Bill Burr to star in Old Dads, should we cancel Jo Koy’s mom?

Bill Burr has a new movie about Old Dads

Should we cancel Jo Koy’s mom?

Dusty Slay loves Jeff Foxworthy jokes.

Lewis Black does not love cows.

Tim Allen on outdoor shows.

And we’re remaking White Men Can’t Jump for some reason.

Oh man, outside my house. There’s protesters. This is the wheel of fortune people, the ages and people, and getting into all kinds of trouble with this podcast. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis, chastised a group of students, why they were wearing face masks. The Santa said, honestly, it’s not doing anything and we’ve got to stop with this COVID theater.

Late-night reacted to that. Seth Meyer said, how much of a bleep a day? You have to beat a yell at a bunch of high school students who are just trying to be safe. They’re actually doing the right thing and you’re scolding them for it. Like you’re an old man who sees a bunch of innocent teens walking by and screams.

Hey, you kids get on my. Also what the hell is COVID theater. Those plays where the actors have to stand six feet apart. Love it. I just saw the COVID theater production of Les MIS the stage was the size of a football field. Although for people who move from New York to Florida during the pandemic, it’s the only theater they have left.

Jimmy Fallon tagged in one of the parents asked how their day was. They were like, I got bullied by the governor bill. Is writing, directing and storing alongside Emmy winner, Bobby Kana, volley, you know him for boardwalk empire. It’s an original comedy. It’s called old dad’s old dads centers on a middle aged father played by.

And his two best friends who after selling their company to a millennial, find themselves out of step and behind the times, as they hilariously struggled to navigate a changing world of culture, including tick soccers, pantomiming to Donald Trump and getting to host GB Kimball show.

And I, sorry, I discussed a changing world of culture, career and fatherhood. Bill Burr said very excited to start shooting old dads. This comedy is based on my own and my co-writer Ben Tischler. His lives Miramax has been awesome to work with. And I think people are really going to like this movie. The Miramax suit said burr is one of the top comedic voices of his generation. And he’s written a script. , that’s not just unwaveringly funny, but also full of heart and unfiltered cultured comedy. So who are the top comedic voices of this generation? Bill Burr CK, right? I know we don’t like CK anymore, but CK

Chappelle, who else would you put in? Why don’t you comment on the Facebook group, daily comedy news podcast group or on the Reddit daily comedy news?

I’m sure I’m forgetting all kinds of obvious people. And then there are people like Kevin Hart who sells out stadiums, but is he the comedic voice of the generation?

I wouldn’t put him in the same camp as Chappelle see caper. I don’t know.

Maybe in that group while. Tweeted. I’m doing another new material night. That’s interesting new material and I kind of cool. And I like that. He’s telling you, it’s new material night. I’m doing another new material night for my next tour. Hashtag Armageddon with some comedy chums. It’s cheap because it shades tickets on sale.

Now it’s built as wreckage surveys and friends. We have found out who will play the mom and Joe Coys, new sitcom. I know you couldn’t wait to hear this. Mia TIG back has been cast as Lorna Joe’s mom. She’s described as a little Filipino force of nature. She loves show coy and spoils them with her homemade Filipino cooking.

And when he gets out of line, she isn’t afraid of whack them with her slippers. What Lorna connects Joe to his past and their family history, and also provides the love and support he needs in his new life. Post divorce.

Joe coy is 50 years old. So that means his mom’s character has to be at least 70. Are we okay with senior citizens beating people in their fifties? I think we need to cancel the sitcom and cancel Joe coy. Where’s the age-ism guy now. Age-ism guy. Are you okay with Joe Koy? His mom being portrayed as a son.

Is Joe Koy supposed to just take it and be beat with slippers. Oh, wait. I’m being passed a note. It’s a, sit-com calm the F down. Sorry.

The news has been so crazy lately. Dusty sleigh is pretty awesome. I posted on the Facebook group, not too long ago. One of his sets, I like him a lot. This from taste of.

The Alabama native got into a fair bit of trouble before finding sobriety and his voice. He was stopped from joining the army. Dusty sleigh said I got arrested my recruiter. I was smoking a lot of weed. He was helping me clear my system and they want it from my. When I got back, he goes, all right, I shouldn’t say this.

I know you like to smoke weed and you’re going to get shipped off in 30 days. So you’ll have to take another drug test. If you want to smoke weed, do it tonight. Then that night I got arrested for underage consumption and possession of marijuana, dusty slay, a big fan of Jeff Foxworthy. So am I, he said of Jeff, he came out with, you might be a retina.

That album was out when I was in middle school, living in a trailer and he had us walking around saying Yon too. And I like we weren’t already saying them.

I always liked the redneck words, like the widget digit. Cause I was like blowing my mind. I didn’t even realize we were saying these things. The first two albums by Jeff Foxworthy are the best. They really can’t be beat.

And I love this from country life. Dusty sleighs personal life includes a few anecdotes of redneck might be proud of, for example, his younger sister is not at all related to his older sister. Take a break and do the math on that. If you want, let’s take a break and do the math on that.

Okay. His older sister is not related to his younger sister. All right. So if we have dusty and he’s got a sister, so let’s say it’s the same mom and a different dad. So then that different dad would have to have hooked up with a different woman to create younger sister, something like that. Speaking of marrying your cousins. Today’s daily company news is brought to you by palace intrigue. Ooh, the Royals are going to come get me for that crack palace intrigue. We talk about the Royal family and we make fun of them. Some of them have married cousins. You can look it up. Don’t get mad at me. I didn’t marry my cousin.

Anyway, we take a look at the Royal family headline. Some days we’re serious. You know, nobody wants the queen to be sick. Some days we goof on people and by people, I mean, Harry palace intrigue, wherever you get your shows, Louis Black spoke to WPR. He’s surprised that we’ve done something with these two political parties.

That really is unbelievable. No other countries done it, no other country. We used to have parties that argued ideas. Not anymore. Now we have two separate political parties that actually exist in two different realities. It’s like you go from one reality to another. I left New York and the, oh my God virus.

As I call it was hitting there and people were masking up again. They narrowed stop masking. They were masking on the streets in New York city. They were not fooling around. Then I got to Florida. It was like, whew, it’s over. I know the governor like yelling at schoolchildren, you know, it was done there and there’s a real fight in this country.

It’s these two realities. Got a little environmentally said

I’ve never driven by a dairy farmer. Looked at the fields as my tour bus rolled by in a field, filled with cows and thought, God, I gotta get out there and hug one of those beasts. You should hug a cow. Louis it’s nature. It’s good joy. It don’t be so good. Speaking of the grubbiness Louis Black said where it comes from has always been genuine.

It just can’t be angry. You got to play it. There’s a fine line because cross that line, which I used to do before, it kind of pushes the audience away. What’s funny is I was trying to find other ways to be in one of his previous specials. He tried to calm down and he got criticized. He said that major criticism of that special is that, uh, oh, he got sired.

He’s not yelling anymore. I felt, I was saying things in a way that was more vicious than when I was yelling. Tim Allen talked about outdoor shows.

He told WP TV, the masks and all that made a big difference. Cause he didn’t know if he was doing well or not. He said it’s a big difference for comedian to hear that muffled laugh. It wasn’t satisfying because it seemed like people didn’t like it. And then people were like, no, you got a standing ovation.

He also said comedy has become a tape. I have a family member that passed away I’ve neighbors that passed away. Then I’ve had hundreds of thousands of people. A lot of which I don’t know that had COVID-19 and didn’t know they had it. That’s been a very difficult navigation for comedian. Is it funny for me to do I printed out hats for a while?

It just said F COVID on it. I was so angry and how it was separating my family, that I was mad at the virus. Then some people at a local store said, you think this is funny? And I had to say, I laugh sometimes because I have nothing else to give. Sometimes it’s not appropriate and that’s okay.

And from deadline, for some reason, they’re remaking white men. Can’t jump. You know that one, the 1992 sports comedy with Woody Harrelson, you’ve seen it. It’s a lot of fun Rosie Perez and that one, the remaking it, I don’t know why, but the bigger mystery is why it’s going to store musician, Jack Harlow.

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