Bob Saget Autopsy Details, Ron White to Retire!!!

The Saget family asked the hotel to do a wellness check on Bob Saget. The police department shared the details.

Ron White has announced he will retire at the end of the year!

Aziz Ansari has a surprise Netflix special coming out on Tuesday the 25th

Jo Koy’s sitcom Josep got a pilot order

The ABC boss says Jimmy Kimmel can stay as long as he wants.

Drake’s friend returned the DVDs of Chappelle’s show.

Uncorrected transcript below

You ever get like five seconds in your podcast, the phone rings and it’s Chinese language spam. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with take two of your daily comedy news. Steven, go bear. Wondered if he should deliberately try to catch COVID. I mean, all the other late night nos are doing it and starting to think they had a secret sleepover and I wasn’t invited soon. There’s going to be almost as many people in hospitals. As there are TV shows about hospitals.

Seth Meyer said the CDC is reportedly considering updating its coronavirus guidance to recommend that people wear N 95 or canine 95 masks are barring that just 95 masks.

Seth added that the CDC also issued a, do not travel advisory for Canada due to an increase in Corona virus cases. There, he said, it’s kind of like Keith Richards telling you not to hang around with that pothead from school Kobe or the white house announced that insurers will have to cover eight at-home virus test per month, eight per month.

So one for every new variant. Yes. Omicron is super popular. I hear it stating Pete Davis.

Sounds like Jimmy Kimmel will be around for some time. ABC entertainment, president Craig earth, which was talking to some guys at some sort of press junket. And he said, Jimmy is the king of late night. . Presumably he met Jimmy Kimmel. He is the longest running late night host on the air. We’ll have Jimmy for as many seasons as he wants to be on the air and distributes to Bob Saget was a great example of the unique talent that Jimmy is funny that he just keeps calling him Jimmy, as if there’s not another guy who might easily confuse you.

As for Kimmel’s other projects at ABC, no update on new episodes of who wants to be a millionaire and no updates about live in front of a studio audience. That was the show that did the live facts of life and different strokes in December,

or which said live in front of a studio. Audience is one of the highlights of the year for ABC. And for me personally, it reminded me of why I got into television.

I’m excited for when Jimmy and a Norman Lear are ready to discuss more, but we’re certainly open to more or which would not confirm or deny if Jimmy Kimmel will host this year’s academy awards, but the academy awards have announced they will have a host this year. Why not? Jimmy Kimmel.

ER, which has also some sort of big way get Hulu. He said there will be a second season of only murders in the building. That’s the Martin short, Steve Martin Selena Gomez show on Hulu that everybody likes it’s Hulu’s most watched comedy series ever, including library content.

Wow. The second season isn’t production, but no date yet. Or which says I can tell you I’ve read the first six or seven scripts and the material is terrific.

Some huge news out of Atlanta. Scott Beckett. Thank you for posting this on the daily comedy news, Facebook group, this from the AJC veteran standup comic and former Metro Atlanta, Ron white has told the Atlanta journal constitution he’s done with standup comedy. Is Fox theater show. Tomorrow night is nearly sold out.

It’s going to be his last ever in Atlanta. So if you’re in Atlanta and you want to see Ron white. He’s going to retire at the end of the year. You plan to do more shows this year nationwide and wrap it up for good, a new year’s Eve 65 year old. Ron white said, I don’t think it really makes sense to anybody, but me.

I’ve been doing it 37 years. I’ve loved the whole ride. I just feel like it’s time to put it down. I have a big year coming and that’ll be it. I’m in a good place in my life and comfortable with my decision.

I am surprised that this, I heard Ron white on Joe Rogan’s podcast, not too long ago, like November, December, even, maybe. And it sounded like Ron had rekindled his love for performing standup. He was really feeling energized about it, talking to Rogan.

The AJC says for many years, run white lift part-time and an 11,000 square foot mansion off a golf course in Georgia inspired to live in the area because of his buddy, Jeff Foxworthy. He sold that place in 2018 for two and a half million. He ultimately bought a penthouse on the 22nd floor overlooking the Colorado river in downtown Austin.

Ron says it was my goal to retire in Texas. I’ve been coming to Austin since I was old enough to lie. Austin is so hopping with live music and great restaurants. It’s grown like a weed, even bought an additional plot of land south of Austin near a new golf course. His current place is fine. He said, but he got upset after a tenant.

Falsely accused Ron white of not picking up after his dog mustard. One day after playing golf and having had a few cocktails, Ron white entered the building and saw the homeowners association having a meeting. He crashed the meeting and gave them a tongue lashing for the. Ron white said it was brutal.

It was ridiculous. The churn sat there in the parking lot for a week and it wasn’t my dog. The HOA hates my guts. Now this is hilarious.

Ron white says he enjoys the exposure he gets from being on Joe Rogan show. We’re kindred spirits. We’ve chosen this lifestyle. He just works way harder than I do. I didn’t have that much energy when I was 18.

Ron also talked about his storytelling style.

He says all his stories sound plausibly, autobiographical. So my fans believe every word I say, like it’s a newscast. Quite frankly. Some of the stories are very, very true, but some are complete figments of my imagination. He has found it odd since the pandemic the shows sell out, but 15% of the people don’t show up.

I’ve heard that from a few comedians. Now people buy tickets, but don’t show up. They don’t ask for refunds. It’s odd.

Might we see one last hurrah for the blue collar comedy guys. White says he’s resisted for years in part because he feels his show has gotten way too dirty to match up with the other guy’s acts. Bill is also retiring, so I don’t think we’ll ever see blue collar ride again.

Also behind the scenes, some of the business arrangements have changed over the years. I would be surprised if the four of them toward again, but who knows money has a way of solving things

from variety, Aziz, Ansari, who will call you back. If you help him early in his career, he won’t. I can assure you of that.

He announced a new Netflix special it’s called a nightclub comedian. It will debut on Netflix, January 25th. It was filmed at December of 2021 as an intimate surprise gig in New York city

variety of reports. Joe coy has landed a pilot order for his single camera comedy. Josep will follow a recently divorced Filipino American nurse played by Joe Koy, attempting to navigate dating fatherhood and a very Filipino mother and the copywriting rule of three, who loves to help.

The orange county Sheriff’s office has released them to tales about the death of Bob Saget. Bob was discovered by hotel security on Sunday afternoon, after sag, his family requested a wellness check. The comedian was found deceased, quote in a supine position on his. Supine means lying horizontally with the face and torso facing up

the responding officer reported. I checked the immediate area for signs of. It should be noted. None were found the room itself was orderly with items owned by Mr. Saget on the nightstand at television stand a closet and bathroom. No signs of trauma were seen. Medications were presence according to the report.

And it’s noted that sag it’s medical history is unknown. Police say no drugs were found, so don’t let your mind to run wild with words like medications. I’d take medications. I bet you do too.

The cause and manner of death are pending further studies and investigation, which may take up to 10 to 12 weeks to complete

sag. It was staying at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Florida. He used his room key to enter his hotel room at [2:17] AM early on Sunday morning, nothing crazy. Barry’s a comedian . Family members contacted hotel security, check on his wellbeing. And several attempts were made to open the door.

After checkout time, when security entered the room, all the lights were off. The person checked to see if Sacca was breathing, but he was cold to the touch, yellow and clammy security called at 9 1 1. We have an unresponsive guest in a room.

. According to the nine one one call the man from the hotel says the guest is not responsive, not breathing and had no pulse.

Saget was declared dead at [4:18] PM. Local time.

Hotel management and formed sag. It’s wife, Kelly Rizzo of his passing homicide was notified, which is standard process. According to Yahoo, all deaths, whether they are natural suicide, overdose or homicide are always looked at by the homicide unit.

The nominees for the 2022 sag awards came out. The nominees for comedy series ensemble are the great hacks. The Kominsky method only murders in the building, Ted lasso. I see only murders in the building, getting that as a lifetime achievement award male actor in a comedy series. Michael Douglas for Kaminsky, Brett Goldstein for Ted lasso, Steve Martin and Martin short they’ll fight it out for only murders in the building.

Jason Sudeikis, Ted lasso, male actor.

There’s been a lot of buzz on Brett Goldstein, but can give it to him over a series lead Jason’s Degas. If they split the vote and murders in the building, split the vote. Does Michael Douglas get an award? We will see nominees for a female actor in a comedy series. Ellie fanning for the great Sandra.

Oh, for the chair, Jean smart hacks, juno temple, Ted lasso, Hannah Whittingham, Ted lasso. So we split the Ted lasso votes and we’ll give it to Jean smart for hacks would be my guess.

And finally Drake tells us via Instagram, his longtime friend, Dalton, D 10 tenants has finally returned to the DVDs of Chappelle’s show Dietz and bar these things 15 years ago in an Instagram story, Drake said, I let

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