Dane Cook, 50, engaged to Kelsi Taylor, 23, his girlfriend of five years

Congratulations to Dane Cook, 50, on getting engaged to his girlfriend of five years. And yes the internet reactions were mixed and funny.

Jay Leno was pretty interesting on Bill Maher’s podcast – a recap.

Everybody Still Hates Chris – Chris Rock returns in cartoon form.

Margaret Cho’s story of thirteen 18 wheelers following her

Margaret is at the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival tonight.

And more Fringe previews.

Late night reacted to an American drone strike killing Al-Qaeda leader. Amen. Al Zari. Trevor Noah said what’s crazy. Is that American? Didn’t just kill him. They killed him with a razor blade missile. Trevor said he didn’t even know such things existed. The weapons America has sounds like things. The kids just make up on the playground. America clipped the most wanted terrorist off his safe house balcony. I mean, also at this point, maybe we should stop calling them safe houses. Every terrorist gets killed in a safe houses. They should call it a house. You think you’re safe in, but you never know. Will say, you know, when you see stories like this, when you see stories of what America’s capable of, that’s when you realize there’s no excuse for the amount of domestic terrorism in America.

as Wari lived all the way in Afghanistan, in some random safe house in the middle of nowhere. And America knew what time of day he liked to go out on his balcony. But when a white supremacist post on Facebook, he’s gonna murder everyone and buys an AR 15. Everyone’s like there was no way to stop him. If only he liked balconies.

Jimmy Fallon went with one liners. That’s right. They got him with a drone. His last words where wait, did I order same day delivery? Yeah, they took him out with a drone. And if that didn’t work, they were just gonna send him an envelope that Biden licked

let’s start today on gossip corner, Dane cook 50 years old.

Is engaged to fitness instructor. Kelsey Taylor, she’s 23. They got engaged in York beach, Maine on July 13th. Dean cook said when we started dating, we went there on our first trip together, said return five years later was meaningful to us. So, um, Kelsey Taylor’s 23, Dan Cook’s 50. They’ve been dating for five years, 45 year old, Dan cook first dated Kelsey Taylor, when she was 18, Dan said, it’s a place I spent much time in growing up.

So I have such fond memories there.

Kelsey added. I’m about to spend the rest of my life with my favorite person and my best friend. What is there to not look forward to congratulations to Dan and Kelsey? I met Dane once. He was pretty cool. I know he doesn’t have the best reputation in the comedy world. I enjoyed him. He wanted some sun chips and, uh, the staff was busy and I went and got them.

I went around the corner of the deli. I don’t mind working. Here’s some sun chips, Dave.

Some Twitter reactions, Blake Hammond tweeted. It’s hard to make fun of this cuz I also love TA cook when I was 18.

Toward user love Andy C with a slim. So

at one point, Dean cook had tweeted. If you could go back and tell your 15 year old self something, what would it be? Twitter user at love. Andy C wrote. Hmm, probably avoid marrying the 50 year old predator at age 23. wow.

Newsweek points out celebrities like Nikki Glazer, congratulated the couple on their announcement and elsewhere across the internet, people were less complimentary about the relat. Food and culture writer, Marielle Sanji wrote on Twitter. Look, who’s engaged with a woman. He started seeing when she was 18 and he was 45.

Totally not weird. Christian Finnigan tweeted Dan cook and his fiance, a registered at bill a bear. John Marco SOE who killed up in Montreal last week. Wrote don’t mind me just doing. Congratulations to the happy couple,

hey, remember everybody hates Chris. It’s coming back as a cartoon. everybody still hates. Chris has been given a street to series order by paramount plus it’ll also air in comedy central. That’s good. Cuz then somebody will see it. Chris rock will app prize his role as the narrator in the series inspired by Chris Rock’s teen years, much like it’s predecessor.

Everybody still hates. Chris will consist of half hour episodes featuring Chris rock narrating stories about his experiences as a skinny nerd and a large working class family in bedside Brooklyn during the eighties.

Chris McCarthy is a suit over there at paramount media networks and said, Chris rock is one of the most gifted comedians of all time. We’re excited to partner with him, three arts and CBS studios to bring this to life and welcome it as the next big hit in our expanding arsenal of iconic adult animation.

That includes such smash series of south bark and the new bison butt.

Bill Mars podcast this week is a good listen. The guest Jay Leno, the headline Jay Leno offers apology to Jimmy Kimmel years after confusion over tonight. Show fiasco.

Back in June, Jimmy Kimel was on bill Mar’s podcast and said during the whole Leno Conan thing, Kimel said he was definitely not on team Jay and admitted. He had a feud going at the time, although not anymore. On the new podcast, Jay Leno himself is.

Mar asked Leno about the possibility back then of jumping to other networks.

Leno walks you through how he wound up with a [10:00] PM show.

And then after that, the idea of Jay Leno being on 1130 and the tonight show, moving back to 12 Leno also was considering taking an offer from ABC. Leno said, I called Jimmy Kimel and I said, I’m getting offers from ABC. I don’t wanna start a whole thing here. If they’re talking, putting me on at 1130, would you go on at 1230?

I think he said, yeah, he wanted to, I said, okay. And we became friends and then the move to ABC didn’t happen. And it became public. And I suppose I should have called Jimmy Kimmel and explained to him, but again, I didn’t, I don’t know why I didn’t, I just didn’t. I thought he’d probably figure it out, but I think maybe he was hurt by that.

And I apologize to him for that.

So why didn’t Jay Leno switch networks? Jay said I’m pretty loyal. You know, sometimes the czar you have is better than the one you’re gonna get. Then you have your old team shooting at you as well. I just figured let’s just play this out and see what happens. And it all happened fairly quickly. It’s a very good listen and.

I listened to that on a 12 mile run this morning. Humble brag. How about me? Go, go, go. Humble brag. I also listened to Tim Dylan’s podcast, which was funny as always on it. Tim Dylan mentioned he is got a Netflix special coming up. Let me see if there’s a date there. I wanna say he said it was August 16th.

Yep. It’s actually up on the Netflix website coming August 16th, Tim Dylan rants about fast food living in Texas Disney adults. And the reason no one should be called a hero. I’m looking forward to that. One

from deadline. Amazon is developing a single camera comedy set behind the scenes of a struggling national sports show. This comes from Emily Heller and Megan galley. the project is centered around national sports show. As they decide to shake things up by pairing an unknown, passionate female sports fan with an irrelevant former pro basketball, nice guy.

What do you know turns out they have a very complicated history and sports comedies. Seem to be the thing this from the laugh button, the underdogs with two GS. We’ll star Snoop dog with two GS tells the story of Jason Jenning, AKA two JS played by Snoop dog, a former NFL superstar, who after a run in with the law, agrees to coach a youth football team in lieu of prison in the hopes of relaunching his fledgling career.

Snoop said the underdogs with Sue GS is a real personal project for me, considering I’ve been coaching football for 15 plus years with the Snoop youth football league that I started with my longtime business partner, giving back to the community through football’s taught us so many invaluable life lessons that we’ve been able to share with kids in similar situations like mine.

When I was growing up, my hope is this movie will shed light on the realities that kids and adults face in the hood and within the complex world of.

The south China morning post caught up with Margaret show. Earlier this year, Margaret show was walking her dog in Florida when 1318 Wheeler trucks began following her down the street. She says the convoy honked her aggressively in protested. The us states’ mask mandate to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

One truck came close to running her over.

Margaret Cho told the south China morning post that’s quite a dangerous thing to do to have an 18 wheel truck with no license plates, actually trying to get you. It’s like a horror film. Those kinds of things are happening to Asian Americans, to people who are wearing masks. It’s a very strange thing to feel attacked because of your race.

It’s not supposed to happen in America yet. We are the most racist country.

Margaret said she’s had to deal with aspirational whiteness throughout her life. Aspirational whiteness is a very big deal for the generation. I grew up in our parents came to America, escaping war, really a lot of incredible poverty and a lot of generational trauma to come here to have American children.

They did not want us to have accents as a result growing up, Cho didn’t speak Korean at home and only learned the language as an adult. She also notes a lot of Asian parents would name their children with quotes, older white lady names, such as

margaret Helen and Eleanor

The Luci ball comedy festival is underway up in Jamestown. New.

Margaret show is your headliner tonight at seven Erie news. Now profiled the festival and said historically the five day comedy festival has welcomed 15,000 people to Jamestown from nearly every state.

Friday night, Jeff Foxworthy is doing two shows. The early show sold out, but tickets are still available for the evening show Saturday, the legends of SNL, which features David spade, Rob Schneider and Kevin Neland.

One of the organizers says we have over 50 events planned over the five day period of the festival. So as you can imagine, it’s all hands on deck here. As we wrap up some of the planning we have live comedy, we have family entertainment, live music, wonderful food vendors, really something for everybody this year at the festival.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening over at the fringe, tim key’s show is called Mulberry. Mulberry is the story of a celebrity sealed away charting key’s professional crisis through an escalating thirst for craft beer and surprise appearances on TV quiz shows his lockdown.

Companion is a five foot Teddy bear and stars in a handful of the funniest punch lines. While mentions of Tim key’s pass past glory become a pleasing refrain key’s gift. The reason his shows always have great pace is his poetry.

And that is your comedy news. For today, you can follow the show for free on apple podcast or Spotify, wherever you get your shows. And I’ll see you.

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