Bert Kreischer: Why tour and just sit in your hotel room?

Bert Kreischer doesn’t want to just sit around his hotel room.

Why Amy Schumer fired her doula.

Andy Kaufman’s Elvis impression.

John Mulaney tried to get Seth Meyers to wear suits.

Sarah Cooper’s Agent is obviously the best in the business.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. This is usually a weird week, a quiet week for comedy. I’ll talk about that in the second half. I’m also awaiting Roe V. Wade late night jokes. Those aren’t in yet. Uh, the late night shows are live this week. Chelsea handler is in for Jimmy Kimmel, but some leftovers from last week, Stephen Colbert had talked about the January 6th house select committee meetings.

Remember when that was the top story? Representative Liz Cheney spoke directly to the at home audience saying don’t be distracted by politics. This is serious. We cannot let America become a nature of conspiracy theories and thug violence. Colbert said it’s true. Cuz if we do the reptilians who run the new world order will steal our spines to use as radio towers to broadcast our location at bill gates.

Seth Meyer said, I feel like as a nation, we haven’t all fully appreciated the degree to which the president basically almost got the vice president killed. It feels like something you only read in history books, like the Burr Hamilton, dual of course, if Trump and Penns ever dued one thing would be certain.

Trump ain’t doing the full 10 paces. like I mentioned, I haven’t seen much about Roe V. Wade. Believe me. I’ve typed several times into the Google machine comedians. Roe V. Wade comedians, abortion, you know, who comes up? George Carland. George is having a heck of a 2022, uh, one. I did see Amy Schumer reacted to the news.

She shared on her Instagram story post from writer and producer, Tracy Egan. One of those posts said late term abortions via school shootings are still available. We shouldn’t determine our rights by interpreting the intentions of a bunch of slave owning rapists.

Who’ve been dead for hundreds of years.

Switching topics better call Saul is coming back. They announced a guest star for the final episodes. Carol Burnett she’s 89. Carol Burnett will be on the show playing a character named Marion. Carol Burnett said I’m thrilled to be a part of my favorite show. That’s all we know. The AJC spoke to Bert. ER, he’s having fun on tour in each city bet tries to do something fun and they were in Indiana and visited Notre Dame in Louisville.

They checked out Churchill downs in Atlanta. He hang out with Nikki Glazer.

Bert said white sore. And just sit in your hotel room. I wanna go out and have fun.

this stores a labor of love for me. He isn’t really paying himself well, but he’s providing for his friends’ market rate, appearance fees, gift bags, tour buses, and private jet travel.

How netflix has paid him a lot in the past, but said they’re subsidizing my entire life. I don’t know where I’d be without them. And they always have your back as an artist. They also started talking about Bert’s wife who grew up in Florida,

Leanne Reese’s chickens. She’ll wake up early to make biscuits with sorghum syrup for the girls. She’s forever a small town chick. You can take the redneck outta Bowden, but you can’t take Bown out of the redneck.

The laugh button wrote at length about Andy Kaufman’s, Elvis impression.


The first time Andy did Elvis was

The show was produced by an old college friend. They invited Andy Kaufman to come out in honor of Elvis performing nearby that night. Andy went on and lip sync to Elvis. That was the only time he ever lip synced. Every other performance was Andy actually singing.

He even gave an interview in character.

But where the impression really popped was on the tonight show with Johnny Carson, andy came out doing his foreign man character. If you’re not familiar with that think Locka from taxi pretty much similar. Foreign man.

Speaking in a very broken language is a man that hails from a fictional island. He does some lackluster impressions of Archie bunker and ed McMan before breaking out a drop dead Elvis. If you’ve never seen this clip, seek it out now, why are you even listening to me? Go do that.

Left button writes to say he had the ability to leave the audience. Stunned is an understatement. It really is. You’re just like, wow, what is happening here with foreign man? And then Elvis? Yeah, it’s fantastic. In 1977.

Kaufman filmed, a special that ABC didn’t even air it until the summer of 79. Once Andy had broken out on taxi on that special, he did arguably his best Elvis dressed in a brand new white jumpsuit designed by Elvis’s own designer.

Andy does an impeccable performance of treat me right? The left button says a big standout of his impression was also how he matched Elvis’s nuances between the songs Andy’s final special happened in 1983 on PBS. What. dressed again in a new suit made by Elvis’ designer.

Andy kept things short, but sweet this time around with his Elvis impression singing blue moon of Kentucky, Andy would pass away a year later.

A quick stop off at gossip corner from TMZ. Amy Schumer had to call it quits with Penn bad Lee’s wife. Apparently Penn bad Lee’s wife was working as Amy Schumer’s doula.

When Amy was recovering from her C-section Amy was on Padden badge Lee’s podcast, podcast crushed and told Penn why she fired his wife domino. She said, qualifications, weren’t an issue here, but she was like a goddess roaming around her house while Amy was feeling less than perfect.

So the reason was looks let’s hope. They all keep it friendly. And the labor board doesn’t get involved. I don’t think you can fire somebody for thinking they’re hot.

Jeremy dropped me an email. We went back and forth. It was quite friendly. Jeremy wrote about your comments regarding Chappelle and Malanney.

I disagree with you. If there were not a policy on no cell phones, people would most certainly record and put it on social media. I’ll jump in there. Totally agree. Oh, believe me. People would be holding up their phone. filming it. But as a consumer, are you gonna watch half ass video of Dave Chappelle in concert?

You’re not, you’re not think of all the videos you’ve taken yourself at concerts. Do you ever go back and watch those? You don’t Jeremy rights. It’s not that many people are bootlegging. I don’t think they’re worried about that, but by having that material online, it opens up for people to cherry pick bits out of context and make accusations of racism or sexism or any other.

Also it ruins it for the rest of us who have yet to see their new material, , as for not being spoiled. Yeah. Like I feel you on that, especially as a big star wars fan and Disney plus insists on releasing things at [3:00] AM Eastern, I don’t know when they expected me to watch Kenobi. Am I supposed to set the alarm for 2 55 and get up and watch a show in the middle of the night.

Why Disney plus why? So I get the spoiler thing. I think though you can probably avoid John Elaney spoilers. If you try. I don’t know. As far as picking bits out of context, I was thinking about that on the run this morning And what I would say about that is let’s say you did, let’s say John Ney did a bit about Martians and the Martian community got really upset about the Martian bit that John Malanney did.

Is it actually gonna hurt him? Dave Chappelle right now, I think is close to his peak powers. He might have been at peak powers when he walked away from Chappelle’s show 20 years ago. Chappelle right now is the most influential man in comedy. Arguably, maybe it’s Joe Rogan, , but I don’t feel like the recent controversies have hurt Dave Chappelle.

I’m sure when Netflix drops the next Dave’s rappel special, everyone’s gonna have eyes all over it. So I don’t know if you pulled out, Hey, look what Elaney said about the Martians. I, I don’t know if it really would hurt him or not.

Then Jeremy gave me a little business, said really? You bring a laptop to a standup comedy show. That’s a little pretentious. Don’t you think? Anyhow, love the show. Thank you very much, Jeremy. So as I explained to him on the side, My laptop is my business computer. And when I do go into an office in New York city, I work on this very laptop that I’m recording on right now.

And I need to have it with me. So personally, if I were to leave the laptop in the office overnight, cuz I wanna go to a John Malanney show, then I can’t do anything. What if a comedian dies at three in the morning? I wouldn’t be able to bang out an emergency podcast. I’d have to record on my phone.

It would sound like that airport episode, you know,

also post pandemic. I don’t go into the office well at all, but I wasn’t going in five days a week anyway. So I, I need the laptop with me. So that’s why I might bring a laptop to a standup comedy show because I worked in Manhattan and then commute back to the suburbs.

Jeremy then went to buy me a comedy news and bought me not one, not two, three large iced coffees. Here’s one. Now this is actually, um, my second of the day, I got my normal breakfast one when then went out for the run. Then I was thirsty and had to go to the post office anyway,

and the donut chain is right by the post office. I’m like, I’ll get another one. So, uh, thank you very much, Jeremy, who wrote, Hey man, it’s the guy who emailed you about the laptop. Here’s some cash fee to store your laptop at the next Melany show. thanks for the informative comedy news. Although I disagree with you on a handful of comedy matters, I appreciate and respect the amount of time and heart you put in your show.

Hey for everybody, including Jeremy. If you disagree, I want to hear from you. I like having discussions. So the various ways you can connect with me, email John, the shark It’s in the show notes. Facebook group daily comedy news. Instagram is at daily comedy news. Twitter is at DCM pod cuz the person who was at daily comedy news tweeted once, and God help you.

If you can get in touch with somebody at Twitter sport, but. Seriously, everybody. If you’ve disagree, I would love to hear from you so we can have a respectful discussion. Absolutely.

By the way, speaking of John Malanney, the laugh button says, John Malanney stage an intervention with Seth Meyers to wear a suit.

Ney was on Seth Meyer’s show and held out a shoe and announced he was holding an intervention to get Seth Meyers to put on a suit again. Malanney told him we’re not working from home anymore. You’re not in an attic in Albany or wherever you go. When you’re not here, you’re still dressing, like had a date.

It didn’t wanna wear the same clothes from work. He had stopped at the gap.

Seth says we made a choice not to go back to wearing suits mostly cuz the show’s on at 1230. And I don’t think anybody who’s watching is wearing an effing suit. If people were wearing suits in their home at 1230, I’d put my suit back.

Some activity on the Facebook group page. Again, this is what I was saying earlier. Daily comedy news podcast group, Dr. Boasted, just watched. Would it kill you to laugh on peacock? It was great, really original and no canned laughter my biggest pet peeve.

So I haven’t gotten to that yet. Been watching Paul McCartney concerts for two and a half hours, But vulture wrote about it saying in 2019 comedians, Kate bet, Lance and John early released a sketch on YouTube called have you. The sketches premise is that early in Berlin, playing themselves happen to run each other in a home good store and play a game of folk polite, competitive catching up the competition is so inane and so vicious that they manage to convey to each other.

They both know the chic home good store so well that they have their own nicknames for the store employees.

Berlin and earlys new hourlong special for peacock. Would’ve kill you to laugh. UN spools, a new series of sketches that toy with the ideas and moods of how have you been. It’s a reflection on Berlin. Ander’s comedic relationship, laughing at their history and playing up different flavors of partner dynamics in its totality.

It’s a monument to the surrealist, queer pettiness, standing high it’s up a foundation of incredible comedic harmony.

V has a lengthy review here. I shared that on the Facebook group page. I think I put it up on the Reddit as well. That’s daily comedy news, but sounds like that is a lot of fun. All right. Also on the Facebook group,

Scott Beckett was looking for suggestions for comedy podcasts.

suggested Mike Bigley as it working it out podcast.

Daniel suggested the doop, Rob Lowe’s podcast, fly on the wall with Dana Carvey and David spade. And of course, Kona O’Brien Dr. Shared a list of the 60 best comedian podcasts. You must follow in 2022. And apparently this thing is number 46.

Edging out, Kathleen Madigan, really? Even I’m picking Kathleen Madigan over me. Sorry, Kathleen.

I chimed in as well. I wrote Gilbert Maron off his ladies, weekly planet. That’s two Aussie guys who do pop culture. They talk about like Batman movies and

Kenobi and star Trek and buzz light ear, that kind of stuff. They’re really funny. Whatever happened to pizza. McDonald’s. Blank check Dana Gould and you know, what’s pretty good. And I’m surprised I’m saying this and I don’t know why I’m surprised. I don’t really think about this person, but I think I’m supposed to be like, oh, he sucks.

Bill Morris’s podcast is really interesting. I really like the Jimmy Kimmel episode and I listen to one with Sammy Hagar over the weekend. The William Shatner was pretty good. So bill Morris’s podcast is pretty good.

Couple more things. Sarah Cooper, you know, Sarah, she used to pantomime to Donald Trump videos on TikTok. And now she’s in a Jerry Seinfeld movie for some reason, her. Is the best in the business. Sarah Cooper got a profile in the Hollywood reporter. Wow. Good job, Sarah Cooper’s agent. I mean, amazing.

They asked Sarah about her rise to fame when she was pantomiming to Donald Trump videos on TikTok and said, I think it was just weird. Cause we’re in a lockdown. People say, oh, you’re famous. I’m like, no, I’m not. I said, don’t really believe that people recognize me every once in a while. I don’t know. I think at the time I felt like I was being punked.

I felt like someone was playing a big trick on me. You know, when you see people that you admire for so long, like Ben Stiller.

I’ve loved him for so long. And now he’s talking about me or tweeting my video. It’s surreal. And I would say the whole time I was in kind of a daze if I stopped for a second and be like, oh my gosh, I’m working with Maya Rudolph and Natasha Leon right now. I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Then

two years later, I’m like, oh my God, I was actually in a scene with John ham and I didn’t know what to say to him at all.

It didn’t happen slowly. It happened very, very quickly. I had to, and I still have to work on this say, okay, this is just a person. This is just another human being. I can talk to them. I can be normal. Um, that is my pro tip to everybody. And this is informed by my entire career, but especially the Sirius XM part.

When you meet a celebrity, just be normal. John ham knows that you really like him in madman. You don’t have to tell him, just talk to him like a normal person.

Sarah Cooper says, I want people to laugh. I want people to enjoy it, but at the same time, the only way for them to like, and enjoy it is if it’s not what they asked for. No one asked me to lip sync Trump. I did that. I came up with that cuz I was jealous.

I was like, I wanna be a dufus spouting ridiculous stuff. And having people think I’m brilliant, I would love that. So that’s why I did it.

But people actually hate getting exactly what they want when it comes to art, when it comes to comedy. So that’s the tough thing about it. Yes. You wanna please them, but order to please them, you can’t worry about pleasing them. That’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows, see you


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