Did Ricky Gervais’ controversial new special add laugh track? Have you ever seen Bob’s Burgers? (No)

Some people on the internet, including Johnny Mac, are wondering if Ricky Gervais’ new special has a laugh track. Plus, a look at more reactions to the controversial special.

Two questions – have you ever seen Bob’s Burgers? No, you haven’t.

Have you ever met ANYONE who has seen Bob’s Burgers? No, you haven’t.

The show has supposedly aired for 12 seasons – and now there is allegedly a movie that you can go see tonight!

Is Pete Davidson moving to Australia?

JFL Montreal announces a bunch of new shows including Amy Schumer and Jimmy Carr.

Ellen may return to stand-up.

Comedians react to the murder of 21 people including 19 children at a school in Texas.

This is like the ninth time I’ve tried the open. I just don’t know how to get into this. Obviously, 21 people were murdered in Texas, including 19 school children. And I can’t just go into this and be like, Hey, jokes and stuff. I’m going to address the comedian reactions to the shooting at the end of the show, but I really don’t know how to get into this without an awkward transition.

So let me just jump in the pool here. Stephen Colbert air talked about monkeypox, which is racing through Europe, hopefully on a unicycle. He said crazy conspiracy theories have already cropped up, including one at the U S is planning to release a bio engineered version. Kabir said, do you really think that U S is currently capable of having plans?

We can’t even plan on having enough baby formula.

Jimmy Kimmel made fun of it saying I have to say, and for potentially fatal disease, it’s a lot of fun to say. And then he played a clip of a news anchor accidentally replacing the pea and monkey pox with a C. Think about it. Kimball said it’s also been revealed that former president Trump was charging the secret service to rent rooms and hotels and golf courses making more than $2 million at various properties.

Kim will said Trump’s only profitable business venture was being president of the United States. Seth Meyer. Isn’t mentioned a quote from Joe Biden who said that the economic recovery will take some time, Seth joked.

All right. Take some time like the Amazon option and saves you a dollar or take some time like avatar too. I like that a lot. And he compared the president’s vagueness to a magic eight ball. And mentioned. Biden’s recent comment that the us would get involved if China were to invades high one.

Well, at least he’s taken a firm stand on problems we don’t have yet.

James Corden shared a 15 minute clip featuring Tom cruise. I have shared this on the subreddit daily company news, Andy Facebook group, daily company news podcast.

Cruise and coordinate flew around in a fighter plane, Tom cruise said, I’m very excited that James is doing this. Was he the first late night show? I asked hell no, he was just the first one. You’re the only one who said yes.

Cruising cordon and up in a dog fight in the classic plain. Now that Gordon thinks that they’re all done cruise and forms them, they’ll be going up again this time in a modern jet. First, we see them doing top gun training. Cruz says you are my goose cordon. When you say I’m your goose, it makes me feel excited.

And then I realized that goose dies at the end of the field.

It all goes well, Tom cruise says you could be my wing man, anytime and cordon says, you know what? I think I’m good.

Hey, did you see Ricky Gervais is, has a new special on Netflix. You don’t hear much about that. Do ya?

LGBT rights group at glad labeled Ricky’s new show, dangerous. Anti-gay and anti-trans. Ricky himself was on BBC ones, the one show and said that comedies for getting us over taboo subjects. I think that’s what comedy is for really to get us through stuff. And I deal in taboo subjects because I want to take the audience to a place that hasn’t been before, even for a split second, most offense comes from when people mistake the subject of a joke with the actual.

Ricky said, audience members go through a mixture of emotions when hearing a near the knuckle joke, it starts and they go, what’s he going to say? I tell the joke and they laugh. It’s like a parachute jump. It’s scary. But then you land and it’s all. Okay.

I think that’s what comedy is for getting us over taboo subjects. So they’re not scary anymore. So I deal with everything and I think we second guess the audience too much

glad disagrees. They tweeted it’s full of graphic, dangerous anti-trans rants, masquerading as jokes. He also spouts anti-gay rhetoric and spreads inaccurate information about HIV.

They also said Netflix refuses to enforce its own policy that content designed to incite hate or violence is not allowed on the platform.

USA today wrote Netflix can reverse its decision to unabashedly and fervently back trans bashing comedians without censoring. Anyone. There are plenty of comedians who don’t get a Netflix special because that’s just how Hollywood works Jervis and Chappelle can simply join a long list of people who don’t either.

It’s the absolute least Netflix can do. All right. Um, on that last point, look, Netflix is a business surveys and Chappelle or super popular. They’re going to air their specials. Now as somebody who has done comedy programming since 2004, I can never quite remember. There have been instances where I wouldn’t call it censorship. I would call it choose differently.

For example.

If you ran a clean comedy station, one of your key artists for years and years and decades was bill Cosby. Then one day you choose differently. You go, huh? Maybe we shouldn’t play bill Cosby in the aid category or in a different day, you decide, huh? Maybe instead of playing a Louis CK record today, let’s play something else.

I wouldn’t call that censorship. It’s just choosing differently. Heading forward. Netflix could choose different comedians just to have Jim Gaffigan tell jokes about food.

I watched the special now here’s my take. Here’s my biggest problem with the special. The laugh track. Now I’ve listened to a lot of comedy over the years. I think I have a really good feel for what a natural crowd sounds like. I think they added a laugh track to Ricky’s new special. The crowd comes on way too fast, way too hot, and then fades away way too quickly.

It does not sound natural. So as I watched the special, I could not get into a rhythm because every time Ricky told a joke, you heard this over the top crowd laughter. My favorite parts of the special, one of being when Ricky was just talking and not going for laughs because at least it sounded natural. Then ask for the controversial material, I felt he was just riffing jokes.

Whereas Chappelle did a 20 minute I’m on my soapbox speech about the subject here, Ricky just thrown off one liners.

Maybe I’m naive, but I thought Ricky explained himself really well that he’s just doing Joe.

Ricky himself tweeted super nature was only released today, but thanks to you. Netflix have ordered my next show Armageddon already. I think that had already been announced the animal charities. Thank you to you are beautiful.

USA today pointed out the special is indicative of a larger problem with comedy Netflix. By offering big comedians, big paydays for specials and free reign of their content. Netflix has branded itself the home of anti-trans.

Intentionally or not. When a comedy special from travail Chappelle, John Malaney or an unknown comedian is released on Netflix. The average viewer might assume the streamer has curated and produced it, but the reality is Netflix just paid for it. The comedian went to a club or a theater, told her jokes and taped it.

Then winds up on Netflix with a big red end and speaks for the company.

comments about trans people were so deliberately inflammatory, they’re not worth repeating and giving a new platform. He calls us act irony, explaining to the audience. That’s saying something, that’s not what you really mean. That’s not the definition of irony, but I’ll save criticism of grasp of English for another day, the whole specialist.

I have your cake and eat it. See with temp to offend wildly without implying the travail himself believes the nasty things he says when he first had trans women reaping cisgendered women and bathrooms, for example, long. And anti-trans talking point used to discriminate. He’s just being ironic.

Pink news wrote last year, James a caster was applauded for footage of his 2019 show cold lasagna ate myself 1999. And when she took aim at edgy comedians, reliance on slagging off transgender people, including

a Castro had said, if people on the internet get upset about it, the comedians always like bad luck. That’s my job. I’m a standup comedian. I’m meant to challenge people. If you don’t like being challenged, don’t watch my shells. What’s a matter guys, too challenging for you. Hey Castro said, cause you know, who’s been long overdue for challenged the trans community.

They’ve had their guard down for too long. If he asked me it will be checking their privilege on the way home now. Thanks to you. Brave little says, boy,

And Castro said, I used to name one of the comedians that the routine was about, but it always got really awkward in the room. Apparently in 2019, most people are still more happy to laugh of transgender people, not as comfortable laughing at . It was important to me to do it. First of all, it started like a lot of comedy routines do.

If you see something that’s ridiculous or silly, then you want to make a joke about it. I think the attitude of comedian saying they’re challenging people with their comedy and then punching down is just completely nonsensical because that’s not how challenging people works. That was the first thing that made me want to do routine about it.

And then I guess a carrot on doing the routine, because if in your place of work, people are behaving in a way that’s not appropriate or acceptable or that you’re opposed to, it’s probably on you to speak out about it.

Is B Davidson moving to Australia. The daily mail reports that Pete and Kim could be briefly relocating to far north Queensland later this year, because Pete is starring in a new movie called wizards

in wizards. Pete plays one of two hapless pothead and beach bar operators who run into trouble when they stumble across a stole the loot that they really should have just left. Uh, source tells the daily mail, Kim and Peter doing great.

She definitely foresees, a strong, healthy and promising future with him is so respectful of her. And he treats her like an absolute queen is completely enamored by her beauty and talent. Anything she’s an awesome mom and would more than likely take the relationship to the next level in a heartbeat.

But Kim isn’t quite there yet. Interesting. I’m speaking of beats Davidson, I have teased for a couple of days that I want to talk about Saturday night live and there’s just so much going on. I’ve now bumped that all the way to Monday. I do want to do that, but there’s just a lot going on. I’ve got comedy news in the second half from just for laughs that I want to get to some other quick items.

Mark Marin has switched podcast.

He’s leaving Stitcher. He’s going to a cast.

That’s a new three-year hosting distribution and sales deal. Some of the back catalog stuff will get moved around a little bit. Conan O’Brien has signed up with Sirius XM for a five-year deal. Reportedly worth $150 million. Hey boss, where was that budget? When I was there,

ellen DeGeneres has her last show on TV today. Ellen said there was a time, a couple months out where I was crying every day. I was really emotional, even though it was my choice to end the show and it’s the right choice. And it was time to end this chapter and do something different.

What might the different be? She says, I love doing standup so I can always write another special and go out and perform.

the last time Ellen went out, she did seven cities. Wanda Sykes makes fun of me cause we made sweatshirts and we put all seven cities that we did

before I shot my special. And Wanda’s like, that’s it? I mean, I think Chris rock goes to like 80 cities, L and ads that people are offering her private gigs or Vegas gigs.

plenty to get to. Right. Let’s start with just for last Vancouver. Let’s see. Who’s playing tonight.

We have a lock seven o’clock Monet, X change, eight. O’clock the scrawny show eight o’clock comedy world. Let’s see what the scrawny show is.

Scrawny show features the city’s favorite professional comics and local rising stars. Jacob Samuel marina Lopez, Maddie Kelly, Randy Neumeier, dusty CRC Gavin banning and Maddie VU. Let’s do that show as the early show, 16 bucks gets you in the door.

For the late shows. There’s only one tonight. What? A quiet night at JFL Vancouver. It’s a lock. So let’s go see a lock.

All right. So quiet night in Vancouver, but we’ll do those shows a lot more to talk about for Vancouver tomorrow. I’m looking ahead here. Some pretty good shows. All right. Uh, just for laughs. Montreal has announced another wave of performers, including Amy Schumer, Maria Bamford, Jimmy Carr. Yes.

and Catherine Ryan.

Amy Schumer one night at, just for laughs on July 30th, Jimmy Carr, July 27th. Perfect. No, why? That’s also the night of new faces, so I can tell you right now I’m going to do new phases and then shimmy car. I’ve done that combination before. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Thank you, Jimmy.

Katherine Ryan, July 30th, Maria Bamford, July 27th, fortune Feemster July 30th.

The counter is starting to fill out. I see Russell Peters, Chelsea, Joe Koy, Eliza Hannegan. Ronnie Chang patent, mark Marin. There’s just so much going on today. Let me park that. And we’ll talk about that early next week.

but as I’ve mentioned, I’m particular stood new faces and those shows are July 27th at seven and nine 30.

Do more of that next week. I’d today, you know, what’s out. Hey, let me ask you two questions. One, have you ever seen bombs burgers you haven’t to, have you ever met anyone who has seen Bob’s burgers? You haven’t now supposedly the Bob’s burgers movie is out in theaters today. Can I tell you a true story? So The night after I watched Ricky Davies, I watched breaking bad. And at the end of the breaking bad season finale, I dropped the G there, drew the Queens at the end of the breaking bad season. You know what came on a commercial for the Bob’s burgers movies? I actually saw Bob’s burgers animation on a television for the first time.

I think the movie might exist. We’ll see, we’ll see where the box office is. We’ll see what they claim, but supposedly you could go to a theater tonight and see the Bob’s burgers. Gizmodo says it was first announced back in 2017, then delayed and delayed again, and it was pandemic and a whole bunch of excuses.

Why this movie never actually existed.

the creator of the alleged long-running Fox series. Loren Bouchard said you don’t need to see the series to understand the movie that’s convenient. Isn’t it? Because have you ever seen Bob’s burgers? No. Have you ever been anyone who’s seen Bob’s burgers now? Burchard says the movie is about a family that runs a restaurant.

The restaurant’s in trouble. You’ll get it all the first five minutes. We literally have no homework for you. You’re invited to come in called you don’t need to know a thing.

Bob’s burgers has been on TV for 12 seasons again. Have you ever seen it? No. He ever met anyone or no? But for sure. It says we really like making the show. We really love making the movie. It’s a great pleasure of privilege and an honor, and some people might suggest that it’s a con job. We’re always shocked and surprised that it’s so hard to make a show.

This many episodes in

you go back and you look at the 200 something episodes that we’ve done that nobody’s ever actually seen. Have you, you have.

Bob’s burgers, supposedly and theaters tonight.

On the late show. Stephen Colbert learned about the school shooting right before his monologue called bears said, let’s pray this time. Our leaders show a modicum of courage and try and prevent this from ever happening again. But prayers one and this voting might. So when you vote, ask yourself this question, who running for office has publicly stated that they’re willing to do anything and everything in their power to protect your children from the criminally insane number of guns in America.

Kobe, or head on a New Zealand prime minister Jacinda, Arden

She was asked about the aftermath of the shooting in Christchurch, in which New Zealand enacted stricter rules on gun sales and ownership saw a ban on nearly all semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, as well as magazines and parts. The gun law was passed by new Zealand’s parliament near unanimously, only a single dissenting.


ardor and said that New Zealand did not totally man firearms as we have a legitimate need for guns in our country, for things like pest control and protect our biodiversity. But you don’t need a military style. Semi-automatic weapon do that. So we got rid of them

on Twitter, Jimmy kimmel.dot dot, but you can’t have a beer until you’re 21. Please support at moms demand and at every town. And then he wrote in all caps and vote these monsters who do nothing to protect our children out of office Michael Ian black road. Hope everybody goes home and hugs their guns. A little tighter.

Mary Mack. Can’t wait to hear all the pro-lifer spin on these 14 dead kids in Texas. Another tragedy, maybe time for the GOP to consider some gun control or do we have to wait until 14 politicians get killed in one sitting as I record this, the number is up to 21 dead 19 school children, Henry Winkler road

I’m all for rights, but our children have the right to see it tomorrow. Kevin Hart, we’re now living in a time when the schools are no longer safe, are you effing? Kidding me. Something needs to happen. Now these are kids doesn’t get any more heartbreaking than this Perez. Go out to all the families. God you’re needed now more than ever.

All children deserve more than thoughts and prayers from leaders elected to protect them from gun violence. Join the movement to end gun violence, text act 2 6 4 4 dash three three. And that’s your company news for today?

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