Daniel Radcliffe to star as Weird Al Yankovic in biopic

A Weird Al Yankovic biopic will star Danielle Radcliffe

Bill Burr has no patience for you idiots saying the vaccine killed Bob Saget.

Penn Jilette on his kids’ reaction to Bob Saget’s comedy

Did Pete Davidson take the photos of Kim Kardashian in a bikini?

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Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. Seth Meyer says for president Trump has reportedly been complaining a confidence about Florida, governor Ron DeSantis, and said that he has quote, dull personality.

Seth said, I’m sorry. Is that suddenly a concern of yours? Your vice-president was like, if a rice cake went to Bible school, jimmy found sad. I feel like Trump is slipping a few years ago. He would have had like 10 nicknames for this guy. Now he’s like Ron Santas. I think this is actually a nice change because usually once you Florida guys get in a fight, they’re drunk and shirtless, but to Santos doesn’t seem phased.

He said that he’s going to handle the insult, just like COVID and completely ignore it.

Boy. I was so happy to see this story and I feel like it’s something straight out of the onion, but no, it is from variety. Daniel Radcliffe is set to star as weird Al Yankovic in a biopic weird Al Yankovic story. Me film is Roku’s first original biopic and will be available to stream exclusively on the Roku.

In weird Al Yankovic story, the BioPack calls, nothing back exploring every facet of Yankee Vic’s life from his meteoric rise to fame with early hits, like eat it and like a surgeon to his toured celebrity love affairs and famously deprave lifestyle. Weird Al Yankovic story takes audiences on a truly unbelievable journey through Yanka Vick’s life and career from gifted child prodigy to the greatest musical legend of all time.

There was actually a YouTube video about this a few years ago.

. It was a fake trailer for a movie called weird. That took a very serious look at weird Al it sounds like they flush that out. Yeah, Yankovic can fix in a statement. When my last movie UHF came out in 1989, I made a solemn vow to my fans that I would release a major motion picture every 33 years, like clockwork.

Very happy to say we’re on a schedule.

I’m absolutely thrilled that Daniel Radcliffe will be portraying me in the film. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the role of future generations will remember him.

A suit at Roku said there clearly aren’t enough biopic movies about famous musicians, and we’re excited to shine a light in the incredibly true and exaggerated story of weird Al. This is sincerely the ultimate combination of talent, creativity, and friends coming together to make something genuinely funny.

And we can not be prouder to call this film a Roku original.

That sounds like a good time. I’m looking forward to that. Production begins in LA in early February, and I saw this next story in the daily mail. The headline that caught my intention, british terrorist nod to Eddie Murphy comedy coming to America. Yeah. All right.

So the story reads the British terrorist who held up a synagogue posting as a homeless man. Also conned us border forces by claiming he was staying at a down at heel hotel, British ism, I guess, on the New York street made famous by Eddie Murphy’s movie classic coming to America.

The terrorists told us immigration officers, he was checking in at an address on Queens Boulevard, but never turned up according to FBI sources. Now I’m rusty on that movie. Is there a specific motel in there? Nothing in the story says that the guy went to a specific place in the movie. It just says Queens Boulevard.

I’m from Queens. Queens Boulevard is quite lengthy.

You might as well have said he went to New York city home of king Kong. It has nothing to do with anything unless I’m missing something from the movie. Tell me Instagram at daily comedy news, Facebook group, daily comedy news podcasts. Maybe I’m missing something here, but daily mail. I feel like you’re stretching a little bit

from page six, Tracy Morgan was cracking jokes about his divorce. Tracy said my wife took this whole social distance thing thing a little too far. I called her up and asked if she was quarantining and she responded call what you want a left the ain’t coming back. Tracy also gave a shout out to the new New York city mayor.

Eric Adams. You are familiar with Eric Adams from the Chris red portrayal on Saturday night. Tracy said last time I voted was for David Dinkins and we all know how that turned out. If you’re not from the New York city area, that was 1990 to 1993, arguably one of the low points of New York city.

Steve Bennett is someone who saw Dimitri Martin at the Wilbur in Boston writing for chortle Steve Bennett set of Dimitri Martin show that gig suffers issues of momentum with many noticeable lulls. His lowest energy approach is perfect when it comes to giving the audience space to digest one of his ornate morsels of logical absurd.

But proves a hindrance, a lot of big words here when he’s just noodling around with ideas, we’re indulging in some unremarkable. Crowdwork about some guy’s wedding, such moments. Give the show some texture, , providing an in the moment.

Looseness has taught late written nuggets. Never can, but they pale in comparison. Thank you, Steve Bennett in Shortle boy, they’d talk about English being two different languages. I speak the American version. I stumbled over like 19 words in that. Anyway, Steve Bennett, I feel, yeah. I saw Stephen Wright.

One time loves Stephen Wright love Stephen Wright, one liners, but when it’s one liner after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner, after one-liner for an hour and a half, my brain got numb. I totally hear you on that. Some stuff doesn’t work for a full show,

bill Burr on his podcast, that it was a sad week dealing with the effing brutal shock of losing Bob Saget.

He’s annoyed at people who claim that the vaccine killed Bob Saget.

Burr said the amount of dumb crap that people are saying. Effing morons, you know, and this is coming from someone who went to summer school almost every year. Somebody gets mad about something, comes up with this angle of effing horse crap, and there’s people. They just run with it.

Bird joked, then anti-vaxxers have modern medicine to thank for their existence as it kept their parents alive. So they could bang and then make them so they could go on the internet and express their ideas. Fox newsroom for comedy news pendulum. Let’s explain that he showed his 15 and 16 year old kids.

Bob Saget his work because he was sad about his death and the kids interact so well.

They saw clips of sagging on the internet, making a hardcore jokes about pedophilia and incest. The kids were offended. Pendula said they thought my friend must have been a bad person. It was hard for them to understand how I could have loved him. I don’t know if I could blame them. How could they understand that doing transgressive comedy was in Bob’s hands and not about hate and pain, but rather a Daredevil act of mutual trust.

Gillette went onto lament and today’s culture. People consume media in small chunks, often devoid of its full context. When my children watch little snippets of Bob and read some quotes, they couldn’t know that Bob Saget didn’t do transgressive comedy to be mean he didn’t even do it to shock.

He did it to make people laugh, to test himself, to let the audience test him and form a connection with.

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You can donate any amount you want suggested amount, $5. I will take your $5. Glenn gets nothing. I’m getting a nice coffee at the national donut chain, a large caramel and.

From cinema blend, Bert Kreischer asked his 800,000 plus Twitter followers. What their preferred McDonald’s order was. Can I play mine is the two cheeseburgers meal, which some McDonald’s will tell you doesn’t exist anymore. It does.

Now they have moved off being the number two, which they never should have done. My wife gets so annoyed. . So flustered. It she’ll be like, what do you want? I’m like two cheeseburger meal. They don’t have that anymore. Yes they do. They moved it from two to nine.

Now they don’t have a McDonald’s. Why can you leave that alone? But crusher mentioned his own favorite, which is apparently a super-sized big Mac meal with four single cheeseburgers and a Dyke. But then he offered his own hack to save calories. Bert Kreischer tweets. I take off the bottom bun unless all the ketchup, pickles and cheese are up top and taco them out.

Save the calories for another bottomless burger. So we’re just eating a burger with only one button. Okay. I’m not sure. That’s really helping and thank goodness for Pete Davidson because some days there’s just not a lot of comedy news. They need to pad the podcast a little bit. Kim Kardashians took some bikini photos and people are wondering who took the bikini photos in one of the photos.

You can see the shadow of a man’s head. We think it’s a man holding up a phone, obviously taking the picture and the sun and creating a shadow. You understand how shadows. People are zooming in and brightening up the image, trying to figure out if the mystery head is indeed Pete Davidson, Jimmy Kimmel, Hudson jokes about Pete Ariana.

Grande’s wrote a song about Pete Davidson. Now Connie has got a song he’s just one Taylor swift away from the heartbreak trifle. You know, this reminds me of when Tupac wrote a distract about Andy Sandberg. Do you remember that? That’s a great joke. And that’s your company news for today? Follow this show on apple podcasts, Spotify

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