Bill Burr’s Mt. Rushmore of Comedy

Bill Burr talks about the Mount Rushmore of Comedy and has George Carlin on it.

Ricky Gervais on critical thinkers.

A fun story about The Office and Angela’s cat

David Spade on how he can’t be as edgy as unknown comedians.

Johnny Mac with your daily company news, I spoke to bill Burr about George Carlin. They asked Bernie you remember the first Carlin standup routine. It really caught your attention when you were younger. Can I answer? I think for me it was stuff we had to HBO back in Queens before you could have proper cable TV.

And I think I used to watch Carlin specialist. I also remember buying a couple of Carlin album. On cassette. Remember, I forget which record chain it was, but there’d be something called the nice price. And they’d be like this big bucket of cassettes that you could buy. And I had a couple of Carlin albums back in the day.

I’d probably still have them over in the basement if I dig deep enough. Anyway. Bill Burr’s answer. I bought a comedy album called Salito window box, which was some sort of slang for weed. I just remember I loved his voice and the way he used it, the rise and fall of it.

Carlin had this really great broadcaster voice and he knew how to use it. I don’t really remember the bits. I just remember him being hilarious and the albums back then just sounded so alive. You can almost picture the crowd and the venue and the stuff. It was amazing.

CBR opined. Good word, Seany Mac. If there’s anyone in the history of comedy who is as impactful as Carlin Burke, cut them off and said, and Lenny Bruce and red Fox. Oh, this article is spelled bred wrong. There’s two D’s in Redd and two Xs and Foxx guys. Come on. This, it looks so funny. I’m just looking at the print red Fox, you know, like a Fox that’s right.

I digress. And Lenny Bruce and Red Foxx, which led to Richard Pryor. Yeah, there’s a lot, but Carlin’s part of that. He is on the Mount Rushmore.

Hmm, who’s on the, Hmm, that’s a good question. Maybe I’ll post that on the Facebook group who is on the Mount Rushmore of comedy, Carlin Pryor, and two more. Huh? I got to think about that. CBR said, what do you think comedians picked up the most from Carlin’s work Bre from him and someone like Joan Rivers.

I think it’s helped her lift. And Hey, you know, there was a stereotype for awhile that comedians would dry up. After a couple of years, he didn’t George Carlin and Joan Rivers were just, they were fearless, but George and Joan were talking about stuff that even today, I still wouldn’t have the guts to alienate a crowd of that level.

I can tick off a certain group, but that takes a lot of guts.

Ricky Gervais is spoke to the wall street journal about critical thinkers. , if it’s a subject that’s personal to them and they can’t see the wood for the trees, they can’t see objectively people laugh at 19 of terrible subjects, like joke about we’re not the 20th because it affects.

The wall street journal is interested that Ricky is vegan. Ricky said I’ve been nearly vegan for years. I haven’t eaten meat and eggs for years. The last one to go is dairy. We’re 100% vegan in a house, but I did laps every now and then, but I’m desperately trying to be vegan now, but you know what? I don’t want to preach about it because when I was a vegetarian, I saw people on Twitter, making other people who were trying to feel bad for me.

It’s not about being a hundred percent. One it’s about being better than you were yesterday. It’s about education and everything’s going to be vegan soon. It’s going that way. Also. I’ve got a cat, so I’m not vegan because I still got to buy into the meat market. It’s a dangerous thing to be that smug about being a vegan, because veganism isn’t about food.

It’s about harm.

He was asked about award shows, specifically the golden gloves. Now I’ve been sleeping this article for quite some time. This was actually an interview from before the slaps. So that’s why Ricky, doesn’t talk about the Oscars here. Holiday filler, Johnny Mac. Yeah, a little.

Ricky said I don’t watch award shows anyway. I never have. The only time I’ve ever seen an award show is one that I’m at. I’m either winning or losing an award or presenting it. They’re fun for the industry. You know, the first time I hosted the Globes, I did it five times. Over 10 years, it was palpable.

People are going, who does he think he is? How dare he insult the most important people in the world over the 10 year period? The world changed the last time I did, it was very. I kept doing my thing and now people are going, yeah, give it to them. We hate celebrities. We’re tired of being told what to do by people with everything.

We’re tired of being told to recycle. When we know they’ve got their private jet or limo

office, lint adapted from the new book. The office BFS tells of the office from two best friends who with.

Angela who plays, Angela’s told a story, can our director, as some of the supporting cast to help fill out background of scenes by doing busy work in various parts of the bullpen, if you rewatch the pilot, you’ll see a few of these moments. Kevin is going through packages of the mail cart. I make copies of the photocopier, and then there were people crossing behind the interviews in the conference room.

The writers called the interviews between Dunder Mifflin employees and the documentarians talking heads can, was establishing the world of the mockumentary. And in those early days, they wanted people crossing behind the talking heads to show the hustle and bustle of. He asked me if I’d make a big loop through the bullpen, passing out papers.

I was thrilled up something to do. I asked him what he wanted me to give out. He told me it didn’t matter. Clearly, not a plot propelling moment. Earlier when at my desk I had doodled a little cat on a post-it note. This gave me an idea. I made a bunch more and I wrote on each one, it sprinkles, third birthday, come celebrate Tuesday in the parking lot.

i, the idea that Angela found a cat in the parking lot and adopted it, its third birthday was coming up and she was going to make sure everybody acknowledged properly while filming my pivotal background. Walk behind the talking heads. I handed out the invitations, everyone in the office received. Except Jim.

I decided that Jim would probably say something sarcastic about the cat party and Angela was not having it. Sprinkles birthday was very important to her and she wasn’t gonna invite just anyone, especially not a smart Alec is up. Jim was out Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Zed. When Angela gave me my invitation, I thought it was hilarious.

I stuck it to my computer screen as folks in offices do with random sticky notes.

Few days later, I had to shoot a flirty scene between Jim and Pam at the reception desk. After a few takes, Ken came over and said, the scene felt a little stiff and he wanted us to improvise. You reminded us of an improvisation we’d done during the audition process, where they had me stand at the copier and directed John to walk over and start a conversation.

Krasinski came up to me and said, what are you copying right now? What is that? And I responded with a flirty sass. I’m working. I don’t know if you’re working, but I’ve worked to do the dialogue we came up with. Wasn’t very clever, but underneath those boring words, we played out a subtext of two people who were delighted to be standing close and saying anything.

Can suggested we try improvising in a similar way telling us to talk about any mundane thing while the cameras rolled. And so when the scene started, I saw the post-it note on my computer. It gave me the idea to say the line. Are you going to Angela’s cat party on Sunday?

I’m not sure why. I said Sunday when the posted clearly said the party’s on Tuesday as Angela predicted John as Jim shot back. Yes. That that’s ridiculous. And we giggled together was a great moment and it made the cut not only. But the exchange planted the seed that Angela was a crazy cat lady. The writers went on to flush out the story of sprinkles for many seasons thereafter.

Great story. Hey, David spade. How do you feel about where comedy is going? That’s the question from the Hollywood reporter spade said, I respect Chapelle and I respect most comedians at the girlfriends until proven otherwise it’s a nice little community. And if you like comedy and you go to comedy clubs, there’s people saying crap, you wouldn’t believe, but they’re not famous enough to get canceled.

So in a way, that’s your competition. You’re watching someone better than you because they’re doing crap you should be doing. And so it’s a very tough juggling act. I just try to be clever. I try to surprise in my jokes and I give an hour of fun without being too heavy. And no one needs to break into discussion groups.

After my special, a lot of people don’t even know I do stand up. I’m always in a movie on a TV show.

let’s Stop off a gossip corner. Us magazine talked about Pete Davidson, their sources, everyone in Kim Kardashians family. Absolutely adores Pete and Pete loves. He fits in so well with her life and with her family, Kim and Peter even happier now that they can attend events together and be in public.

They love spending as much time together as possible. And from the San Francisco Chronicle scientist turned comedian at Genia Hogan draws, infinite laughs out of an endless series of bad dates. Johnny Mac. This sounds like holiday weekend filler is this holiday weekend filler jokes. Janie Hogan says I’m more datable than a plate of re fried beans and other romantic observations.

That is her book. It narrates life as a single undefined partner than a single again.

Jeannie Hogan, why did you turn to comedy? Jeanie said I worked at Facebook briefly and then at two tech startups in San Fran at my last tech job, I had a month low where it wasn’t clear what I was supposed to be working on. So I signed up for a standup comedy class. I wasn’t even a big fan of standup at first, but the improv glass started too late in the evening.

I got fully addicted to stand up in a month, even a week. Honestly, I started doing it every night and 2017. I quit the tech job. I started freelancing and never went back to that.

In standup, there was a big emphasis on making your jokes as short as possible. I studied math and I was a programmer. It was so cool. I would have jokes that felt like I’d written out lines of code in programming. You’ll sometimes refactor your code with the same thing is repeated. You’d take it out and make it a separate function.

I would do that with my jokes.

And then they asked her about dating and San Francisco versus dating in LA versus New York. Okay. Her answer, San Francisco is one of the best places to date as a straight woman. And there’s a lot of men and there’s something about it. I think because people are very professionally motivated, people are more serious about looking for relationship.

LA is a hard city to date because it’s so spread out. My first few months in LA I dated someone. I was pretty lukewarm toward, cause he lived nearby. Everyone was like, don’t break up. We’ll let him, you’re never going to find somebody within walking distance. As for New York, I don’t think of New York as an excellent dating city.

She did not elaborate. And that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows, see you tomorrow.

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