Dave Chappelle breaks curfew – TWICE! Jim Gaffigan plays Seinfeld benefit show.

Dave Chappelle brooke the curfew at a Jazz Festival two nights in a row.

Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Seinfeld held a benefit show. Jim Gaffigan performed.

Neal Brennan’s keynote speech.

Some made up Edinburgh Fringe shows.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, Trevor Noah talked about the merger jet blue announcing it’s buying spirit airlines for 3.8 billion. Trevor said yeah. 3.8 billion. What’s crazy. Is that spirit still charged them $30 for a carryon bag? That’s great. Felon. Yeah. Jet blue and spirit. It’s a perfect marriage between broken TVs and broken planes.

That’s right. Spirit agreed to a deal with JetBlue and canceled their merger with frontier airlines today, frontier was like Well’s spirit. How did we not see the cancellation coming? . All right, big Dave Chappelle’s stuff here. Stay with me. Here’s gonna be the arc at first. You’re gonna be like, oh, he’s just telling us Dave Chappelle at a show.

Then the middle of the arc is gonna be like, oh, I see where he is going here, but you gotta stay for the third act. Okay. All this from the San Francisco Chronicle, let’s start on Friday. Dave Chappelle made history in St. Helena next sent it’s. The foul mouthed comedian took over the Charles crew winery for the first blue note jazz festival in Napa valley, bringing together a Motley crew of artists to the black radio stage for jam session that featured sack solos, a few jokes, and even some freestyle rap tots.

All right. That sounds.

Chappelle said ladies and gentlemen, it’ll be a great memory. Tonight. The first night, the blue note has ever done a jazz festival in Napa valley. Get ready to get your teeth good and purple mother efforts. We’re having some wine tonight. Dave then did 36 minutes about trans jokes. Now, now I’m kidding. He did not do any trans material for what I could see.

Dave took the stage 15 minutes late as the Chronicle for Friday’s all star closing set Chappelle and the musical collective dinner party brought thousands of festival goers to their feet for nearly two hours. Set

Chappelle told the crowd that he finds himself with his pinky out when he drinks and generally poked fun at wine country’s passion, property reput. Chappelle wrapped to the beat of notorious BGS 95 classic get money

and proclaimed. It was quote, first time Northern call seen so many blacks around he then jokingly renamed the town nappy, sparking up Rous laughter among the intergenerational diverse crowd. Several surprise. Guests included KA Williams.

Chappelle said there’s no place. I’d rather be. This stage is populated by virtuosos. He then called out the last star of the night, Snoop dog. He called Snoop a miracle of culture. The same man who wrapped bitches aint S word has also been on Sesame street. All right. That was day one, day two was Saturday.

Comedian Dave Chappelle urged fans to make some noise for blue note 2022 as the jazz festival stretched well beyond the wine. Country’s strict curfew on Saturday. Things got a little disorderly during the second night of the three day festival.

After Erica Badu dropped out of her scheduled appearance shortly before she was set to take the stage.

With the Grammy winning pianist and festival artist in residence, Robert Glasser Glasser was joined by some musicians and comedian actor. Anthony Anderson that ran more than an hour over it’s scheduled enzyme, pushing back the start time for the evening’s headliners. The recently reunited hippo duo black.

Blackstar took the stage around nine 15 by [10:00] PM. When St. Helen’s noise ordinance policy goes into effect for any privately owned real real property within the city, which actively creates noise. the side of the stage was crowded with other festival artists, friends, and family who wanted to keep the party going

as the clock kept ticking, the artist joined on stage by glass burn. Chappelle continued performing, going acapella and dancing. Even as fans started streaming out and the festival producers cut the sound and switched on the house lights at 10 30, Chappelle said we’ve passed the noise ordinance, but make some noise for Robert.

Glassberg make some noise for black star. Make some noise for blue note 2020.

Among the highlights of day two was a surprise appearance by Kat Williams. All right, let’s go on to Sunday and day three. Dave Chappelle broke curfew for a second time.

During the final night of the blue note jazz festival, Napa valley as R and B singer Maxwell wrapped up his headlining set, close to [10:00] PM. The noise ordinance policy went to effect Chappelle returned to the stage.

He noted that Napa valley is a place not renowned for its diversity. Chappelle’s the audience. This is the blackest weekend. It has ever seen.

He then ruminated on the significance of staging, a concert with rap, jazz, and R and B performers in Northern California’s exclusive wine country. Chappelle said, this culture is wherever we put it. Whether it’s New York or LA or the vineyards of Napa huts, wherever we say it’s gonna happen. I’m so happy.

It happened with all you guys. This. He then encouraged Robert Glassberg to join him on stage again, Robert real quick, let’s be late. They’re not gonna kill us. We’re gonna close this festival. We gotta go. Trust me on this. The keyboards are right there. Robert

Chappelle turned to the crew and said, don’t power ’em off turn ’em back on Chappelle apologized to the festival organizers, but seemed intense on continuing the show as he did the previous. Chappelle said Napa valley, forgive us for disrespecting your noise ordinance. It’s not noise. This is the best America has to offer in music.

What a festival, what a weekend, what a group of people standing in front of me, the article says Chappelle then sends hesitation from the festival staff and crew, and Chappelle said they won’t do it. Can you imagine if Martin Luther king wanted to do that?

I have a dream speech, but they wouldn’t turn the sound.

The crowd encouraged. Dave, who called out again for Glasser. Robert, sit on the piano and hope for the best. We gotta close the festival. I’m only here because of you make some noise for your band leader. Robert Glassberg. You gotta do it. You gotta do, please. Whoever’s in charge. Get us out here. Easy way. . Chappelle then threatened to never return it’s in Napa valley. If Glasser wasn’t allowed to return to the stage quo, Dave, I’ll never drink a couple wine from this dusty ass field. I’ll drink Italian wines and French wines and South Africa wines. You cannot shut down.

Robert Glasser ever let that be known. Eventually some other musicians joined Dave Chappel for a low key jam temporarily laying his anger. Dave said, guess what? Everybody, we just made history. Chappelle urge Glasser once again to join him on stage. Yo Robert Glasser has gotta close this festival. Napa valley.

If you kick us out, we’re gonna do it in another valley. You’re not the only valley in town. Glasser finally returned to the stage to P Chappelle.

They vaed for a few minutes and by 10 15, everybody was off the stage. Dave Chappelle said, Napa valley. We’ll see you next year.

Oh, man. That was fun.

From variety, the annual 10 comics to watch panel at the 40th edition of just for laugh.

But say Elaine joked about diversions during the pandemic and said my friends and I just decided we’re gonna get Fortnite and a genuinely saved my life. I never laughed that hard cuz there’s a bunch of gays playing Fortnite. You watch straight guys play Fortnite and they’re all like go left and we’re like, oh my God, look.

My friend, Nick came in and were like, Hey Nick, do you think we should go get guns? And he was like, what do you think we should do? Go get guns or sit around. And, um, I should have preread this sentence, do stuff to each other with our hands pregnant pause.

Lane is currently developing an animated half hour series with Bob, the drag queen, which is inspired by their comic series kick ass drag queen

nine of the 10 comics selected for the coveted list present at the event. I wonder who was missing. Let’s see, unable to attend Australian comic Claudia oard.

All right. I mean, that’s a long flight and from et online over the weekend, Jerry ENS, Jessica Seinfeld hosted a night of comedy. I wonder what Jessica set was like.

This was out at a private residence in east Hampton, New York. Ooh. It was all

Some high pollutant guest list. Gwyneth Paltro Naomi, Emily Watts, Julian Moore.

They were there to support good plus foundation, a nonprofit created by Jessica Seinfeld that works to dismantle multi-generational poverty. Before closing out the event, guests enjoyed an energetic comedy set by Jim Gaffigan.

Mary went to buy me a coffee.com/daily common news and invited me to get national Canadian donut chain coffee. So here I am, I’m looking for the Jim Norton’s coffee and I found it. Thank you, apple maps. And now let’s go listen to me. As I stumble around trying to order in French.

Sure. Good morning. Yeah. Uh, two chocolate donuts and a large iced coffee, please. Yes, please. Black coffee, ice, coffee, ice coffee. Yes, please.

Mary that was so stressful. Oh my goodness. I’m not familiar with the menu and the menus of French and I can’t read the signs. And when I go to Paris and I’m there for like two, three days. Half ass French kind of kicks in, but it’s not kicked in. Yeah, it’s really bad. And then I went forging for a straw and I was getting some looks and then I realized I’m supposed to drink this ice coffee out of the lid back in New Jersey.

We’re still doing with the straw things. Now I’m an environmentalist. Believe me, I’m in favor of getting rid of the straw. So I’m my own worst problem this morning. Cause I did grab a straw, but boy, and I tell you about Montreal. The hardest thing to do has been to buy a drink at. I’m gonna come up here and open a Wawa and I’m gonna make a crushing with my double big gold technology.

Canadians are gonna be like, wait, I just walk into a store and get a drink. Yeah. . So, Mary, thank you for going to buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. You got myself two chocolate donuts and I didn’t acquire an iced coffee that you paid for. Thank you very much.

All righty, some behind the scenes, July missed being the most downloaded month by like 150 downloads. So thank you all for listening. I’m not complaining about that. I thought I was gonna break the record, but I just missed. So, what’s interesting to me is as I was doing all the new faces stuff , especially with the episode titles, if you notice, and I co to this I keyword stuff. The titles with words like Chappelle Burr, Gavagan Dravet Melany I openly do that, Joe. Rogan’s another good one. Why it gets more casual listeners to discover the podcast. So, last week when I went hard on the new face, this stuff, and I put some names in the titles that people don’t recognize, the episodes were down a little bit also.

On the apple dashboard. I can see the consumption rate on this podcast. This podcast has a very high consumption rate like numbers in like the high nineties. Meaning if somebody hits play like 95% of the people will get to the end of the episode, but the new faces ones and it could have been that the audio was a little shaky.

A little shaky, Johnny man, come on. You’re been a look on there it’s interesting to me, cuz one of the things I want to do here is I want to cultivate new comedians and not just every day, be like, Hey Joe Rogan said this DVE said that, but when I break from that formula, the numbers go down.

Now this is true in everything in radio. When I ran the comedy stations at Sirius XM play, the hits became absolutely clear. People wanted to hear Jeff Dunham and Dean cook back in the day. If you run a music format, people will complain about repetition, but at the end of the day, they want to hear the hits and I’m seeing the same thing with the podcast.

Play the hits.

A couple things I listened to recently, mark Marinn had on Jerry Harrison from talking heads, not really a comedy episode, but that was very good. Uh, the good one podcast, I think it was a rerun. If it wasn’t a rerun, it was, an interview. They had sat on for a couple years, but they had on triumph.

Well, they actually had on Robert Smiggle, not triumph, but it was really, really good. And I, on the deck over the weekend, watched Randy felt face. He’s got a couple full specials up on YouTube. Remember Randy was one of the artists I wanted to see up in Montreal and couldn’t make it. Randy felt face is really, really compelling.

I actually shared one of the full shows. I think it was Saturday night. I was doing that on the Facebook group page. Which is daily comedy news podcast group. If you wanna check that out. So it’s mark Marinn with Jerry Harrison of the talking heads. Uh, good one with Robert Migel and Randy felt face on YouTube.

Leslie Jones, as a new podcast. It is titled the F Curry. That second word is spelled F C K R Y. You’re supposed to pronounce it like a dirty word. I’m not going to do that. This is from Earwolf. Her co-host is Lenny Marcus. And I was like, that’s weird. Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus. Lenny’s one of those comedians that’s been around that, um, you probably haven’t heard of.

And I was like, what’s with that. That’s weird. So I kept reading the article and I learned that Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus have collaborated on several projects, including the 20, 21 MTV movie and TV awards.

Lenny Marcus co-wrote Leslie Jones, Netflix comedy special Leslie Jones time machine, interesting and executive producer game show supermarket sweep. All right, so they’re friends and they’re working together on this new podcast with the dirty name. Leslie Jones said, I have a lot of things to say. I could have shared them on a daytime talk show where I’d have to censor myself.

yeah. Assuming someone’s giving you a daytime talk show, uh, you know, you’re cool and all, but there ain’t that many of those, but in a podcast, I could say what I want on the dirty word podcast. You’re getting the uncut 100% pure Leslie Jones. if you ever wanted to hang out with me and talk, here’s your chance.

Lenny Marcus said, Leslie and I talk on the phone all the time. Most of our conversations or us complaining about our lives, the crazy world we live in. Usually just devolves into us, cracking each other up. And now you, the listener get to hear.

Neil Brennan gave a keynote speech at, just for laughs the in Tara bang had somebody there to check it out. Neil Brennan, who co-created Chappelle’s show talked about the physical attacks on Dave Chappelle and Chris rock.

He said those were the only real attacks on comedy and argued that comedy is not under attack. And now comedy is simply under more scrutiny cuz of changing status and mainstream culture.

He shared some brilliant examples of how comedians are trusted, beloved to welcome before sharing personal stories of how common he has given him his wildest dreams. And also it takes work hard work. He close with some earnest. When you’re down, the industry will look through you. You can’t be in comedy without thinking your career’s over three or four times, I’ll say the same for broadcasting slash radio.

He summed up just for laughs in this way. The festival’s a lot of sweaty managers. I barely know in shorts asking me if I’m gonna see John

I think people asked me if I was go to see John Elaney when I was up there. Yep.

The in Sarah bang also had somebody at new faces characters, which is an informal audition for Saturday night. Live. Nick Mead opened it up with high energy, physical characters, such as a dragon and a marionette at a club. He was very in offensive and engaging. Kira O’Sullivan followed with a collection of sweet and strange act out.

Hers were very short and elicited, moderate laughs. Her song is a ghost who’s coming to terms with it was a huge hit

Luke Millington, Drake is commanding on stage and did a character who was enraged that people were questioning his ability to ski. And then the writer had to leave. I wasn’t there either. Can’t kill ya. And from shor, a comedian has taught a bot to generate fake Edinburgh fringe show titles.

This is amazing. Ted hill set up a Twitter feed

to share some names thrown up by the AI. All right, you ready? For some fake Edinburgh fringe shows. Lloyd Lauren’s bad with two DS.

Josh Guam’s podcast. Ninja runs

Matt. Ford’s the hot Tim vine party. Hannah Putin’s sex, DIA bong, and mark bys. Suite of my Demonn please.

Hill says I spent about four days getting the AI to work, which is used for about 90 seconds of my show. So I wanted to try and get some sort of other use out of it.

Sometimes it just copies ones that already exist and sometimes makes total nonsense. I try to get rid of the 30% at either end of the ridiculous scales. I find it’s funnier. If they could be even the tiniest bit. Plaus.

Hill show is called all the president’s man. Where did he make that up? Who knows

hill says I’m quite a tech based comedian. I like using technology to get laughs from new, interesting perspective.

And that’s your comedy news for today, you could follow the show for free on apple podcast or Spotify, where we get your shows and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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