Did Tina Fey help save a man’s life?

Late Night jokes about Tom Cruise yelling which is always fun.

Tina Fey thinks she saved a man’s life even if he somehow floated upstream a mile in the Hudson which flows southward. But hey it’s a great story. Actually it really isn’t. It’s an OK story. With possibly some holes.

Eddie Izzard is going to run 31 marathons in 31 days for charity.

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Paul Shore is very happy with the “Hard-R” rating his Netflix movie guest House got. I guess that means boobs.

Speaking of boobs, they are remaking Revenge of the Nerds.

They are also making a sequel to Night Court which will feature John Larroquette and a character playing the daughter of Harry.

Wayne Brady is developing a sitcom about his family.

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost will star in Worst Man

Still no word from Netflix on THE POTATO CHIP MURDER starring Adam Sandler and possibly Bill Burr.