Chris Rock has no plans to meet with Will Smith, Chelsea Handler on considering moving to Canada

Chris Rock has no plans to meet Will Smith

We now know when and where Bill Engvall’s last show will be

A review of the Patton Oswalt gala

A review of the Midnight Surprise show in Montreal

Jo Koy lost weight

Chelsea Handler on moving out of the USA


The president tested positive for COVID again, Stephen Colbert said it’s happened to lots folks. I don’t know anybody who took Paxil, vid, and didn’t get it again. It’s the hottest rebound since JLo tested positive for a second case of Aflac.

Researchers say Paxil, vid rebound is caused by insufficient drug exposure. Not enough of the Paxil vid drug gets to infected cells to stop all viral replication. So the COVID pops right back up, which is why the white house is now trying to give Paxil vid to Biden’s pole numbers. Fallon said, Biden’s looking on the bright side. He’s like, well, at least my COVID got a second term. A source says, Chris rock has no plans to reach out to will Smith. The source also believes that the timing of the apology is more for Will’s best interest quoting. The source will needs the public’s forgiveness.

Not Chris. We now know when bill Al’s final show will be. Bill NGAL is retiring from comedy at the end of the year. The end of the year is new year’s Eve. And on new year’s Eve, bill NGAL will be in salt lake city. You’ll be at the Cola theater on main street. Tickets go on sale Friday at [10:00] AM sharp.

So if you’re a big blue collar guy and you wanna see Bill’s last Harrah, get yourself to salt lake city for new year’s E. The show itself will take place at [8:00] PM. So even if bill does two hours, you can still do something else for midnight, and where’s a better place to party on new year’s Eve then Utah.

The Montreal Gazette caught up with Chelsea handler.

Now listen to this answer. Chelsea gave, moving from the us is always on the table. I bought a little ski pad in Whistler. When COVID hits, I’m always looking to become a Canadian citizen. It’s definitely on the horizon at some point. It’s not a nice time to be an American and it hasn’t felt like a nice time to be an American for quite some time.

She also said it was a good time to be hosting. Jimmy Kimmel’s show around all that nonsense that keeps going on in this country.

Her ex-boyfriend slash current opener, Joe Hoy. He’s got a movie out this week. So a lot of Joe Hoy in the news men’s health caught up with Joe Hoy who said last summer is 18 year old son sent him a shirtless selfie. His son was posing in front of a mirror, flexing and texted Joe coy. I’m not little Joe anymore.

Then came to videos, little Joe doing pushups, little Joe clanging weights, little Joe hustling on the treadmill.

Why little Joe decided to share his progress with me? I have no clue, but if he was trying to motivate me to lose what my then girlfriend, Chelsea handler calls my moon face, it worked.

Between little Joe’s discipline. And my ladies’ longtime commitment of working out there was so much indirect peer pressure. I felt like I had to make changes. So I stopped buying soda. I started eating salads once a day. I woke up at six 30 and went to the gym with my girlfriend, poor Joe coy. He was really into Chelsea.

It sounds like, and things started happening. I lost 15 pounds. They took a selfie. I sent it a little Joe and said, dad caught up. I used to weigh a doey 180 9. Now I’m down to Alina. 1 65. My moon face is waning. My son is almost jacked as his cousin, Trey.

Maybe I do have to start calling my son big Joe now, which makes me medium, Joe. Hey, are you right now? Like, Hey Johnny Mack. Is it a slow Doose day? Yeah,

Darrell Hemond took ill at the comedy zone in Greenville on Saturday night, Mark Garrison was at the Saturday night show. He spoke to w Y F F Your home for comedy news said about three fourths of the way through the show.

Darrell Hammond said it was hot and asked if somebody could turn down the air condition. wouldn’t you turn up the air conditioning. Should we bogged down on that sentence and overanalyze it? Nah, let’s move on. Garrison said about five minutes later, Darrell Hammond was doing some SNL impressions and said I don’t feel good.

And went to his knees. Garrison said he wasn’t sure what happened, but

a couple of nurses and or doctors went on stage to assist until the EMTs arrived. The comedy’s own post that on Sunday, that Hammond was feeling much better. And Hammond did perform Sunday night as scheduled Michelle. Batel talked to the cuts about her morning routine and said my twins, depending on what monsters come to visit them in the night or what fly landed on them Or whatever else they see in their sleep. Wake me up between five 30 and [6:37] AM on a good day. It’s talked about how she brainstorms her comedy and says, I have little comedy notebooks and I also have notes in my phone. I’ll write on my laptop for longer stories. Then I also have stuff in the back of my head. That’ll run by a friend or my husband I’ll be like, is this an overshare?

Or is this an important share? Does this make you want to hear more? And sometimes I’ll try stuff. I’ve been thinking about when we do live shows for adulting. That’s what I love about podcasting. Especially doing live shows, cuz you have a space safe to be like, you know what happened to me today? This, and then later you can edit it.

All right. We know her morning routine. How about her evening routine?

My husband and I act like we’re empty nesters. After the kids go to bed, we’re always like, Ooh, what should we do? We do the dishes. We have a little crafted cocktail that my husband’s made and we watch TV together. Sometimes our write when we’re watching TV and then we’re in bed by nine 40. We cuddle the sounds stupid, but touching each other is important.

Cuz otherwise you forget, are you guys like, Hey Johnny Mack? Is it like a really slow news day? Yeah.

The inter in interbank had somebody at Patton Oswald’s gala up at Montreal last week.

And TA wrote pat, OAL a Sunday of a faux hero, a niche comedian known for quick wit and slight absurd tendencies. He was a comic Aero to fame over the past decade with slightly more angrier and nerdier sensibilities.

After the sudden death of his wife, Michelle McNamara in 2016, he has emerged triumphant over that unimaginable sadness with a more observational self-actualized style resulting in deeper laughs from a real place.

Patent looked great. Well, rested, happy and ready. A slight man with a massive presence. He kept the subject matter. Very light riffing with playful energy, exploring the massive setting of the gala with the wonder of a drama camper in the awe of the stage,

he set the energy for the night, like someone who knows how to host an important evening, how to share tight Polish sets from Lori Kmar and Pete Holmes followed the Turang writes. Pete has really grown on me in this festival. Something has changed. He’s cooler now, more real on stage, more trusting than an audience will like him.

A highlight of the night came from veer, Daz. Who’s a total killer and and gave a magnetic performance that ranged from political nuance to wordplay. He used all of the stage to get some very funny points about religion across Randy failed face is a trip to watch. He’s a puppet, which is one level of brain scramble, a puppet of a standup comic in yelling like a wild beast about the parts of his purple puppet life in the purple puppet region of Australia.

It cracked me up. It’s so joyful and bonkers

sounds like that was a good show. Pat closed out the nights. The Montreal times had somebody at, just for laughs midnight surprise show

on the show, the writer attended. It got off to a good start with host Reese Nicholson. He entertained the full house crowd with his take on hot weather in Montreal, vague born COVID and Australia. And why weddings are like a school.

Lisa Trager. And if you so about, if you follow me on the Facebook page, daily comedy news podcast group, I was listening back to the playbook. Was it Saturday or Sunday morning? And I had called her Lizza and I know better. And I was like, ah, I was like Dennis from, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, driving the car screaming.

By the way, when I drive a car, I’m always Dennis from, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. That is my favorite scene, Dennis, losing his mind when he gives people the room and they don’t merge a hundred percent me, they had a spy cam on me. Lee’s trigger once again, displayed her mastery of crowd.

Zab Johnson talked about the connection between candy and kid.

Paul Robowski I get that right. Gave his take about wolves, pervading the reservation. He lives in Manitoba as well as street gangs. And what it’s like to Rob a shopper’s drug mark, Randy failed face offered lucky audience member, some exces from his hot solo show. Alien of extraordinary abilities. Hearing a lot about Randy felt face I’m on the.

that was midnight surprise. My son and I were walking by and I was like, should we go? And I’m like, I gotta post a podcast. So, uh, we went home and I edited the thing till [1:00] AM. And then I passed out COLS MTL had a rough review of Tommy Tiernan show at Montreal, the subheadline Montreal audiences.

Aren’t ready for jokes about residential schools and the popes apology.

Tommy tier and drew comparisons between the Canadian indigenous experience and Ireland’s history of colonialism and institutionalized abuse. But his routine was not well received just for laughs ouch. If Tuesday night shows any indication, it would seem Montreal audiences. Aren’t exactly ready for jokes about residential schools, the pops apology about the attempted cultural genocide of indigenous people or poking phone at any aspect of indigenous culture.

And it’s not like Tommy tier and draws a young woke audience. Either Tuesday night’s show definitely skewed older. Perhaps the oldest crowd I have seen yet a JFL show an age, notwithstanding the writer says I don’t find Montrealers to be particularly woke or politically correct, or quick to take offense to begin.

Maybe tiering in will keep up the routine that introduced a show, or maybe he was simply riffing off. What was in the news either way he perhaps could have consulted with a local to gauge out jokes on the subject might be received. I don’t know if you want to do that, or he could have paid a little more attention to the awkward and total silence that came with the indigenous land acknowledgement.

The prestige JFL shows.

also pay attention to reactions, cuz if it doesn’t quite work at the start of the show, it likely won’t work in the middle or at the end of it either. So I’m not all that familiar with Tommy TuneIn. I know his clips from when I ran Sirius XM comedy and playing them in eight minute chunks. But I’m guessing here that Tommy was doing a show, a full performance with an arc rather than just a series of eight.

Pieces that really work together. So who’s going to, my mind is Jim brewer, who I’m friends with. Would’ve read a room and changed gears, but this sounds like Tommy had more of an arc and it’s hard to just bail on your arc and go free form in the middle of a show.

The writer says I was quite surprised at how evidently raw, still for an audience who if I had to guess didn’t have too many indigenous people in it. So all jokes and Portes decide it was refreshing to witness a room full of empathy. Even if that clearly wasn’t tearing ins intent.

I don’t want this to take too much away from what was and otherwise Des if occasionally imbalanced said, but it was hard to miss as my brother observed tiering in takes the persona of your local pub’s favorite customer, the guy at the end of the bar, he’s always there and who’s occasionally afforded the privileges of refilling his glass.

If the barmaid’s too busy elsewhere, he took long running stories. And remember the stories others had told him and most were genuinely.

Comedian Jimmy Carr was in attendance and his trademark left bellowed throughout the theater, appreciating a car que twist to tier routine from an anonymous audience member.

There were too many times when tear in storytelling went a little low, brought the energy down a little too much for the subsequent punchline of payoff. But I’ll chalk that up to the kinks you might expect to find on opening night. Yeah. I mean, I don’t know. I think if you’re going to Montreal, you’ve got a pretty Polish show.

I don’t know if you’re winging it on opening night. I’m not a performer could be. all told it was a good show on the hall, but it’s clear tune. In’s been a bit outta the game for a while. By the end of his time at JFL, I expect the routine will be better oiled and running smoother. I haven’t seen any other reviews, so I don’t know

the Burg fringe festival is happening, uh, at the fringe today. Jordan Brooks, this is just what happened. The review is that this show is qued from the darkest sub soil of a disturbed soul delivered by a man whose warmest smile still stirs, some unease, The show’s jagged spine is provided by a particular insult directed at Jordan Brooks back in 2019. It’s nothing he keeps telling himself he’s over it now, but the whole show gives lie to that as the 36 year old worries about the epithet in question advertises to the audience and himself, what a swell guy, he is, then ends up reenacting and chewing over the behavior that ticked off his critic in the first place.

Jordan Brooks, I’ve got nothing. Is it the pleasant in Burg all month, also in the fringe this month? Katherine, Bohart this isn’t for you. Katherine Bohart turns heartbreak into very engaging comedy, as she tells the story of her journey from smug, coupled them via breakup and through a year of social isolation in which her OCD spiked and her friends have sailed her with terrible advice on emotional recovery, or was it terrible?

Katherine Bohart at monkey barrel, August 4th through the 28th. And that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on apple podcast or Spotify, wherever you get your shows. And I’ll see you tomorrow.

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