Comedy Power Rankings: Pete Davidson, Joe Rogan, Tom Segura and Christina P, Jim Gaffigan, John Mulaney, Tim Dillon, Theo Von, Ricky Gervais

The updated comedy power rankings are out!

Pete Davidson
Joe Rogan
Tom Segura & Christina P
Jim Gaffigan
John Mulaney
Tim Dillon
Theo Von
Ricky Gevais

Kanye is still stirring it up with Pete Davidson

A Scrubs Reunion is announced…it’s just a panel, relax.

Natasha Leggero’s Rat In The Kitchen is a cooking show meets The Mole

Bob Odenkirk’s memoir is called Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama

Chris Martin is not the guy from Coldplay but he has a new album

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Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, the last batch of late night jokes I saw, I just didn’t care for it and find them funny. The only one I liked was from Seth Meyers. He said in honor of Disneyland, Paris is 30th anniversary and women’s history month in March. Disneyland Paris announced that Minnie mouse will wear a dark blue and black polka dotted pantsuit designed by Stella McCartney. That’s a lot of set. Here’s the joke, unfortunately, that still won’t make up for the fact that you brought your wife to Paris and then took her to Disneyland.

Hey, what’s that music, is it, could it be? Yes, it is the return of the comedy power ranking.

This is something I do every now and then I’m going to try and do it a little more regularly, where I ranked the comedians, according to their power. Now, what is power? I don’t know. You know what, when you hear it ready, how many power rankings, the most powerful comedian right now is.

Pete Davidson. Why? Because we’re all talking about Pete Davidson. He’s hanging out with Kim Kardashians. Where do you hear what Kanye west said about Pete Davidson later in this episode? Is he funny? I don’t know. He’s got charisma, Pete Davidson, most powerful comedian right now. Number two. And this guy is moving up the charts quickly.

He’s often at the top of the charts, Joe Rogan, making friends, making enemies, Neil Young’s had it. Spotify has got his back.

By the way on Friday, I saw that Joe Rogaine was trending a, this name funny and B you’re acting like Joe Rogan has a comb-over is trying to pretend that he’s not bald or he’s trying to grow his hair back. I’m pretty sure Joe Rogan, whatever you think of him is pretty secure with the way he looked.

Joe Rogan, not funny. Number three, Tom cigar and Christina P as a pair, they are your number three on the comedy power rankings. They into to NFTs they’re announcing Netflix specials and books. Number four, Jim Gaffigan

seen a lot of interviews with Jim Gaffigan. The last few weeks. Number five. This guy’s cooled off a little bit. John Malaney. Yeah. All right. You’re walking around with a baby. We’re kind of bored with the whole thing. Now, get out on the road.

John Malaney, tell some jokes Rover the Olivia month thing. Happy at a baby new topic. Next up Tim Dylan.

I see his podcast is shooting up the charts and you know what I would say about Tim Dylan, one day, he’s going to step on the landmine and I’m going to come on this podcast, be like, are you ever said dilution to Tim Dylan? I am totally going to deny you Timberland, but until then, I’ve been listening to your podcast, Theo Von, always up on the comedy charts.

Underrated not talked about much. And I do prep for this podcast every day. Not in too many news stories.

Ricky surveys out there pushing after life. Everybody seems to like that show. Ricky’s often at the top of the comedy power rankings.

I was picking your brains on the Facebook group, which is daily company news podcast group on Facebook. And you were like, Hey, can you suggest some new artists will, if you want to listen to the weekly comedy thing, which is the show I host for free. Well, I don’t host it for free. I am paid to host that, but you can listen for free it’s on the live by live app, live X live in your app store, played some quote unquote, new artists this week, or maybe people that you don’t know.

Justin Nickerson. He’s got a new album called overwhelmed artists.

Another person you might not know as Neil Brennan co-creator of Chappelle show Neal’s been around, but I’m not sure he’s a household name and I’ve been on a Robert Schimmel kick. I can’t believe Robert’s most recent album was from 1999. We got nothing in this century from Robert Schimmel who passed away.

I’m doing this from memory, I think in 2010.

They all appear on this week’s weekly comedy thing. So that’s some stuff for you to check out. All right. P Davidson from TMZ, your home for comedy news sources, close to Pete Davidson. Confirm what DJ academics and DJ academics spells his name with several Ks.

He puts the keys where I would have put C, but that’s why I’m not a hip DJ.

DJ academics had been telling people, Kanye has been telling everybody within

earshot that Pete Davidson has aids. .

tMZ says we’re told Kanye his claim has made for a few awkward phone calls between Pete Davidson and mutual friends. He has with Kanye,

they’re all confused and disturbed by the childish behavior. Amen. Hey, do you like scrubs? I love scrubs.

My wife is a doctor and she was going to medical school when the scrubs cast was in medical school on the show, know what I mean? Didn’t phrase it. Well, you follow me.

Mrs. Mack has always said, or Mrs. Mack is a, a character on it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. That’s exactly what my wife looks like. It looks like Mrs. Now that’s a joke. Um, my wife, uh, says that scrubs is the most realistic. Medical show hospital show.

And when I would watch that show with her, I sought a lot of things that were going on in her life. And some of the more adult characters on the show were I think, based on people that worked in her hospital at the time. So we love scrubs. The cast will be reuniting at the ATX television festival.

That’s right. Zach Braff, Donald phase on Sarah shock, John C McGinley, Judy Reyes, Neil Flynn, and Krista Miller. They’ll do a live panel. This thing is June 2nd to the fifth in Austin, Texas. Everything seems to be in Austin. Now

the scrubs reunion was previously intended to mark the 10th anniversary of the series ending, but, you know, COVID and. I am like maybe two years behind on the scrubs podcast. I love those guys. Well, I really love Zach Donald sometimes on the pod, dial it down, buddy, dial it down. And that’s why I’ve fallen behind them are listening.

Plus, my phone is always full. I listened to a lot of podcasts at two and a half. Speed.

Natasha Leggero we’ll have a new show. It’s called rata in the kitchen. Really? It is described as being far more than a traditional cooking show. . Viewers get to play detective over a game of cat and mouse. I’m intrigued over the course of the 10 episode season, a mix of professional chefs and passionate home cooks compete in a series of creative cooking challenges.

All right. Earning cash in the bank for every dish that impresses a chef Ludo. All right. While attempting to expose an undercover mole, AKA. Determined to sabotage the dishes. Wait, so it’s the mole. Remember Anderson Cooper. The CNN guy used to host the mole. So it’s the mole cooking show.

Yeah. Anyway, you’re trying to expose the mole. Who’s determined to sabotage the dishes and undermine their chances of victory at the close of each episode, both cooks and viewers will determine who they believe is the rat. If the cooks guessed correctly, they, when they’re. But if they’re duped, then the rat walks away with the cheddar.

That’s some well-written copy. I appreciate you rat in the kitchen premiers, TBS, March 31st, [9:00] PM. Eastern.

I shared the trailer for Fairview on the Facebook group on Friday, again, daily comedy news podcast group. And in my post, I wrote, this is when, on the podcast I go. Yeah. So here’s a yeah, for ya. How many central is launching the first new original series under the Viacom, CBS current push and adult animation.

How exciting.

What was the stuff? Jab. It looks like jib jab. Now it’s paired up with south park, which is not, you know, Fantasia, I got some gray hair. I don’t think they’re going for me.

One name catches my eye and the camera, James Johnson. We all love him. Now from Saturday. Speaking of SNL, Chris Redd is not satisfied with co-starring in Keenan and Chris red has a new sitcom. He will join Sam J Jack Knight and Langston Kerman. A great cast in the new peacock comedy, Boston down all six episodes, premiere Thursday, March 10th.

Bus down four casino employees living dead and lives with debt and jobs and middle America and the massive mess they managed to make out of it. That sounds fun.

And a sad story from the New York post unvaccinated comedian Christian Cabrera died from COVID-19 at the age of 40, just two days after texting his brother and revealing his regret at not getting the COVID vaccine. Um,

Before his tragic passing Cabrera was on social media and shared been here almost a week in ICU. Now, not breathing on my own with COVID pneumonia infection in both lungs. This has to be the worst pain I ever had in my life. Thanks for all the love and prayers. Everyone. I can hear all your prayers and my sleep.

Thank you. And hope to see you all soon. Cabera died just over a week later. Cabera passed away just over a week late.

Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by palace intrigue. I’m the writer on that? Is it a quick five minute look at what’s going on with the Royal family. Harry and Meghan always mixing it up. We don’t even really get into the Andrew thing. That’s like CD. We’re there to have a good time. We like goofing on stuff like cake, like Kate Middleton taking over the rugby, like Kate Middleton being in charge of rugby, like stuff like that.

Palace intrigue navigator shows Bob Odenkirk will release his first memoir. It is called comedy comedy comedy drama. That’s out March.

Dave, Chappelle’s a very controversial 21. Dave, Chappelle’s a very controversial comedy special. The closer has nabbed at two nominations from the directors Guild of America and the producers Guild of.

Chappelle himself received a PGA nomination in the category of outstanding producer of live entertainment, variety sketches, stand up and talk television

from chortles and British comedians are releasing a stand-up albums in the U S I almost said CD cause I’m from 1990. I guess they could put it out on CD, British comedians, John Pearson, and Chris Martin. Remember that name for the upcoming joke have recorded Stanhope albums for American labels. Pearson show is called.

What have you been up to? It was recorded in October in Nottingham. It’s an hour of unscripted crowd work I was doing.

Pearson said it was a nerve Pearson, said it was nerve wracking going out with no material, but also freeing. I felt that coming out of pandemic, I felt that coming out of a pandemic, most audiences would just want to be involved in a show. So I made this one about them. Chris Martin show is called all over the place.

It’ll be out February 18th. This one made up of sets recorded around south California, which I don’t think is in the UK.

Of course, it’s not Martin joked. He gave up bad weather and bad customer service for sunshine and gun crime. The album’s pretty upbeat. Cause life can be pretty depressing a lot of time, but I choose to look for the more fun aspects, but I choose to look for the more fun aspects to talk about. Now, Chris Martin shares a name with the guy from cold.

Does he think some people might accidentally buy the album, believing him to be the lead singer of Coldplay. Chris Martin says he’ll absolutely take their money. Can I tell you way back? Can I tell you way back at serious?

One of the interns loaded into the system. Some tracks by, I think the guy’s name was bill Hicks. Now there’s a very famous comedian. Now there’s a well-respected comedian named bill Hicks. There’s also like a jazz singer or something. And you know how I found out about it. I was listening to the radio station and wondered why the hell we were playing four and a half minutes of jazz on the comedy station.

The intern didn’t actually listen to the tracks that the intern loaded. That’s a no-no in radio. Everybody.

You like the office. Do you like playing games on your phone? Well, the office colon, somehow we made it. Is a new game available on iOS and Android. The game is based around collecting characters from the show, putting them to work, to sell paper. How do you do that? You tap the screen and then you wait for numbers to go up.

Sounds thrilling. And it took a week of me telling you, you could go to pod comedy news. I took a week of me seeing that and telling you, you could leave a voicemail. Finally, somebody took the hint here’s lane.

Hey gang. This is lane Sparcus. I’m a long-time listener. First-time caller. I love the daily comedy news podcast. I think it’s a great digest and have made it part of my morning routine. I used to play it in the car. I would drive my teenage daughters to school, but they rolled their eyes so hard. I had to take them to the ophthalmologist and those appointments aren’t cheap.

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