Bob Saget: reports from his last show

Those who were at Bob Saget’s final show said he was in good spirits, had family on his mind, and he was working out material for a new special.

The Bob’s Burgers conspiracy gets more complex with the release of a “movie trailer.’ Have you ever seen Bob’s Burgers? Have you ever met anyone who has seen Bob’s Burgers?

Fox meanwhile says King of the Hill is NOT coming back for new episodes.

Mac Packer Keegan Michael Key’s show Reboot got a pickup from Hulu.

A preview of the SnoJam Comedy Festival

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Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news, a lot of new listeners discovering the show this week. Welcome the normal format as I start with late night and then do simple stories than more complicated stories on the back end, starting with late.

Stephen Colbert has said the seven day average for new reported cases of Omnicon crown in the U S top 700,700,000. That’s the population of Denver. And you know, you’re in trouble when you’re higher than the people of Denver felon guys today, the CEO of Pfizer said it’s vaccine for the variant will be ready in March.

So get ready for the craziest St. Patrick’s day in the history of the world. It feels like this March madness, we’ll be filling out brackets to predict which of the 68 variants will become the dominant strain Kobe IR, but I’m a Cron can be over by Groundhog day, which would be just in time because scientists in Cyprus have found 25 cases of a strain of the Corona virus.

They say combines elements of the Delta and Alma crown variants. They’re calling it Delta Cron, Delta Cron. Also the name of the disappointing transformer, who turns into a delayed flight for Atlanta. That’s good. SIF scientists are currently disputing a new study that claims there’s Delta Cron. And the only thing that can stop it is the Pfizer vaccine Fallon. Pretty soon, the CEO of Pfizer is going to be on Instagram live like new vaccine just drops out off of the.

Kimmel, I honestly have no idea how I haven’t been infected with this. I’m starting to feel like before I lost my virginity, everyone else had I know I probably will eventually.

And when I finally do, I hope it goes as fast as losing my virginity.

Kim will talked about Bob Saget saying if you read anything about Bob online, if you saw any of the many thoughts from people who knew him personally, a word that came up a lot was the sweetest. And Bob was the sweetest. He was the sweetest man. If he had to pick one word to describe him, that was it.

Sweetest. I have so many wonderfully kind and supportive texts and emails and calls from Bob. He’d write some sometimes just to tell me he loved me. And I know he did that for many people. He had something funny to say about everything and nothing bad to say about anyone. Never. I’ll talk more about Bob Saget.

In the second half of the podcast from deadline, Hulu has ordered a series called a reboots.

This will store a Mac packer, Keegan, Michael Key. If you’re new, the Mac pack are my celebrity crush us. We’ll get into that some other day,

steeped in the irony of the TV industry, continuing to reboot, it shows from the past. Reboot starts when Hulu reboots and early two thousands family sitcom forcing its dysfunctional cast back together. Now they must deal with their unresolved issues in today’s fast changing world Mack packer, Keegan, Michael Key plays, Reed Sterling, a fussy actor on the fictitious family multicam sitcom step right up, read Sterling, graduated from the Yale school of drama and resents the show for ruining his career.

Johnny Knoxville plays clay barber, a dark and filthy standup comedian whose only real acting job was on the same bright and sunny sit-com.

Judy Greer will play Bree Marie Larson. Great name, a small town hasn’t girl who always dreamed of being an actress and a princess. And both somehow came true. Speaking of reboots USA today says the claim that Fox announced a reboot of king. Not true. The rumor was that king of the hill would come back March 19th.

It’s not true.

The rumor said Fox announced a king of the hill reboot with an all new season in episodes with the characters older and that would come out March 19th. It’s not true. Fox television made a statement saying there are currently no plans to reboot king of the hill. Now, interesting to me, that Fox is saying that this animated series does not exist because Fox has been perpetrating one of the greatest hoaxes of all time when it comes to animated.

They claim to have a show called Bob’s burgers, which claims have been on the air for 12 seasons. Now, new listeners, I’m going to ask you two questions. The longtime listeners know these questions that are already giggling, but I’m going to ask you new listener, two questions. Have you ever seen Bob’s burgers?

I know you’ve seen promos for it. I know you’ve heard Joe Buck telling you it was coming on after the game, but have you ever actually seen Bob’s burgers on your TV? The answer of course is no. And more importantly, have you ever met anyone who has seen Bob’s burgers now? This show supposedly been on for 12 years.

I’ve never met one person who has seen Bob’s burgers. How is that possible? Well, now from.

The hoax is getting bigger. There’s a trailer for the Bob’s burgers movie,

and I will concede to you, the trailer clearly exists, but, but on Sundays promos for Bob’s burgers exist. I see the promos. I’m not saying the perennials don’t exist. I’m not saying there’s not artwork. I’m not saying there’s not a website. I’m telling you the show. Doesn’t actually air on Fox on Sunday nights.

Have you ever seen it? No. Have you ever met anyone who’s ever seen it? Well, your TV on any Sunday night when boss burger is supposedly on, it’s not on there showing a test pattern in the trailer for this Bob’s burgers movie,

It kicks off with a salacious montage of burger ingredients before cutting to the Belcher family’s matriarch, Linda sporting a uniform, combining a burger costume, and a polka dot. Linda shouts, fresh hot burgers, sexy burgers. It’s summer in six sells baby.

The Bob’s burgers movie follows the trials of the belchers after a single opens in front of their Bob’s burgers restaurant severing, the family from the source of their livelihood while parents, Linda and Bob brainstorm new business strategies to stay afloat. Their children, Tina, Jean and Louise band together to embark on an adventure involving horse riding and robots to save the family’s restaurant.

This is touted as a musical comedy mystery adventure.

Now, some of you don’t believe in the conspiracy, the Bob’s burgers movie was first announced in 2017. Let me count on my fingers here. 20 17, 20 18, 20 19, 20 20, 20 21, 20 22. So we’re in the sixth year of the boss burgers movie, supposedly actually coming out.

Six years. The show has been supposedly on for 12 years.

This time, the Bob’s burgers movie is set to debut May 27th, 2022. Let’s see if it actually has.

Dan tweeted me at DCN pod. I’m sure he would have loved to have tweeted me at daily comedy news, but somebody has that handle and is tweeted once. And the jerks at Twitter won’t give it to me. So Dan blitz tweeted at DCN pod and was like, Hey man, snow jam comedy festival lineup, do it.

And I’m like, okay, Dan boob blitz. I’ll check it out.

Snow jam January 19th through the 22nd in Sioux falls, South Dakota,

pretty robust lineup. Ben mark hots. Cameron Logston Chris fryer, Cody old, rich tan Bluebloods Jr. Hmm. I wonder why Jan Bluebloods Jr. Wanted me to promote this. David DeCaro. Mary Mac, a favorite of mine, and supposedly the reason Dan Bluebloods Jr. Wanted me to promote this thing. Hm. Maxi. Why track Nathan Holtz? Paige Paul snack, Paula coinci. We’re only up to K I’m not reading the rest of these snow jam.

You’ve got too many comedians, your festivals too big. Everybody go to snow jam comedy, for the rest of the lineup. I see what you did there, Dan Bluebloods Jr.

Let’s head on over to gossip corner.

Imagine being a celebrity and having to put up with this crap from the daily mail, a British newspaper Pete Davidson. Cut a low-key figure. When he left Nobu in Malibu on Monday night alongside suicide squad actor, Joel Kinnaman, I guess they’re in that movie together. Theoretically pizza that movie for like two seconds.

Love that.

Pete Davidson 28 Dawn day blue hoodie and oversized jeans. As he left the celebrity hotspot alongside Stockholm born Joel who’s 42. And in Pete’s left hand, he carried a small takeaway bag. Joel, looked typically damper and stylish, all black look and the stars. Step for a chat before hopping and awaiting cars and being whispered.

While waiting. Pete was seen checking his phone. Boy, there’s no privacy. I’m also surprised you can just wear a blue hoodie to Nobu or do you have to be Pete Davidson? Like if I show up in an oversized blue hoodie, whether it be, oh, Johnny Mac, your table’s ready.

David spade is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Sarah Silverman and Louis Black are on with felon. Joe Rogan was the guest on Tim Dylan’s podcast. That was a good listen to from page six,

a haunting video shows Bob Saget bidding farewell to his audience. On Friday night, Tim Wilkins was the opener until page six.

On Saturday night when it got to one hour and 45 minutes, I thought, oh, he’s having too much fun. He’s not coming off. He wasn’t partying. We were drinking tea or coffee. That’s the party for two guys in their fifties and sixties. We bonded really fast. We spoke for about an hour and just covered everything life in common.

He raved about his wife, Kelly. He was so proud of everything she did. And he told me a bunch of things that she’d been working on. He loved his daughters. He covered that a few times. You know, how important and special these people must be. If someone can talk about them a few times in the space of an hour.

Wilkin said Bob had been working on a special potentially for Netflix. He talked about COVID travel, the state of everything. He was crafting a special about how divided we are. He wanted to work out a show that brought us together. That was going to be his message. He had this bit about being a fourth responder.

He said it was his job to increase our endorphins with laughter and help all the other responders out there do their jobs. He was classic Bob sagging on stage. Everybody loves him as Danny Tanner, but his comedy is a little darker even though off stage he’s a sweetheart people magazine caught up with Rebecca Barris, Wilson, her sister, jessica Olberding they were at Bob Saget final performance.

Olberding said he kept telling us so many times he was testing new material for specialty. He couldn’t wait to try it out. He was talking to people in the crowd riffing with them. Bob would often do that. It’s such a small venue. Anyway, it was a really intimate setting. There was a gentleman on the front row who there with his daughters who kind of range in age from like middle-schooler to adult.

He talked with him in front of us for about five minutes and teared up telling us about how this guy reminded Bob of himself and his own daughters.

The other one might have to show said the way Bob looked in the crowd, it’s almost like he was looking at you as he was telling the joke and looking to see everybody’s response specifically with this last show, he kind of did demographic. He showed up, made a lot of jabs at the area. The concert hall, where was held was for people that drive around in golf carts.

one thing he did mention was how many of his friends like norm McDonald and Robin Williams had passed away early. He felt they should still be here and had left far too long ahead of their time.

Comedian George Wallace shared Bob was my friend for more than 42 years to truly honor him fight the sadness and come with the laughter. It was his gift to find humor in darkness. Trust me. He’d already have a joke written about you.

He always had a smile. The best smile I recommended my dentist to him and the rest is his.

Mike Young, often opened for Bob Saget. He spoke to variety

they were about to do a 20 city tour together, starting at the end of January.

Young told variety. My biggest takeaway from Bob as a comic was his ability to be open and honest. He would crack his heart open and let the audience know who we really was. You could really see a sensitivity up there.

One time. They flew to Omaha, Nebraska for a show, their driver couldn’t see where to pick them up. So she left the car outside and walks to the airport to find the comedians. She led Saget and young back to the car, but it was being loaded onto a tow truck. So Saget sprinted toward the tow truck and convinced the driver released the.

Young says the lady was so shaken up. So Bob tells her to get in the backseat and relax. Bob takes her keys and he drives us to the hotel himself, making sure that she got back to the situation safely. That’s the kind of duty was he just wanted to take care of everybody.

before he died. Bob Saget was directing a documentary about actor and comedian Martin mole.

Young says Bob was nowhere near wanting to retire. He had a lot more to give. I can’t believe I’m talking about him in past.

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