Chris Rock’s reaction to Will Smith hecklers, and why Rock didn’t press charges

So far the crowds at Chris Rock’s shows in Boston have been quite chatty.

More details about what went down backstage at the Oscar’s, and how Chris refused to press charges against Will Smith.

George Lopez weighs in on at all.

Jerrod Carmichael came out in his new special.

The Razzies rescinded the award given to Bruce Willis.

Big Suze was at Prince Philip’s memorial.

Whitner Thomas likes The Joker.

Richard Ayoade gets another season of Question Team

Man this Chris rock thing will not end with first late night. There’s been some pushback to the story from North Carolina, Congressman Madison Cawthorne Cawthorne made some extraordinary claims that his Republican colleagues in Congress are orgy, frequently degenerates with a fondness for hard drugs.

Oh, my

Stephen Colbert said, given the average age of the GOP, I assume they’re snorting and Boniva.

Never a good thing. When I have to look up a joke, Boniva apparently is a drink you take for Asteria paralysis. Now the joke makes sense. Even Colbert. I shouldn’t have to do that. Seth Myers says, come on, man. Do you really expect us to believe that Congress could plan and execute an orgy at best?

I can see them announcing an exploratory committee that would begin to investigate the feasibility of an orgy at a later date. how’s GOP leader, Kevin McCarthy called Koffler and into his office. Maybe hoping to score an invite or to tell him to stop knocking, go bear. Dan Crenshaw, Texas says it does paint a picture here that isn’t accurate. Kabir said thank God, because that picture is too awful to be real.

I’ve interviewed 80 members of Congress and I’d have sex with two and a half of them. Not at the same time. Of course I’m not in the GOP. Great jokes F the whole group of pro Trump Saudis is so weird and loathsome like Senator Ted Cruz, for example. Well, I’m going to go out on a limb here. Wasn’t invited to the orgy.

Seth, please. Don’t name names, because all the names go with faces. We know also I got to say, if they were having orgies and doing cocaine, I would actually find that impressive. I mean, they’re all 70 and 80 years old. If you told me Chuck Grassley was snorting blow and boning nonstop, I’d be like, damn, maybe he is more with it than I fought.

At Chris rocks show on Thursday night and audience member yelled out F will Smith rock did not engage with the will Smith chance on the first night on the Thursday night show, he responded by immediately shutting it down saying no, no, no, no, no.

The New York post says Boston resident. Emily subpoena was escorted out of the show. She had front row seats and is quoted as saying, I didn’t do nothing. I didn’t do S word yam drinking. Yes. I had four shots. I don’t give an F I’ll be honest. . I paid $80 before this S ha. We weren’t heckling Chris rock.

We had front row seats. We were endorsing him responding to his jokes. He was interacting with us, but security took us out. They came to us about three times. The first time they said we were too loud that we couldn’t interact with someone on stage. The second time they said we were heckling him. The third time we switched seats.

And then I got kicked out.

Emily’s friend said all we did was interact and respond to the comedian. They’re so afraid that someone’s going to say something that they kicked us out before we could. The New York post has some pixelated photos of the deal. And they’re giving it it’s pixelated. So I’m not sure it appears to me like they’re giving the finger to the photographer.

So I read the story, make up your own mind.

Boston resident Christian Williams was at the [10:00] PM show and said, some guy was heckling Chris. And he said, is that Oscar security? That’s funny.

Also from the New York post new footage that wasn’t seen on the Oscars broadcast has now been posted on tick-tock that’s right. The clip zooms in on Chris rock, who appears to be in shock following the incident, he looks around as he attempts to comprehend what the heck just happened. And at one point looks to an unknown person in the audience and makes a face as if, to suggest that he isn’t sure why Smith slapped him.

Now, remember after all that

Chris rock actually had to give out an award? Well, one of the award winners, not at all happy with Chris rock from IndyWire Chris rock was announcing the best documentary category rock proceeded to list. The award is going to Ahmir Thompson and four white guys for summer of soul.

One of those quote unquote four white guys is Joseph Patel. The Hollywood reporter says on March 30th Patel tweeted that he was angry, not only with Smith, for having Robbie and sire category of it’s once in a lifetime Oscars moment, but also with Chris rock for the four white guys comment, which Chris rock had allegedly said the night before as.

The producer explained why the joke rubbed him the wrong way. He said the reason that makes me caps. So, so very angry on camps is because I was so proud to be one of a handful of south Asians to ever have won an Oscar in the history of the war. And I was ecstatic that I was the third south Asian to win that night after Riz Ahmed on a Neil Carrio one earlier in the night.

That’s never happened before. And it’s meaningful. It’s.

But tell a short his followers that he can take a joke, but not in that moment, quote, what an crappy, cleaned it up. Disrespectful thing to do all caps. And here’s the thing on caps. It wasn’t a Chris rock was under stress. He made the same joke the night before on stage at roots jam.

Once we realized the Chris rock willsmith interaction, wasn’t a bit, everything got turned upside down. Everybody is still trying to make sense of it. When Chris persevered and started to read the nominees, I think what will did was selfish. It robbed the category of its moment. It robbed the other excellent, amazing films of their moments be acknowledged.

And what was a strong year for docks and at Rob summer of Solon, our team of our moment of allowed enthusiastic cheer for celebrated film.

Patel continued. What I didn’t hear in that moment, walking the stage, but was told afterwards is what Chris rock said. When reading our name from the winners card, the winner is summer of soul, Amir Questlove Thompson, N four white guys. Now in all caps. What? Any actual F question mark question mark.

Question mark. Question mark. Question mark. But tell ended the thread saying he won’t be watching the ceremony. Thank you, Chris. You absolute f-ing de. What both will. And Chris did really stay in what should have been a beautiful moment for us, but sell later deleted the thread and then tweeted.

We reached the unproductive portion of the viral Twitter thread. So I’ve deleted it. I said what I needed to say and feel at peace with it. Some of y’all are weirdos.

Oh, there is more Oscars. Producer will. Packer was on good morning, America on Friday, he explained why will Smith was not removed from the show by the way, ever start a comedy podcast. And you thought it was going to be about like, Hey guys, Hannibal Burres is coming to Cleveland this weekend. And Hannibal is sitting up.

That’s not what we’re doing at all. Apparently.

Oscar’s producer will. Packer said Chris rock has made it clear that he does not want to make a bad situation worse.

He confirmed that the joke rock made about Jada Pinkett Smith was unscripted. Packer said he didn’t sell one of the plan jokes. He was immediately freestyle.

But packer wasn’t concerned. Even when he saw Smith take the stage. He like everyone in the room assumed it was a bit, once I saw Willie yelling at the stage with such vitriol at my heart dropped, and I remember thinking, oh, no, oh no, not like this. Chris was keeping his head when everybody else was losing theirs.

My heart was just in my stomach because of everything about it and what it represented and what it looked like and who was involved, all that I’ve never felt so immediately devastated. Like, I didn’t know.

When rock walked off stage packer confirmed with rock that Smith had really hit him. Rock joked. I just took a punch from Muhammad Ali.

Rock insisted. He was fine. The LAPD came into Packer’s office and were quote, laying out very clearly. What Chris, his rights are, they were saying, this is battery. We’ll go get them. We’re prepared. We’re prepared to get them right now. You can press charges. We’ll arrest him. Can you imagine if will Smith were arrested on live TV in the middle of the Oscars?

Think about how much we’re talking about this. Now, imagine that.

Packer says rock was being very dismissive of those options. reiterating that he was fine.

Packer said even at the point where I said rock, let him finish. the cops ask Chris, would they like them to take action? Chris rock said,

Packer said they were about to physically remove Smith, slightly unclear what they is. I think that means the producers of the Oscars, the quotes. . I immediately went to the academy leadership that was on site. And I said, Chris, rock doesn’t want that rock has made it clear.

He doesn’t want to make a bad situation worse. That was Chris’s image. His tone was not retaliatory. His tone was not aggressive and angry. And so I was advocating for what Chris rock wanted at that time, which was not to physically remove will Smith at that time, because as it’s now been explained to me, that was the only option at that point.

It’s been explained to me that there was a conversation that it was not part of to ask him to voluntarily leave.

Will Smith reached out to Oscar’s producer will packer personally, the following morning to apologize ahead of his public apology.

Hacker says, will Smith said that should have been a gigantic moment for you and he expresses embarrassment. And that was the extent of it. I think what many of us were hoping is that it would go on the stage and make it better. It couldn’t be made right in the moment because of what happened. But I think we were hoping that he would stand on the stage and say, which has happened minutes ago was absolutely and completely wrong.

Chris rock. I’m so sorry, please forgive me. That’s what I was hoping for. I felt like he was going to win and I was hoping that if he stayed, he would say that.

Packer says because of what Smith did say in the speech, he regrets that will Smith stayed. now You don’t have the optics of somebody who committed this act. Didn’t nail it in terms of conciliatory acceptance speech in the moment who then happened to be in the.

Hacker praised rock for how he handled the slap. It gave us a license in a way to continue the show, which is what we were trying to do. He certainly saved what was left of the show. George Lopez took a break from his tacos business to weigh in on this.

He spoke to people and said, I think what Wanda Sykes said on Ellen was very, very powerful. They’ve been friends for a long time and a comedian never really wants to show their vulnerability. And I could tell that in Wanda, that it’s affected her deeply, then one of her best friends was struck like that.

As for the current state of common age, George Lopez says, well, nobody’s been able to take a joke for the last five or six years and moving forward. I think that people will feel like they’re able to stand up and do what. You come to enjoy a show, not make a statement. Switching topics. Jared Carmichael will host SNL tonight.

His comedy special debuted on HBO max. Last night, there was a surprise in it for everybody.

Major spoilers here. If you want to skip ahead. Jerrod Carmichael said I’m happier here. I’m really happier here. I’m happy. All of you are here. I have so much to tell you this only works. If we feel like family. he said that Jared Carmichael is not as real name also revealed that he’s gay.

He began with his family story. I want to talk about secrets, secrets. He should whisper it. Right. I carried so many secrets my whole life. I feel like it was birth it into them. One of my last held secrets is my name. My name is not Jared. Welcome to the show, everybody. After a long pause,

he looks up the audience and says the secret is I’m gay.

He talks about his friend’s reactions, his family’s quiet

and what it means to be a black comic who I’m cleaning this up here, likes to perform ex.

When the audience applauds, he scoffs and says, I feel like I didn’t earn it. It’s like, what did I do?

And I can’t clean up the punchline obviously told much better. The punch there is what did I do? A perform act on a Dominican. Earlier this week, Carmichael was at union hall in Brooklyn.

He joked he was the least famous person to ever host SNL. And all you had to do to get the gig was come out of the closet. You said he hasn’t talked to his mother in months, although we once did every.

He asked the audience what he should talk about on his SNL monologue. Somebody else, gas prices. Jared said I’ve been rich too long. Another person mentioned the feud between Kanye west and Pete Davidson. Carmichael said he knew both of them through discussions about mental health and suicide.

And then he joked. But now every time I hear about either one of them, I want to kill myself. From a Hollywood reporter, the Razzie awards announced a decision to rescind a worst performance honor that honor had been given to Bruce Willis earlier in the month.

And a statement after much thought and consideration the Razzies have made the decision to rescind it. The Razzie award, given a Bruce Willis due to his recently disclosed diagnosis. If someone’s metal condition is a factor in the decision-making and or their performance, we acknowledge that it’s not appropriate to give them a Razzie

the Razzies, which are a parody award show. And typically honor, the worst under in cinema had nominated Willis for seven other roles, making the worst performance category completely focused on Bruce.

So one of the many things I do is on the writer on the podcast, palace intrigue. That’s where we talk about the Royal family. One of the big stories last week was the Memorial for prince Phillip. You know, who was there. If you’re a fan of the TV show, peep show big sues. If you haven’t seen peep show, it is a wonderfully hilarious at calm.

You’ll find it on. One of the characters, big sues. Why was big? Sue’s at Princeville of some Memorial and apparently actress. Sophie Winkelman is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, Lord Frederick Windsor’s father is the Queen’s cousin, prince Michael of Kent palace injury. Wherever you get your shows

from Thrillist comedian Whitner, Thomas explains the twisted history of the joker.

Winter. Thomas said I had the Adam West movie. I love this guy and I love the shark scene too. I think he’s a wacky guy would watch it. But even as a kid, I wasn’t satisfied by this Batman, but I liked that Robin was in it and he got to love this joker. He’s the funniest joker probably. Maybe not.

It’s funny that he’s wearing board shorts actually. Now that I think about it, he’s the funniest joker. Why is he wearing shorts over his joker? This is a problem I’ve got with the joker in general and the new takes. Everybody wants to make joke or weird creep, but the interesting take is to make it more of a Broadway pretentious, new Yorker, funny articulate conversational person.

I agree. I think that would be the coolest way to do joker. Heath ledger is probably the funniest joker and maybe Jack Nicholson, but Cesar Romero is pretty funny. I mean, look at him in his shorts. I would watch him growing up and I have memories of not having cable and this would come on some random channel and I would love it.

I also liked the movie because all the villains were hanging out and goofing off to. It’s funny to me that all these tech crypto Bitcoin bros love joker in a way I’m like the dark Knight is one of the best movies ever, and joker represents upsetting the established order. I wonder how those guys feel about Bernie Sanders.

He’s kind of like the joker in a way. To me. He’s pretty cool. I know in their mind, they’re like Bitcoin going to change everything. It’s just like the choker. And if you watch a dark night, especially now that whole trilogy is so pro cop. So I’m team joker and team Bain a little bit.

Love that. That was fantastic. All right. If you’re in Melbourne at the international comedy festival tonight, you probably already missed this show because of the way time zones work the show to see is Adida gout. I’m born and raised in Delhi, Adidas as he’s the living embodiment of why shouldn’t listen to parents. He might not be funny, talented, or rich, but he makes up for it with his good looks. After performing and sold out shows at the Adelaide fringe. He’s now bringing tales of racism, Uber’s prison, Indian penises, and much more to Melbourne.

. You don’t want to miss out on the best Indian tales ever told on stage. You don’t see too many shows about Uber’s and Indian penises. I’ll tell you that. And another comedian, I like a lot is Richard . He is in the sit-com the it’s crowd. If you’ve never seen that, he also hosted a show called travel man that I absolutely love.

They have picked up a, another season of his quiz show, question, team. And which three comedians must bring a unique round of questions inspired by their own interests for IOT and the other guests to answer

some of the comedians who have done this show in the past include James H castor Nish Kumar, Katherine Ryan. So, if you ever come across a question team on the interwebs, check it out. If you want to feel for Richard’s humor, here’s the money. Quote, love this. Richard said I’m beyond thrilled to be providing a quote pantomiming, genuine excitement with whatever I’m meant to be promoting. Love it. And that’s your comedy news for today? Write normal episodes tomorrow. Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever your shows. If you’d like to show early and commercial free, become a premium subscriber on apple podcasts for five bucks a month.

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