Bert Kreischer announces amazing lineup for a Fully Loaded Comedy Festival plus what Jim Gaffigan gave up for Lent

Bert Kreischer’s Fully Loaded Tour sounds amazing – Mark Normand, Shane Gillis, Tiffany Haddish, Stavros Halkias, Fortune Feimster, Dave Attell, Lewis Black, Jim Norton, Andrew Santino, Big Jay Oakerson, Jay Pharoah, Dan Soder, Chad Daniels, Ralph Barbosa, Rosebud Baker and Tammy Pescatelli.

Jim Gaffigan on giving things up for lent

A battle over Louie Anderson’s assets

Hasan Minhaj is the Riddler

That time Carrot Top’s stuff burned in a fire and Jay Leno made some jokes about it but it’s all OK in the end


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