Dave Chappelle wants to do outdoor shows this summer, Pete Davidson gets picked up, Adam Sandler gets Hustle

Dave Chappelle would like to do outdoor shows again this summer – if the town gives him a permit.

Adam Sandler stars in Hustle, will it be terrible?

Jerrod Carmichael spoke to Howard Stern

Tracy Morgan’s The Last OG got canceled

A look at tonight’s Netflix Comedy Festival

Sarah Silverman was working with the guy from Fountains of Wayne?

Johnny Mac with your daily company news. Thank you so much for listening every day, Trevor Noah wanted to talk about COVID 19. The only one. That seemed Kamala Harris and like three months, Trevor edit it. As we all know a little over two years ago, a Baton China didn’t cover its mouth when it sneezed in a lab after visiting a food market.

And that started a pandemic of the world’s never been the same Kimmel. I don’t know if I believe it seeing as how I know about 20 people have COVID or have had it this month, but Fowchee says we’re no longer in the pandemic phase. We’re transitioning from the pandemic phase to the awkward teenage phase.

So instead of your hands wash your face, Gordon Fowchee warn the virus. Can’t be stamped out completely. The country may be totally over it, but it’s still somehow hanging on. Basically. It’s like American idol. That’s great, Trevor. Yeah, a phase sort of like wide leg jeans. They disappeared for 20 years now.

Suddenly everybody looks like they have to borrow a pair of jeans from Scheck.

Dave Chappelle back in the news, I suspect we’ll see a bunch of Chappelle news. Now He performed at the Netflix festival last night. That’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about the board of zoning appeals of Miami township. Is that not exciting? Well, they were to hold a public hearing last night in yellow Springs.

To decide whether we’re being a pavilion can host Dave Chappelle and a limited run of comedy shows with guest artists this summer, they were requesting a temporary use variance for the property to be quotes temporarily utilized in a limited seating capacity for the purpose of hosting ticketed, Dave Chappelle comedy shows.

Chappelle would like to conduct up to a maximum of 24 shows between May 26th and September 5th shows will not be held on Sundays, except when there’s a three day holiday weekend with the holiday wrestling on a Monday. Oh, the legal E’s beginning, the Sundays of May 29th, July 3rd and September 4th as per the application.

No surprise here on this next one from variety peacock has given us straight to series order for Pete Davidson’s

semi-autobiographical comedy. It’s called bupkis. No look it’s Pete Davidson. Who’s in the news every single day. Lauren Michaels. What else is peacock? showing Bupkis is described as a heightened fictionalized version of Pete Davidson’s real life. Hold on there a heightened version of it, the guy who bought a ferry, the guy’s dating a Kardashian. What’s going to be the exaggerated version of. Per peacock. It will combine grounded storytelling with absurd elements from the worldview for which Pete Davidson is well-known

on the other hand, bad news for Tracy Morgan, CBS and TNC the other day, basically. We’re like, yeah, we’re not making stuff anymore. Why don’t you watch HBO, max? They canceled everything.

the last O G will nuts return for season five. Sorry. Tracy Morgan. Netflix has been releasing their summer plans. Hey, great news. If you’re me, there’s an Adam sailor movie who loves Adam sailor more than I do now, as much as I don’t like Adam Sandler movies. See, I was kidding. Their hustle comes out June 8th, and I have hoped for this one.

This sounds like the kind of thing Sandler should be doing based upon his role and uncut gems, which of course is the best Adam Sandler. In hustle, Adam Sandler star says Stanley Sugarman. Don’t love the name, but okay. Down on his luck, basketball scout, who, while abroad discovers Bo cruise a once in a lifetime player with a Rocky past Adam Sandler scout takes it upon himself to bring the phenom to America without his team’s approval against the odds Stanley and Bo the player have one final shot to prove they have what it takes to make it in the NBA.

That could be. If it’s taken seriously, I could also see it being a train wreck. If it’s a goofball comedy, Adam, Sandler’s in it. It’s probably a goofball comedy, but I have.

Jerrod Carmichael thought it was 1986. So he went on the Howard stern show. Oh, what a shot there? Johnny Mack, that was cheap. Carmichael told Howard me and my mom have a God-sized wall between us. My mother holds on to religion because it got her through a really rough time. She needed God for every step of her life and she didn’t account for a gay son.

She doesn’t really know what to do with it. I can feel her being lost. He used to speak to his mother every day. He told Howard I want to work. But talking to her and not acknowledging that part of myself causes a reverberating effect of self hate that I can’t afford right now. I dropped a couple GS in that sentence that Queens is coming out this week.

So I had a distance. I don’t want the conversation to be fake. I’m trying to eliminate that from my life. It’s hard not to be yourself, especially with someone you love so much.

I think I had told you about this and then erased it from my mind. Sarah Silverman has a show coming to Broadway and it’s a musical. Did I know it was a musical that I forget the bed wetter begins previews April 30th. Hey that’s tomorrow it centers on a ten-year-old Sarah Silverman who suffered from the embarrassing condition of the title, that title again.

It deals with divorce and depression, but it’s a Rawkus. Sarah said everything’s couched with hard jokes, but it’s also vulnerable and sad. I really hope people bring their kids. Now, this is where I got really interested. It was originally scheduled for the spring of 2020. Then there was this pandemic. You probably heard about it.

And during the pandemic, one of the show’s original creators passed away that creator composer, Adam Slessinger from one of my favorite bands, fountains of Wayne. Adam could write a hooky.

The bed wetter began with Slessinger read Silverman’s 2010 best-selling memoir and decided the chapter headings like my Nana was great, but now she’s dead. And hi, I am goodbye, man, where the seeds of great comic songs, Silverman and Slessinger began working on the project a decade ago, becoming friends in the process.

Sarah said we started going to this piano bar karaoke every other Friday, noting that she still can’t strike the standing gets together from her calendar. Wow. I love fountains of. I wonder what that’s going to sound like. I’ll be the first one, downloading the soundtrack on apple music.

I had Sonia Christina peas specials coming out for mother’s day. I dropped the G again, what is going on? Johnny Mac coming out. It’s coming out. Mother’s day. Doesn’t matter what accent is.

The trailer is out for Christina peas, mom jeans, in which he discusses a mother’s love the emotional rollercoaster that is having kids and thinking she’ll want another one.

Christina P also feels viewers in on the tribulations of motherhood, marriage, and everything.

There is a new episode out of the podcast, the best song ever this week, every week on Friday music journalist, Scott Frampton picks a song. It tells you why. It’s awesome. Are you sure Hank done it this way by Waylon Jennings, that song was the song that started the outlaw movement in country. That podcast is called the best song ever this week.

. Got a nice note from Tom who listens to every day who pointed out, Hey man, could you say fortune? Feemster his name? Correct. Apparently I can. I almost messed that up right there. He asked if I was doing it on purpose to which I wrote back. Nope, just ignorant fortune.

Feemster I apologize for saying your name wrong. There are some things that get in my brain, for example, this next person I’m going to say actually did the morning show for us on Sirius XM for like a year. And I can never remember his Rachel’s last name, Feinstein Feinstein. I can never get that right.

Feinstein. Right. I don’t know. And then there was a Canadian musical comedian, John , who we loved and discovered early in his career from his YouTube videos and on air. We were calling him, John Love, joy. He spells his name. L a J O Y E. We called him John Love joy for like a year. I think we even called him.

John Love joy to his face when he was in studio, but Canadians are polite and he didn’t correct us, John . He’s fantastic. Check him out, Tom. Thank you for the note. I’m sure I’m saying 50 other names wrong as well.

Not much on gossip corner today, unless you were over at Billy Crystal’s debut of Mr. Saturday night, Alex Bornstein, Steve Martin and Jimmy Fallon came out to see Billy crystal.

The Netflix comedy festivals, getting a lot of big articles.

Variety spoke with Netflix, head of comedy, Tracy puck Kosta. See, I’m probably saying that wrong.

Tom is Consta. Look that up for me. It all began with a simple idea inside Netflix. I forgot about this idea. Their idea was a comedy hall of fame, dubbed the hall honoring legends, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers, and Robin Williams. Then Robbie prod taught him about yesterday. He started thinking big Robbie said when we started thinking it through, it made sense to build a whole celebration of comedy around the hall.

That’s when they decided to turn the Netflix as a joke brand. Into a social channel and then a major festival.

Again, the names appearing this week. Kevin Hart, Larry David, John Malaney, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, or David Letterman, Pete Davidson, Amy Schumer, Fonda and Tomlin. Wanda Sykes Patton Oswalt, Conan Margaret show, bill Burr and others. Kevin Hart went out of state. The statement D statement says this comedy festival is massive.

Netflix has done an amazing job in supporting comedy over the years, and they’ve been an unbelievable partner to me and my brand showing up at this festival was a must for me. Some of the shows tonight, uh, showcase Pete Davidson and best friends. It’s not Pete Davidson and friends. It’s Pete Davidson and best friends.

Who were Pete Davidson’s best friends. Apparently they are Julio. Galotti Niko white, Carly Aqualina Joey gay, Derek gains, Jordan rock, and Dave Cyrus.

You know those please don’t destroy guys that you like on Saturday night live, you have good taste. Well, they’re new in two shows, nights seven and nine 30.

most nights at the Hollywood palladium, you can go see the drop-in featuring weekend evening sets hosted by the sorts of big names already attached to other sold out events, including Joel Kim booster, Jenelle James, Jimmy, Carl. I love Jimmy. I didn’t realize Jimmy was at this thing.

Let me open up my little bookmark here to tell you who else is playing today is Friday, April 29th,

Chappelle at seven o’clock again, Philippa spars at seven and 10 vere. Daza. The Pete Davidson thing is two shows. Tom Papa at seven Mazda Bronnie and friends at seven and nine 30.

The site does not tell me who Mazda Ronnie’s friends are.

Mo Amur. Who’s fantastic to show seven and nine. Melissa villas and yours at seven guy brain I’m at nine 30. I mean, this thing is huge. David Cross at nine 30, man. If I were there, it’d be hard to strategize this thing.

The LA times spoke to Moe Ammar, who I just told you is fantastic. Cause he is, I love both his Netflix.

Most that I didn’t realize how big of a situation this festival is going to be, but it’s always fun to get together with all the other comedians. It’s all of your friends that usually don’t get to see, and everyone’s doing shows together a week, seeing what everybody’s working on, how everybody’s doing, it’s going to be really exciting.

I just finished filming a series for Netflix based on my life. That’s cool. So I’ve been in a dungeon doing that. I was filming it all last fall and editing the last five months. So this is going to feel like freedom after TV, jail.

At times asked him about his work on Rami, which is a fantastic show on Hulu. If you have not seen Rami watch. Most said it’s flexing a whole nother muscle that I haven’t used for quite some time. My primary focus and my first love is stand-up comedy. And I’ll always be that way. But crossing over into TV and film has been two entirely different things, especially a superhero movie with the rock Mo makes an appearance in plaque. Adam, how can you even evaluate what that experience is going to be like before you get to see what a $250 million budgets? Like it was a completely new experience and I was totally ready for it.

I just flourished and felt like we got so close as a casting and all come together now. Super exciting. No pun intended.

And Seth Myers doing what he can do to make the world a better place. He’ll be at forgotten harvest 29th annual comedy nights. All ticket sales of the event tonight will help support, forgotten harvest mission to provide fresh food to Metro Detroit offers some tickets still available.

So if you’re in Detroit and you want to see Seth Meyers go to forgotten harvest website, that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever you get your shows. If you want to support the show, you can buy me a coffee.com/daily company news, or become a premium subscriber.

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