Dave Chappelle’s weed dealer? It was Idris Elba – plus Joe Rogan thinks comedy movies are dead PLUS In The Pete Davidson Closet!

Idris Elba used to be a bouncer at Caroline’s Comedy Club…and was a weed dealer to a guy named Dave Chappelle.

Lewis Black on The Slap

How professional organizers set up Pete Davidson’s closet

Howie Mandel on playing The Comedy Store

Tracy Morgan will do a benefit show on Staten Island

I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Did you see, during the week former president Barack Obama returned to the white house for the first time in five years, Steven go bear said, then hopefully they locked the doors to keep them. He was there to promote a Bama care and to get that pack of smokes, he forgotten the Lincoln bedroom.

Seth Meyers said at a habit, Janine bureau called for his impeachment. That’s good. Fallon. Yeah. Obama said he would’ve visited sooner, but gas prices were too expensive. It was fun to see the former president of the white house. Obama felt like a guy who was visiting his old high school. And Biden was like the old gym teacher who never.

Kimball. It was great to see him there. It was like the white men can’t jump reunion at the Oscars. Obama was there celebrating the 12 year anniversary of the affordable care act Obamacare, and also to help Joe set up his Roku Kimball

that’s really going to bother Trump, all these lies and schemes and lawsuits to get back in the white house. Obama just strolls. Right?

From entertainment, weekly Idris Elba was talking about early in his career when he was struggling. He said, I did a lot of things. Some things I’m not proud of.

I used to sell weed. I did that for a little bit, you know, and helped pay the way I deejayed quite a bit. I was a doorman at Caroline’s comedy, Columbia, New York, which is fascinating now.

When I met the comedians that kind of remember the English guy, it’s all English guy with a funny accent and the little hair, one of the comedians, he remembers Dave Chappelle. Why? Because he used to buy weed from.

Tastes Chappelle has previously said that. Yeah, he used to buy weed from Aegis Elba, Joe Rogan calls the hangover, the last great comedy movie. And he blames wokeness for this. This from complex

Rogan, was talking to Sam Papa and said, is there a woke comedy movies is there even an attempt at a politically correct comedy movie, they just stopped making comedy movies. One was the last really good comedy movie used to be.

You would be able to, you know, something about Mary King pan you to snap them off. You knew what they were. It’s like wokeness Guild, the comedy movie in a lot of ways.

Rogan then point out one in comedy movie that falls in line with the style of say the hangover.

Seth Rogan’s 2013 film. This is the end. It’s nine years ago, Joe Keenan Thompson’s ultimate comedy showcases in Chicago today. The competition is in its 11th season. Yeah, Thompson said we’re very excited. We have two shows. I think it’s a great opportunity to discover some undiscovered talents out there.

That’ll be the laugh factory Chicago today.

Keenan says, if you’re in the competition, do your homework like any job, you should be educated in what you do. If you plan on appeal to a large variety of people, you should know how to not step on sows, without it being an artistic, humorous kind of processing.

Adrian banker. We’ll just the Chicago showcase. Keenan’s advice for Adrian. Keep it real just don’t front. The worst thing you can do is pacify people.

The ape caught up with Louis Black.

He talked about the slap. He said, I’m in a fan of willsmith for years, but I felt so proud of Chris rock when it goes wrong, we still have a job to do. Sometimes it’s telling jokes. Sometimes it’s fighting fire. Chris rock showed his metal as a standup. He stayed on stage, the camera closed up in his face and he was saying, Fix this deal with everything later, everyone in the room is expecting, make everything okay.

Again was not about him. Not about the fact they’d been assaulted. It was about the crowd.

They also ask Louis if he worries about getting in trouble for what he said, Louis said only in interviews. If they edit it wrong, it might be read wrong and somebody will get upset. And when I’m on stage and don’t go out and think I’m going to say anything that should be considered crossing the line.

I may upset people, but I’m not going to make them psychotic.

The guardian has been talking to UK comics about the slap. Zoe lion said that slap wasn’t about alopecia. I’ve hosted a lot of awards and you do sometimes have people get up on stage blind, drunk, and you know, in your heart, they’re about to do something that will probably lose on their job. It’s pretty much always taking the mic to make a speech, but there’s no way that’s going to end well for them.

As I suspect will Smith is discovering, simply shown up to host and awards makes comedians toes curl. Your instinct is to gently take the whistle out of people, but awards audiences are there because they take themselves very seriously just for that night, even as for the road lighting industry, surely there’s only one award, but you can’t say that my worst was a pensions award, 36 awards to get through by the end of it.

. Most of us were actually drawing our pensions. You have to detach emotionally, keep smiling, but I’ve never actually seen a comic get slapped on stage and Mike.

Zoe said, I have alopecia watching that joke. I can’t help, but think that the slap wasn’t about the alopecia, I don’t have enough information on the ins and outs of their marital status, but the alopecia element, well, it didn’t enrage me as an alopecia suffer, but it did produce ironically, one of the most hair-raising moments

of television I’ve seen this year, Zoe lion’s host lightening on BBC too

Us magazine did a whole piece about Pete Davidson’s closet. Hey, it’s the weekend. What do you want for.

Pete Davidson got his closet in tip-top shape with help from professional organizers. And the result is a color coordinated collection of his favorite things. Spiff organizing. They organize closets. This is a gig imagine, and they probably made good money for Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson’s closet had dark shelves that inspire the professionals when they had to find storage options

on Instagram, they posted, we tied in black shelving with some black, sustainable storage boxes, hearts, emoji.

The spiff team treated Davidson’s clothes with cares. They arrange his closet and the separate sections and organize them by color.

His t-shirts were hung in one area while sweatshirts had matching joggers hung parallel in another section, black sweats were folded neatly on shelves, bulky items stored on the top.

During the week, the comedy store turned 50 years old. Howie Mendell talked about his time there. He said it was incredibly intimidating. I went out because I had met store regular Mike Bender and Serrano at a club. I was playing. So you got me in, I was more nervous playing in front of Mitzi shore than any other audience.

He said he wasn’t established career. The store felt like the doorway through which journeymen became named brands. Now he said the key was not going on at the comedy store, but having Mitzi sanction, he was a regular, anybody became a regular at an opportunity to make a living in this business. And without access to the comedy store stage, you didn’t have access to Hollywood.

If you enjoy what I do here, you can go to buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news, and he can buy me a coffee. Here’s a remnants of this morning’s coffee. I could use a new one, throw five bucks in the tip jar. Buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. Tracy Morgan will host an evening of comedy and cocktails to benefit the

pediatric cancer center at Staten island university hospital. This shows Thursday, April 28th at seven o’clock. Tracy Morgan said his accident and medical issues taught him the importance of helping health organizations and its providers. Tracy said, giving back to the community. It means I’m helping others fight against illnesses.

I met a child who had cancer and learned all about her story. It changed me forever. I’ll do whatever I can to support these types of.

Many moons ago.

Before the Oscars I was telling you about Portland’s funniest to five comics as decided by William at week. Remember we were doing that. And then, uh, I don’t know if you saw the Oscars.

One of the funniest five is, uh, Seth Allen right before the band NAMIC blew up his life. We knew it. Seth Allen was bombing.

Why did he bomb? And this was at the 20, 20 Iowa comedy festival and said, I went out with some much yarn comics the night before and tried to drink with them. I was sick and dead all the next day. That was the last comedy memory before COVID you wanted to wipe that experience and get back on stage, which it can understand, but then there was this pandemic.

Did you hear about it? Big news. Gullett.

Onstage, Alan leads you through personal scenarios with a mixture of innocence, be wilderness and mischievousness. He says in most of my stories, I’m there it’s a surprise to me. And the more surprised I am to be in the situation and the deeper, my participation in whatever’s happening, the funnier it becomes for people.

Alan’s 11 year marriage is the basis for some of his most memorable tails. Since he minds the differences between him and his wife, she’s black, he’s white, she’s from New York. He grew up in Yamhill, wherever that is. She’s 10 years older than him. It surprises people that we’re together because of our personalities, because of our race.

But it’s really like when she calls me the N word in public, that’s when it really shocks me.

Seth Allen, one of Portland’s funniest phone. phone. And from the BBC James eight castor has completed a five week stand up course for pupils at a school in his home town and involved a weekly training session with the comedian and five students at Kettering science academy. That sounds pretty cool. He Castro said the main thing is you find out who you are and you make as much of that as possible.

Some of them want to become more confident. Some of them wanna have something put on their resume. Some of them want to have the experience of doing something they haven’t done before.

Catherine is a year 10 student who took part and said in the beginning, she had no idea what I was talking about. I sort of had an idea that I thought was funny. I had no idea how to execute it at all, which I’ve now been helped with a lot.

Catherine. I hear ya. There are plenty of days when I’m sitting here in the basement with my iced coffee. And I think of a story that I think is. Just talking to your blue Yeti microphone and put it out as a podcast, someone will listen and thank you for listening everybody. That is your company news for today.

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