Comedy Power Rankings: Davidson and Rogan up, Chappelle and Mulaney down – plus why Jamie Foxx should host the Oscars

Wouldn’t Jamie Foxx be a perfect Oscars host? The case…

The updated Comedy Power Rankings are in – Pete Davidson, Joe Rogan move up – Dave Chappelle and John Mulaney slide down.

Bowen Yang on Saturday Night Live after parties

Tig Notaro on Star Trek Discovery

Tom Papa on audiences and working with Jerry Seinfeld

Johnny Mac tries to get invited to the Dubai Comedy Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival

Russell Brand denies being in the Illuminati but is he actually part of it?

Did you see the Senate unanimously passed legislation, making daylight saving time permanent? I won’t go political here. I have some causes that I wish they would address. I’m not going to get into it. I come at peace. Just want to make you laugh. But is this what you’re spending your time on? Jimmy Kimmel said he was especially proud to be an American today.

We finally agreed on something, an idea that every St American could get behind at the sun shall never, again, set lunchtime on Christmas day. And may God bless us, everyone. I have to say, this is David waiting for almost my whole adult life. Something finally happened.

The us Senate today voted across party lines to make daylight saving time permanent, meaning we may never have to change the clock on the microwave oven again.

Various politicians have been trying to do this for years, but they kept getting a clock blocked. When was the last time anything got a unanimous vote in the Senate? They couldn’t even agree unanimously to condemn Asian-American hate crimes. Josh Holly was like, well, that’s not rushing anything.

Senator Marco. Florida Republican was the lead sponsor of the bill. He said, there’s strong science behind it. That is now showing and making people aware of the harm that clock switching has. Well good for you, Marco where do you find out about all the other things that have strong science behind them?

You’re going to be amazed. It’s going to be big for you. James Gordon said, they’re calling it the sunshine protection act, which is actually my favorite maroon five album Fallon. Everybody in the Senate was like, what happens now? We’ve never passed a bill before. This is weird. Meanwhile, every wall clock said, but that’s the only time you ever touched me.

Amy Schumer’s hosting the Oscars for some reason. I keep thinking about this. It’s weird. Think about Amy.

Her style of comedy, it’s kind of downbeat, cynical, snarky,

sarcastic. The Oscars are supposed to be a celebration. Happy. Hey look, it’s Tom Hanks. Hey, this movie was awesome. Hey, lifetime achievement awards. And I don’t see how Amy’s vibe and also want to psych same issue. I don’t see how that’s going to fit into the Oscars.

If you told me Tina Fey was hosting the Oscars, I’d be like, okay. Yeah. Well, I’ve seen her do the golden Globes and she’s upbeat. And yeah, that makes a lot of sense. If you told me Cecily strong was hosting it and be like, wow, they went a little deep there, but all right. So Leslie’s on SNL and she’s a great singer so is up some possibilities. Yeah, I could see. Trevor Noah is hosting the Grammys again, back to vibe. Trevor seems, you know, kind of upbeat and happy to be there. So I was thinking who should host the Oscars? And I came back to my former coworker, Jamie Fox let’s check the boxes. He’s funny. He can sing. He can act he’s won an Oscar.

I’m not sure if he can dance, but knowing the guy. A guarantee you, if you tell them he had a dance on the Oscars, if he can’t already dance and it won’t shock me if he’s already a great dancer, but if he’s not, and he told them, Hey, a month from now, you got to host the Oscars and you got to dance. He would nail it.

He would work so hard to make sure he was the best answer you’ve ever seen. Jamie Foxx should host the Oscars.

However, Amy Schumer’s hosting the Oscars. For some reason, I have updated the comedy power rankings. I do this from time to time. It’s just a gut feeling. You can comment. There’s a subreddit daily comedy news is Facebook group daily companies podcast group.

Here are the current updated comedy power rankings. You ready? Number one, Pete Davidson. Is he the best comedian? No, but he’s commanding the most attention right now.

He’s going to space this week. He’s going to be in the news, this whole Kim Kardashian, Kanye west stuff. He’s going to be in the news at some point, he’ll be on SNL. He’s going to be in the news. Pete Davidson, number one in the comedy power rankings. Number two, Joe Rogan. There are Joe Rogan stories every day.

It’s usually related to the Spotify and stock prices and somebody is mad at somebody, but Joe Rogan gets talked about again. Is he the funniest comedian now? Is he the best comedian? No, but these are the power rankings. Number two, number three. And this next person is going to be moving up over the next few weeks.

Amy Schumer who’s hosting the Oscars for some reason in life and Beth is out and there’s the full court PR Amy Schumer is the greatest thing ever PR campaign going on right now. Believe me, the Amy Schumer articles are just starting. Where do you see what happens this week? Number four, Jim Gaffigan,

quietly going about his business does shows. Here’s on podcasts does clean enough comedy. Everybody likes Jim Gaffigan, Jim Gaffigan, quietly, number four, number five, a starting to sink in the ranking. Susie’s been quiet lately, Dave Chappelle, but at any moment, Dave Chappelle could shoot right past everybody and be back to number one.

It’s just a matter if Dave chooses to or knots now coming up is that. Netflix comedy festival. Chappelle’s part of that. So that will up is visibility. Number six, John Malaney also starting to sink in my rankings here just because he hasn’t been that visible other than the SNL appearance and our 80 left swipe.

And Olivia mine, this is a baby and, uh, you know, nothing new with Malaney. Number seven, please. Don’t destroy. That’s the comedy troupe, the sketches on SNL. Recently, they did a sketch and they got a big ovation before the sketch. I think Lauren Michaels must have heard that applause, those guys are happening and I hope they get more daylight on SNL, please.

Don’t destroy it. Number seven, couple from SNL while we’re in that mode. Number eight, James Austin Johnson.

Does pretty decent Biden doesn’t even better. Trump. He is a secret weapon on SNL getting a lot of visibility because of the characters he plays.

Keep an eye on him. Number nine, the criminally underused, Bowen yang. Have you ever seen a sketch Bowen yang is in, in which Bowen yang is not hilarious. I have not.

And number 10, I’m adding in Jeff Foxworthy because he’s got a Netflix special this week. And I think people have forgotten how great Jeff Foxworthy is and seeing how well Jim Gaffigan special did and Foxworthy working clean. I think that Netflix special is going to do really, really well. So he’s number 10 and rounds out the comedy power rankings.

You can comment on Facebook or Reddit. Speaking of Bowen yang, he told people magazine what it’s like at the SNL after parties. He said some of my happiest moments have been at the after parties.

He describes us after party vibe as equal parts wholesome, and , he says it can usually be found sipping a cocktail before eventually wandering out onto the dance.

I drank a bourbon. When I went to Kim Kardashian west secret, after party, I turned around and Chloe Kardashian looked me in the eyes and said, what are you drinking? That’s so sad. Drink champagne with me. I was like, whatever you say, Chloe Kardashian. And when RuPaul hosted back in 2020, the DJ played at BMI lover, and I knew every single word everyone got on the tables and dance.

Michael Che was like, whoa, Bowen’s going off. Normally he’s cool as a cucumber. So if I can get Shea out of his chair, then I’ve done something right

now. What about the next morning, man? While he says it’ll be bacon, egg, and cheese for some cute little bagel shop in Brooklyn or fried dumpling.

Boy. That’s how expensive Manhattan is. This guy’s on SNL and he lives in Brooklyn. Wow. And any episode of 90 day fiance, cause it’s so jarring and it’s literally sobering. You just feel better about where you’re at at life. Tom Papa has noticed a change in how he approaches his performances on the road to this from St.

Louis today. Tom said having the break, did she get a Queens? Come in? I dropped the G there. I said, Hey. I’m leaving it in, but that’s the Queens coming out there having the break and being away from it really made me value. Being able to do this. I used to show up the theater like half an hour before a show, go on.

It was done. I’d get out of there. Now I find myself showing up a couple of hours before just to be there. Like why would I sit in a hotel room when show business is waiting for me right down the street. His show features all new material because despite his other activities, the pause and touring gave him time to write it.

that said he’s not averse to occasionally dropping in a routine. That’s a favorite with says, he says, I try not to have Richard rules. It’s supposed to be fun and joyful. And if something leads to no joke I’ve done before, I’m not going to beat myself up. If I do it again.

Papa talked about opening for Jerry Seinfeld back in the nineties that clearly upped his visibility. He pick me out of the clubs in New York when he was coming back to do up, I just grabbed onto his coattails. Didn’t let go. I absorbed everything that I possibly could from him and toured with them for a long time.

Whenever people ask me what my biggest break was, I always say it was meeting. It’s all about being true to yourself. I don’t swear a lot in my everyday life for me to put that in my act seemed kind of silly when I was a young comic. I would do that once in a while and I could feel the audience going, like, what are you doing?

I work hard on this. It shouldn’t be the same stuff that you can just hear in a school playground. I should be a little bit better writer than that.

TIG Notaro talked about being on that horrible star Trek discovery. You heard me on St. Patrick’s day. Say I’m a big Trekkie boy, all this Kurtzman track. Hate it. Hate star Trek, discovery, love TIG Notaro, hate star Trek discovery. Her character jet Reno was revealed to have endured the loss of her. Take set.

I think it’s an interesting elements of the character, but I think also relatable in ways that sometimes you’ve been through something struggling, the certain protective. That Reno projects. When you dig deeper, you find that there’s some pain or a hard road that somebody has been down. I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the backstory.

I don’t know what’s coming. , this is very much a written TV show. I’m not just showing up and being myself and saying whatever I want, because if I said whatever I wanted, I certainly wouldn’t be saying the crazy scientific jargon. That’s not what would be coming out of my mouth.

Take recently earned a certification in plant-based nutrition. She’s making plans to share that knowledge. I’m hoping I can very soon start helping people that want to shift their diet for health reasons or environmental reasons or animal rights, whatever brings you to plant-based eating.

I’m hoping to use that to maybe do live events or podcasts or something to help people who are interested in eating that way.

There’s a new episode of the show I host front of the live of one app. It is called the weekly comedy thing on. I get to play stand up comedians because the way rights and stuff works. So say for example, I told you a story about TIG Notaro and plant-based eating.

I will then play a clip by signatory. So on that show, more comedy, less me, but still some me it’s called the weekly comedy thing. It’s free. It’s on an app called live one, download it, listen to the show. Weekly comedy thing, new episode out today. I got to figure out how to start scamming the international comedy scene.

I got to get myself invited to these things and get someone else to pay for it. For example, the Dubai comedy festival is back. May 12th. Come on, Dubai. You’ve got money. Wouldn’t you like to have daily comedy news live from your comedy festival, telling me people in the world about it. I think you do.

Well, I’m not going. Wasn’t invited, but comedians going include Mazda Brawny. I don’t know how to say this next community. His name. All caps. N E M R. Is it Neymar? Is it any EMR? Is it Nemer? I don’t know. Let’s go with namer

Eddie Griffin. Mina litchi own veered Oz, God Amylah and Ali Ali SIADH will perform during the 11 day comedy festival. Hey honey, the Dubai comedy Fessel invited me to do my podcast from there. I’m going to be gone for call with travel 13 days. You cool. She’s going to love it.

Ahmed Al Kaja CEO of Dubai festivals. And apparently the man whose attention I need said after mapping Tuesdays, there’s a massive it’s. We’re thrilled to welcome to by comedy festival. Once again, the festival has continually set the benchmark in the region for offering a stage to some of the best regional, as well as global talent, bringing a diverse mix of communities together.

We look forward to seeing a full house as to, by being one of the first cities to resume events, to full capacity and with the safety, blah, blah, blah, and being an international hub for comedy and entertainment.

I love the little descriptions here. Monster Bronny is an American comedian actor who was part of the axis of evil comedy group veered Oz is one of India’s most popular comedic stars. Edward Rubin, Griffin. That’s how they phrased it. It’s an American comedian and actor best known for portraying Eddie Sherman and the sitcom.

Malcolm and Eddie. Yeah. And for playing the title character in the 2000 comedy film undercover, brother, I dunno where I know Eddie Griffin from just being a comedian. I don’t know. And, uh, NMR, Neymar, Neymar, again, I’d love to know how to say your name. Invite me over. We could have. Is a Lebanese American standup comedian who’s credited with establishing and pioneering the standup comedy scene throughout the middle east, where he performs in English.

You know, who else needs to hook me up with some travel is the Sydney comedy festival. They’re coming back to April 25th through May 22nd. That’s a long one. That’s a. Maybe I could go there for the first half hop a flight to Dubai. Hey honey. you know, I talked to myself in the basement when you’re doing laundry, it’s really taking off to comedy festivals, invited me.

I’m going to be gone for a month so I can record podcasts in Sydney and Dubai. She’s going to love it.

Well, good news. International borders are open. International acts are back. Baby expect gags from David O’Doherty, Melanie Bracewell, the dollop, Jason Long that any Mr. Person again, plus many more. I got to look this up. I got to educate myself. Maybe you guys were like, how does he not know who this.

Any EMR is a south Jersey based outsourced human resources, payroll and benefits company, and apparently an international comedian. No, but that’s what came up. How about any Mr. Comedy? Let’s click on this.

Now I’m trying here. I went to Google. How do you pronounce any M R showing results for how do you pronounce meme?

So one of the other tricks we learn as producers is you put on a YouTube video and you hope someone else introduced that person somewhere.

So I tried that. I found a clip on his Twitter account where he was announcing tour dates, except we announced them as optimist prime did a pretty decent impression. Never said how to pronounce his name. Then I found on YouTube, a full show by this person love isn’t the answer full show an hour and 22 minutes on the YouTube.

There’s no introduction. He suddenly on stage. I don’t know how to say your name. I’m trying to support you. I’ll come down to Sydney. We’ll have dinner. Then we have dinner again and to buy my wife’s going to love it. Anyway, that guy is at Sydney. That was a long way for that Johnny Mac.

Jeez, those comedy acts will be interspersed between Australian standup talent. Like the always chic Karen from finance. That sounds like a fun act. What’s Karen from finance.

The bio Karen from finance as the premier corporate queen of Melbourne Australia. She lives alone with her budget, Dante and enjoys taxed.

The drag race Wiki tells me, Karen from finance is the stage name of Richard Chadwick and Australian drag performer and contestant on the first season of RuPaul’s drag race down under, I knew about drag race. I didn’t know they did RuPaul’s drag race down under, anyway, Karen from finance, Becky Lewis, Rhys, Nicholson, and more.

Sidney is a great place. If you’ve never been there, you should go. Trust me, Mack packer, Keegan. Michael Key is reteaming with Jordan Peele, both on the cast of Wendell and wild, and that’s a new animated film.

It’s described as an American stop motion, animated, dark fantasy comedy horror film.

Two scheming brothers Wendell and wild must face their arch. Nemesis, the demon dusting sister heli.

Mack packer, Keegan, Michael Key plays, Wendell Jordan Peele plays wild. All right, so they are teaming up. Great. And from Canary media, your home for comedy news, meet Rauly Williams. He’s a climate comedian. Raleigh says I’m comedian living in New York city. I just got a climate science and policy master’s degree from Columbia, and I’m a big fan of billiards.

I moved from Denver to New York to get it’s a comedy. And I ended up writing and performing a sketch comedy show called an inconvenient sock show where I played a string out Al gore. And my guests are comedians and climate scientists experts. After about a year of doing the. It became clear. I needed to get more informed about the climate crisis.

So I enrolled at Columbia university. He also has a climate podcast. It’s called sweat pants with Raleigh Williams. It’s described as a low-key climate podcast. What does that mean? He says the podcast is a kind of way to keep the interview part of the talk show a lie without having to do a bunch of editing.

My favorite thing about the talk show was getting to know climate scientists and experts as real people with lives and kids and hobbies, blah, blah, blah. I checked it out. It was all right. And from the Yorkshire evening post. They caught up with Russell brand. I met Russell brand one time.

He was very charismatic and I can’t remember particular as we needed him to record promos for something. And he came in and it was one of those people that could nail copy in one take. I love professionals like that. Nailed it. Read it properly. Read it. Funnily is funnily a word? It is now. Russell brand met you once enjoyed your company the Yorkshire evening post said you’ve called your new live show. 33. What does that mean? Cause he’s 46. Now Russell said the show’s called 33 because when I was 32, I thought I was going to die at 33. As you can see that didn’t happen. So I made it my lucky. Really I’m going to make my lucky number 111.

I subsequently found out that it’s very significant and important number in numerology, and also evidently in the secret cartel that runs the world, the Illuminati. That has led to continue accusations that I might be a member. If I am a member, I don’t know about it, but that’s what I would say. If I wasn’t the Illuminati, what’s a new show about, as a celebration of the last couple of years, and what’s been revealed politically and spiritually one, we learned that you can change a society radically, overnight, too.

We realized that work wasn’t always necessarily the way we were told it had been. And three, we can never trust our constantly party and government. And now we have an opportunity for radical, personal and social change. That is your comedy news. For today, you can follow this show on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, Rivergate, your shows.

See you tomorrow.

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