Bill Burr to play Fenway Park

Bill Burr will play Fenway Park

Rebecca Corry has opened up about Louis CK but she’d rather talk about Stand Up For Pits.

Bill Maher on canceling religion

There I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. John Eastman is a former legal advisor to Donald Trump. He’s trying to get the 20, 20 election to certified. Stephen Colbert said that’s right. The election that’s been over for a year and a half. And the Biden one to put that in perspective, when the election was decided, Jayla was engaged to a different guy, go Barry again at do over our ex president.

Isn’t allowed to do over just cause he didn’t like the result the first time. That’s how you get an Eric. Wow. Hey, congrats to bill Burr. He’s going to play Fenway park. Yeah. That’ll make him a, the first comedians who ever headlined Fenway park.

That show is August 21st. That’s going to be great for him.

Big article in variety with the headline comedian, Rebecca Corey, on why the Louis C K sexual harassment story is finally becoming part of her act. I suspect this will get some attention during the week.

Corey had been among a multiple women in the entertainment business to speak up in a 2017 New York times. Investigative story about being harassed by CK. She made it clear on Twitter that she wasn’t up for talking about it back then said . Dear media. I’m happy to speak with you. About my 30 years in comedy, my national life-saving nonprofit or what I’m working on now, perhaps reach out to his girlfriends for comment.

But more recently, Corey had been thinking that this was something to process interact after all in a set at Las and cabaret alternative comedy night in March, she tried up some material about it that could ultimately play into a touring act.

Variety asked her you’ve turned down requests to talk about the Louis CK thing since 2018. And when he won his Grammy a couple of weeks ago, you basically tweeted to the media, that they, we should go away. It’s not a surprise that people are curious to hear from you on this.

Rebecca, why am I constantly being asked to speak on cancel culture? The joke is the me too movement and CK, every time he’s in the new cycle, I don’t care what the guy does. And of course, cancer culture’s real. I’m living proof.

The moment I was sexually harassed at my job, I was canceled. That’s how it works, kids and referring to me as victim accuser of silence breaker, or one of five women has grown tiresome and is now in tolerable. My name is Rebecca Corry

take note daily beast, fix it. Apparently they spelled her name wrong in an order. I’m an actress, writer and comedian, and have been for 31 years, I have a career credits and talent. I didn’t run away and hide for a decade when things got hard, like Dave Chappelle did, I stayed and I’ve never stopped doing stand comedy and creating a never will.

I’ve done my time and paid my dues and then some, so let’s talk about what I’m doing. And when my Netflix specials happening, there are people been doing standup for five minutes with comedy specials and others with multiple specials who sucks the when’s mind. I’m ready when you are. Variety. Do you think Netflix will take up on that?

Rebecca? Now I will never get a Netflix special ever. She then laughed. I’m going to be canceled again. When this comes out, I wish being canceled, caused weight loss. I’d be so cute.

So you do feel you got blacklisted. Rebecca is a frog’s ass watertight, and that line would kill on a Netflix special.

She said, listen, I can’t prove I’m blacklisted, but I feel it. See it being on the one of the five women list absolutely affects potential opportunities and makes the Hollywood lemmings want to distance themselves. I’m currently pitching to shows. And while I know how hard it is to sell a show, being on the list is not helping certain people won’t touch it because of their past and current affiliations.

I also won’t work with a-holes. So the playing field is narrow now, but I’m lucky to have the best agent in the planet and we aren’t giving up.

Variety. Do you think he got canceled because of the 2017 New York times article Rebecca? No, I was canceled 2005. The dating encounter with CK happened this BS about the predators being the ones who got canceled as a cute idea, but not true. They don’t get canceled. They just get an adult timeout. Their behavior is interrupted moments, hair, but fear.

They have hardcore fans, millions of dollars. And we’ll always hold the power. People get canceled are the ones whose lives and careers have been F with. And mine has, cell. And I always forget the dates here. I think I started at Sirius XM, running. What was then serious comedy in February of 2004.

Yeah. And then I made it to 2014. I never heard Rebecca’s name. We definitely didn’t cancel her. I don’t recall a comedy CD of hers hitting my desk. I don’t recall her ever being offered as a guest.

And we’re internal rule was we were friends with everybody. Um, especially when we started different clubs were like fighting amongst each other and we’re like, we’re friends to all the clubs we have all comedians up and that was RMO.

So, whatever Rebecca is talking about here, didn’t see it in my little corner of the universe.

I really don’t recall hearing her name now. See, Kay. I remember one time CK would never come on the comedy channels. He came up one time and the intern left him waiting in the lobby long enough that CK was so mad that for 10 years he never came on the comedy channels. Again, even if he was in the building and did Opie and Anthony, he would not talk to us.

I don’t even remember which intern screwed that up. So I don’t think I ever met CK and I liked his stand-up comedy.

Rebecca really wants to talk about her charity. Happy to do it. It’s called stand up for pits

she says it’s absolutely amazing. We have a fundraiser coming up, April 24th at Gotham in New York city pit bull type dogs are discriminated against they’re abused, victimized, wrongly, vilified, and murdered every single day in the country. So my organization is dedicated to educating, advocating, and saving the lives of these voiceless victims.

One thing I want to address right now is how incredibly generous kind and amazing comedians have been. I’m grateful to every comic that has and continues to be. Stand up for pits events over the past 12 years, these events have, and continue to save millions of lives through comedy.

So I jumped on Google to try and find out who’s at the show on the 24th. Didn’t see anything immediately. So I went to Gotham’s website, Gotham comedy club only has the dates posted through April 23rd. So I can’t tell you who’s on standup for pits, but that sounds like a really good mission. Rebecca Corey is on, they asked her, have there been any repercussions because of you being in the public eye for these other reasons that have affected the charity. Rebecca said, yeah, a few one worth mentioning is a club owner who didn’t allow my charity events for dogs back at his clubs.

I saw that all but one, cause he said, I threw my dirty tampons all over the green room. He also said one of his club managers said I was difficult because I wanted everything to be perfect. That’s true. I do want everything to be perfect when a club manager’s apathetic and careless how voice, how I feel about it, cause I want whatever’s wrong to be fixed.

That’s my job as producer, if that makes me difficult. So. As for being accused of throwing use tampons all over green room. I’m sorry, what he’s saying? And then you repeated it. And I said, I’m not sure my brain can handle what you’re saying. And it was like, yeah. I mean, I don’t know if it’s true or not.

I was livid and later sent him an email that said,

please let whatever manager who said the tampon thing about me to stop for find out from anyone that that kind of defamation is being said about me. It will be a problem to which you replied. You can count on me sealing this up, but to expect the same thing in return. Think about that. The club owner actually told me that he expected the same silence in return, which has grotesque and mind-numbing to say the least.

Brighty you riffed on that the other week. And your un-carrier said

was the highlight of the set Rebecca and sure was it’s turning out to be hilarious bit. It’d be great on Netflix.

Are you building an entire set around the CK stuff? Hell no. My life and experiences are so much more than this gross. You were back on stage in 2017, within two weeks, the times article, what was that like coming back out, but not wanting to talk about it. I walked out on stage and it was so quiet.

It was packed and everybody was just staring at me and I was just like, so anyway, how’s everyone. I still get nervous when I go on stage that someone’s gonna hurt me because of the death threats and the penis pics I got sent. And because of how some of his fans come from me, I’ve gotten some really scary and mean emails and still do when a reason, the new cycle. So there’s still this lingering feeling of like, am I in danger? It’s really AFT up when you have to hire security, what performing standup. But I have to,

it’s a lot more here. I’ll dive in more on this on Wednesday tomorrow. I’m going to do some four 20 stuff. Tomorrow’s episode’s really good. Trust me. And I’ll come back to this one on Wednesday.

Yahoo picked up on some aspects of bill Mars, special. That’s called adulting. I was watching TV Friday night and it popped up and I was like, am I allowed to watch this? And I was not. Bill Moore brought up an issue that began in 2015 when black students at the university of Wisconsin, Madison called for the removal of a statue of president Lincoln.

Bill Maher said, yeah. Lincoln said some racist thing. Every white person in 1860 Columbus had slaves. So did everyone in 1492 could afford it. Colluding people of color and other parts of the world. You know, who else had slaves? I’m quoting bill Moore here, everyone in the Bible. Should we cancel God? I’ve tried really both testaments of lots of rules and laws about slavery.

And none of them are don’t do it that never crossed their mind. Don’t do it. There’s a lot of laws like a man kills your slave. You may kill his slave. Okay. It’s not a defense of slavery. His point was not to look back at time and think you would have known things were wrong at a time when nobody else thought like that.

If you were living 500 years ago, you’d be like, ah, we asked slavery is wrong and gay and trans people should be represented in all of Shakespeare’s plays. Shut up. You’re not better. He just came late.

More and more to say the irony of religion is that because of its power to divert man, a destructive courses, the world could actually come to an end. The plain fact is religion must die for mankind to live the hours getting very late, to be able to indulge in having key decisions made by religious people.

Some made the connection that his special premiered on good Friday. So the religious stuff did not go over so well, time magazine reviewed a bill Morris special, and they also talked about clapped her. I’ve mentioned clapper in the past, but I think Tina Fey nailed it here as described by Tina Fey in 2008, clapped, her begins when you do a political joke and people go woo-hoo Donald Glover later explained that clapping means so true.

Yes. So, so true. But what you did, isn’t funny. They’re just clapping and laughing to be on the right side of history. Yeah. I think we see a lot of clapper in comedy these days. Time wrote about comics taking on their haters, a bunch about bill Maher and Dave Chappelle in their article. Of focus on the bill Maher stuff.

Time, rights, and defending their ideas and their work to many of the most famous stand-ups have become smug narcissistic self-righteous petty bill Maher epitomizes this exhausting phenomenon as excruciating as some of his opinions are for example, talking about R Kelly, the music didn’t rape anybody.

What’s most unappealing is the manner in which he delivers them as though he’s the only sane, smart person in the world. The more public pushback it gets, the more sanctimonious he becomes.

You’ll find that article in time. Bill Maher was on show Rogan’s podcast. Actually, he was listening to that this morning while doing some apple fitness plus cycling humblebrag, you know, at first more came on. I was like, oh, this is bad. I don’t like the energy he’s giving off. And then they got into a good discussion with he and Rogan and I was kind of into it for my 45 minute cycle ride. Shout out to Ty who’s tied Johnny Mac. He’s the instructor of the cycling class. Come on.

George Carlin’s brother. Patrick Carlin has passed away. He was 90. I met Patrick a couple times. If you like, imagine in your head, what would George Carlin’s brother be like? That’s what he was like. Definitely had some Carlin blood in him.

This is a fun guide. Come on. The radio stations, tell some stories, always enjoyed his company. Kelly Carlin. Daughter of George shared on a tweet. My dear uncle Patrick has moved on into the spirit world. He’s currently spinning tunes, smoking, a Jay with aunt Marlene and shooting the crap with his brother.

He was a philosopher and it’s soft mofo, all wrapped up in one.

From the guardian at a recent gig and audience member was so taken with Joanne McNally’s stand up that she tried to get on stage with Joanne. It wasn’t the first time the comedian had come into contact with overexcited fans, but this one was particularly out of control. Joanne said, apparently she had no pants on.

Maybe she lost them when she was scaling the stage. I’d take a selfie with her while she was getting held by two security guards.

Sean listens to the podcast on YouTube yet by do post all the episodes on YouTube. Well, I don’t do it. It automatically happens. Anyway. Sean saw Dimitri Martin and said, Dimitri tore it up Friday. Very funny. Everyone was laughing, all new stuff, nothing from the last special. Go see Dimitri on this tour for the price of admission.

You get double the laughs. Thank you, Sean. Thank you for listening every day.

Getting a little long here. I’ve Got a good review of Jimmy a Wang’s show and I’ll save that for later in the week. It’s pretty good because I do want to go over Moontower and Nashville. Let’s see who’s at Moontower tonight.

We’ve got a bunch of podcast tapings.

The not another D and D podcast. Watch what crampons and fly on the wall. And it’s tomorrow being four 20, we’ve got grown. I chose it. Five 30, the crossword show at six James Austin Johnson at the stateside theater at seven Anthony DeVito show with the wonderful title. My dad is not Danny DeVito. That’s at seven Mark Norman.

Who’s great. Tomorrow at seven,

Josh Wolfe at the Creek in the cave at eight. So we’re to meet the Creek and the cave is in Austin now because it used to be in a Storia the Canadians of comedy.

That’s at eight 30 new York’s finest at nine o’clock in Antone’s see new York’s finest star. Okay. They are apparently Hannah Berner. Cipha sounds Anthony DeVito. Emma Wilman, Shawn Donnelly, Langston Kerman, Jessica Curson little Sasquatch, James Austin Johnson and Adrian . I can think of a bunch of New York comedians who would fight back on that title, but.

Ari Shaffir is renamed storyteller show, I guess comedy central Owens. This is not happening. And our shift here had to come up with a different title. Alright. It features Ari. Shaffir slow. Ari. Shaffir big Jay Oakerson, Shane Gillis and more. That’s at the Ryman at seven. O’clock pretty cool.

At 10 30, the midnight soakers. It’s not at midnight. It sits in 30 Billy Wayne Davis and Josh Wolf, and a whole bunch of other shows tomorrow. I didn’t tell you about, now, let’s see who’s at the national comedy festival who choose not to have their events listed in chronological order. At first, I thought there was nothing tonight, but Nate Briganti presents. Mike Vecchione is special taping. That’s a Zane he’s at six 30 and another one at 8 45.

I guess they’re taping a special if they did two shows

meanwhile from the Austin Chronicle Moontower star Sophie buddy, on how comedy is becoming more welcoming to women.

She started when she was 15. I did my first year of stand up with everybody thinking I was six years older than I was. Then everybody found out and got really mad at me. But yeah, the first year was so bad. Cause I was like making all these sex jokes and not having much sex at all.

Once she realized she’d done every festival in Canada, she decided to expand our network and move to the U S

it’s her first time at Moontower. Everybody always talks about how Austin is such a comedy city, right up there with Chicago, LA and. I’m really so new to America that every city I go to, I’ve just never been new before. And my standup is sometimes kind of weird.

So whenever there’s a real comedy savvy city, that’s my best chance of doing well.

But he says she seemed more of a balanced gender distribution in the industry. I think a lot of women comedians would strongly disagree with that, but she calls it a huge relief, but I think the problem is still that women stopped too soon. And I think that men don’t stop.

Sophie buddy is part of those Canadians of comedy. Some are night 10 o’clock at Villa comedy lounge if you happen to be in Austin, that is your comedy news for today. Tomorrow four 20 episode of the daily comedy news. Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, Google, wherever you get your shows.

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