Did Jim Gaffigan have a slump and is he out of it?

A listener floated the premise that Jim Gaffigan used to be funny. Johnny Mac breaks it down and suggests maybe Jim had slipped too far into the Jim Gaffigan Character. I expect to hear from the Jim Gaffigan Mafia shortly. Click play and hear me out.

John Mulaney’s ex-wife is on TikTok

Drew Barrymore hung out with some comedy “legends” including Sarah Cooper (and Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman).

OK Kumail Nanjiani, we get it, you worked out.

Mel Brooks is finally making History of the World Part II. Nick Kroll is attached.

John Oliver banged out a hilarious car dealer ad.

Bad Medicine improv comes to DC today

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Someone left a horse’s head and a hot pocket in my mailbox, what does it mean?

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