Did Aziz Ansari’s attempt to be authentic backfire? Plus – The Office’s John Krasinski and Steve Carrell to reunite!

In Aziz Ansari’s new special he’s just a comedian with a flip-phone dropping in on the Comedy Cellar like you regular folks. The reactions are not good.

John Krasinski and Steve Carrell are getting back together…but it has nothing to do with The Office.

David Letterman will return to Late Night (with Seth Meyers) to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Letterman’s version of the show. Don’t miss the tribute episodes to Late Night with David Letterman that I did – scroll through January 2022 in this feed.

Comedy Central has some new half hours.

Ryan Hamilton was hit by a bus!

You shouldn’t be interesting. We’re going to talk about Aziz Ansari. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Did you see Joe Biden’s little Mike slip? Kerfluffle the other day he said something not nice about one of the reporters Trevor Noah said. I mean, if you get to ask the president a question, you should ask them real questions.

Like why can’t the CDC get its messaging straight on COVID or can you ask your dog to stop chewing?

Like most presidents Biden has a complicated relationship with the media, which I get, you know, they nit pick everything. They challenge all those decisions and they even get their own room in his house, which is insane. Nobody else has to set aside a guest room for their haters. This is what happens when you’ve been on zoom calls for two years.

You forget that real life doesn’t have a mute.

A lot of people online are ducking on the reporter saying he deserved it just cause he some Fox news guy asking a dumb question Trevor added and they’re right. You know, do you think inflation has political liability is a very stupid question. I mean, what’s Biden supposed to say now. I think people like spending more money to buy the same stuff.

But Biden’s no legend attacking the press was Donald Trump’s whole thing. Jimmy Fallon chimed in when your age is almost 80 and your approval ratings, almost 30, you can pretty much say whatever you want. I think you could tell that felt good for Biden because then he was fielding questions. Like, yeah.

The more out on the back. How about dopey in the corner? You got something to say, Hey, listen, if Biden’s next three years are going to be grandpa at Thanksgiving, sign me up. But Seth Meyer is for. Biden said, I’m so sorry. That was supposed to be into the main mic. Speaking of Seth Myers, he has a really cool guest next week.

The guest on late tonight, February 1st, have you been paying attention? What’s February 1st and that’s right. The 40th anniversary of late night with David Letterman. David Letterman will return to late night as the guest on late night with Seth Meyers. If you enjoy the Letterman ness of it all, I have already handed in three episodes looking back at Letterman’s 40th anniversary, and you’ll have a fourth episode in this feed on Saturday

decent amount of buzz about this upcoming appearance. Now what’s interesting is Letterman has yet to go on. Colbert has late show. Letterman has been back on late night with the three subsequent hosts, Conan O’Brien at Jimmy Fallon and now Seth Myers. Hm.

All right. You know, the internet meme. It’s Michael Jackson eating popcorn. The oh man, I can’t wait. That’s the face I have right now. There are several reviews of Aziz Ansari’s new, special

vulture. It gets my attention with the headline Aziz and saris empty authenticity. Vulture writes the priorities of nightclub, comedian, whatever you might feel about them are clear to portray Ansari as legit to show how cool it can look when a season comedian does comedy and to underline in saris abilities as a serious thought provoking standup nightclub comedian achieves two of those three goals

and sorry, his last special came in 2019. He spent much of that. Trying to examine himself in his work. He dissected his previous material on R Kelly. He talked about the tension between audiences and comedians, the feeling of too close examination from the public eye, the way social media encourages a rusted.

It was a cancel culture, special nightclub comedian has none of that. Sometimes self-congratulatory self-reflection and it lacks any of the more interesting prickly anger and sorry, was flecting back at his audience three years ago, the new half-hour gestures towards depth in such moments as the one in which Ansari asked his audience why they’re willing to buy NFTs, but not to give a spare dollar to an unhoused person on the court.

But nightclub comedians, mostly about the look, especially about how it makes Ansari look, Waltrip continues. The half hour begins with black and white footage of a very young and sorry, descending the comedy cellar stairs. Then it cuts to the present day. We’re in saris. Now standing backstage waiting to go on.

He peeks around the corner, anticipating his moment. He glances a notebook and closes. And interstitial card says the audience was unaware of the night’s lineup. Yeah. It’s the comedy cellar that happens. The crowd goes wild, thrilled to see a recognizable face nightclub. Comedian is happy to let their excitement read to something even bigger with this kind of reception and sorry, comes off like a figure from the cultural Pantheon suddenly and unexpectedly to send it onto the earth.

As he says, I like doing nice theaters and everything, but sometimes you’ve got to come back and compete with chicken wings. He could be in a larger room, but he’s a man of the people and he’s come here to do something real. Walter adds on. Sorry, wants to have his down to earth, authenticity and dine out on it.

All of it is performance masquerading as unfiltered under rehearsed, the street sock, and a camera swings around and capture its effect on the audience shots from behind and off to the side of an sorry, show the crowd seated right in front of them. Their faces illuminated by his lights. There are a surprising number of crowd reaction shots, which already feel unnecessary.

Given how often, I’m sorry. Frames himself with visible audience faces in the background. They’re even more unnecessary and the way in, sorry, uses them as contemplated faces that show up in the pauses. When he transitions through the serious moments, see he’s real and he’s got important stuff to say.

The V club also reviewed the special as he, isn’t sorry. He’s new Netflix, special teams with a cynical energy. The comedian hits timely topics like the pandemic anti-vaxxers elections and his team jokes dunking on the likes of Aaron Rogers and Nicki Minaj. He cast a wary eye on the current state of affairs, especially addiction, a celebrity gossip and social media.

He even pulls out his flip phone for effect to show that he doesn’t indulge, but the club rights course on, sorry, may have other reasons for social media. He was accused of sexual misconduct in an article posted back in babe.net in 2018, for which he issued a public apology. He retreated from the public eye in the aftermath, then returned in 2019 with a standup tour, Netflix special right now in which he somberly addressed the allegations.

In his latest attempt to hold a mirror up to society. He tells his audience that none of them will probably offer the unhoused man outside of dollar because it wouldn’t create content. The irony of course, is that nightclub comedian is exactly that content. The half hour passes quickly because then, sorry, he’s still affable as a comedian, but the humor is bland and empty.

He wants to connect with viewers on a more emotional. But the transparent attempt to rebuild his image feels too measured and staged taking precedence over the performance itself. Yeah. Yeah. You’ve heard me kind of say Aziz Ansari’s name a little shade in the past That’s who I find he is content. What can I get out of this conversation right now? What can I get out of the situation right now? Is any in Virginia one, not in my experience,

The daily mail balled out some of the jokes about Aaron Rogers. Now I’m a hack middle-aged jerk in a basement. I’m sure these are told a well better by professional comedian, Aziz and sorry at the comedy cellar in a proper setting with an audience, but I’ll share them with you.

As he says, errands, a football player, he read some articles that got skeptical. He did some research. A stunned that he came to the wrong conclusion. Did you really think it was going to crack the case guy makes a living getting hit in the head. Can we cut him a break?

We’re kind of just all trapped in our own little world, unless we figure out how to talk to each other in real life. Again, it doesn’t really matter what the problem is. One way is ease to talk to people in real life is to return their phone calls.

It’s one way. Shortall reviewed the special

disease in saris nightclub comedians. Netflix’s first standup special of 2022. It doesn’t feel very. That’s largely point, sorry. Seems keen to underline his authenticity as a comic who just wants to write his jokes and perform them at an intimate club. He wants us to know he’s no, Kevin Hart monetizing every waking moment.

No, no, no. He doesn’t want any special treatment from the door staff checking COVID passes. He even has an old school flip phone to keep his life simple. See what an authentic guy, Aziz Ansari is. He’s got a flip phone. He’s not monetizing things like Kevin Hart. It wouldn’t surprise me if Aziz just filmed this special on his own expense and gave it to Netflix.

Cause he’s cool like that. He’s not making money off the special, like Kevin Heartwood rights, right.

Right to disease. You’re not making money off this thing. Kevin Hart would do that, but not you you’ve got to flip.

Turtle continues.

And sorry, who now lives in London, culminates in a plea for America to rediscover the energy enthusiasm that rose up against Trump. The ultimate creator of harmful online content, rather than following the latest tribal social Moore’s obsessing about what Timothy Shalla may, might be up to. There’s good reason for him to suggest this.

After all, as himself was put through the social media mill, after a date anonymously accused him of misconduct back in 2018. Comedy. Central’s got a bunch of new half hours. This from the laugh button, the six new half hours we’ll debut on comedy central is a YouTube channel starting today. Comedians include Ian Lara river butcher.

You do a, Travis issue. My Aleut fee, Amy Miller and Caleb site.

From K J Z, Z, which I’m assuming is a jazz radio station. Otherwise I’m looking at the JZZ and wondering, you know, those are the radio stations, like, you know, the Fox or the fan, what Jay Z might be. I’ll leave it. There. They report comedian. Ryan Hamilton has announced that his upcoming shows have been rescheduled after he was hit by a bus.

Hamilton said he was in a crosswalk when he was hit by the shuttle bus at BYU. I have a compound fractured arm that required surgery, seven broken ribs and a punctured collapsed lung. Yikes. He’s unable to fly until he’s cleared by doctors, but his mother was able to drive him and take him back to his home state of Idaho to recover around family.

Get well soon.

Thank you for those of you who participated in the Facebook group, which is daily comedy news, a group on Facebook. I’d ask the question, Hey, I’m doing some weekend filler for later in the year. Got any ideas and a lot of you chimed in and gave a lot of great suggestions. So thank you for that. And if you’d like to be part of that conversation or any conversation, or start a new conversation, you go to Facebook and it’s daily comedy news group,

Billy Connolly, who is a comedian, by the way, he’s been cleared by TV watchdogs after animal lovers. Complain about a joke. Comedian Billy Connolly told about a cat being run over by a car.

To viewers had contacted the TV police over there in the UK with concerns that the gag broke broadcasting rules on animal welfare.

The anecdote includes a crew member on the 1995 film, Rob Roy who accidentally hit a cat while driving a van shocked the driver gets out and sees the animal switching in the gutter. So he goes to the back of the van and gets a hammer and puts it out of its.

A woman runs out of a cottage. She is upset that the man killed her cat. She calls her neighbor and a policemen.

And comes to complain that they maniac kill the cat for no reason at all

police officer checks it out, sees skid marks on the road, the effects of the impact on the van , and then on the rear. A dead cat. Billy Connolly said, it’s very encouraging that you can take reality and dress it up and make people fall about laughing. Shock is an intrinsic part of comedy.

The shock of the punchline from nowhere just gets people. They love it. After careful assessment, the TV police decided not to pursue the complaints because they did not raise issues. Warranting investigation, Steve Carell and John Krasinski are reuniting. Is it the office? No, wouldn’t that be good though?

They will reunite and something called F Krasinski will write direct and star in the film. If it also features Steve Carell, Louis Gossett, Jr. And some others, it doesn’t have an official description, but the stories based on Krasinski, his original idea about a child’s journey to rediscover their imagining.

It’s unclear who anyone will be playing in F it’s scheduled to be released November 17th, 2023, just before Thanksgiving.

Krasinski was all hopped up on social media and he posted, ah, what if one day I could assemble my dream cast? What is. It’s Jenna Fischer, not in your dream cast, John Krasinski. I’m stirring it up. And that’s your company news for today? Follow this show on apple podcasts, which you can’t do. If you have a flip phone, luckily have a smartphone which allow you to access say apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows.

See you tomorrow.

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