Are Adam Sandler movies so bad that even J.K. Simmons can’t make them good?

Did you see the trailer for the new Kevin James movie about NFL Coach Sean Payton? It’s an Adam Sandler production….and as one thing leads to another Johnny Mac discovers J.K. Simmons, who makes everything great. was once in an Adam Sandler movie. What happens when you combine the best actor and the worst filmmaker?

In other news…

Mo Amer is very thankful for Dave Chappelle

Richard Pryor’s Live In Concert, was added to the National Film Registry.

Dan Soder is in Boston and has cool friends like Joe List, Sam Morril, Mark Normand, Shane Gillis and Nate Bargatze

Jim Gaffigan’s Netflix special hits December 21

Uncorrected transcript below:

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. Did you see that some of the Fox news commentators, Brian Kilmeade, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram had sent pleading text and work metals on January 6th asking then president Donald J. Trump to speak out and stop the insurrection. Jimmy Kimmel said, gee, if only they had some sort of media outlet where they could have said that public.

That just wins the day. Let’s go home. All right. See you tomorrow. That’s podcast today, Trevor Noah. This is like finding out that the flight attendant who’s been telling you that it’s just a little turbulence is going back to the cockpit, like Zyban on a flight, his thing, we’re all going to die. Felon.

Yeah. It came out that Fox news host We’re begging for Trump to do something. And today Fox news host lit their tree on fire. Again, just to change the subject cold beer. So the January 6th, the tech scared Lorene Grumman. Keep in mind. Her side gig is appearing in your bathroom mirror. If you whisper Medicare for all three times.

Seth the record show that then white house chief of staff, Mark Meadows also received a text from Fox news host. Brian, kill me that said, please get him on TV, destroying everything we’ve accomplished.

That’s a shocking revelation. They had a big Trump to go on TV, Fallon triples, like fire applied. Every text that said what you’re doing is crazy. I’d never get anything done. Trump didn’t want to hear it. Not only did Trump ignore texts from Fox news, he also dropped them from his family cell phone plan, Trevor.

I love that they were so concerned that this could ruin Trump’s legacy. Yeah. If he gets somebody killed today, no one. Remember that time. He told everybody to drink bleach. If one person at your network has no insecurity, that’s a problem. If nobody has integrity, that’s a company policy. Jimmy Kimmel. If you’re looking for some silver lining here, I don’t think we give the Fox news gang enough credit for their acting.

It’s really good. From page six Caroline’s comedy club has sent out its annual hilarious holiday card. Deckard begins, may the holidays, dot, and here’s some jokes from Caroline’s comedy club. All right, may the holidays bring or a Kelly being assigned to clean the prison? Urinals, may the holidays bring the Lord having mercy on the souls of anyone who did Brittany Spears wrong?

May the holidays bring a place for Democrats and Republicans to come together , anywhere other than on Epstein island, may the holidays bring Dave Chappelle is next grand Marshall of the next pride parade.

May the holidays bring whatever cologne Pete Davidson is wearing. May the holidays bring a new scar for Taylor swift?

May the holidays bring a new show for Aaron Rogers, a host called put my teammates in jeopardy. That’s a really good the card also memorializes the late rapper, DMX and comedians, Jackie Mason and norm McDonald. Did you see the trailer for this new Kevin James movie?

Oh my goodness. It got ripped on the internet and it deservedly. So, and I learned today and I shouldn’t be shocked, you know, who is the genius behind this comedy? Adam Sandler, of course, Mahalia reporter, if there was still any question, whether the Kevin James storing film about NFL coach, Sean Payton, and the new Orleans saints bounty scandal would take the situation.

Seriously. The trailer has cleared that up produced by Adam Sandler’s happy Madison productions, home team that makes a family comedy out of the late two thousands bounty gate scandal.

Kevin James plays a fictionalized version of the NFL coach, which on the surface, not the worst idea, but they quickly made it the worst idea who helps coach his son’s youth football team, a group that is of course awful. And if you’ve seen the trailer, it’s like every bad sports team, kid joke you’ve seen going back to the bad news bears.

We’ve seen this already Adams.

In real life. The actual Sean Payton did indeed serve as the offensive coordinator for his son’s sixth grade team in Argyle, Texas. During his time away from the saints,

the preview for the film shows Kevin James version of Peyton, aiming to become a better father. As he tries to help the ragtag U football team get its act together. Allah, 1994, his little giants. Let’s see. Who else is in this? Adam Sandler. Jim, let’s see the cast includes Rob Schneider, someone named Jackie Sandler.

I am DB says there is someone named Jacqueline, Samantha, Jackie Sandler, an American actress and model known for appearing in films, produced and written by her husband, Adam Sandler. I’m going to guess that’s her.

Wonder how she got the gig at Gary Valentine, Tate bloom and a bunch of other people you’ve never heard of.

With the Hollywood reporter throws in as previously ported by NBC’s Peter King, you know, the big time football writer, the actual Sean Payton read and made changes to the script home team. Starring Kevin James produced by Adam Sandler. How could it possibly be bad premieres on Netflix? January 28th. As Adam Sandler trailers go, believe me, it’s not uncut gems, but it also does not appear to be Hubie Halloween where Jack and Jill horrific. My family still talks about when I wouldn’t let them spend $5 on a Jack and Jill pay-per-view.

And I said, I would rather light $5 on. So home team doesn’t look quite that bad, but it looks pretty bad.

The daily beast caught up with Mo Amor. You should catch up with Mo Amor. His specials on Netflix. I think from memory ads, pretty good. He was talking about playing those Dave Chappelle concerts during the pandemic, and it said the high point and experience was cracking up. David Letterman. I’m going to talk about Dave later in this podcast, Dave was there to interview Dave Chappelle.

Mo said once I knew Dave was in the audience, I didn’t give a hoot about anybody else. I was preparing for Letterman a hundred percent. When Dave got on stage and complimented a set Mo Amarin Mitzi teared up calling it one of the best moments of his life.

MOAs, thankful to Dave Chappelle Chappelle really did that, man. He really gave everyone an opportunity. He and his wife, Elaine are such special people. They’re like family, just such kind and generous.

Amor still feels that way. Despite catching COVID twice last year, once while staying what’s your pellet, Ohio, and a second sign. When opening for Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan in Austin, I’m going to avoid Dave Chappelle. I enjoy your comedy man, but don’t need the COVID stay away.

Malema calls Dave Chappelle, a true master of the art form and says, what he learned from Dave was how to mentally prepare for the altitude of fame. He’s really one of the most brilliant minds that I’ve ever met. Moe Amaras first brush with fame came by accident in 2017. He posted on Instagram about a fellow passenger on a flight.

He was standing next to Eric. He said he randomly got upgraded to business class at down. There’s our Trump. And there’s a picture of him on the internet. You can find with Eric Trump, Mo Emer said, I hated that. When Dave Chappelle saw that he goes, bro, famous chasing you. And I was like, I don’t want it chasing me like that.

You want it to be on the merit of your art and what you’re contributing Mo Amor didn’t realize his post have gone viral and suddenly landed and had hundreds of emails from every publication you could ever imagine. Even worse was when Trump fan started using the incident to somehow prove to the Trump family, which had just tried to implement a Muslim ban was not actually anti Muslim.

Mo Emer knew. The only way you could take control of the narrative was turning into a standup bit. Immediately. I have shared that bit on the daily comedy news, Facebook, a group page go to Facebook and it’s daily comedy news podcast of group.

Most as he got to make it funny, if you make it funny and nothing else matters,

Dan soda’s up in Boston this week. And he said, coming back to Boston, my perspective is different. Now. He told us to Vanya land. Last time it was. I was like, so I kinda got a girlfriend and blah, blah, blah. But now I’ve spent the last year being in a great relationship with someone who has helped me become a better person.

And I got a dog and now it’s just different. I feel like a, more of a human being now than I ever was before during the pandemic he saw friends like, and this is a good list of friends, Joe list, Sam Murrell, Mark Norman, Shane Gillis, and Nate forgets put together top tier specials admits the pan.

Soda says, I think right now, and even before the pandemic, a lot of people were in a rush to put out content. And I did it see with big Jay Oakerson and Ari. Shaffir where we had a podcast about watching 21 jump street from the beginning. After doing that for a while, really resonated with me that maybe I should just go into the shadows, write jokes and just kind of be quiet.

It’s been rewarding to back up a little bit, not push because a lot of people are pushing that summer pushing so hard that they don’t realize the starting and getting on everyone’s nerves. So for me, It became all about going away, writing better jokes and coming up with a new hour that nobody’s seen before.

And that they’ll really enjoy. I started to get crotchety and protective over standup, but then I realized I was channeling things incorrectly. Now we just appreciate being able to do it. And it shows again, it’s just awesome for so long, everybody was like, stand up. We’ll always be there, but we’ve seen how that’s not really true.

So there’s this part of me I’ve been working on in my personal life and on stage where I’m okay with slowing down, staying present, and just enjoying the moment.

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I’m sure. When they see me, they feel old too. Speaking of 1982, I am on a Letterman kick. I was doing some prep for the podcast and I noticed February 1st, 1982 is the 40th anniversary of a late night with David Letterman. So in January, I’m going to do some episodes about late night and I’ve been working on those in the side.

I’ve recorded one of those and it’s got me on a Letterman kick. I was on a deep dive the other night on YouTube. Finding Letterman clip after Letterman clip. So if you’re on the Facebook group again, a daily comedy news Facebook group, and you happen to be there around 1230 and I mean 1230 in the morning, Eastern time, I scheduled episodes of Letterman. So if you want to be on a Letterman kick, stay up late. That’s not how Facebook works. Johnny Mac. I can just wake up in the morning and see what you posted overnight. I know, but that’s not as much fun. I scheduled the post for [12:30] AM play along.

Hey, did you see this being the Ricardo is a thing I’m excited for. The trailers look really good. I was reading an article about, I think it was in the Hollywood reporter, perhaps variety, but I think it was Hollywood reporter. And it mentioned that Nicole Kidman who plays Lucy is 54.

And I was like, how old is Lucy on? I love Lucy. I looked it up. She was around 40, so great job, Nicole Kidman playing 40 year old Lucy. And did we talk about this casting? Fred Mertz, William Frawley, you know, who plays William Frawley, JK Simmons. Have you ever seen anything that JK Simmons does in that?

Wasn’t a great, you haven’t JK Simmons could be in an Adam Sandler movie and he would make it good. Somehow. I wonder if he was ever in an Adam Sandler movie quick, Google.

Well, look at this JK Simmons and Adam Sandler have started one movie together, 20 fourteens, men, women, and children. What was that? Is Adam Sandler that bad at movies that he dragged at JK Simmons all the way down. Here’s the plot, Donald and Helen Truby. Come on, Donald and Helen Truby or a sexually unsatisfied married.

Couple Helen has multiple affairs on the social media website. Ashley Madison. Oh yeah, I remember that website, but I’m to that. And Donald regularly visits, escort. Donald accidentally catches his wife’s affair and a discussion. The day after this discovery, both confessed to their scandalous activities and agreed to ignore they ever happened.

Their teenage son, Chris is aroused by material, not deemed normal by society. Chris, in order to condition himself to have arousal towards traditional means dates, classmate. Hannah, why does this movie who models for a website run by her mom, Joan, however, as they start to initiate sex, Chris fails to become and they break up.

What kind of Adam Sandler movie is this

cast? Adam Sandler plays dun Truby JK Simmons plays. Mr. DAS.

All right. Well, there you have it. JK Simmons is not so awesome that he can overcome everything. He can make a record as movie. Good. He can make a Spider-Man movie. Good. He can be good as an insurance guy in a commercial, he can scare the hell out of you on us. He can be good as a yellow M and M look it up. But if you pair them up with Adam Sandler, even JK Simmons, can’t overcome that crap. Adam Sandler movies are terrible. You don’t believe me. Watch the Sean Payton movie.

I told you about at the beginning. You’ll see. And I’m saying there’s not even any. Jim Gaffigan announced a date for his Netflix special. It is a December 21st. Not sure we had seen an actual date before me just telling you right now, the Netflix, a comedy festival thingy, the big thing they’re having next year, they added Ellen degenerates.

Congratulations to Richard Pryor. His first special live in concert has been added to the national film registry,

the laugh out and believes it is the first stand-up special that has ever received. The honor. Congratulations there. If you’re in Vancouver, local comedian, grandma Clark is trying to pull off 24 hours straight of stand-up comedy. It is called a gram Clark’s 24 hours of standup, a fundraiser. It kicks off today and we’ll run straight through to Saturday nights.

It’s a fundraiser for the little mountain gallery. That’s a local theater gallery and meeting space. That’s become a staple for Vancouver’s comedy, creative scenes. They’re getting kicked out of their current location on January 1st for the trying to raise as much money as they can find a new home and stay afloat while they move.

And you don’t have to stay for 24 hours. Tickets are available in 60 to 90 minute chunks.

saw this on website cure a city. It’s a curiosity, but cure city with a C whatever they suggest either go at the beginning

or wait until like three 30 in the morning till Graham Clark is like shot.

Now tomorrow I’ll be reviewing episodes five and six of season 15 of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. If you do not like it’s always sunny in Philadelphia and you do not want to hear me talk about, it’s always sunny and. You skipped tomorrow, Sunday will be normal. And I’ll see you there. If you like.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. Come back tomorrow. Follow the show on apple podcasts. Lot of new listeners on apple podcasts, they tweaked the podcast recommendation engine and I’m noticing my show is getting recommended. Thank you, apple podcasts. I’m not even going to mention those other services.

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