Betty White’s blood drinking and Jon Stewart’s Harry Potter theory

It’s a weird day at DCN HQ

Some conspiracists think Betty White was part of a blood drinking cult!

Jon Stewart was in the news for a few hours over a Harry Potter Thing, then Jon quickly and loudly cleaned it up

Meanwhile, Netflix HR types were given Dave Chappelle talking points that basically said Don’t Talk About It

The Sydney Festival has its own headaches

Bill Engvall played Augusta

Today’s a weird one.

Uncorrected transcript below.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, a lot of schools closing with the COVID Stephen said I long for the good old days when our kids could safely go to school to, but chug tide pods, parents need emergency childcare help. Now I am calling on the federal government to release our strategic reserve of mothers in law.

You know, their motto. I see you’re too busy to empty the bathroom trashcan. I sent that one of my wife, Jimmy. He said, I saw that because of a huge winter storm, a 50 mile stretch of in Virginia was shut down. And drivers were stranded on the interstate for more than 24 hours. Meanwhile, there was a dad sitting there, like if I could just get over the one lane that’s me felon.

The only happy person was the cab driver. Who’s fair. I got up to 14 million.

Got some wacky stories today. I had none of these. I saw coming from the daily dot a years old comedy sketch in which Betty White jokes about drinking the blood of a Virgin has conspiracy theorists convinced that the deceased Hollywood icon was a member of the satanic elite. Yes. Was Betty White part of the satanic elite.

Let’s dive into this.

In a comedy sketch called Betty White secret to staying youthful, Betty White had joked. People always ask me how I stay. So youthful. I tell them I eat well, get plenty of rest. And every third, Sunday I drink the blood of a Virgin. And these days they’re getting harder and harder to find.

Conspiracy theorists have alleged that the death was suspicious. Given that Betty White died 17 days before her 100th birthday, Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet could be a reference to Q Anon. Hm.

The clip was shared on Instagram. Some claimed that white was merely using humor to hide her true involvement in drinking blood. When user said joke or not, you have to question anyone in Hollywood who makes jokes about child sacrifice?

You got to wonder how she stayed so youthful while remaining one of the biggest stores in Paedo would let’s just leave that there. Then there’s John Stewart, this from the Hollywood reporter, John Stewart has accused JK rallying of dealing in antisemitic tropes in the Harry Potter, France.

John Stewart has called out Harry Potter’s goblin banker characters as resembling Jewish character teachers on his podcast. John Stewart said, here’s how, you know, Jews are still where they are talking to people. Here’s what I say. Have you ever seen a Harry Potter movie?

Have you ever seen the scenes in Gringotts bank? Do you know what those folks run? The bank are Jews. Stuart pointed out that the goblins resemble an illustration in a 1903 anti-Semitic book called the protocols of the elders of. Stuart said, and those people are like, oh, that drawings from Harry Potter.

And you’re like, no, that’s a character of a Jew from an anti-sematic piece of literature. JK Rowling was like, can we get these guys to run our bank? It’s a Wizarding world. We can ride dragons. You can have a pet owl, but who should run the bank Jews. But what if the teeth were sharper? Stuart continued. It was one of those things where I saw it on screen and I was expecting the crowd to be like, holy crap. Raleigh did not. And it was hitting world. Just throw Jews out there to run like the effing underground bank. And everybody was like wizards. It was so weird.

This is the weirdest thing to me. Second day in a row, I finished editing a podcast and all I’m doing is I’m crunching the file. So after you recorded, takes, you know, two, three minutes for the file to render and I export it and I upload it. And while I do that, I start playing on my phone. And I see this story from variety, John Stewart, clarifies Harry Potter, comments headline.

I do not think JK Rowling is antisense. From variety, John Stewart chick to social media to correct a viral news story. Read on some comedy podcasts about his feelings towards the depiction of goblins in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise,

John Stewart said, I do not think. J K Rowling is antisemitic. I did not accuse her of being antisemitic. I do not think the Harry Potter movies are antisemitic. I really love the Harry Potter movies, probably too much for gentlemen of my considerable age. I cannot stress this enough.

I am not accusing JK Rowling of being anti-Semitic she’d need not answer any of it. I don’t want the Harry Potter movies censored in any way. It was a lighthearted conversation getting effing.

He clarified that his original discussion about the goblins was a lighthearted conversation amongst colleagues and shims about what it was like watching the Harry Potter movies as a Jewish man.

So that’s it for that controversy for now. Anyway. Third topic of the day from the verge. Netflix sent recruiters talking points on how to avoid discussing Dave Chappelle’s special discloser with job candidates.


The memo tells members of the talent acquisition team, not to comment on Dave Chappelle standup set the memo reads of find a way to respectfully end and move on from the topic. If you’re press further on the topic and areas not covered in the talking points and we have the talking points, I will share them in a second

in a section titled the closer and employees, Netflix encourages recruiters to stay. We value our trans colleagues and allies and understand the deep hurt that’s been caused. We respect the decision of any employee who chose to walk out and recognize. We have much more work to do both within Netflix and in our content.

Now that’s really interesting there, right? As the verge points out the memo hints at concerns Netflix might’ve had regarding its ability to hire in the wake of the Dave Chappelle contract.

While he issue did not translate into a business problem for the company in terms of cancellations and appear some exacts worried it could dissuade talent from wanting to join the company.

In the memo. Netflix told recruiters to respond to questions about the termination. By saying, we have let go of an employee for sharing confidential, commercially sensitive information outside the. We understand they may have been motivated by disappointment and hurt with Netflix, but maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is core to our company.

If pressed recruiters should add this employee was the only person to access this specific information and admitted to sharing confidential information. Externally, here are some of the talking points from the closer and employees. Tongue 0.1. I can’t comment on the closer to we value our trans colleagues and allies and understand the deep hurt that’s been caused

and if needed, the recruiter could throw this one out there.

The employee was the only person to access this specific information and admitted sharing, confidential information.

Also if needed CEO, Ted Sarandos addressed the situation on 10, 19 21 in a series of interviews or some lead off topics today. How about Beavis and Butthead? They’re coming back for some reason, Mike judge tweeted Beavis and Butthead will be returning this year with a brand new movie and more on paramount plus no exact date, but soon they need some time to get back into.

You probably have not seen toast of Tinseltown yet, unless you’re in London. Like I must be. I didn’t watch it yet. I was sightseeing all day, but I’m planning on watching it tonight. Here in London,

there was a surprised guest appearance in episode one, I’m going to spoil it. I’ll give you three seconds. Hit the 32nd skip button. I’ll only say the person’s name a once. Ready? Spoiler coming up. Larry David played a character called us Sola mere neck. Sola is the author of a book putting forward a new JFK conspiracy

on the show. Steven toast was reading the audio book. The author character appeared via zoom to direct proceedings, which meant the guest star got to say the catchphrase. Yes. I can hear you. Clem Fandango.

That’s so awesome.

The author took issue with toast, pronunciation of the very first word of the book. The. And pointed out the idea of an English actor reading. This came from my publisher. Not for me. I need to make that totally clear. I hated the idea

this morning on the treadmill. I was listening to an episode of Joe Rogan with Gilbert Godfried. It came out in the summer. I just finally got around to it. This.

It was fascinating to me. So I’m a fan of Gilbert’s podcast, but on Gilbert’s podcast, he has a co-host that keeps him on track. This was Gilbert without a co-host to keep him on track. And you’ll hear this on Gilbert’s own podcast. He is paying no attention at all to the other side of the conversation.

I’ve said this before you could be a guest on Gilbert’s podcast and be like, yeah. You know, and it was just the worst day of my life. My entire family died in that fire. And you are in a movie with Charles Grodin in 1978. Is that right? And it’s like, did you not hear it? And just said so poor Joe Rogan is trying to have a conversation with Gilbert and Rogan would ask a question And Gilbert would answer something sort of related to the question, or perhaps from three questions ago or Robin would make a point and be like, you know, the sky is not really that blue and Gilbert would be like, yeah, it really is blue.

You’re right. And like, are you not listening to Joe Rogan? Anyway, check that off your board. Gilbert Godfried and Joe Rogan’s podcast sometime in the summer.

I don’t know too much about this next story. Other than what I’m about to tell you from the Sydney morning, Herald your home for comedy news comedian, Tom Ballard has joined the boycott of the Sydney festival. Apparently a lot of comedians and performers are boycotting. The Sydney festival, which starts today.

Why they boy hunting over funding from the embassy of.

Ballard says, I love the festival and I love telling jokes, but standing up for human rights and standing against the system of a part side is more important. I respectfully ask that the Sydney festival review its decision and return the funding in question, and I call on other artists to consider joining this boycott.

The festival again, opens today has been hit with a wave of withdrawals over its decision To accept $20,000 from the embassy

To stage Sydney dance company, performances of Israeli choreographer Ohad. Now Doreen’s work decadence at the opera house now $20,000 Australian.

as I record this on the afternoon of the fifth is $14,530.

A coalition representing Sydney’s Arab community had earlier written the festival board saying the partnership with Israel made the events unsafe for people of our background.

Festival chair. David Kirk issued a statement saying there had been meetings with concern groups, but all funding agreements would be honored and performances of decadence would proceed at the same time. The board has also determined it will review its practices in relation to funding from foreign governments related parties.

We respect the right of any artist to withdraw from the festival and hope they will feel able to participate in future festival.

spoke to making me wish I hadn’t wasted the year home for comedy news joke on Sydney morning Herald, but I did, he told a story about playing a gusta national.

His golfing partner, St. Louis Cardinals, legend, Ozzie Smith, not bad. They got to the iconic par three 12th. The whole billing bowl says it’s the poor three. And my caddy says, let’s say the six iron. I say, okay, I’m at a gusta. I’m not even thinking about golf, really, which sounds weird, but it’s so beautiful.

And I hit this ball and I swear, as soon as it left the club, he goes, oh man. And I’m like what? And he goes, that’s tracking that is tracking and I’m watching it and it hits the green. And he says, there it goes, there it goes. It hits the pin and rolls 45 feet off, down into the Creek.

That’s how quick the greens, where it hit on the green and rolled and hit the pin square and kicked it off. . If I would’ve gotten a hole in one on that hall, I would’ve quit. God.

And from vulture, they had taken a look at 22 comedians. You should know one of them is Lacey Mosley. They asked Lacy if there were a 90 style sit-com built around you, et cetera, et cetera, it would be called a meter maid. It would follow me ruining people’s days in my hater job. I got a lot of tickets and I’d love to be on the other side.

My catch phrase would be, I already started writing the ticket. Who were some of your favorite comedians? Kita Brunson always has me in stitches. She’s effortlessly hilarious in this chic way. I really admire Bowen yang, his minus like a machine he does not miss. And I also love Mark Phillips. He makes the best sketches online right now.

I will watch him yell at anyone about anything best and worst comedy advice.

Best. An acting teacher in college, told her every moment he gets to perform in front of people, whether it be an audition or a show is an opportunity to give people joy. Worst. I took one of those scam, meet a commercial casting director. If you pay money workshops. And a white woman tells me my sassiness is out of style and people are looking for more variety from black actors as being myself.

And it made me shy away from what makes me great for awhile. Be yourself.

and what is Lacey’s goal? I really want to be a Marvel villain. They have the best fits and they usually get some jokes off. I want to be taken seriously wearing plastic. I’m not ashamed of that. And that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show on apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, good pod spend, or wherever you get your shows.

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