Chappelle, Mulaney, Conan, Theo Von and many more to play huge Netflix comedy festival!

Wow what a lineup for next year’s Netflix Comedy Festival! Dave Chappelle, Ali Wong, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, Bert Kreischer, Bill Burr, Chelsea Handler, Chris Rock, Conan O’Brien, Cristela Alonzo, David Letterman, Deon Cole, Ellen DeGeneres, Felipe Esparza, Fortune Feimster, Hasan Minhaj and Ronny Chieng, Iliza Shlesinger, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Jerry Seinfeld, John Mulaney, Jonathan Van Ness, Ken Jeong, Kevin Hart, Kevin Smith, Larry David, Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum, Michael McIntyre, Mike Birbiglia, Mike Myers and David O. Russell, Nick Kroll, Nicole Byer, Patton Oswalt, Pete Davidson, Ray Romano, Seth Rogen, Theo Von, Tig Notaro, Tim Robinson and Tina Fey.

Jim Gaffigan, John Mulaney and Weird Al Yankovic announced 2022 tour dates

A look back at Norm Macdonald’s Bob Dole impression

Lorne Michaels was honored at The Kennedy Center

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Jimmy Kimmel, add some thoughts about the Omicron variants saying experts are hoping it ends up like the second season of tiger king, where everybody talks about it, but nobody actually experiences it. Of course, the right wing nuts. Have a theory on this. Their theory is that the variant is some kind of ploy concocted by the Democrats to help them win elections.

Former white house physician, Dr. Ronnie Johnson. Now a Republican Congressman from Texas so we did that. Omicron Harold, the arrival of the midterm election variant Campbell said, let me get this straight. Dr. Ronnie, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi developed as variant to encourage Democrats to vote by mail.

Is that how it goes? It seems like maybe you’re giving them too much credit. You think Democrats are that organized? They can’t even get Joe Manchin to support maternity leave. I don’t think they’re creating viruses.

Set your DVR’d or whatever we do now, they’re streaming. I don’t know. Somehow watch tonight as part of Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear’s live in front of a studio audience series tonight is different strokes, starring John Lithgow and Kevin Hart. And then it’s the facts of life with Gabrielle union Allison’s Holman and Kathryn Hahn, which will surely.

Sarah Silverman as Catherine Hahn puts on Joe face to play a teenager. Kathryn Hahn, clearly not a teenager. Sarah Silverman is outraged. The biggest news of the day, Netflix has announced a comedy festival coming to LA in 2022. Before it tell you about it. Yes, it’s huge. Yes. It’s the big story of the day, but pet peeve, almost every news organization that covered this story, just spit back the press release, which ignored.

This was announced in 2020, I told you about it, there was going to be a huge Netflix comedy festival in 2020, but then there was a pandemic. It says all story. I don’t want to bog into it now, but like there was this thing we had to stay home for a couple of months.

We wanted to get like vaccinated 1, 2, 3 times. Don’t worry about it. Just trust me. So I don’t know why everybody is acting like this is new. It’s cool. But like they tried this already in 2020. Netflix is a joke. The festival coming to LA in 2020. Some of the names, Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, and John Malaney question for you in 20 21, 20 22 is Amy Schumer is still a headline up in the Kevin Hart, John Malaney stratosphere.

She was for a while. I’m not sure she is right now. My college kids, I teach a college class and my students were talking about that just last month. But I digress from the Hollywood reporter. Netflix is launching an 11 day stand-up comedy mega festival in LA

featuring 130 comics, including Dave Chappelle. Netflix is a joke. The festival will take place across 25 venues, including the Greek theater in the Hollywood. Gabriel fluffy Iglesias will make history as the first stand-up comedian to ever perform at Dodger stadium.

Kevin Hart will play the formerly staple center. It’s got a new name. There’s also an LGBTQ plus celebration. That includes Margaret show TIG Notaro, Wanda, Sykes, Eddie Izzard, Sandra Bernhard and others.

Here’s the list of names. Allie Wong, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, Bert Kreischer, bill bird, Chelsea handler, Chris rock Conan O’Brien Christella Alonzo.

David Letterman, Deon Cole, Ellen degenerates, Felipe Esparza, fortune Feimster Hassan min Hodge Ronny, Ching Eliza Slessinger

Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Jerry Seinfeld, John Malaney, Jonathan van ness, Ken Jong Kevin Hart, Kevin Smith, Larry David Maya Rudolph Gretchen Liebrum Michael MacIntyre. Mike Birbiglia, Mike Myers, David. Nick Kroll, Nicole Byer, Baton Oswald, beat Davidson, Ray Romano, Seth Rogan, Theo Von TIG, Notaro, Tim Robinson and Tina Fey.

You know how many comedians that is? I had to stop four times for oxygen. As I read that off, I did edits and I cleaned it up. Hopefully you didn’t know. But that’s a lot of names. I couldn’t read it on not one, not two, not three, four breaths, man,

bill burn, John Malaney headline events at the forum while Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will have a freewheeling conversation at the YouTube theater

and Netflix suit says it’s absolutely thrilling for Netflix to be hosting a comedy festival of this magnitude in loss.

oh, this is Robbie PRA. I have worked briefly with Robbie in the past. Robbie knows what he’s doing, Rob. He said we were so disappointed to postpone the event last spring and our lineup of comedians can’t wait to bring much needed last LA blah, blah, blah. Chappelle will headline the Hollywood bowl.

The festival will run April 28th to may. Eighth pre-sales will be available today. Oh my goodness. And tickets for all events will go on sale December 10th and Netflix is a joke If you’re in LA good opportunity to. If you’re a New Jersey, Hey honey, I’m going to LA for 10 days to go to county festival.

My bill at hard. Lauren Michaels was honored at the annual Kennedy center honors. He got the lifetime achievement award for artistic excellence.

Organizers put together three weekend update segments on stage with multiple generations of mock news anchors. Kevin Nealon then Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, then to Michael Chang, Colin Joest, Michael Che joke that attendee Joe Biden would be asleep before the end of the show. Amy Poehler poked at the Toronto born Michael’s by proclaiming that Joni Mitchell had been declared the best Canadian of all time,

not attending, but making the news enormous MacDonald. From the LA times, revisiting norm MacDonald’s Bob Dole impression after their deaths.

Bob Dole passed away Sunday at age 98 before his own death. Bob Dole honored the late norm McDonald on social media by sharing a photo from a 1996 SNL.

That saw actual Bob Dole joined forces with comedian norm McDonald as Bob Dole for a sketch making fun of his failed presidential campaign while impersonating Dolan, SNL original McDonald often held tightly to a pen or pencil and spoke about himself in the third person.

Bob Dole had tweeted norm was a great talent, and I love laughing with him on SNL Bob Dole. We’ll miss norm MacDonald.

After losing the 1996 presidency to bill Clinton, Bob bell stopped by studio eight age to do a comedy bit dressed in matching Susan ties. The two men traded meta commentary about their intertwined career paths. For example, nor McDonald jokingly encouraged Bob Dole to run for president again.

So he could continue playing him on us. Yeah, we good for me? Can I help you on the front pages? You know, well, believe me, norm running for president, doesn’t always keep you on the front pages. Unless of course you take a dive off a podium

Dolan. Thanks norm McDonald for noticing when he famously took a tumble on the presidential campaign trail and unfortunate moment caught on camera and relentlessly mocked on SNL and another sketch featuring norm MacDonald. Norman said, I don’t write a lot of the stuff.

During a 96 cold open falling the podium incident nor McDonald’s Bob Dole, repeatedly and dramatically fell off stage. We’ll make a comment such as I’m dropping like bill Clinton’s lead in the polls, a news anchor played by Tom Hanks said, but Senator Dole and the latest polls president Clinton’s numbers are rising nor McDonald’s said, just like Bob, Dole’s rising from the floor.

Norm told Conan O’Brien that Bob Dole has been my hero for a long time. You know what he did? He gave me his purple heart. He has two purple hearts, you know, and when we were doing it, he put a purple heart on my lapel cause he had one on his lapel. It was very moving

from TMZ. My headline at TMZ throws Lopez under the bus. What happened? Well, the debate over an artist’s responsibility to stop their show amid an emergency. And the crowd landed at George Lopez. George Lopez was performing Friday at the majestic theater in San Antonio. He was not selling tacos, just doing comedy.

At one point, during a set, a man started falling into distress in the upper balcony to the point that the house lights were turned on.

According to a video that TMZ has. In the meantime, you can see in here, George, Dan at the stage level, continuing on with this. Seemingly working all the commotion into his actual jokes, which actually got some laughs of course, some of the crowd felt as if George Lopez should have done a hard pause, even more felt it was inappropriate for him to joke about whatever’s going on.

TMZ says in George Lopez, his defense, it does not appear as if he was fully aware of what was going on and acknowledges so much in the clips. They’ve reached out to George Lopez reps, no word back and no tacos.

It looks like everybody’s heading out on tour from Jim Gaffigan, Twitter announcing 2022 shows double exclamation point. Details at Jim Gaffigan dot com.

. And from John Malaney, Twitter announcing John Malaney from scratch, coming to a city near you in 2020 tickets.

Go on sale.

Presale tickets available tomorrow, Wednesday at [10:00] AM with the code bells. Interesting code there. The tour kicks off March 11th at Mohegan sun in Wilksberry, Pennsylvania. Camp’s off at July 14th in Chicago. Interesting move for somebody about to be a father for the first time. I guess you could duck out and do a comedy show for a couple hours, fly private and get back home, I guess.


Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by all Pearl lines. That’s the podcast. I listened to seconds every Tuesday morning. First one daily comedy news. Y I Q C the show. What if I blow an edit? What if I like don’t label the file? You know, every now and then I publish an episode and it’s labeled DC and December 7th and I’m like, oh, I forgot to give it a proper title.

So I always listen to me first. Plus, I’m an egomaniac. Then on Tuesday, all pro lines, what’s that it’s a podcast that combines football and jokes. Here’s an example. I went to Twitters at all pro lines account and I’m stealing jokes for them as if I were Carlos.

the set up here? Did you see the Detroit lions when their first game of the season and all pro line said, fill in the blank. People in Detroit were so thrilled. Some of the possible punchlines, M and M called. Bob Seger said, don’t turn the page. The city announced the team would be treated to a Christian buffet.

Think about it

from at all pro lines, Detroit housing prices have skyrocketed up to $2 per house switching teams. The last time Baltimore looked that bad. I was watching the wire.

And one more Colt’s looked good sex and seven been spanked like this since Brokeback mountain all pro lines, wherever you get your podcasts, just do it, man, from variety, weird Al returning to the road next year, much like Jim Gaffigan, John Malaney, and the Netflix comedy festival

Weird Al heading out for an Encore run of his ridiculously self-indulgent ill-advised vanity chore that he’s calling the unfortunate return of the ridiculously self-indulgent ill-advised vanity chore. I love what he’s doing on this tour.

I will once again, focus on his lesser known album tracks and skip over nearly all of his famous parody songs kicks off. April 23rd goes to October 29th. He’ll play Carnegie hall as one of his 133 shows.

Weird said I’ve loved doing every single incarnation on my live show, but honestly, the vanities tours, the most fun I’ve ever had on stage. So I’ve been dying to get back out there and torture everybody with once again, the first incarnation of the vantage tour was in 2018. It was staged without costume changes, video screens, or a famous parody songs like fat, eat it and smells like.

With the exception of a short medley at the end of the night and a grand finale of Yoda, I saw weird Al with my son. Oh, it’s probably whatever. And owls out last proper album came out. I could look that up. It’s been awhile, but it was a really good show. Like really good.

It was only 18. I was playing deep cuts. Let’s see what I know here. I’m pretty well versed on weird Aloxi nature trail to hell. I don’t know, Jackson park express. I do this article says dog seat dog. I believe it’s dog eat dog. That is a pastiche of the talking heads.

And one of my favorite weird Al cuts. You don’t love me anymore. I know that one Albuquerque. I know that one. Hey, I’m doing all right here. Every night, featured a different cover song in the Encore like cinnamon girl, blister in the sun, fire and rain and grow. You want, those are straight up covers of real songs in 2017 weird outsold rolling stone. He got the idea near the end of one of his regular tours. He said, I think I was in the middle of putting on my fat suit for the thousandth time and getting ready to go back on stage. I was thinking, gosh, next time I go on tour. I don’t know if I want to be doing this.

I think I needs to take a break from all the theatrics. Wouldn’t it be nice to do a really scale down low key casual show for the hardcore fans and just go out and be music. Can we get the police to do this? Can the police go out and do deep cuts? Can we get you to, to go out and do deep cuts? Boy, that would be awesome.

Just like in 2017, emo Philips will be the opening act. Weird says he’s one of my oldest friends and I also happen to think he’s one of the funniest guys in the world. I know that my fans love emo from his appearance at UHF. And also because he’s emo, he’s an icon. Tickets go on sale Friday, big week, you guys going to spend your money on concert tickets,

go to weird for complete list of dates. I normally would congratulate Aziz and sorry for getting engaged, but here’s the deal with Aziz. He doesn’t call you back, like say he was a nobody comedian in New York city. And you had him up to your big, fancy satellite radio comedy radio station when he was a nobody.

And he came up all the time and then he gets a little famous. He wouldn’t call you back. So I’m not going to congratulate disease and Saraj and getting engaged, but page six reports that he broke the news Wednesday night during a set at the comedy cellar.

The paper says Ansari, who has been living in the UK reportedly jokes that he hoped his kids would be more Indian than Dutch.

Is fiance is Danish, forensic data scientist, a Serina scope. Campbell

they’ve apparently been serious for some time back in 2019 at radio city. As he’s mentioned, he had planned to take camel to India to meet his grandmother.

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