daily Beast name check that comedian who you know from pantomiming to Donald Trump videos on Tik-Tok?

Fun one today!

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