BONUS: Saturday Night Live scrambles to put on a show – recap and review

With a COVID outbreak, SNL scrambled to put together a show, or at least half a show padded by old clips and some help from Tom Hanks and Tina Fey.

On the episode, a Pete Davidson sketch was pretty good and deserves a better fate.

There was a normal episode of the podcast in the feed earlier today.

Uncorrected transcript below:

Hello again, Johnny Mack, with your daily comedy news. I wanted to talk about last nights, Saturday night live real quick. There was a normal episode in the feed earlier this morning on Sunday. So don’t miss out on that episode. Recapping other headlines really quickly. John Malaney and Olivia Munn reportedly had a baby.

Right around Thanksgiving, they kept that secret and the Louis CK has dropped a new, special available on Louie All right, last nights, Saturday night live the Washington post writes in a first for SNL hours before an episode was set to air producers, scrapped the plan show and sent most of the cast home.

They had put out a statement saying due to the recent spike in the Omicron variants and out of an abundance of caution, there will be no live audience for tonight’s taping of SNL. The show will have limited cast and crew. I stayed up to watch at the beginning of the show kicked off at [11:30] PM told us it was prerecorded.

Tom Hanks showed up.

Paul Rudd was your schedule host, but Tom Hanks walks out and said, thank you. Surviving crew members. He noted that SNL had planned to do its big Christmas show and induct. Paul wrote into the five timers club. Those are celebrities who have hosted the show five times, but because of the surge of Alma Cron in New York city.

They were not able to do that. Hangs joked, but I came here from California. And if you think I’m going to fly 3000 miles and not be on TV, where you got another thing coming and I’m not alone, isn’t that right? Tina, Tina Fey walked out and boy, Tina Fey needs an audience or a laugh track because she was not funny.

She joked, and this is not the smallest audience I’ve ever performed before, because I’ve done improv in a Macy’s.

This next exchange should have been funny, but it fell flat. Hank said to Tina, thank you for joining me. As you know, I started the five timers club. The joke that should have gotten. Oh, like you started, COVID totally fell flat to the, I don’t know, five people in the room, but I was all watching it on the couch, her delivery.

She just did not nail the joke in case you don’t get the joke. Tom Hanks was early in the pandemic. I think the first celebrity we heard that he had COVID when he was down in Australia. I remember that.

So Paul rod comes out to the stage, explains that he’s extremely disciplined.

Kenan Thompson, who was the one cast member who stayed behind, came out and gave Paul Rudd, his five timer jacket. Then they did a prerecorded thing with Steve Martin and Martin short. They were beamed in with a simultaneously congratulatory and insulting message that fell flat as well.

So as I’m watching this on the couch, the whole episode just felt weird again. Totally get it. I’m not saying like, oh, it wasn’t no substitute, but as a TV show, a dude on a couch was watching it just wasn’t clicking.

Paul rod explained that the show would be a mix of new stuff and some

old clips comparing it to the Beatles documentary, a lot of old footage, but enough new stuff that you’re like, okay, I’ll watch that.

they took a pretty long commercial break. And I think the only reason this episode even aired was it was right before the holidays. It felt like a high commercial load in NBC, I guess one of the bank, the. The first sketch, Paul Rudd as director Casey HomeGoods, who wants Evelyn and Eileen played by Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon telling us what they really want for Christmas.

Since usually mothers tell their children not to bother with gifts, what do they really want? Grandchildren? This sketch? I just couldn’t focus on it. It was bad. And this is batting in the lead off spot. Totally get that they’re scrambling and put a show together and they didn’t have too much in the Canon.

At least this was new, but this was a bad, bad sketch. I hung in there. Then I did another commercial break and then they came back with.

The old Justin Timberlake, Dick, and a box sketch. And I’m like, whoa, it’s 1145 at night and you’re showing rerun sketches. I’m going to bed. So I went to bed, got up this morning and skim the clips. I’m sharing them throughout the day on the daily comedy news, Facebook group. One that I think deserved a lot better is a sketch about the life of Pete Davidson.

It’s called an evening with. It starts with an homage to raging bull with Pete Davidson himself in the year 2050 for reduced to a nightclub act, regurgitating his SNL hits sometimes only after the audiences.

I thought it was pretty funny. Pete making fun of himself and the sketch deserve better. If the live audience had been laughing along and we were all able to have shared laughter I think that’s scheduled a really flown deserved a lot better, but it was pretty good.

We can update it didn’t happen.

Tina Fey subbing in for Colin shows to Michael Che joked. It’s not what you think. Collins having worked on

some of the jokes time magazine has made Elon Musk person. You can read more about it on your phone while your Tesla’s self-driving you into a lake. It was revealed that on January 6th, three Fox news host texted Mark Meadows to urge him to get Trump, to call up his supporters. And you know, you’ve gone too far when Fox news is like somebody better come.

These white people down German police have broken up a plot by anti-vaxxers to kill a local official over vaccine mandates. It’s a classic conflict between Germany’s two favorite things of violence and rural. Tina Fey pointed out that Tom Hanks cracked up with that one. At the end of the episode, Hanks Faye, Samson, Shea, and Rudd gathered together all wearing masks to bid viewers farewell.

Chris red also gave a shout out to Charlie XCX for rehearsing so much for performance that never happened. Red said, I know it, wasn’t a Christmas show you expected, but that’s the beauty of this place. Like life it’s unpredictable as my good friend, Tom Hanks once said in the movie Life’s like a big, weird chocolate bar.

Sometimes it’s delicious. Other times it’s got that orange cream filling in and it’s like, okay, it’s not what I would have chosen, but it’s better than nothing.

So they gave it a try. I’m not sure it worked, but they banked the commercial dollars. Again, there was a normal episode in the feed earlier today. Tomorrow is a normal episode on tomorrow’s episode, which I recorded on Friday. You’ll hear me speculating that a Louis C K special may have.

It did indeed come out and that’s your comedy bonus news for Sunday morning. See you tomorrow.

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