Bill Burr on getting better and Mark Normand on starting out

Bill Burr tries to get better on each special.

Mark Normand write a thoughtful piece to comics just starting out, sharing what he has learned.

Jay Leno also has advice for younger comedians – work clean.

Jared Fried on his comedy, dating, and why your city has a bad dating scene.

And…why the Nigerian sketch comedy scene is booming.

You see, they’re going to make a movie based on the spirit, Halloween stores. You know, those pop-up stores that sell you costumes for like three weeks. Jimmy Kimmel said two companies thought this was a good idea. Maybe they figure if they go broke, they can turn their offices into spirit. Halloween stores.

I don’t know, go veer this movie’s about how a month earlier this movie was a lady foot locker. That’s really good. Kimmel. I don’t get it. Why not a movie? About the 99 cent store spirit, Halloween isn’t even a real store. It’s a parasite that feeds off the bodies of dead stores.

Bill Burr spoke with a as in

Bill said, I’ve always had the same philosophy that I’m trying to get better. And I’m also trying to maintain a certain level of quality. He was talking about putting out specials and trying to grow as a comedian. Sometimes you’ll have that special that comes out during a period of growth. It’s a transitional special, I feel where you’ll watch a band and it’s starting to change your sound a little bit.

Listen to the album. You’re like, what is this? I don’t like this. And then the next album comes out after everybody’s like they lost it and the next one comes out and it’s like, oh, this is what they’re working towards. Now I get it. This is amazing.

They aren’t finished. They’re opening up this new door to this room. Standup specials are extremely important to me because of what standup means to me. They’re part of your legacy. I get really inspired by bands and actors. Jack Lemmon was a huge performer for me, where I watched his acting career and he just kept getting better and better and better and better and better and better just worked up right until he died.

He won the Oscar, I believe in 1960, then you watched them 30 years later in Glen, Gary, Glen Ross. And he absolutely blows away where he was 30 years earlier. He was a young man that won an Oscar in his thirties or whatever. And to see it didn’t go to his head and he didn’t rest on his laurels. He continued to work and try to get better.

That’s passion.

That’s what keeps you going like me 30 years into this ridiculous, excited for my shows in Birmingham, Alabama, I can’t wait to go there. I love doing the road. I love going specifically to a place like Birmingham, where the people are going to be so much different from where I grew up.

It was intimidating at first because I was like at again, understand my references when I was really regional. But I look forward to shows like this now

the Palm beach daily news spoke to Jay Leno. Hey Jay Leno. What’s your standup schedule. Like Jay said, I go up by myself. I don’t travel with anyone. I go to a place at tell jokes at Como home. It’s not like I start in August. And then in may, I’m kind of taking care of some family members now. So I come home every two days.

I try to be home most nights of the week. Looking back on your career, Jay Leno, what are you most proud of? I’ve been married 42 years. So I’m proud of that. It’s amazing how disruptive a comedy career can be. Especially if you’re a performer. I’ve seen people who were funny and they get divorced. And then the funny is more anger than funny.

I would say behind every successful man is a woman and behind every unsuccessful man. There are two women is my favorite expression, but it’s true. I have account of my life that I enjoy. We have fun. We do stuff together. Your company works best when you have a clear head, any advice for young comedians today, Jay said, try to work clean.

If you’re reasonably clever, nobody notices. I’ve had people come up to me and go, I listen to you for 90 minutes. I realized he didn’t do any obscenities. They didn’t even notice it because they’re laughing at the joke. Bob Newhart never had to resort to it. Neither did Don Rickles people think Rickles did, but he didn’t not at all.

I have nothing against saying the comics that worked for me. If I take a comic who has never been on stage, it’s easier. If you can do it. There’s a new guy, Nate. Braganza, he’s very funny. He works clean. Jim Gaffigan works clean. He’s very funny. That’s the advice I would give to new performer. I’ll jump in here.

I remember Jeff Foxworthy explaining his brand to me, and he said the same thing. He used to use swear words, and we’re sending a conference table at Sirius XM and he said, I stopped cursing. And then he stretched out his arms and he said, I picked up older people and I picked up younger people.

Jay Leno. Do you have a favorite comedian that you follow? Listen to this PC answer? I like everybody. That’s such a Jay Leno answer. I like everybody, Robin Williams and I were good friends. I like all the comics. I can’t say there’s one any more than the other, but you don’t want to watch too many because then you get influenced.

3 0, 3 magazine caught up with Jared free. Do you know Jared? He also a couple of podcasts called J train podcast and you up, I actually know Jared a little.

On the podcast and in his material, he focuses on dating, dating apps, hookup culture, he’s transformed himself into eight relationship guru of sorts offering his funny yet brutally honest wisdom to listeners who write. Jared fried said, people started to write in for relationship advice. At first, I was like, why are they asking me?

I don’t know anything. I eventually came to realize that people enjoyed that. I took every problem. Seriously, no matter how stupid it might seem at the brunch table,

I don’t believe in the worst place to find love. If there’s a worst place, what would be the best place I’ve traveled the whole country. I’ve done dating specific live podcasts everywhere. The one thing every place has in common is that everyone thinks their place is the worst, but here’s the thing they’re bad for different reasons.

He said, every city has its own problems. New Yorkers are too busy looking for better options. San Francisco is too many men. He was hitting Denver for this interview.

And said, here’s what I understand about Denver being a hard place to find love. There are things to do. You can be hiking, you can be skiing. You could be at the bar, you can go golfing. There’s so many things to do. And if you have a solid group, it’s hard to find any of those places where people are alone.

If you’re at the Nashville comedy festival, the Ryman auditorium tonight, seven o’clock one night with Nikki.

Over at Zane is also at seven Josh Wolfe’s extravaganza, Bonanza, and at the opera house, the 85 south show, the return of the ghetto legends comedy tour.

That festival is wrapping up. So is Moontower two more shows also at seven o’clock, Sarah Silverman and friends at the moody theater at Moontower and Neil Brennan, unacceptable at the state side.

Also back is Berry that’s on HBO. It’s been three years since the previous season and Barry of course, costars Mack, packer, Henry Winkler, newest member of the Mack pack. My celebrity crushes.

Mark Norman wrote a piece for Whalebone magazine. It was called one comics.

Mark Norman road. I moved to the big apple from the big, easy new Orleans in late 2007. I came to New York city with $800 in my pocket to dream. I lived in a shoe box. I found on Craigslist, deepen crown Heights, Brooklyn. The whole setup was highly illegal and shoddy and. Slowly dying of aids. My roommate and I had no heat, no hot water.

In the first day we moved in a pigeon was flying around the living room. Good times. It’s very hard to complain about your chili apartment. When your landlord has a fatal virus, it was a good hour plus commute into Manhattan for work. I was mugged three times in a year. The city was trying to spit me out, not to mention the unforgiving annals of the New York open mic circuit.

It was brutal now as a comic, who’s about 15 years in. I looked back at those times and I don’t know if I would go through it again. People have said to me, did you ever want to quit or move back and get a real gig? Honestly, I never thought about it. My life pre comedy was so rudderless and empty that even though this city can be wildly, it still felt like an adventure and better than losing them.

I came from what’s worse being a, nobody on the New York comedy scene or being nobody in a cubicle chasing some invisible stability or whatever BS were taught about.

Take breaks. Be grateful. Enjoy what you’ve accomplished. Be still have to keep. Mark Norman continued trying to break into the comedy world is lousy with hardships and obstacles, but until you go through it, you can never feel the insane varieties of rejection, shame and humiliation. Bombing is one thing, but being booed, begging people on the sidewalk to be your audience or getting stiffed by a club owner, and the list goes on.

There’s always some new way. This business can kick in the teeth, but you just gotta keep going. I get a lot of these newbies asking to pick my brain or go out to coffee. But all that’s really just a waste of time, time that could be spent on writing new jokes or soaking up stage time. There’s no shortcut get better.

Fast forward, 10 years and millions of sets, bombs, flight shows, hotel check-ins hangovers, handshakes, and heckles. Now I feel like I’m finally cooking and the challenge is maintaining it, writing new material, staying in touch, et cetera. It never ends, but Hey, what else are we doing? That’s what life is right?

Pushing the ball up the hill. Keep going folks and be nice, great stuff from Mark Norman there. And from the premium times, they look at the Nigerian skit maker, comedy boom. Yes. Nigerian skit makers have taken the lead in the comedy scene.

Thanks to the social media. Boom.

Famous Nigerian comedian, Stephen. Oh, knew who goes by yaw yawe. He’s revealed why some standup comedians are diving in a skit making

you all said in stand up comedy. If you don’t get it right, you get your judgment there. As we saw between Chris rock and will Smith, but you can go back and edit when you shoot a skit might not be funny, but you can use funny memes or funny sound of jazz it up. Your skin will be better when you add all those to the mix to be a standup comedian, you must be funny.

He said, if you look around you, the country gives comedians what they need to talk about and work. That’s why comedy has grown. It’s not just about people in their personal lives.

What should we know about his standup act? He says it’s just comedy. It’s not opinion. It’s just fun. News is horrible. The economy inflation, just comedy, have some laughs it’s lighthearted have a good time. I’m not attacking anybody. Everybody seems to like it. It’s pretty much where we are. It sounds like a cool dude.

Rebecca Corey’s show standup for pits is today at the Gotham comedy club. I’m recording this on Tuesday cause I had a soccer tournament this morning. I don’t know who’s playing the show tonight, but it’s for a worthy cause trying to save some pit bulls. So if your New York cannot over to Gotham, Rebecca, Corey’s stand up for pits.

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Almond milk. See you tomorrow.

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