Bill Burr says listen to the experts (Get Vaccinated!)

Bill Burr ripped into people who won’t listen to the experts.

Sarah Silverman will host a TBS version of David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone want to buy a…wait for it….Mexican restaurant. Oh no here we go again.

Please don’t make an all-female American version of Peep Show.

Tiffany Haddish will host the after party for WWE’s Summerslam. Although my intial typo had her hosting SummerClam which could be interesting.

Patricia Heaton from “I love Raynond” (listen to the podcast) will shoot a new sitcom in Nashville. It’s not about anything yet and nobody is in it, but..Nahsville.

Netflix announces Chicago Party Aunt, an animated series.

and Mary Hartman is being rebooted for some reason.

Thanks Tucker Dawg!

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