Busy Weekend: Joe Rogan cancels 4-20, Louis CK, Pete Davidson, Betty White, and John Mulaney news

It was pretty busy for a holiday weekend.

Betty White passed away at age 99.

Pete Davidson hosted New Year’s Eve on NBC and Miley Cyrus’ top came off

Joe Rogan cancels his 4/20 show

George Lopez walks off stage seemingly ill.

Olivia Munn shows off Baby Mulaney in the kitchen

Slate looks at the current state of Louis C.K.

Uncorrected transcript below:

I’m Johnny Mack, who, if you’re daily comedy news. Yes. I still have some leftover late night jokes. I told you to put a lot of way. Seth Meyer has had been talking about Fox news coverage of president Biden’s response to inflation specifically the topic of rising meat prices.

The white house said he blamed for rising meat prices. Rest in part with me, conglomerates, Fox news decided to repeat a term for those companies. They call them big meat that led to a bunch of jokes. Seth asking,

why are they saying big meat so much? Is this Fox news after dark? They sound like they’re on a press tour for a porno about a pizza delivery guy. The worst part of the segment came when Rudy got confused and accidentally Googled. Maybe they’re just sticking up for big meat because that was Trump’s secret service code name.

Great set of jokes there. Betty White passed away, new year’s Eve at the age of 99. I like this joke from the roast of William Shatner, Betty White in her late eighties. Joking. I once had sex with William Shatner. I remember he was on top of me, huffing and puffing, and I’m like, You better wrap it up, build a roast is about to start.

Uh, did you watch Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus and new year’s Eve? I found it entertaining even if I was old man about all the music. I really like the opening number, where they did welcome to Miami with custom lyrics. Pete Davidson. Do you want a lot of rapping? Didn’t look like he was reading the teleprompter either.

That was a lot of fun.

There was a sketch where they mock confessed that they were both actually normies who didn’t do drugs or party. Got the joke. And the sketch went way too long. I didn’t make it through the end of the sketch.

Steve Buscemi showed up during a musical sketch called unrealistic resolutions that had the two aboard a yacht breaking down all of Pete Davidson’s resolutions that he’s doomed to fail in 2022, including reading at least three books. Suddenly he gets a FaceTime from Steve Buscemi who tells Pete Davidson it’s on-site.

If he ever returned to New York city, since he was never paid for his turn in the king of Staten island.

Earlier in the week, Miley Cyrus had shared an Instagram post on which Pete Davidson spoke about new year’s resolution saying I usually make one, then I don’t follow it. Some my new year’s resolution this year is not to have one, so I don’t let myself down again.

One minute before midnight, Pete Davidson asked everyone to raise a glass and toast. The loss of television icon, Betty White. There was no ball drop. They had a giant light-up champagne bottle spray fireworks as Pete Davidson exclaimed happy new year. Go to hell 2021 shortly thereafter, Miley Cyrus had a wardrobe malfunction.

Did you hear about this?

She was singing party in the USA and her top came undone. She caught it with her hands. She turned around back to the audience, ran backstage, came back out and had some kind of blazer on and jokes. Everybody’s definitely looking at me now.

Meanwhile from TMZ and I’m recording this a Saturday afternoon. George Lopez got sick in the middle of his new year’s Eve. Show this from TMZ. They have a short clip. George was performing at the Muckleshoot casino resort in watching. It was four in the afternoon.

He began struggling. I witnessed a Sabrina Alvarez, told at TMZ, George was between half an hour and 45 minutes and was set and he started sweating and asking for water. At first, no one came with a glass, but somebody finally did Sabrina Alvarez says he could tell something was wrong.

It was not clear what was wrong. George said he was sorry, stopped the show and walked off stage and ambulance was seen pulling up to the. It is unknown. If George got in that ambulance or where the ambulance went, the casino announced that eight o’clock, the show was canceled and rescheduled for March 18th.

Hope George Lopez is doing okay.

A lot of comedy news for new year’s weekend sketch Fest. I was going to do a preview of it tomorrow, had the script written and everything. They had to cancel it. Guess why? Yep. I’m a Cron. It was scheduled for January 7th to the 23rd at venues throughout San Francisco. This is a huge, really, really, really cool festival.

I got to go to, I think twice the multi-day comedy festival was intended to be a triumphant return to in-person shows.

This year’s festival was going to be a belated celebration of the 20th anniversary. The 20th anniversary didn’t happen because if other COVID.

Sketch Fest put out a statement. The safety of our artists, staff and audiences is our number one priority. Over the past week, we’ve had many artists reach out to us to express concern about traveling and performing at a time when the COVID Alma crown Varian is creating increased positive cases, blah, blah, blah, faced with multiple artists show and flight cancellations.

We’ve made the tough decision to postpone the festival to a later date. That sucks.

Joe Rogan had to cancel one of his dates. It was his big four 20 show on April 20th. He was going to be in Vancouver. Joe Rogan said, I should probably say this because I haven’t yet my four 20 show that sold out in Vancouver. I don’t think that’s happening. I don’t think I can even get into the country.

I’m not vaccinated. I’m not going to get vaccinated. I have antibodies. It doesn’t make any sense.

Under a Canadian rules, proof of vaccinations required to attend large scale events. Like what Rogan had planned right now that April show has been rescheduled for October 24th.

Hey Gary, Goldman, what can we expect from you in 2022? That was a question asked by Yahoo. Gary Goldman said I’m about 80% finished with a memoir called K-12. I have an uncanny memory from my childhood. I have a lot of. That I put into this memoir

and it’s told through the perspective of me, when I moved back to my mother’s house at age 47 to convalesce, after being in a hospital, I didn’t realize Gary was that old. It’s very funny because I had a really eccentric family and grew up in an unusual neighborhood. So I’m really enjoying telling the story.

I also have recurring part on Amy Schumer’s new TV show life and Beth that’s coming out in 2022 and Johnny Mac says will be quickly canceled, but that’s the other thing Gary Goldman is excited about.

On Saturday. I did an episode about late night with David Letterman. Hopefully my love of that show came across. So when I saw this story, my Letterman rage fired up from the left button. Whitney Cummings has a love of breaking things. She also has a hydraulic press, just like David Linehan had 40 years ago.

Whitney Cummings decided to combine her two loves together and come up with a new web show for YouTube called pressed. The show is. They break things with a hydraulic press like David Letterman did 40 years ago.

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You know what I’m saying? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. We do it live by live.

On this week’s show. You can hear me tell you about Rob Schneider. Frank CalEndow Gary Goldman. Yeah, you probably know that story just told it to you here, but on that. I get to play a bit by Gary. Goldman gin, full wire has a new album, Dane cook, TJ Miller, all on the show. It’s the weekly comedy thing.

It’s free on the live by live app.

Olivia Munn, doing some hilarious Instagramming with the bees.

She put baby Malcolm in a bun steamer while cooking what she posted this on Instagram and capturing the picture. LOL daddy’s new bond, bow recipe. She added a second snap to hurry. IgG story. Listen to me being all hip declaring little Malcolm and totally adore about.

It seems the couple was helping Olivia mum’s mother prepare the traditional Vietnamese dish in time for new year’s Eve.

slate has an eye catching article and is titled a what? Louis C K has really lost. It turns out that CK, standup is stuck in a weird way. There reflect some of the exhausted discourse around him until, sorry, I hadn’t watched any of Louie’s materials since canceling him in my own life. Four years ago, I finally watched his recent work at my editor’s insistence.

Here’s my. The specialism bad. It’s maybe a, B minus C plus if you’re grading the comic against himself, it’s also not aiming for much more than that. It’s not ambitious. Louis doesn’t grapple with the allegations with anything like the candor and sincerity he’s capable of at his best. But the comedic aspirations are lower too. While Louis remains the undefeated champion of definitely circumnavigating taboos, something’s been lost besides his reputation

for one, he’s repeating a lot of themes who recognize from other specials. Louis C K has long prided himself on putting out a whole hour of material every year or two. But even when the jokes are new, the moves are familiar. They include things like picking a taboo word, like a gay slur or the inwards who recuperate and redefine, according to his own peculiar lights.

When the game is to say it as many times as possible, then there’s the sexual taboos stuff. Sometimes it’s necrophilia, sometimes it’s pedophilia, but the point is usually to offer creatively shocking solution to the problem of sexual compulsives like offering his dead body for sex

or another topic I don’t even want to get into on this podcast in both cases, the point is to mock the audience for piously hypocritical attitudes that prioritize respectability over dirty pragmatism.

There’s virtuous stick skill involved in all this boundary skirting, but CK. So practice at it. We’ve seen him do it so often that it’s not the revolutionary stuff at once was it’s not that much fun to watch a tight rope Walker do the same thing 18 times compared with his best work. It’s a pretty simple routine.

No big. But I realized I was watching it. It was a different sort of risk a CK was taking in. Sherry’s doing rifts on a lot of the same themes, but he’s doing them this time without a safety net.

Skipping ahead in a slate read here by the time of 2017, Louis was hailed by pretty much. Everybody is the ultimate winner of, to be a celebrated film arts whore. In addition to being the most admire standup in the world, he was being compared to George Carlin. In those days, George Carlin was the comparison.

George Carlin was the comparison as wealth and fame was started in class with a comedic persona. He used the. 2017 in some ways represented his effort to address his class shift. He included some throwaway lines. Like I was family. Listen, Stan PR, because we’re better than you. It’s a good, special, better than I remember, honestly.

But I remember feeling that by no longer being an underdog, he had lost something that he really needed to make his act work while he again has what he was missing. Then objection is Louis C K’s medium. It suits him. He thrives in it.