Comedians react to Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court

Late Night went all-in on the Supreme Court Decision.

A look at what some LA comedians were saying.

Nick Nemeroff has died, age 32.

Another great review of Jon Early and Kate Berlant.

Johnny Mac full side again with today’s daily comedy news. Chelsea handler is filling in for Jimmy Kimel this week. She said, she’ll be here all week long, or at least until Republicans make it illegal for women to talk. Wow. The comedians did respond to Roe V. Wade. It’ll be a lot of today’s episode. Chelsea handler said, Jimmy is off right now doing whatever the hell he wants with his body. Remember, like five days ago when Fox news told us the biggest threat facing America was drag Queens. That was cute. .

At this point, I’d probably have more rights if my vagina was an AR 15

and not only has this decision further divided our country. Most families now have two separate group techs going one with relatives who support the rights of women. And one with the relatives who live in Florida.

Steven Colbert said. So, so reproductive rights in America lasted for less time than the young and the rest less trevor now I feel like any moment now, Chuck Schumer is gonna throw on a fake pregnant belly and just take a knee at the capital and be like, we’re all pregnant now.

And we’re standing together.

More from Trevor the sixth, three ruling overturning half a century of precedent was especially crazy. When you consider the countries like Mexico and Ireland are moving forward in the opposite direction, you realize how weird that is. Right? Ireland has had violent conflicts between Christians and other Christians.

And even they’re looking at America like, don’t you think you’re taking this a wee bit too far with the Jesus. And Trevor had a poem for the Democrats, which was roses are red. Violets are blue, the people voted. So now how, but doing your ethic, job passing laws to codify contraception, marriage equality, and all the other rights, the Supreme court is basically threatened to take away.

And so are you

James cord’s show is coming from the UK. He taped his outside UK parliament and said the past eight years. I’ve been living, working and raising my young family in America. It’s a place I love, but you don’t need to live in the United States or even have an American child as I.

Feel utter discussed and anger. The news of the Supreme court, where six politically appointed judges could make a decision that ends the constitutional right to abortion across America. A woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body. Wiped out in a moment,

I’m struggling to get my head around any of this to say I’m outraged and devastated would be an understatement. It’s incomprehensible that in 2022, we should have to even say out loud that women should be entitled to control their own lives and bodies let alone live in a country that won’t allow it.

If only the American leaders on the right would care and fight as much for the rights of women as they do their guns.

Seth Meyers said I was angered saddened by the news. And before we get started, I just wanna be clear that abortion is not only a women’s issue. It’s not only a pregnant person’s issue. It’s everyone’s issue. We all benefit from reproduction freedom and from access to legal and safe abortions.

I think it’s possible that men here, my body, my choice, and we take away the message that it’s not our issue to speak about, but it’s everybody’s job to advocate for reproductive rights. So I asked my writers, Amber Ruffin, Jenny Hael and Ali horde, what I could do to help. And they said, you can start by shutting up because when something like this happens, we should center the voices of people who are most affected by it.

Seth then gave the floor to Amber Ruff and Jenny Hael and Ali horde. They all dawned bands off our bodies pins, and they welcomed the president CEO of planned parenthood, Alex McGill Johnson, to engage in a discussion about the Supreme court ruling.

Later in the show, Myers aired a sketch that was filmed after the draft decision of overturning Roe V. Wade. He said we wrote a sketch and filmed it last week because unlike, I don’t know the democratic leadership, we saw this coming.

Trevor Noah raised the point that the constitution didn’t change. The only thing that changed is Donald Trump of all people managed to appoint three pro-life justices to the Supreme court. He then

turned his attention to Clarence Thomas saying as if the overturning wasn’t bad enough justice QAN on himself. Clarence Thomas wrote that he wants the court to reconsider the right to gay marriage, gay sex and contraception. Yeah. Imagine that this dude is so extreme. He’s talking about banning rights.

I didn’t even realize could be banned.

From the LA times over the weekend, comedians stepped on stages across Los Angeles to rally rage and RO in the name of reproductive rights. One of the comedians leading the charge was standup star Eliza SLE.

She had been already set to headline the stage at the pro row comedy show at the no fus comedy bus stationed in north Hollywood. When she got back from a stop in Windsor, Canada, things had changed. You tell the LA times there’s something so profoundly unnerving about taking off of the world one way and landing to it in a new and horrible way.

I wanna scream my insides feel cold. I feel profound rage at sadness. I was with my torn manager in opening act hunter hill, and we just sat silently with heavy size, cuz we all felt so powerless.

When comic and show producer Taylor bugs streets left the house. Saturday morning, 150 tickets had been sold for the pro road tour, put on by the no fus comedy bus, which is a roaming comedy club that’s parking itself, near the corner of Laker ship and victory boulevards every other Saturday for the next.

By the end of the night, more than 200 seats were filled with standing room. Only capacity

lessers said, people need to heal and they need to feel seen and they need to feel heard if there was ever a moment to unleash and be unabashed. It’s this.

Meanwhile across town, Mary Lynn, rice, Cub

joke. Do you know when you’re on a plane and there’s one wanted baby, imagine being on a plane with 10 unwanted babies, let’s have more effing babies. That’ll work out real well.

Laura Pete joked about having to respond to anti-abortion family members who ask, what if you had been aborted peak fires back, it’d I’d be having a nice time, not talking to your dumb ass uncle, Rick. It would be a nice life.

Jordan Jensen went a little dirty. Um, I’ll just read this verbatim from the LA times. I know I’m gonna take a lot more CBL shots to the face. Now that abortion is off the table. Think about it. You’ll figure it out.

Lori keel Martin said, I recently did one abortion joke on MSN B. And got dozens of death threats after it was posted on right wing sites and Fox news. I currently have a bit about how great the seventies were for American women, partially because of abortion rights. Obviously I gotta tweak it. My next road gig is in Ohio.

I’m planning on doing all my abortion jokes.

Sarah Shafer is currently working on a solo show about the cultish nature of the comedy business, as she’s been researching and thinking about a lot of the false promise of the American dream and the lack of true equality that’s been on display time and time again, to articulate the visceral emotion of that feeling you get. When a group of elected officials sing God bless America while just across the way a crowd of people protest the road decision and the freedoms they just lost right now, I’m working on ways to connect these larger themes in my show.

I don’t even know if it’s possible, but I’m gonna try.

Comedian Nick Nemeroff died suddenly Monday, he was 32 years old, a statement on Instagram red. It is with profound sadness that we announced the sudden passing of her beloved brother, Nick Nemeroff Nick’s dedication of standup comedy was formidable and produced amazing results.

He drew a claim in Canada, in the us becoming both a comics comic and a hit with crowds who were enamored by his unique cadence, labyrinth, deadpan, and fresh take on misdirection driven comedy. If Nick was on a comedy show, he was guaranteed to leave with new fans and he deserved to because comedy was in many ways, his.

Endlessly sweet support of others. Humble about as many skills and achievements. Nick lived his life doing what he loved, and that is how be remembered. R I P Nick, we love you.

Chloe Fineman posted one of the greats. Sarah Sherman wrote funniest, sweetest guy ever.

As I record this funeral services have yet to be announced, but the family requests that donations and his honor be made to planned parenthood, the page states, one of the last things Nick did was donate money to plant parenthood.

Nick has an album called the pursuits of comedy has ruined my life ahead of the records. Release Nero hope fans would laugh a lot and get my jokes stuck in their heads. The same way I did when I listen to old Mitch Hedberg albums,

my biggest hope. However, is that they leave the album thinking I’m hot.

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GQ has a big profile of John early and Cape land looks like the press machine is out for those guys this week. Tons of articles about them. This one is called how John early and Cape land became the secret godfathers of today’s alt comedy. GQ writes to this day, it remains an in joke within the comedy scene that nearly every standup more alternative than Jim Gaffigan has crib their mannerisms.

Beach patterns from John early in Cape LAN. They are the godfathers of modern alt comedy with an entire generation from sitcom writers to TikTok stars, still cashing the checks they wrote a decade ago. Once you see someone doing John and Kate impressions, you’ll know a Cox had a widen eye, a Fe shock, sharp exaggerated movements.

Clearly grounded in formal theater training, all delivered with a wink that lets you know, that they’re performing. There’s also the language Brant, especially in habits of liberal arts persona wrapping her pettiness and self-obsession and the Mattingly obtuse vocabulary of academia. A lot of big words

Their new special would kill you to laugh now in peacock, I’m only hearing great things about that is early in Berlin at their most potent discipline V villians with piercing lens on narcissism, desire and fear, a perspective that has rendered them, not just widely influential, but ideal foils for the selfie era.

What a kill you to laugh presents early in Burant. As nineties era sitcom comedians who suffered in infamous falling out, then revisit the relationship in a glossy TV, special hosted by a smartly patronizing Meredith Vera.

when Berlin enters the mothball set of their thinly veiled will and grace parody, he’s gay. She’s half Jewish. The entire sequence is a dead ringer for the unbearably earnest friends reunion of last year. , their eye for detail is unmatched in her roomy white button down and thick RI glasses.

Burant conjures and amalgam of Jennifer. And Deborah messing the off-duty actress. Self-consciously suggesting a commitment to craft early in Berlin, wisely, stray from mocking actresses, simply divas instead surfacing their neediness, a frantic search for approval in the eyes. I gotta watch this thing. So Twitter has turned everyone into a comedian or pundit.

Instagram has made us all photographers and brand partners. We’re selling out early in Berlin have decided to be in on the joke and their wake. Many now attempts to let us know that they too are playing the game from overwritten, Netflix cartoons, fast student itself, referential aside to new bile standups with extended bits extolling their corporate pride sponsorships yet rarely is such performative narcissism.

Did somebody can out the FAU to write this article yet? Rarely is such performative narcissism performative. To escape the narcissism beneath it. I’m exhausted reading this rarely. Is it so observant and rarely is it ever so funny? Right? That’s in GQ. They like big words.

I’m too exhausted to tell you about Christella Lonzo that can wait till tomorrow from sh spinning image is coming back, live version. It’ll premier This time, it focuses on Boris Johnson, but will also feature puppet versions of Tom cruise,

Harry and Megan, and a bunch of others. You remember spitting image, uh, for the Brits are like, yeah, we know what that is. Americans. Uh, remember the Genesis video. I think it was for land of confusion with the Phil cons as a puppet. That thing, remember that.

The spiting images say recent events made it doubtful if either Boris or prince Andrew would be treading the boards, but after careful consideration, we are now able to reassure them both at their puppets or their kind of heartless bastards, essential for our kind of refined Satir.

Uh, that GQ article wore me out. All right. That’s your come use for today? I’m going in the pool. Uh, follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify river. Get your show. See tomorrow.

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