Comedy’s Top Dog: Bill Burr or John Mulaney?

In week one of Comedy’s Top Dog, Bill Burr knocked off Jim Gaffigan Now, as defending champion, Bill Burr takes on John Mulaney. You can vote by going to the instagram page and finding the Top Dog post about this matchup and responding in the comments.

Chappelle’s show is back on Netflix, and the announcement was made by one Dave Chappelle!

Brooklyn 99 is coming to an end. Boo.

John Oliver was glad he wasn’t working during the insurrection.

Stephen Colbert’s Tooning Out The News gets a second season. I kinda missed the first season, didn’t you?

Bill Murray won some kind of Leonard Maltin award.

They are making a movie based on the video game Boderlands and it will star Kevin Hart. How does Kevin Hart have time for all these projects?


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