David Bowie Stand Up Comedy

As Ed Schrader tells it: “about ten years ago I made this comedy recording of me pretending to be David Bowie doing Stand Up for a Charity event. Somehow multiple medias picked it up and reported on it, including The Onion, NPR, and countless blogs around the world. Fooled em all baby! I made these recordings while walking home from one of my many dish washing gigs- it was how I’d cheer myself up at 2 AM soaking wet and tired walking down Falls Road – it still comforts me to know I wagged the dog if only for one day ! What is most insane was that my full name “edwardhenryschrader” was in the uRL ! Sorry if anyone got fired -but ya gotta do your research kids! You can actually hear cars and sirens occasionally .”  You can buy the album here https://edschrader.bandcamp.com/album/david-bowie-standup-comedy-as-imagined-by-ed-schrader and a sample clip is included in today’s podcast. Also a look at Sarah Cooper’s wonderful Trump videos, Jerry Seinfeld is not testing any new material these days. and life at home with Larry the Cable Guy  

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