Dave Chappelle and Justin Bieber grabbed Vietnamese food. plus Jim Gaffigan’s new special!

The Johnny Macbot makes its podcast debut when the audio about Dave Chappelle and Justin Bieber gets garbled.

James Austin Johnson is crushing it on SNL

Jim Gaffigan’s new comedy special is called Comedy Monster

Katt Williams stopped a show in the middle.

Gilbert Gottfried didn’t enjoy his time on SNL but did enjoy his time on Joe Rogan.

Howard Stern…yeah remember Howard?….he ripped into Aaron Rodgers

Eternals Spoiler involving Patton Oswalt.

ABC is developing an Alanis Morisette sitcom for some reason

(The) Foo Fighters made a comedy/horror movie for some reason

John Cleese talks Clifford and cancel culture and thankfully those are two different topics.

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