Dave Chappelle regrets not answering Bob Saget’s text, Kanye calls out Pete Davidson

A reflective Dave Chappelle shared he missed replying to a text from Bob Saget

Kanye West’s new song includes a lyric about Pete Davidson

Kathleen Madigan is finding life on the road to be weird as different areas have different protocols.

John Goodman had a bad audition for SNL

Tim Allen will return in a TV series sequel to the Santa Clause.

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Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Jimmy Fallon says the white house says N 95 masks are the most protective, which is too bad. Cause I assumed the bedazzled ones I bought on Etsy were 100%. COVID brief. That’s right. We’re all getting masks. Last year, we got 1200 bucks this year cloth and a rubber band.

Yeah, the N 95 mass should be helpful. Unfortunately, out of habit, whenever somebody says Joe Biden calls out. Bingo.

John Goodman was on with Fallon goodman talked about his own audition for Saturday night live. Yeah. John Goodman auditioned in 1980. He said it didn’t go so well. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done in front of people in my life. I wrote something about 15 minutes before I went over. It’s not that I had any material to show or anything.

I just knew they’d hire me because I’m a nice guy.

Quick recap of this week’s SNL. I liked it a lot. I thought it was pretty funny. The opening sketch James Austin Johnson showing to be one of the MPPs of the season. Did his Joe Biden impression, not as on point as, as Trump, but good.

His Biden said, there’s one simple thing you could do to make COVID go away and stop seeing Spiderman. Think about it. When did Spider-Man come out? December 17th, when did every single person get a home, a Cron the week after December 17th, also in that sketch Pete Davidson, who I’ll talk about later showed up as Joe Biden from the real universe.

Pete had no shirt on and said that the version of reality that you might listen to RN right now started as a joke in 2016, when the Chicago Cubs won the world series, I loved the sketch, like laugh out loud. The sketch Which was the TNC NBA guys and Bowen yang did yo Ming, everybody else was sitting in chairs and Bowen yang was like 70 feet tall.

Hilarious Bowen yang has been the MVP of the season. I also really liked Chris red as New York city mayor Now, if you’re not from the tri-state area, not sure you would have appreciated how on-point that sketch was. The new mayor is a bit of a character with some swagger.

As you saw in the sketch. Chris red nailed that. I’d like to see a lot more of that character probably to regional, to bring back. And I am told by cousin Keith who lives in Queens, that the actual mayor has now leaned into the characterization in the impression, which I think is a smart thing. It was a funnel harmless impression.

And mayor Adams is smart. Talena.

Sunday night on America’s funniest home videos. They paid tribute to the original host. Bob said.

Current host Alfonso. Riviero said, as you’ve heard the world lost a legend last week, and AFV lost a family member. Bob Saget is synonymous with AFV to this day and this show wouldn’t have been the same without us unique sense of humor. It’s been my honor to continue carrying the torch that Bob so brightly lit.

They showed a montage of clips of Bobby and Bob and showed a clip from the 20th anniversary of the show. When then hosts Tom Bergeron, who took over after Sagat left in 1997, Bergeron interviewed Sackett back then they showed that clip.

Dave Chappelle posted a video in which he regrets, not texting Bob Saget.

Chappelle was performing last Thursday at the peppermint club in west Hollywood. He noted that he has aged. So of his comedy peers, many of whom were older than him since he started in the industry so young. And he said, they’re dying like hotcakes, but I didn’t see the death of Bob Saget coming.

Man. He just texted me and I saw the text yesterday and I never texted him back. Cause I was just busy. It happens. I’m just saying to remind you that these moments are precious. When I come out at night, I’m not just hanging out. I’m making memories.

The Houston Chronicle caught up with Kathleen Madigan. She says, I’m fine. We’re in Ohio. I just left a gas station where a worker has COVID and was projectile vomiting in the bathroom. They looked at me weird cause I had a mask on, but guess what? I don’t want. COVID one hour outside any city.

That’s what you get. I’m outside of Columbus and nowhere near Cleveland, sorta. No man’s land and people are vomiting. COVID in the beginning, I was staying home for grandma, but grandma is at the bleep and casino guests who drove her there. Grandpa. For her set. She says the jokes are mostly light and silly.

I’m not getting an, a VAX anti-vax or anything like that. It’s all personal stuff. So nobody can argue with it in Columbus. A lot of people came out, but in St. Louis the other night, and that’s where I’m from, they pulled a bunch of shows. I’m doing whatever I’m told.

What I love is when the venue is asked to perform or what they want to do.

I won’t say the name, but a big venue asked me what I’d like the policy to be. Sorry, you dialed the number of a lady who was a waitress until she decided to become a comedian. I shouldn’t be deciding public health decrees. Don’t you have a public health department try the mayor’s office, or if you want a comedian, try Dr.

Ken he’s an actual doctor spent 185 years at duke. He’s a real doctor.

You’re going to leave this up to me in some country singer what’s happened to us. The breakdown of who’s deciding crap has gone too far. I’m willing to admit I’m a moron on this subject matter. Why won’t they believe me? I’m telling you I don’t have any information on this. The problem is there’s no consistency.

I was telling Ron white and he was my little buddy. It’s like when you have a dream and there’s no segues, one minute. You’re fishing at the pond the next year at the shopping mall in the eighties. That’s a one day on the road seems right now you’ll leave a city in a serious lockdown.

You get to a casino gig and it’s game on. Like COVID never happened there.

It’s Tuesday. So on Tuesday daily company news is brought to you by all pro lines. Cause that’s a podcast about football and they come out on Tuesday, they combine football and jokes. I love listening to all pro lines every Tuesday. I also follow them on Twitter, which is at all pro lines, which is.

Steal their jokes. Cause I am the Carlos minutia of podcasts. Here are some jokes from all pro lines, which if you listen to the podcast, all pro lines would be properly told by a professional comedian because stocky economy propolis, not some hack in his basement. I don’t even think I’m a hack because I’m not a comedian.

I’m just some dude with a USB microphone and a laptop. I’m not even. But let’s give these a shot.

They kicked Bella check out of the tournament, like an unvaccinated tennis player. Bella check also had no shots. The Cowboys are getting into the amusement park business, changing the name of the stadium to 14 flags.

The Cowboys game had more flags than a meeting of the United nations. More flags than a gay pride parade. More flags than a gay pride protest at the United nations. All pro lines, wherever you get your podcasts. Let’s head on over to gossip corner from she knows a.com.

John Malaney is ex Anna Marie Tendler and chance fans with a mystical and topless photo. You got my attention at topless photo.

The former Mrs. John Malaney, Anna Marie Sandler posted a truly alluring photo of herself in a 1960s S snapshot flowing about her long dyed hair. She captioned the topless photo with a Jenny Lewis lyric from the song head underwater, that lyric. And this is where I’m worried about Anna Marie. Again, I put my head under water, baby.

I threw my clothes away in the truck. I stood barefoot on the blazing concrete. I was waiting for the gut of the thunder to crash. I don’t want to bore you with how I feel when the walls come down. the S got real. Now the women in the audience, you can I roll this, but I’m going to save the guy some time.

Cause I know you’re curious. You can’t see the good parts that covered by her hair. Meanwhile, Olivia Munn. John is Karen girlfriend and baby mama. She revealed that her mom hand knitted a pair of mittens for little baby Malcolm. The mittens were meant to resemble the ones famously warned by Bernie Sanders at Joe Biden’s 2020 inauguration, or what are we doing?

Meanwhile, Kanye West’s new song, the game leaked online with a lyric. God saved me from that crash just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass. Wow. And insider told Hollywood life, Pete Davidson almost expected to be referenced by Connie and song sooner or later. And instead of hating it, he absolutely loves it and thinks it’s hilarious.

He doesn’t want to fight Kanye. He respects Kanye as Kanye is still the father of Kim’s children. And that’s important. Pete will never step in the way of any of that. He finds being on a song of Kanye is almost a pat on the back and quite honestly, something very cool.

From variety. The Santa Claus franchise is being continued as a limited series at Disney plus for some reason, at least Tim Allen is returning the star as Scott, Calvin. In the series, Scott, Calvin is on the brink of his 65th birthday and he’s realizing he can’t be Santa forever.

He starting to lose a step in his Santa duties. And more importantly, he’s got a family who could benefit from a life in the normal world. Especially as two kids, who’ve grown up at the pole with a lot of elves, children and family to please Scott sets out to find a suitable replacement Santa while preparing his family for a new adventure and a life south of the pole.

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