Chappelle’s Show turns 20, and a message from Ricky Gervais

Chappelle’s Show turned 20 this week.  A look back…

Donnell Rawlings had no problem with the amount of money he made on that show

Marc Maron’s new special will be out soon

Maz Jobrani on Iran

Fortune Feimster’s new tour

Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are good in You People

The Disabled List

The Ivy League of Comedy

and a message from Ricky Gervais.

The Shark Deck. I had a fantastic time at trivia on Wednesday night. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your Daily Comedy News. I’ll tell you one of the trivia questions that made me happy, and I’ll say the answer in the second half. All right, ponder this one. De category. Stage names. It’s a comedian who uses a name that could be a woman, could be a man, for example, Tracy Morgan.

That is not the correct answer. I want you to ponder whose real name is Eric Bishop.

Dave Chappelle, big time in the news. If you missed yesterday’s podcast, he’s overshadowing himself. This week was the 20th anniversary of Chappelle’s Show, debuting on Comedy Central, January 22nd, 2003.

TV Insider profiled the show and reminded us after the first episode and the closing Clayton Bigsby sketch, which introduced the concept of a black, white supremacist. Audiences were forced to sit up and pay attention to the man responsible for making them laugh so hard. Not only is the sketch edgy, but it also showcases the silliness of racism as an idea and how anyone is susceptible to being racist and juggles the subject while remaining humorous.

Dave Chappelle became a household name. People began to go back to his earlier H B O Special, which has since become a.

Chappelle’s show earned Emmy nominations for outstanding variety music or comedy series and outstanding writing for a variety music or comedy program.

The first season sold 2 million D V D units in its first year, making it the best selling D v D ever. During that time, I know the man, I’m friends with the guy who did that deal and he’s had a very, very successful career, and that was one of the first huge things that he did.

TV Insider Write Chappelle Show did more than give a platform for the creator ratings for the network. And two copycat series, mind of Mania. I’ll agree with that. That’s a complete Chappelle show, minus Chappelle, plus Carlos Mania and Key and Peele. I don’t think Key and Peele is a copycat of Chappelle show at all.

It introduced longtime comedic talents, Charlie Murphy, Donnell Rawlings, and Bill Bird audiences.

Charlie Murphy was known for putting in the work as a comic and actor. Despite having an ultra famous brother and Eddie Murphy and his true Hollywood story segments were breakthrough moments for his career alongside his time haters routine. Donnell Rawlings also saw success as a time hater, but didn’t catch on as a highlight collaborator until the World Series of Dice Sketch from season two.

That one showcased Ashley Larry for the first time,

Bill Burr appeared in Guy’s night out and the racial draft sketch.

True. Hollywood stories reintroduce the world to Prince and Rick James by telling tales of their early escapades and another side of their person.

After those sketches, both artists portrayed by Chappelle, another wave of their career manifested as those portrayals and the accompanying, I’m Rick James. Bitch, became an overused phrase in popular culture.

Meanwhile, prince and Chappelle became actual friends. Prince found the portrayal Funny in which Chappelle left the show,

Dave said Prince was the only person he could relate to who understood he wasn’t crazy for walking away

another Person who was reintroduced to audiences. Paul Moon. . Paul saw a second wave of popularity thanks to his Negroes character and the Ask Paul Moony segments

TV Insider writes In the spirit of Paul Moony, Dave Chappelle was looking to have honest discussions based on current topics focused on touchy subject. Although the purpose of any sketch show is to make audiences laugh. Chappelle was interested in using humor to open the floor for critical thinking and subsequent discourse,

and it did just that. It examined the actions of George Bush and how his actions would be reflected as a black president. And that was way before Barack Obama.

There’s no show on TV holding up a magnifying glass to society and what ELs us as a nation these days, there’s no Twilight Zone with life lessons or Chappelle’s show to make it all go down with laughter.

The article then talks about Dave’s later career in some of the recent controversies, which was well discussed yesterday. And they finish up with Chappelle’s Show was a ship in the Grand Sea of two thousands. Culture brought up an entire generation of teens and spearheaded several careers in the process.

It shaped what comedy was during its time and delivered sketches that remain in the lexicon of all Americans. Today, it should be celebrated on its 20th anniversary as its impact can never be duplicated again. But if Chappelle isn’t careful, it may end up on the list of problematic things we shouldn’t revisit due to its creator.

Philadelphia Weekly. They’ve been doing great greats comedy related articles. Lately, they had caught up with Donnell Rawlings.

And they asked Donnell, Hey, gossip sites popped up with your supposed complaint about the money you were paid or not paid from Dave Chappelle. I know you guys are friends. Let’s fix this. Donnell said, cool, because I never said that. Lots of media outlets, they just like click bait. I never said that I didn’t get a proper payday.

I got the payday. That was fair for what we were doing at that level, at that time, I’d never complained about that. That show gave me a platform to then go out and make a lot of money. Nobody on that show was getting paid anything crazy those first two seasons.

It wasn’t until the third season when Dave got the check for the big money, which he probably never saw because he left. But it was never a situation for me to complain about the money. We each got $500 a sketch to be on one of the finest comedy shows in history. You gotta pick your fights. This one isn’t mine.

I was happy to take that money, build a relationship with Dave and further my platform and stand up comedy.

That’s where I can make it so I get the big money. That’s the lesson. Always position yourself for the next shot.

Donnell continued. Here’s a story. Patrice O’Neal was on the Shepell Show and he had a problem with the money. He didn’t wanna do it anymore because he didn’t like the money, but look at what sketches like the player haters Ball did for the history of comedy. Look at all that stuff. You have to make your decisions based on the next.

We’ll have a new Mark Maron special very soon. February 11th is how I define very soon. It’s called

From Bleak to dork in the trailer. Mark Maren says, I don’t wanna be negative, but I don’t think anything’s ever gonna get better ever again. This was shot in December at New York City’s Town Hall. Marin opens up about the loss of his partner filmmaker Lynn Shelton.

One of the jokes from the special, I know a lot of you know that during Covid, my girlfriend passed away. It was the most horrible thing that’s ever happened to me, and I’m sure to her.

Ma Braun’s playing Chicago tonight

On this tour. He is taking a few minutes at the end of every show to discuss the massive protest currently taking place in his native land of Iran. Ma says in September there was a 22 year old girl named masini who was walking in the streets of Tehran and her hair was out of her hijab just a little bit. The morality. Police stopped her, arrested her, and proceeded to kill her. That’s what set off the protest in Iran and around the world. They’ve killed around 500 people, including around 50 miners, and they’ve imprisoned around 15,000 who they’ve started to execute. Just recently. If you’re on my, I. You will see sometime around September when these protests started. I feel like I went from being a comedian to being an activist. Master.

Brownie is 50. He fled with his family from Iran at the age of six. In 1979, he moved to Northern California. He fell in love with Eddie Murphy’s comedy at the age of 10 and was determined to pursue a comedy career. He felt the usual immigrant pressure of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, but he made the leap into entertainment At age 26,

Maz told the Chicago Sun Times. I studied political science in college and I got into a PhD program intending to be a profess. But meanwhile, I wanted to keep doing comedy. I was 26 years old and I decided to take an improv class, which led to a standup comedy class, and that just lets everything else. I became a regular at the Comedy Store in LA and then a regular at the Laugh Factory, and I started going up every night.

Eventually I started touring and I’ve had the chance to see the world because of comedy. I’ve done standup in Australia, in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, you name it. I still have to go to.

Ma Bras at the Den Theater tonight. 7 32 shows tomorrow, seven 30 and 9 45.

Fortune festers in Albuquerque tonight.

This kicks off her live Love laugh tour. It’s the first stop on her tour. She said, you guys are the first. I didn’t get to Albuquerque on my last tour. We’re making good on it.

She was touring at the end of 2022, didn’t get much of a break saying, I’m juggling in the standup comedy world and acting, there’s nothing better than the live perform. To get ready for the new show. She’s been working out at LA Comedy Clubs doing 15 minutes at a time. She explains. Then I began to do a whole hour at clubs, the structure and the jokes.

I build the process to where it’s entertaining when the material’s ready to go. It’s such a proud moment.

This one is a bit of a sequel to her last chore. She says, the show picks up into married life. I’m talking more about my mom. Again, My jokes are from what it’s like being a married woman. I’ll also throw in some nostalgic pieces. I always try to tell stories from my own life

that are relatable to others.

Fortune festers Live, love laugh. Tonight at the Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque seven o’clock.

Did you get the trivia answer? The question was Eric Bishop. That’s his real name. What is his stage Name the answer. Jamie Fox. I was so happy when this came up. So we play trivia on Wednesday nights. And my team was in 15th place. There’s five rounds. We were in 15th after three rounds, we went eight for eight in the fourth round, passed a bunch of teams and we were only five points back out of getting one of the prizes, they get prizes to the top three.

So the first four rounds, you get a point if it’s correct and zero if it’s wrong. So that’s fine. In the fifth round it’s three for a correct minus two for an incorrect, or you can leave it blank and get a zero.

So there’s a lot of points to be had. And when the trivia guys ask the question, Eric Bishop, who’s he go by? I was like, oh, weird. So the karma is on point tonight. My team is like, are you sure? I’m like, I know the guy name dropper, but I know the guy. I know Eric Bishop. You know him as Jamie Fox.

I’m like, Ugh, a hundred percent. This is good. So we got seven out of eight. We left the eighth, one blank, finished in second place, won some prizes. Got our picture taken with the trivia guys. Hi trivia guys. If you wanna check out their podcast, if you actually want to hear this, if you wanna play the game, they have a podcast called Best Men Trivia.

Best Men Trivia, so check that out. Also, there’s two main trivia guys, and then sometimes one of them can’t make it in like this. Third Guy Subs in Third Guy is one of the hosts of SNL Nerds, which is a podcast about Saturday Night Live. So you wanna check out SNL nerds and check out Best Men Trivia.

If you support the show on buy me a comedy news, I’m mad at the National Donuts chain today. Every now and then they do this nonsense where you order an iced coffee and what you wind up with is clearly a hot coffee board over ice. Not the same thing. I might have to switch to that green chain Kenny, but that’s an extra like 10 minute drive.

They gotta open one closer to me. Sketch Fest has kicked off in San Francisco.

One of the performers is Annette Mulaney. She’ll never forget her first time killing it in front of a standup comedy crowd in 2016. She said, I felt like I was both in the moment and my brain was thinking ahead, and it was the greatest high of my life. I’ve been chasing it ever since.

Let’s skim the schedule real quick. Let’s see who’s playing tonight. Mosha cashier, Natasha Leggero at seven 30 with Reggie Watts, at that same time, Maria Bamford and Jenny Yang have their own show also at seven 30 River Butcher.

Also. Also at seven 30, something called Stop Joking for a hundred years. And other requests from my kid, Jeanine Garaffo, Bobcat Goldway, Dana Gould, Eugene Merman, Mary Lynn Rice, Cub Baron, Vaughn, that, I mean, that’s like four awesome options just at seven 30. I’m not gonna read the whole schedule to you here.

It is a show at 10 15 with a title cracking me up called Diversity Hires.

Now looking ahead to the weekend, one o’clock on Saturday, Futurama versus Covid 30 19. It’s the cast of Futurama. That should be good. We’ll get some good news outta that. Also, at one o’clock 20th anniversary of a Mighty Win.

Christopher Guest and Michael McKeean will be,

Four o’clock a second appearance of the Fu Ramma guys. Also at four, the six year anniversary of the 10 year anniversary of the Eugene Merman Comedy Festival. Jeanine Garaffo Bobcat, Eugene Merman, Barron Vaughn, Sarah Val, Reggie Watts real strong.

And there’s a ton of shows all the way to 11 o’clock at night. Quick look at Sunday, one o’clock kicks off the day. A Sketch fest. Tribute to Lorraine Newman, Fred Armas, and Dana Go. And of course, Lorraine Newman,

and this thing goes all the way through next weekend. So I’ll be talking about that a lot. SF sketch, if you wanna check out the schedule. On your Netflix today, you people starring Eddie Murphy and some others. The Washington Post gave it three and a half stars out of five. They called you people a masterclass and race relations delivered as a comedy.

The Washington Post writes, ladies and gentlemen, sit back, relax, and watch the fireworks, including one literally inflammatory scene in which Ezra’s Neurotic mother played by Julia Louie Dreyfus, never better writes the Washington Post.

Now think about how great Julia Louie Dreyfuss is in things. and I don’t only mean Seinfeld. She’s really good in things if she’s never been better. Wow.

Eddie Murphy’s character. The dad is a Muslim convert. And they have a prickly dinner table conversation that jumps from slavery to the Holocaust.

Wash Poet writes you people is more than anything, a showcase for two comic giants. Eddie Murphys Abar Mohamed, who was born as Woody, whose slow burn effort to undermine the Lovebirds wedding plans even going so far as to crash, Ezra’s bachelor party is barred with deadpan quips and a delight in making his future son-in-law Squirm and Julie Louie Drefus, a Shelly Cohen whose strenuous virtue signaling as well-meaning Brentwood liberal back fire.

Whose strenuous virtual signaling as a well-meaning Brent, with liberal backfires in the most? Cringingly amusing ways. Sounds like that might actually be good. Three and a half stars outta five though. Hmm. Who knows

From the beijinger? You’re home for comedy.

You know as I’m doing this, I probably messed up because I forgot about time zones. I was gonna go tell you to see Shanghai based comedian Han Q in Beijing tonight. Now I realize not very many of you listen in Beijing.

By the time you’re hearing this, it was probably 18 hours ago. Oops, sorry. Anyway, lemme tell you about Shanghai base comedian Han q I gotta remember about the time zones. The Beijinger asked him, how long you been doing standup, and he said, I’ve been a full-time comedian for two years now.

I was fascinated by Louis CK and Bill Burr when I was in college. Then I got involved with the comedy group at my school. They had a regular open mic every week, and I went to most of them for four years. It was 2016. We didn’t have a real audience cuz it was a college student, an open mic, and people just brought their friends, which I would not recommend.

Don’t invite your friends to watch your open mics. In fact, don’t invite your friends to comedy shows at all. If they love comedy shows, they’ll do it for themselves. I try to forget most of it, but I do remember I was too nervous to finish my words. I got like maybe a couple chuckles for three minutes.

Then I had to take a whole month off to recover from that.

Louis CK and Bill Burr have shown me that a funny joke can change people’s opinions on things and make them start to rethink certain culture. I remember when I was watching Louis c K’s 2017. He showed me how to tackle social topics in the funniest way so that no one will feel lectured to.

Han Q was actually featured on Bill Burr’s podcast. How did that happen? onset. I’ve been his podcast listener for years. On one podcast, he was looking for jokes from other countries about America, so I sent mine in. I didn’t expect that he was gonna see it, but I was really excited and appreciative when he read it to all his listeners.

It shows how Bill Burr is still nice about new comedians still appreciative of a good joke when he sees.

Tonight and tomorrow, the Disabled List Comedy Festival.

Dan Herwitz said, I’m Jewish, black and disabled. One of the things I noticed in the Seattle scene and in general is you don’t see a lot of spaces or any spaces really for people with disabilities,

he teamed up with Caleb Brown to organized this thing and said, we didn’t really know if there was an audience for it, and I didn’t know how many disabled comedians there were. that’s Also been one of the beautiful things about putting the show on.

You kind of realize all these people were part of the disabled community, you didn’t realize were part of it.

It’s a mixture of people were kind of already in the Seattle community who I either knew were disabled or learned were disabled. The recruitment process, has invited Brown and Herwitz to examine the nuances of what it means to have a disability. Brown notes that not everyone may identify as having a disability, especially if their disabilities are invisible or related to mental illness, illness.

Brown said it’s really a personal choice whether you want to identify as being disabled. That’s the kind of difference between the disability community and other communities of marginalized identity.

Brown said, one of the problems we’ve had from the start is so many venues in Seattle and everywhere are inaccessible. There’s so many really cool spots that are in the basement or just somewhere that people with ambulatory difficulties can’t go.

But accessibility is more than that. There’s more than making sure people can physically get there. It’s also making sure that if they’re deaf, they can have an interpreter or captions, both of which will have at the festival.

The lineup includes Seattle regulars, Greta. and Seattle International Comedy Competition veteran Sherry Hardman, as well as Crystal Liston who got her start in comedy with the Disabled List.

Herwitz says we place a premium on not being hateful. These performers are all people we trust not to be. But there is edginess. Audiences can expect sex jokes, and disabled list performers are not afraid to talk about taboo subjects.

Also, tonight, if you’re in Providence from Cranston Online, it’s the Ivy League of. Sean Eli, Andy Pitts and Liz Mealy are doing the show at eight o’clock. Eli is the founder of the group.

Sean Eli said I was working at a bank and I started doing standup comedy. My comedy was clean and colleagues and clients would come to see me at comedy clubs. They would tell me my comedy’s clean. And while they didn’t object to the other comedian’s material, they wanted to take clients for a corporate event and they were looking for clean comedy shows, there weren’t any.

And as a business major, I realized there’s a demand for this product and there doesn’t seem to be a supply. So I started putting together clean shows. I also wanted a very corporate sounding name, so I called it Ivy League Comedy. My original goal was to have comedians from the Ivy League, but I realized there’s only eight of us, so that wasn’t gonna work.

We were going to theater one day due to a show, and they put on the Marquese, the Ivy League of Comedy again. He originally called it Ivy League Comedy, the Ivy League of Comedy. And my first thought was they got the name wrong, and my second thought was, oh, that name is better. So then I changed the name of my group to the Ivy League of Comedy.

We do clean shows at theaters, corporate events, charity, fundraising, events, all sorts of places.

Sean pushes back on the notion that standup comedy is.

He says there are people who teach handicapped children to fight fires. I stand on a box and talking to a stick. The worst that’ll ever happen to me is nobody laughs and I’ll go home crying.

He also points out comedy that it’s. Different in that you might get to work with somebody super famous. He says, let’s say you’re a low level professional tennis player. You don’t get to team up with the greatest tennis players around in doubles.

If you’re a minor league baseball player. You don’t get to play with the big club until you get promoted and stand up comedy. I get to work with some of the funniest people in the world and it’s great.

One more today. It’s a long one. Again, Ricky Dravet, I really appreciate that he uses his celebrity to try and make the world a better place. I was on Twitter this morning and I saw Ricky Dravet release this 32nd statement via the Humane Society International, and I will share it with you.

And that’s your comedy news for today.

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