Bob Saget reportedly said he didn’t feel well on day of final shows

A Johnny Carson bio-pic series is in the works!

Seth Meyers wrote a book about a bear and a wild rabbit.

Bob Saget reportedly told the staff of the venue where he performed his final comedy show that he didn’t “feel good” on the night he died.

Sebastian Maniscalco have out some NFTs. Bill Murray is selling some.

Pete Davidson’s mom seemed to like the idea of Pete an dKim having a baby, not that they are having a baby.

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The World Comedy Expo comes to Chicago

If you don’t understand that Jeff Foxworthy’s special is a comedy special and he doesn’t really dislike his wife….yooooooooo might be a moron.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. I have a significant announcement in the middle of the show today. All good. Don’t worry. Tell you about that. As you can hear, my voice has kind of shots. Hopefully it can make it through, but there’s so much good stuff today. I didn’t want to hand out a generic episode.

The late night shows having talking about the Supreme court hearings, Jimmy Kimmel said it’s the most supportive Jackson has had since thriller came out. And I liked that one Fallon right now. Biden’s like, Hey, I nominated you. It’s only fair that we split that approval rating. Come on.

Felon yet. The only way it could have been a higher is if she ended with a water bottle flip camel, she said that the fact she was even nominated shows how far we’ve come as a country. And so some of the Republican senators on the committee have been hard at work to show how far we haven’t gotten. This is how low the U S government has fallen.

We’ve gone from, let’s put a man on the moon within this decade to maybe someday we can get at least one Republican to vote for a qualified woman.

Two quick at late night, adjacent stories. Seth Myers has written a book it’s called. I’m not scared. You’re scared. It’s about a cowardly bear, a courageous rabbit, and what they learned from each other. That’s right. The bear sleeps with a belt tied to his door. So will know if an intruder crosses his threat.

cause. Even a bear that’s easily scared is a very heavy sleeper that’s good advice. I think rabbits sleeps with their door wide open and brushes her teeth while hanging from a tree branch by her ears. Rapid sounds a little wild

rabbit persuades bear to set on, on an adventure. Fear and SUSE plus mild and pleasant danger. And of course teamwork, the more or less simple, the trick is to do it with a friend. So you can take turns being each other’s backbone. Thank you, Seth Meyers. I’m really excited about this next thing. And it’s probably the main reason I didn’t hand in a generic today from deadline, a Johnny Carson biopic. That’s awesome. I love Johnny Carson when they started putting the Carson classics. Like the old tonight shows on, you know, whatever you mean TV or one of those at 11 o’clock.

I watched that every night for like a year. I love Carson.

So you’re wondering who’s going to play Johnny Carson. Well, obviously Joseph Gordon Levitt, you know, when you look at them side by side, you add a little makeup. It’s going to work

a high profile, serious as deadlines starting Joseph Gordon Levitt as Johnny Carson written by Deadwood creator, David Milch. That’s no slouch directed by Jay Roach. No slouch. The project is called king of late night.

The series will file the life and career of late night TV pioneer, Johnny Carson from New York to LA to Las Vegas strip king of late night. We’ll reveal how Johnny’s diehard connection to his audience, overlap with his lifelong desire for the base quality of life or how his beloved onscreen persona came into conflict with the more colorful aspects of his personal life.

Deadline says there’ve been multiple previous attempts to amount of Johnny Carson biopic, including a feature and an NBC mini series, both based on bill book Carson, the magnificent, those were announced a decade ago. Nothing happened. On TV. Carson was portrayed by rich little, in the wonderful HBO film.

The late shift that’s on HBO. Max, watch that if you’ve never seen that, Richard Liddell’s in it for like five seconds though. It was Carson. And then there was the 2017 comedy drama series. There’s Johnny that’s the Paul riser show that takes place in the seventies and depicts the fictional goings on behind the scenes of the tonight.

Show that show deserved a lot better.

I’m really looking forward to that. I really liked this tweet from James or , who plays Dr. Venture on the venture brothers. James tweeted under a picture of the actual Johnny Carson Jr. About this.

They’re making a biopic series about me starting Joseph Gordon. It’s true. It’s called 500 days of guest hosts. Yeah. If you can catch the show on the wrong night, you’ll just see. Adam driver is David Brenner. Speaking of movies that Adam driver is fit. David Britta line is hilarious and not a bad.

This Bob Saget story just continues to have more and more wrinkles from Yahoo. Bob Saget reportedly told the staff of the venue where he performed his final comedy show that he didn’t feel good on the night he died.

Yahoo says it’s now been reported that sag it’s a staff member at the point of major concert hall that he didn’t quote feel good. His quotes hearing had been off and it was taking him quotes a long time to get over COVID. He said his hearing had been off and that was the case.

The night he performed, he was asking him the sound guys to turn everything on. Those are the words of Rosalie coachee, a show runner at the concert hall. She allegedly told that to orange county police during an interview conducted after sag its death. According to an audio clip obtained by page six, Cody said, Zagat said that he had been sick the night before and sick.

In the sense of like his hearing was off. He said they’d had a sore throat that he was happy at lozenges for the stage.

Despite saying he didn’t know how long he’d be able to perform that night. So I got one up doing almost two hours prior to that show. He had finished a 90 minute long performance at hard rock coach. He said, I did hear him saying, I don’t feel good, but I’m ready to do the show. He said, this is what I do this for.

It’s kind of like he was talking himself up, coach, you told authorities that sag. It seemed okay at the time. And he was cracking jokes before. Of the performance coach. He said, Saget, wasn’t sweating. He didn’t miss a beat. And he came out very energetic.

Let’s take a walk up to old man mountain up there. We’ll find me making faces at Sebastian Maniscalco. Sebastian surprise fans at his New York city shows by giving NFTs to all ticket holders. He got the press of the first comedian to launch such an offering using the next gen digital collectible technology.

Sebastian said I’ve never done this before and hell who knows? I may never do it again.

I’ve always looked at New York city as a second home, and I’ve always had a special connection with the people of the city. I don’t understand any of it. Bill Murray is also doing this from the Hollywood reporter, each choke and in the official bill Murray NFT now. We’ll have a unique graphic of bill Murray and an accompanying text of a brief anecdote about the actor that he’s either personally revealed to the company, or has verified from previously published material.

What are we even talking about? Luckily, the Hollywood reporter has a sample, a sample bill Murray story posted Tuesday was about bill Murray’s phone. It appears to be an eight year old Blackberry classic. He nicknamed the Relic bill Arry. Why? The M a key doesn’t work. If you’ve received a text from bill and last five years, the M’s are omitted.

So you give the company money for an NFT and you sorta own that story. Something, something, I don’t know. Don’t get it.

From Oregon live, an unidentified man was captured on video Tuesday night, interrupting our comedy show, or right. That happens all the time. But this guy was challenging. Mike Tyson to a fight. TMZ has a video. The audience member interrupts a comedian on stage to talk to Tyson who was seated in the front row.

The man is seen pressing a very calm Tyson for a fight, hoping to quotes, upgrade his status.

There is a new episode of my casual travel podcast. Travel is back in the feed. This is the beginning of the Las Vegas episodes. I was recently out there and recorded a bunch of stuff. This week is me walking up and down the Las Vegas strip with my portable recorder. That podcast is called travel is back wherever you get your shows.

All right, big announcement. You’re ready.

Introducing daily comedy news, plus I’m adding subscriptions. Here’s why. Thank you all, truly so much for supporting the show. By the way to calm down, nothing’s changing, calm down, come down and come down. I’m adding a subscription slash freemium option on apple podcasts. Nothing about the show, nothing about the feed changes from what you woke up to this one.

I’m truly thankful to so many of you have supported the show and there are two reasons of this one. It’s a pretty frictionless way to support the show. . You sign up an apple billing will take care of the money. Part of it. Nice and easy for you for me, for everybody. Great. The second reason.

And the real reason there’s a huge marketing opportunity here. I say apple is increasingly putting an emphasis on the subscription model. And I think for me, and for the show, it’s still early enough to get in on that wave. And hopefully I can avail myself of some of Apple’s promotional efforts as an independent podcaster.

I can tell you the hardest part of doing this every day is discoverability. And I see that they’re pushing shows that have a subscription option, and I want to try and ride that wave. So if you’d like to share the way it is now, don’t do anything. There’ll be an episode in your feed at 3 0 5 Eastern tomorrow morning, nothing changes.

All right, Johnny max. So what is the deal here? The freemium model is $4 99 cents a month. You know, five bucks

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Jeff Foxworthy is catching a lot of grief. All he did was put out a special people, seem to be losing their minds, that Jeff Foxworthy just did. Jeff Foxworthy style material. Twitter is upset that his wife is a prime topic. One tweeter said, Jeff Foxworthy says my wife more than bore at

another said. Jeff’s brand of comedy, which is essentially hating his wife should no longer be used. A third, took to Twitter to say the only takeaway from this Jeff Foxworthy, is that not only does he not like his wife, he also doesn’t like anybody born since 1990.

Hey everybody. It was a comedy special. Come on. What is wrong with everybody?

Pete Davidson’s mama stirring it up. He reports a fan account, posted a paparazzi photo of Pete and Kim driving around LA one commenter expressed how much they support the relationship writing. She’ll be pregnant with his child by the end of the year. All right. That’s just random speculation from a. But Pete’s mom, Amy Waters Davidson saw the comment and responded yay.

In a now deleted comment.

And this weekend in Chicago is the world comedy expo. Tonight through Sunday at laugh factory, the annoyance theater, the den, and second city’s up comedy club. Also Donny’s Skybox. Live comedy events, feature appearances from several Chicago artists in groups, including Abby Sanchez at Jamie Schreiner, Anthony Bonanza Moore’s Tim’s Kieran Hormel, BEC, and Nick’s Tam stop trying to make sketch happen. That’s a great name and box office poison. Also a great name panels include the history of Chicago comedy.

I’d like to check that out. That sounds. That will discuss how the city rose to prominence in the world of comedy. That’s moderated by Kelly Leonard Kelly Leonard used to be a big week at second city.

The three-day festival also includes workshops such as the intro to the art of slow comedy improv with Jimmy Corinne and improv for standup, but led by Rachel Mason and Susan messing. My voice is shot. Follow the show for free on the usual places work. If you want to go freemium on apple podcasts, five bucks a month, for 30, 31 ad-free episodes.

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