Bill Burr says Trump would be a great stand-up, and did the Secret Service actually contact Amy Schumer?

Bill Burr finds Trump hilarious.

Amy Schumer told Howard Stern that she was contacted by the Secret Service. Is that what the Secret Service does? Reach out to comedians?

Jason Segal on Winning Time

Gilbert Gottfried left behind a ton of cameos….and a look at the Cesar Romero rumor Gilbert likes.

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy. And he was Trevor Noah was taking a look at Elon Musk’s attempt to take over of Twitter and he pointed out he offered to pay 54, 20 per share. Yeah, not $54. Exactly. No 54 Tony. And that’s how, you know, you’re too rich when you’re spending a few extra million dollars, just to slip a weed joke into your takeover. Bid. Stephen Covera said a week ago, Musk became Twitter’s largest shareholder after buying $2.89 billion worth of the. Okay. Did nobody tell him you can read all the tweets for free after his big investment, he spent the week sitting down with experts to plan a long-term business strategy by which I mean, he posted a couple of truly nonsense, like a meme of himself smoking weed with the caption Twitter’s next board meeting is going to be lit and a poll suggesting that changed the name to titter.

So on Friday I sell GEA that Amy Schumer said the secret service had visited her. I started thinking about that. Does the secret service visit comedians? Is that what they do? I went to the secret services website to find out their mission per the secret service, special agents focus on protecting top us and visiting foreign officials and investigating financial crimes.

Okay. That’s what I usually make. The secret service does our uniform division officer’s mission is protect facilities and venues secured for us secret service. Protectees. Okay. Were there any government people at the Oscars, maybe, maybe the governor, California, somebody was there.

I don’t know.

The technical law enforcement job, family supports special agents and uniformed division officers and their duties. Okay. And civil service professionals from a wide variety of disciplines support the overall protective and investigative mission. So why would the secret service be talking to Amy Schumer about threats?

Now nobody should threaten Amy Schumer and I’m sure threats are very scary, but why would the secret service be involved with this? This continues to perplex me, but it’s a good story to tell Howard stern possibly. Also, if you Google does the secret service protects celebrities, something that keeps coming up is the forest protection agency website, and they seems to be a private company, says FPA is uniquely experienced to execute the most discreet, protective and investigative operations. We work with major celebrities. Say for example, Amy Schumer, top sports stars, musicians, corporate CEOs, high net worth individuals in dealing with cases from celebrity stalkers and legal slash criminal investigations, personal onset security award show chaperones, secure transport, travel companions, and special events to intelligent gathering, social media forensics, and intellectual property investigation.

Maybe they contacted Amy Schumer, who knows. I’m never going to get to the bottom of that, but I am intrigued. Approx wrote about bill Burr. Bill Burr could not help, but notice that former president Trump knows how to riff, even if none of it makes a lick of sense case. In point that time at Trump accused people of wielding heavy bags of soup, transact police officers.

Versus somebody who’s sending me clips of Donald Trump. And I have to tell you he’s one of my favorite accidental standup comedians or comedic actors of all effing time. I cannot say anybody seriously, that voted for that guy. I can’t. It’s just like how many times can you look the other way with this?

First says he wouldn’t mind seeing Trump do a comedy special. Let’s not get into politics, but just like there’s nobody in the world that I love listening. Try to convey an idea as much as Donald Trump, he should have an effing Netflix special. Like when that guy isn’t president, he’s one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever heard in my life.

He’s such a character. Ber also thinks Joe Biden is effing hilarious, even though he feels like there’s a weekend at Bernie situation going on there, they just wheel the guy out with having sunglasses on Seth MacFarlane has assembled the cast for a live action, Ted pre-qual.

Peacock has picked us up straight to series 10 episodes. Peacocks Ted is set in 1993 and Ted the bear’s moment of fame has passed living him with his best friend. Sixteen-year-old John Bennett, who lives in a working class, Boston home with his parents and cousin, Ted might not be the best influence on John when it comes right down to it.

Ted’s willing to go out on a limb to help his friend and family.

Are you watching winning time? The Laker show on HBO on Sunday nights. It’s like my favorite thing right now. It’s so good. You should watch it. If you have a beverage with me, I will talk your ear off about the show. Jason Segal

talked about his portrayal of coach Paul. Westhead this from the Hollywood. They said this version of Paul painfully lacks confidence. What’s it been like to play that type of character? Jason Segel, you know, the guy from how I met your mother, that’s who that is, by the way, it took me three episodes to even recognize him.

I was sitting there and I’m like, wait, that’s Marshall. So he did a really good job disappearing.

Jason Segel said not believing in yourself is something hugely relatable. And then being called a lead when you’re suffering from imposter syndrome, it’s like everybody’s fear of public speaking knee. Oh my God. Don’t make everybody look at me. I recently interviewed a therapist for another project I’m working on.

He said the human instinct is to avoid. And I thought that’s really interesting. And I think that’s really true of Paul Westhead in the beginning, asked for his prep. I read books like Showtime on which the series is. Paula said, and I had a brief exchange on Twitter saying how excited we mutually were, but the show is not a docu series.

I’ve always thought of it as a superhero origin story. It’s about these guys becoming the Showtime Lakers. Each of them Fung their individual superpower. And that’s where you get the heightened moments and heightened arcs and the story you’re watching a fable in a lot of ways.

Some people are giving him pushback about the way he portrays the character. I’m not thrilled when anybody says anything about me in any way, but I totally get it. I think the show’s made with a ton of love and the thing that always gave me confidence when I was playing the weaker sides of Paul Westhead is I know by the end of the series, I was bringing Paul to a place where he’s hoisting a championship trophy spoilers.

Hey, it’s real life. You had 40 years.

Apple has announced loot, starring Maya Rudolph as billionaire Molly Novak, Molly Novak has a dream life complete with private jets, a sprawling mansion, and a giga yacht and anything your heart desires. But when her husband of 20 years betrays her, she spirals publicly becoming fuel for tabloid fodder.

Oh no. She’s reaching rock bottom. When she learns to her surprise that she has a charity foundation run by the no-nonsense Sophia Salinas, who pleads with Molly to stop generating bad. with her devoted assistant, Nicholas played by Joel Kim booster by her side and help us feed on her team, Molly and barks on a journey of self-discovery very exciting.

loot on apple May 24th. You Brits loved the mighty Boosh you yanks. Have you seen mighty Boosh watch mighty Boosh. It’s quite funny. It stars no fielding. Well, he’s going to also have a brand new comedy series for apple TV,

The series is inspired by the real life story of Dick Turpin. Who’s that? I didn’t know either Turpin became a ringleader of thieves in the early 1730s and was notorious for robbing unsuspecting travelers.

Who’d straight off the beaten path. Dick Turpin remained a criminal till 1739 when he was caught red-handed for stealing a horse and he was executed for his crimes. That’s not funny. AppleTV.

Apple TV said in this irreverent read ceiling, Dick is the most famous but least likely of highway robbers who success is defined mostly by his charm showmanship and great hair.

The Hollywood reporter wrote about Gilbert Gottfried’s cameo collect. The headline that caught my attention is Gilbert has left behind 200 hours of material. I said a 200,

these are cameo videos. Gilbert would charge around $175. He recorded 12,000 cameo messages and all earning himself $2 million. The cameo CEO set of cameo had a Mount Rushmore. Gilbert would certainly be on it.

He had a magic voice. The voice works so well on our medium and it make faces. Every video is iconic. You want to.

2020 Gilbert said he always went the extra mile for his customers up. What? Extra effort into things. I’ll look stuff up about what they do for a living and tailor my jokes to that. He started each day by checking the app for a quest. Then I locked myself in the bathroom until I finished taping them all.

It’s become my recording.

Some of the cameos, a terrified family, awaiting and impending hurricane putting a smile on the face of a terminally ill man and wishing a husband, a happiest 80th birthday. One review on Gilbert’s cameo page from a grieving daughter said my dad passed away last night. I’m devastated.

But over the last few months he showed everybody. He saw the video you made. I’m so glad you were able to do that video for him. It brought him so much.

The cameo CEO says it remains uncertain. What will become of the 200 hours of Godfried cameos. Nobody posts 10 Instagrams or tick talks a day, but for people like Gilbert, this is by far the biggest social channel he’s ever had. The pure volume of content he made is longer than all his recorded hours of standup Vulture toxic Gilbert, a few years back and said, I’ve become a fan of your podcast.

I’m amazed at all the terrible things I’ve learned from your show about the late Paul Lynde, who I remember from the Hollywood squares, Gilbert said I never met Paul.

But I had heard stories from people. Paul was of that era, like with Charles Nelson Reilly and people like that, where there was no such thing as gay, they were just eccentric and Liberace. The women were crazy about them. Now you look at it, you go, how the hell can anybody be thinking he’s anything else.

But back then you could cast them with the wife and kids. And they were just nutty. But Paul Lynn, aside from being this bitter gay guy and a drunk was the biggest anti-Semite. I love doing imitations of all in making antisemitic remarks.

It’s the fascination I have with the dark side of showbiz people, the perverted Cesar Romero, you know, the joker from Batman 66 and Tanny Thomas stories, Cesar Romero. I’m quoting Gilbert here who is most famous for playing the choker on all the old Batman series that in movies was the Latin lover, even though in real life, he was gay.

When you see him play the joker, it all makes sense. It’s like, oh, and that Gilbert, and he would get into this on his podcast, get rid of the kids. Okay. Don’t have the kids here, this next sentence. But Gilbert would frequently bring this up on his podcast and crack me the hell up. Quoting Gilbert Gottfried.

According to the legend, Cesar Romero was into gathering a bunch of young boy toys and he would pull down his pants and underwear and they would be instructed with. To fling orange wedges at his ass Gilbert Godfrey.

Well, Trey has to, we believe this Gilbert said, they say in the man who shot Liberty valance, when the legend becomes bigger than the truth, print the legend. And that one, I love too much. I don’t care if somebody comes to me with legal proof that he didn’t have orange wedges thrown at his ass.

I say, it’s true.

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